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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Irish Men Love to Fuck Ch. 02

 — Julie spends some more time with Brian. by amerks29hockey11/18/084.34

Irish Men Love to Fuck Ch. 03

 — Julie goes to a celebrities club with Brian. by amerks29hockey03/19/094.41

Irish Poetry

 — An Irish beauty inspires poetry and more. by Serenata08/10/024.32

Irish Rain

 — A study abroad trip gets steamy! by vonWachstein07/16/144.59HOT

Irish Teacher Exchange

 — A professional teacher-exchange becomes very personal. by TitanPin12/29/123.96

Irish Wolf, Ravished Rose

 — Shipwrecked Rose finds solace & more with rescuer. by Rrrosyn10/04/014.52HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 17

 — Eva. Just Eva. by Wanda_506/27/144.75HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 19

 — An old-fashioned date. by Wanda_508/11/144.76HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 20

 — I am taken to new places. Geographically and sexually. by Wanda_508/31/144.61HOT

IRL Ch. 01

 — A college student gets closer to his professor. by MilesTugot08/26/134.43

IRL Ch. 02

 — Jackson tries reality, for a change, with disturbing results. by MilesTugot08/28/134.44

IRL Ch. 03

 — Jackson and Katy finally face the hard truth. by MilesTugot08/29/134.84HOT

Iron Bitch Ch. 01: Iron Bitch

 — Fucking the office Bitch. by Adanaliyik08/14/174.16

Iron Bitch Ch. 02: Caught

 — Getting Caught with the Iron Bitch. by Adanaliyik08/15/174.24

Iron Rain Redux

 — A background piece for an existing story. by Lost Boy12/16/114.58HOT

Iron Woodsman

 — Mom to be stranded in snow rescued. by MichaelWest03/04/12


 — Erecting buildings and stuff. by bassbelly09/17/074.48

Irony of Brandy Ch. 01

 — He tells a husband about screwing his wife. by PrevertedMe07/07/064.44

Irony of Brandy Ch. 02

 — He tells her hubby about the second time. by PrevertedMe07/08/064.40

Irrational Decisions Ch. 01

 — A lonely night leads to a bit of fun for Angie. by SexyAlways09/18/113.23

Irrational Moment

 — When there is NO saying NO. by questioneveryone04/08/124.24


 — When you can barely control yourself. by 24F05/08/024.15


 — They can't resist each other one afternoon. by simply_cyn08/04/054.42

Irresistible Ch. 01

 — My wife and I, with her sister watching. by TheDoyleOwl07/01/154.49

Irresistible Ch. 02

 — A very hot plane trip with my assistant. by TheDoyleOwl07/02/154.48

Irresistible Ch. 03

 — We take it to the hotel for some messy fun. by TheDoyleOwl07/03/154.70HOT

Irresistible Force

 — An erotic meeting on a train. by Green_Gabe02/16/134.33

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 04

 — Faith forgets her meeting with Rob so he comes to her. by SexyLexy4104/01/104.28

Is A Friend Indeed

 — She really does have needs. by MaxHornDog07/01/034.59HOT

Is He a Dream?

 — The man from her dreams is before her. by anna61004/13/074.29

Is It Cheating?

 — How far is too far? by lovebelow08/19/064.40

Is It My Body or Ours?

 — How a coach and an athlete treat her body. by mandywilluk200003/08/094.27

Is It Over?

 — Romantic hot sex for an older generation. by APRILBLOSSUMS11/14/174.18

Is It Really Losing?

 — A story made in response to a request by sereneone4u. by writing_duo07/13/123.83

Is That Lust I See in Your Eyes?

 — One-sided lusting becomes mutual between two friends. by silentreverie12/07/084.73HOT

Is the Tramp a Lady?

 — A happily married man is tempted beyond endurance. by LexyHarper12/02/104.58HOT

Is This A Dream?

 — Your instructions were to wait. by bloom4u07/29/083.92

Is This Okay?

 — An anonymous encounter at a party. by hafnium1004/21/114.19

Is This Seat Taken?

 — A one-nighter, or something more? by Rae71309/05/054.15

Is this the traditional dance?

 — While on vacation, he get into a sexy dance. by PuddinGirl09/18/034.35

Is This What You Want?

 — Nervous man falls victim to a serial cock sucker. by silversword05/18/033.88

Is This Your Fantasy?

 — Husband gives wife her fantasy. by bcamer09/20/034.26

Is Vid Really Will? Ch. 2

 — Vid never gets tired of it. by Banzosword109/07/023.86

Is Will Really Vid?

