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Jameson and Jade Ch. 02

 — The continuation of the pool party. by TimWLy06/25/094.36

Jametown Ferry

 — A take-off on the country song. by theoldone09/02/064.17


 — College students study more than schoolwork together. by drucilla01/02/023.95

Jamie and Her Delicious Cunt

 — A BBW with a super juicy pussy. by Stefan711/20/144.33

Jamie and Steve Meet at Last

 — Jamie and Steve started out. by theladycroft04/19/054.50HOT

Jamie and the BBW Teacher

 — A young man's fantasy comes true. by BBWlover199504/29/154.46

Jamie and the BBW Teacher Ch. 02

 — Miss Gentleman and her teenage lover get a room. by BBWlover199506/08/154.11

Jamie Ch. 01

 — Long time friends become something more after a road trip. by Jay2Kay01/25/134.40

Jamie Ch. 02

 — Things speed for Jason and Jamie. by Jay2Kay01/29/134.61HOT

Jamie Ch. 03

 — A storm brings the lovers closer than they expected. by Jay2Kay02/02/134.64HOT

Jamie Ch. 04

 — Things deepen with some personal history and oral sex. by Jay2Kay02/06/134.58HOT

Jamie Ch. 05

 — From Morning Sex to Public Sex: Things keep getting better! by Jay2Kay02/13/134.60HOT

Jamie Ch. 06

 — They make it to New Mexico. by Jay2Kay03/04/134.61HOT

Jamie Ch. 07

 — Does the pizza delivery girl show up? by Jay2Kay03/08/134.65HOT

Jamie Ch. 08

 — Jamie burns a bridge with an old flame. by Jay2Kay04/11/134.64HOT

Jamie Ch. 09

 — An unexpected proposal. by Jay2Kay05/31/134.62HOT

Jamie Ch. 10

 — Jason takes a dominant role in the shower. by Jay2Kay06/26/134.57HOT

Jamie Ch. 11

 — The official proposal....and an unexpected phone call... by Jay2Kay08/12/134.52HOT

Jamie Ch. 12

 — Do Jeff and Tracy end up together? by Jay2Kay08/22/134.54HOT

Jamie Ch. 13

 — Jason loses his job and Jamie sets up a sexy surprise. by Jay2Kay03/26/144.57HOT

Jamie Ch. 14

 — Jason was never meant to fuck Tracy. Will Jamie leave him? by Jay2Kay03/31/144.59HOT

Jamie Ch. 15

 — Jeff receives his punishment. by Jay2Kay04/23/144.56HOT

Jamie Ch. 16

 — Wedding planning and a confession. by Jay2Kay05/18/144.51HOT

Jamie Ch. 22

 — Jason is welcomed home in style. by Jay2Kay07/16/144.60HOT

Jamie Ch. 23

 — The wedding and a wild limo ride. by Jay2Kay08/21/144.59HOT

Jamie's Revenge

 — Wife makes her husband pay for cheating on her. by JRob07/15/104.17

Jamila Ajoku of Nigeria

 — Haitian man eats Nigerian female booty at last. by Samuelx02/02/18

Jamming Jodi Hoskinson

 — The cashier at the lunch stand needs help. by louienohio05/04/054.10

Jan and Uncle Ben Pt. 01: Letting

 — 'Uncle' seduces vulnerable young woman. by PHLittleKit07/08/144.35


 — My daughter's friend. by Momstheboss11/18/164.44

Jan, Husband, Vince, Helen at the Market

 — Jan and Evelyn have a fun time at the Apparel market. by hornycoupl06/27/143.66


 — Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. by MrFalkirk09/16/044.43


 — A nightly car ride with Jane. by collanter11/17/053.92

Jane and the Mysterious Biker

 — Jane has a stalker - and she likes it! by sethp05/15/083.90

Jane and the Professor

 — Jane's fantasies about her college professor are fulfilled. by Scheherazade7310/26/124.32

Jane and the Red Eye

 — Overnight flight from CA to MA. by TrashyCat12/12/074.00

Jane Gets Back in the Game

 — Girl was cheated on, has sex with man after build-up at the party. by Buckingbronco3312/25/174.51HOT