 — His split personality indulges his deviancy. by Banzosword109/04/024.33

Isabel and the Raise

 — A wife does a cliche roleplay to great effect! by badbuy11/10/144.54HOT


 — Unusual matchmaker aids a lonely baseball player. by Greg_Body08/31/014.22

Isabelle Over Her Head

 — Isabelle proves to herself and her boyfriend she is sexy. by NonGenericBrand10/09/10

Isabelle's Awakening

 — Virgin school girl gets a lesson from her sexy drama teacher. by Larch_Woodson02/18/124.11

Isabelle's Pool

 — A cool dip gets hot. by LordPriapus06/04/023.45


 — Nancy needs some help but has Mike been too helpful. by JudeWrites08/02/104.35


 — He goes looking for a hooker & finds more. by millennium_bard11/14/044.59HOT


 — Events following a planewreck. by 48074069804/09/114.09

Island Adventure Ch. 02

 — Really - I Mean It This Time! by cntrliacpl04/15/133.68

Island Adventure Ch. 03

 — Let's make a date! by cntrliacpl04/16/133.62

Island Adventures

 — Sensual escapades in the tropics. by morefunnaked05/03/114.34

Island Castaways

 — What happens to a group of people crashed on an Island. by 1gearhead03/06/094.78HOT

Island Dreaming

 — We arrived early afternoon on the most beautiful island... by Ladyhawke2410/13/093.50

Island Dreams

 — A man and a woman and a wet, foggy night. by Biligaana11/03/024.21

Island Encounter

 — He just needed a little direction. by PennLady11/16/104.45

Island Escapades Ch. 01

 — A secluded island helps rekindle the fire. by EpicureanCynic04/16/124.27

Island Escapades Ch. 02

 — Their adventure in the rainforest truly begins. by EpicureanCynic04/18/124.57

Island Fantasy

 — She encounters intriguing man while beachcombing. by wizardtim04/29/064.21

Island Fantasy

 — A husband on vacation meets a daring stranger. by Loves_music_loves_to_dance06/29/144.36

Island Fever Ch. 06

 — Swapping can be fun. by ReggaeMan11/25/174.40

Island Girl

 — Shipwreck leads to love. by bassbelly12/20/074.39

Island Idyll

 — A young man's further education. by Ashleyh7111/30/164.18

Island Love Again

 — A Student and a Lecturer enjoy each other by Euan12/16/113.80

Island Lover

 — Jen finds herself in a fantasy sex room with her fantasy lov by Jenq01/06/024.24

Island Lovin'

 — Tropical vacation fantasy. by PurSolace12/06/174.17

Island Lust

 — A girl in an open relationship has sex with a local man. by The Winter Kiss02/14/064.39

Island Magic

 — Finding what we were looking for at St. Thomas. by TexasAlan02/13/164.35

Island Paradise

 — Ship wrecked and loving it. or how I started my own country. by MrFalkirk08/04/044.43

Island Paradise

 — Accidentally stranded on an island. by Ashson04/29/144.31

Island Reunion

 — White male meets his island dream woman. by blkassbabe04/07/174.66HOT

Island Slave Ch. 01

 — Carla falls for a handsome islander while on a cruise. by dweaver99908/16/074.67HOT

Island Vacation Day 02 Pt. 2

 — Todd and Marie enjoy their afternoon alone on the beach. by darthcynica06/30/154.33

Isobelle Inches Forward

 — Sweet and sexy Isobelle is begging for release. by MelisandeVoilet03/17/113.95

Isobelle's Leather and Lace

 — Sweet girl wants to get dirty. Can she trust a stranger? by MelisandeVoilet02/09/113.80

ISS Flight 52: Basic Graduation

 — Beginning of Charlotte's Story. by EmptyHeart10/21/154.50

Isseii's Refuge

 — A wild woman meets a wild man in the bush. by GradeACdnBeef05/09/134.36


 — New feelings from friends. by Belly_Up09/04/104.40


 — Work trips to Istanbul. by Lloris07/15/134.22

Istanbul Night

 — You spend a sleepless night in an exotic location. by SusyQ08/20/084.67HOT

It All Began With a Kiss Pt. 05

 — Big surprise for the two lovers. by G00dV1brati0n03/06/154.37

It All Began with Her Panties

 — Young lesbian on erotic adventure towards bisexuality. by BetweenHerLegs10/16/064.49

It All Started In 1982... Day 01

 — Friends and family and MORE. by Hisself08/21/113.71

It Began at the Happy Hump

 — Having fun with a hot girl I picked up at a theme park. by SuperBill08/29/094.10

It Begins and Ends with a Sigh

 — A hot afternoon leads to a steamy shower for two lovers. by Lillith_Ambrosia06/22/124.07

It Begins With a Moan

 — ...and ends with a laugh. by justBrandy08/21/144.32

It Comes Naturally

 — A couple in love enjoy a lusty evening at home. by strongsilentype07/26/104.33

It Could Be Fun

 — Two friends discuss their & wives fantasies. by WeJaySal12/04/014.06

It Could Be Fun Ch. 2

 — They find that their wives have acted on fantasy. by WeJaySal12/05/014.35

It Could Just Happen

 — Long distance cyber lovers meet for the first time. by Drunken_Fingers10/16/074.50HOT