Jane Gets Caught

 — Lying wife gets caught and used. by northwoods12302/24/173.97

Jane Goes to Scotland Ch. 01

 — A student trip to Scotland is full of unexpected fun. by stickygirl01/05/163.79

Jane Goes to Scotland Ch. 02

 — Jane gets a full service at a roadside garage. by stickygirl01/06/164.40

Jane isn't So Plain

 — Jane shares more than good news with Dr Love and Maddisyn. by Maddisyn12/11/174.31

Jane Kelly

 — He has sex with another cop. by JerseyCop05/21/074.56HOT

Jane Meets Her Valentine

 — Lonely woman meets stranger in bar. by rbenne02/12/103.71

Jane's Arpeggio

 — The story of Nile Palmquist and his young piano teacher. by Karyn Gardenia02/14/064.31

Jane's Arpeggio Ch. 02

 — The story of Jane Severson and her sexy British student. by Karyn Gardenia02/15/064.66HOT

Jane's Arpeggio Ch. 03

 — The story of Nile & Jane, & a series of wrong notes. by Karyn Gardenia02/21/064.74HOT

Jane's Ass

 — His girfriend didn't have an ass, but her friend Jane did. by EditorinChief01/29/084.24

Jane's B-Day Party

 — A sweet secretary gets a surprise birthday present, by Vikingboy05/19/034.48

Jane's Dream

 — First person erotic experience. by hoosierdaddy2408/01/084.57HOT

Jane's Dream?

 — A woman has an erotic dream or was it? by Steve161307/01/123.42

Jane's Revenge

 — A woman scorned. by rkm1010/16/064.29

Jane's Story Ch. 01

 — Jane takes her husband Kevin out for a good time at a club. by clevergirlname05/23/134.13

Jane's Story Ch. 02

 — Jane can't forget what happened last night at the club. by clevergirlname06/06/133.70


 — Reclaiming a relationship. by rick_oh05/06/154.06

Janet Smith, Cockteaser, Cocksucker

 — A blowjob is like a snowflake... by johnnieblue4402/28/114.58HOT

Janet's Fantasy

 — Janet needs to act out a fantasy with her lover. by MrJDoe12/04/083.77

Janet's First Orgasm

 — She finally meets a guy who knows how to do it. by suzie3w05/23/144.45

Janet's Perfect Pair

 — Janet gets her titties sprayed on for the first time. by sdsioux04/18/144.29

Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 04

 — The shower is where she gets her titties sprayed again. by sdsioux07/04/144.16

Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 05

 — Viagra is added and the result was a huge tittie spraying by sdsioux07/22/143.79

Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 06

 — The tittie fucking continues in the hospital. by sdsioux07/25/144.06

Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 07

 — Donna's titties are the right medicine for Don. by sdsioux08/09/144.00

Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 08

 — Her titties became a honey glazed delight. by sdsioux01/04/153.95

Janey's Adventures Ch. 01

 — She'd always been faithful until one evening... by dave_robbins07/25/173.71

Janice: Customer Service with a Smile

 — Waitress has a casual encounter with a hunk. by caprine11/30/054.23

Janie and Josh Ch. 01

 — A guy and his beautiful girl. by jes124305/21/062.66

Janie in Alaska Ch. 03

 — Rob and Janie get a good workout. by divergirlxoxo06/28/064.70HOT


 — A wanton woman, one of life's great treasures. by blotanhunka07/12/024.60HOT


 — The right time to fall in love. by alexcarr04/21/133.54

Janine's Adventures Ch. 02

 — Janine breaks her duck. by gazob10/31/094.71HOT

Janis Ch. 01

 — Secretary makes a decision to save her job. by plaisir07/17/124.18

Jannah Karangwa of Rwanda

 — Rwandan MILF becomes a dominatrix in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/16/17

Janny Ch. 04-07

 — Sometimes you reap what you sow. by Reefkeeper04/14/114.20

January Afternoon

 — "I feel so good right now," she said. by Suburbanite02/18/104.14

Japanese Family

 — A hot night with my Japanese sister-in-law. by emgstories07/24/134.14

Japanese Mob Days

 — An American girl gets caught in her boyfriend's trap. by La_Reina11/17/084.26

Jared and Norah Ch. 01: The Beginning

 — A late night and a chance encounter in the grocery store. by DreamingLavender11/11/144.39

Jared and Norah Ch. 02: Club 74

 — What happens after the grocery store? by DreamingLavender05/29/154.00

Jared's Awakening Ch. 01

 — A college student has his sexual horizons awoken. by demaizefield09/02/124.51HOT

Jared's Awakening Ch. 02

 — A young college student has his sexual horizons awoken. by demaizefield09/02/124.58HOT

Jared's Awakening Ch. 03

 — A young college student has his sexual horizons awoken. by demaizefield09/07/124.75HOT

Jared's Awakening Ch. 04

 — A young college student has his sexual horizons awoken.  by demaizefield09/13/124.68HOT

Jarhead on the Loose Ch. 03: A Little Help

 — Marine is sent off with a change in attitude. by WordWright02/23/184.58HOT

Jarhead on the Loose Ch. 04: Pet Sitting

 — A Marine is asked for a personal favor with benefits. by WordWright02/24/184.54HOT

Jarhead on the Loose: Temp Duty 01

 — A Marine is sent to check out USAF assets. by WordWright04/08/184.32


 — Helping his sister's friend. by eros70101/13/034.42


 — She's a sex machine and only nineteen. by Further_WA04/01/054.49


 — Office worker finds an erotic surprise on his lunch break. by Firstimp10/22/053.86


 — Two cyber lovers take the next step. by mike62wi04/14/043.87

Jasmine & Jay - The Most of a Mess

 — Jasmine opens up to Jay after "reuniting"... by lolabrown05/10/184.20

Jasmine Tea

 — She was clearly used to getting what she wanted. by SamScribble11/08/094.54HOT

Jasmine's New Life

 — BBW finds passion with her boss. by Teddybearsubmissive04/24/074.64HOT

Jasmine's Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Jasmine gets fucked by Terrence. by lonelyandinlove02/09/174.08

Jasmine's Story

 — A true Aussie tale of erotic discovery as told to the author by BigVic7710/24/134.27

Jason and Maya

 — A quickie for her pleasure over lunch. by ValensGirl08/26/124.14

Jason and the Doctor Ch. 01

 — Jason finds out a sad truth about size. by SexualBlaze0505/04/063.76

Jason Finds His 'Fuck Buddy'

 — Two people discover their needs in each other. by JamesLacy06/16/024.57HOT

Jason Gets a Job

 — A young man gets a lesson in job hunting. by RonDixen09/22/104.25

Jason's Massage

 — It was supposed to be an innocent massage. by MsWriter03/13/084.29

Jasons Adventure at Central High

 — Jason has moved to new school. by acerdrive05/21/093.05


 — Two rock hounds find sex in ropes. by ZacNeuman12/12/024.57HOT

Jaut Another Day In The Life Of...

 — As luck would have it... by TheChameleon11/18/123.25

Jay and Diana

 — Jay gives Diana a much-needed boost of confidence. by thezerogod10/05/074.30

Jay's Office

 — Surprising Jay in office has high rewards & high cost. by victoriawhita03/31/054.56HOT

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 01

 — The failed marriage - interesting but a sexy younger neighbor. by shanti201003/02/164.15

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 02

 — Rama engulfed cousin Kamesh's prick in her cavern. by shanti201003/03/164.33

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 04

 — Kamesh leaves - Jayanessa pines - seeks Sudesh once again. by shanti201003/08/164.33

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 05

 — Suseela and her adventures before she busts Kamesh. by shanti201003/09/164.86

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 07

 — Suseela and her Kamesh liaison. by shanti201003/11/164.78

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 09

 — He plugs Vatsala - the Whore in her own Den. by shanti201003/15/163.67

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 12

 — The pregnancy mystery - how a Swami seeds Jayanessa by shanti201003/23/164.00

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 15

 — Her cousin ravishes after the Kamesh avalanche in her pussy. by shanti201004/06/165.00