It Doesn't Always Work

 — Author's attempts at getting inside a girl's knickers. by PAUL C07/21/013.17

It Don't Feel Like Sinning

 — A letter brings afternoon delight. by warmhoney108/03/063.94

IT Dreams

 — A man lets his mind wander. by Laid7103/08/123.78

It Feels Good to Be a Hero

 — When superheroes meet for the first time, sparks fly. by NorthRockJohnson12/21/084.34

It Feels So Good

 — Pain can be pleasurable. by largeguy09/19/034.10

It Gets Hot in the Sauna

 — Chrissie initiates sex with a total stranger. by Puss_in_Kinky_Boots07/14/154.38

It Had Been A Long Day

 — Sarah picks up a stranger in a bar. by EnglishChristina08/25/084.38

It Had To Be

 — Jenny was this co-owner. by alexcarr10/31/123.22

It Happened at a Party

 — A secret interlude at a work Christmas party. by Ganyeka03/16/084.32

It Happened in Rural India Ch. 01

 — Story of an indian thakur. by man_india09/29/074.46

It Happened in Rural India Ch. 03

 — This time, the thakur beds another one. by man_india06/06/084.47

It Happened On Halloween

 — An ambitious reporter looks for a career making story. by Joesephus09/20/074.78HOT

It Happened Way Back When

 — Looking for lovin'. by BigBlackDC12/09/103.71

It Has Been A While

 — Catching up with my ex and love of my life at a party. by ur_mick05/02/124.04

It Is Getting Clearer

 — Simple, I get spanked. by blondechristine201209/14/144.60HOT

It Is Her Turn

 — 18-year-olds' sexual introduction. by Tender8604/05/074.41

It Is What It Is, My New Age Adage

 — Life lesson: Learning to accept things that I can't change. by SusanJillParker12/07/14HOT

It Just Happened Ch. 01

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/15/084.07

It Just Happened Ch. 02

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/16/084.14

It Just Happened Ch. 03

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/17/084.21

It Just Happened Ch. 04

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/18/084.43

It Just Happened Ch. 05

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/19/084.42

It Just Happened Ch. 06

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/20/084.44

It Just Happened Ch. 07

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/21/084.46

It Just Happened Ch. 08

 — Ben Felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/22/084.49

It Just Happened Ch. 09

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/23/084.54HOT

It Just Happened Ch. 10

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/24/084.53HOT

It Just Happened Ch. 11

 — Ben Felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/25/084.54HOT

It Just Happened Ch. 12

 — Ben felt betrayed and wanted to get even. by REGade02/26/084.47

It Just Kind of Happened

 — Lighthearted little story. by RibaldWriter05/01/164.20

It Might Just Happen

 — That feeling when your eyes meet across a crowded bar. by celltone08/24/103.40

It Might Take a Little Time

 — He'd like those legs wrapped around him. by apathykiss02/08/054.29

It Never Happened

 — A Loser and his wife's sexy friend lose control. by ItNeverHappens08/29/044.21

It Only Gets Better

 — An erotic anniversary surprise. by amorous4you07/03/094.16

It Shouldn't Matter, At All

 — A woman knows she shouldn't touch her sister's ex-boyfriend by Rob_mDear06/24/084.64HOT

It Shouldn't Matter, Much

 — A woman resists her attraction to her sister's ex-boyfriend. by Rob_mDear06/26/084.85HOT

it Shouldn't Matter, Yet Does

 — Lori's lust for Dan can't be restrained. by Rob_mDear06/28/084.55HOT

It Started as a Date Ch. 01

 — The surprise is inside. by dearreader01/23/142.13

It Started As A Joke

 — Retired hubby helps out wife's friend. by Olderguy01/23/024.37

It Started as a Joke

 — An office spanking. by guy4funuk105/07/093.63

It Started As A Joke Ch. 2

 — Retiree gives wife's horny friend a helping hand. by Olderguy01/29/024.38

It Started As Meaningless Bantering

 — Getting turned on while chatting. by azngurl05/26/154.07

It Started at the Company Picnic

 — A ride home turns into a fun hook-up. by PO46911/16/173.93

It Started At The Office

 — She takes advantage of you in a closet. by lacecorset11/14/054.30

It Started At The Office Ch. 02

 — She gives him another hint. by lacecorset01/13/064.53HOT

It Started at Work

 — Amost more sex than I could handle. by JANAMARIE03/28/104.34

It Started in Garden City

 — An upscale hotel led to an upscale experence. by tonyjosie106/12/064.55HOT

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