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 16

 — She has new lover waiting for Kamesh to return and drill her. by shanti201004/07/165.00

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 17

 — Kamesh arrives and has the slut under her husband's nose. by shanti201004/08/165.00

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 18

 — The second round goes on till 5:30 am - fucked in all holes. by shanti201004/10/164.50

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 19

 — Jayanessa's mom arrives - the slut snares Kamesh. by shanti201004/12/163.80

Jayne's Latin Licker Ch. 1

 — Jayne makes a young man cum on the train. by jayceebird02/13/024.39


 — Story of a sexy young jazz singer who learns her lesson. by peacekeeper2511/24/104.50HOT

Jazz Exhibition

 — You enjoy sexy jazz and jazzy sex. by Gargoyles03/29/074.00

Je t'aime

 — Fulfilling her fantasy. by nrcma9808/18/024.10

Jealous Mom

 — She lusts after her daughter's boyfriend. by standingstones11/19/164.29


 — His unfounded jealousy leads to pleasure. by neutrona07/08/093.92


 — The end of a pursuit. by Vezzo09/08/123.30

Jealousy Drives Girl To Show Off

 — Jealous of attention given to girlfriend makes her exhibitionist. by Racqel04/06/094.21

Jealousy-The Best Aphrodisiac

 — Neighbors. by Violalee301/16/074.17

Jean and Hurricane Eloise

 — A desparate woman finds shelter with strangers. by loerics11/23/144.53HOT

Jean and Jon, Redux

 — Woman searches for sexual offerings for her lover. by silkkitty08/06/144.14

Jean Gets Cleaned By The Pool Boy

 — Sunbathing takes on a new meaning. by Steve161301/19/064.26

Jean March

 — A couple of sailors enjoy each other. by Ed061308/27/024.29

Jean's Gift

 — A surprise gift arrives on Jean's birthday. by silkkitty11/22/143.96

Jean's Special Day

 — Giving back to his wife some of the pleasure she gives him. by TheDuster06/16/064.30

Jean's Special Day Ch. 02

 — Jean is surprised from sleep as David begins her day. by TheDuster07/18/064.78

Jean-Michel's Orgasm

 — Karin gives Jean-Michel an analicious treat. by KarinDiSeduzione03/03/084.33

Jeanette: Slave to Passion

 — Woman is obsessively horny for her boss. by Bacomicfan06/23/014.43

Jeanie's Law Office Ch. 02

 — Jeanie gets used in Mike's office. by jeninflorida04/23/094.45

Jeanie's Ride Home

 — Jeanie's ride takes a detour. by trappedinside02/01/144.14


 — Planting my seed in her garden. by AimTwoPlease03/16/164.35

Jeannette Cameau of Haiti

 — Haitian MILF pegs a strong Haitian man. by Samuelx03/22/18


 — How she longs for a dick in her mouth. by TheFrenchGuy01/25/044.19

Jeannie the Parson's Wife

 — Man discovers the hidden side of the local Minister's wife. by tantricjim01/08/164.41

Jeannie's Car

 — A woman tries to stop her Kia from being repossessed. by GC6606/02/144.14


 — A lazy afternoon when my love came home from work. by wildchief196709/08/083.71

Jeep Fun

 — Roll-Bars are fun. by Keyy00210/23/12

Jeep Trip

 — A Trip becomes an adventure. by Randyindian6201/03/182.88


 — She has limo driver fantasies. by Suzi6403/26/043.53

Jeeves Ch. 02

 — Limo driver fulfills her fantasies. by Suzi6409/25/044.08


 — She lies 'em large. by SlyKitten04/26/054.28

Jeff & Jade

 — Two best friends discover each other. by Mistress Jade05/23/034.14

Jeff The Jerk-Off Cowboy Ch. 02

 — Jeff has his teacher creaming. by mef12/24/064.11

Jeff's Business Trip

 — Jeff mixes pleasure with his business on his trip. by seasparks07/06/044.27

Jeff's Hotwife

 — A story about one girl's introduction to becoming a hotwife. by SaharAubade286507/09/144.14

Jeff's Story

 — Rebound sex. by Adelyn12/06/144.53HOT

Jeff's Tale

 — Jeff catches up with an old classmate. by starr_black_cat07/12/054.28

Jehova Witness

 — While house sitting, Charlie gets an escort. by WritingKnight06/02/084.67HOT

Jehovah's Witness Romance Ch. 01

 — Jehovah's Witness teens find each other. by RetroFan12/04/144.28

Jehovah's Witness Romance Ch. 02

 — More romantic adventures of 4 JW teens in the 1980s. by RetroFan12/18/144.21

Jehovah's Witness Romance Ch. 03

 — Steamy series conclusion - straight & Sapphic. by RetroFan01/14/154.71HOT

Jekyll and Hyde Ch. 01

 — My bio, the good, the bad and the ugly. by Catmoore05/30/104.50HOT

Jekyll and Hyde Ch. 02

 — How my personality changes as my sexual need increases. by Catmoore06/01/104.75HOT

Jekyll and Hyde Ch. 03

 — Problems at home make me crave extreme sex. by Catmoore06/14/104.54HOT

Jekyll and Hyde Ch. 04

 — The loneliness of the chat room user as she fuck herself. by Catmoore06/18/104.71HOT

Jemima's Virginity

 — Jemima and Hazel go to the end of year party. by PAUL C11/01/013.39

Jen & Me: Sis-In-Law Rewards

 — The pursuit (and capture) of his sister-in-law. by Tx Tall Tales06/27/014.65HOT

Jen & Mitch's Video

 — A young couple make a sex video of themselves. by Nicole9907/05/104.60HOT

Jen Gets Back in the Game

 — Jen learns meaning of "good dick". by womenlover02/14/044.57HOT

Jen Gets Back in the Game Ch. 02

 — Jen gets addicted to good dick. by womenlover03/03/044.53HOT

Jen's Car Breaks Down

 — He gets a chance with waitress. by Bob Martin12/11/004.07

Jen's Chaperone

 — Wife helps her best friend and husband get along better. by Midday_Crisis04/01/164.71HOT

Jen's Friend

 — Girlfriend's pal walks in and lends a helping hand. by jfun11106/11/094.34

Jen's Short Skirt

 — Jen doesn't do slutty things, or does she? by joecali03/19/124.38

Jen's Sorority - A Prologue

 — Jen seduces a college nerd. by suzie3w05/27/124.56HOT

Jen's Sorority Ch. 03

 — She reunites with Brian. by suzie3w06/07/124.40

Jen: A Beauty to a Beast

 — Stories about my friend Jen. by eroticjuggalo01/02/132.44

Jen: Route 66 Kicks Holbrook

 — She picks up a hitchhiker. by caprine02/03/094.00

Jen: Route 66 Kicks-Amarillo

 — She's back on the road from Tulsa for Texas. by caprine08/05/084.47

Jen: Route 66 Kicks-Bloomington

 — Jen gets out of Chicago & motors down to central Illinois. by caprine01/15/084.68HOT

Jen: Route 66 Kicks-Springfield

 — She's back on the road - now Springfield, IL. by caprine02/19/084.59HOT

Jen: Route 66 Kicks-Tucumcari

 — Once again Jen's on the prowl down old Route 66 by caprine01/28/094.86

Jen: Route 66 Kicks-Tulsa

 — Jen blows into Tulsa with a hitchhiker for more adventures. by caprine05/08/084.71HOT

Jena's Story: A BBW Story

 — Jena cums into her own, but thru some obstacles. by FlowerOfCuriosity06/14/114.04


 — Teaching a separated co-worker a thing or two. by WhitePython12/07/084.21

Jenn & James Ch. 01

 — Innocent letters lead to an ocean-side affair. by JenniferMidnight11/20/044.63HOT

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