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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Madrid Ch. 02

 — 2nd session with Esmeralda. by Franglais02/16/064.68HOT

Madrid Ch. 03

 — He learns more about Esmeralda. by Franglais03/12/064.48

Madrid Ch. 04

 — Esmeralda turns up with a friend. by Franglais05/16/064.56HOT

Madrid Ch. 05

 — Esmeralda uses him to seduce a new girl. by Franglais05/22/064.87HOT

Madrid Ch. 06

 — Esmeralda seduces his wife. by Franglais05/29/064.41

Maeve’s New Friend

 — A sexy story. by gambrinus9907/05/154.44

Magda's Visit

 — Mr Gordon thinks magda might take her pants down. by starova04/21/124.15


 — This is job hunting with a difference. by Patrick02/11/014.51HOT


 — Mr. Safran knocks up his favorite sitter. by smiles127706/30/064.03


 — They find each other and erase life's pains. by backwoodsman195212/01/054.73HOT


 — Fucked up life back in track? by stickivicki07/16/173.53

Maggie and Sam

 — Maggie consoles her roomates ex-boyfriend. by samdog12/01/024.33

Maggie Mae - Techsan

 — College student connects with an administrator. by techsan11/15/074.30

Maggie May -- MistressLynn

 — She was blind as a fool could be. by _Lynn_12/11/074.36

Maggie May: jack_straw

 — It's late September and I really should be back at school. by jack_straw12/13/074.39

Maggie turns 50, his side

 — The mans view of an evening with a lady that is reemerging! by Dsee08/24/024.69HOT

Maggie's Awakening

 — Brian's girlfriend unexpectadly enjoys his best friend. by brian_maggie10/02/114.20

Maggie's Big Surprise

 — Massage therapist is taken by surprise by a new client. by Pussyrider01/17/084.49

Maggie's Crush

 — She was my best friend's little sister. by jack_straw07/09/064.73HOT

Maggie's Downfall

 — A sexual encounter. by Iconbuster5703/08/09

Maggie's Farm

 — Something hot and amazing happens on Maggie's Farm. by peacekeeper2509/22/114.53HOT

Maggies Moment

 — Her solo stroll becomes a live fantasy. by DreamerKitty07/19/093.67


 — His words enchanted Kandie. by kandie07/28/043.80


 — They find magic by the pond. by WyldeAphrodite09/13/054.36


 — Shipside seduction. by Morghaine09/28/083.92

Magic Carpet Ride

 — Ride on a carpet. by the1juggler06/24/153.69

Magic Ch. 02

 — Kandie is once more under his magical spell. by kandie08/09/044.44

Magic Ch. 03

 — He was obsessed with an online stranger. by kandie08/20/044.57

Magic Ch. 04

 — She sees this image of you knocking on her door. by kandie09/01/044.60HOT

Magic Fingers

 — Jan spends day at the spa, with amazing results. by captivate07/08/024.46

Magic Fingers

 — Mike gives a massage that ends with an orgasmic climax. by midnightfalcon09/23/084.35

Magic Fingers

 — A journal excerpt: adventures in massage therapy. by demigoddess09/14/123.96

Magic Fingers Ch. 01

 — Journey to money, fame and love while making women cum. by Old_Blue05/13/094.21

Magic Fingers Ch. 02

 — Journey to money, fame and love while making women cum. by Old_Blue05/13/094.37

Magic Fingers Ch. 03

 — Journey to money, fame and love while making women cum. by Old_Blue05/20/094.60HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 05

 — Women overcome their demons while he makes them squirt. by Old_Blue06/04/094.59HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 06

 — Journey to money, fame and love while making women cum. by Old_Blue06/22/094.64HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 07

 — Journey to money, fame and love while making women cum. by Old_Blue07/01/094.53HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 08

 — Carol sets John and Melanie straight. by Old_Blue07/25/094.65HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 09

 — John gets a trainee. by Old_Blue08/28/094.75HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 10

 — The first investor becomes a believer. by Old_Blue09/10/094.71HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 11

 — John and Mark work the investors. by Old_Blue10/24/094.68HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 12

 — Tanya Carter becomes part of the team. by Old_Blue08/25/104.62HOT

Magic Fingers Ch. 13

 — Two more investors succumb to John's talents. by Old_Blue10/17/104.79HOT

Magic Hands

 — Finally a man who appreciates & understands women. by Gregg Dean07/01/024.19

Magic Medicine

 — Kind landlady gives traveler special care. by Hitchhiker11/17/014.32

Magic to Do

 — Couple meet under a stage during show for oral pleasure. by sucker4sin06/10/073.27

Magical Experiences Ch. 1

 — Josh has a surprise for Alexis & Phoebe. by Nabba07/08/024.25

Magical Moonlight Encounter

 — Cara's dream comes alive. by Lia Monde06/01/16HOT

Magical Music Man

 — A girl falls victim to a hypnotic musician. by eruzionevulcanica6912/09/124.00

Magical Music Man Ch. 02

 — Girl falls victim to a hypnotic musician. by eruzionevulcanica6912/17/124.46

Magical Mystery Tour Ch. 01

 — Arnold Craven enrolls in life-like fantasy game. by Rockwell09/27/044.40

Magical Mystery Tour Ch. 02

 — He goes to Istanbul, beds Russian defector. by Rockwell09/28/044.86

Magical Mystery Tour Ch. 04

 — He lives twice. by Rockwell10/01/045.00


 — Who is the mysterious stranger Annie meets in the woods? by janiexx03/30/104.59HOT

Magnolia & Pine

 — Ah, the smells of summer & sex... by sack_lunches04/12/034.19

Mahir's Fantasy Number 01

 — Mahir loves his wife Shoma. by Mahir03/30/073.98

Mahogany Passion

 — Two strangers act on their lust towards each other. by BlkMagicMan5506/22/154.02

Mai Ling

 — He had to pay for what he did to his lady. by Scorpio4405/18/064.54HOT

Mai Little Pet

 — Lonely woman gets some needed love from an older man. by Denarive_Rintner04/18/133.52


 — Bill Ward-inspired story # 7. by Goatilocks05/31/084.19

Maid & Master Ch. 01

 — The maid prepares herself for a busy day ahead. by JackAndre04/27/103.56

Maid and Her Master

 — I can't take my eyes off of my sexy maid... by MikeHoneybee12/28/143.47

Maid For Lucy

 — His maid thinks he's perfect for her sister. by Hornyman69WithU04/16/074.19

Maid Made for Master

 — He gets into her panties. by sunnyboyz09/05/023.12

Maid No. 1 Bharati

 — A young Indian man takes his maid. by sagar veer03/27/053.97

Maid Of Honour

 — He makes love to Indian maid. by phatnext12/23/043.99

Maid Service

 — She does more than just clean house. by Clohi10/25/024.39

Maid Service

 — Guy gets sexy with his maid. by Simon_Magus09/03/044.11

Maid Service

 — Maid likes to work in the nude. by Ashson02/20/134.24

Maid Service

 — The new maid makes a good impression on Dan. by djrip07/19/154.52HOT

Maid Service

 — I recount a time when a hotel maid took me for a wild ride. by RobAnthony5312/06/174.35

Maid Service, With A Smile

 — Sexy Spanish maid catches him out. by SimonSays104/15/044.46

Maid to Order

 — Good help is hard to find these days. by TheDreamVisitor02/02/094.38

Maid To Take Ch. 02

 — Can you hide it forever? by fluidline106/19/044.60HOT

Maid To Take Ch. 04

 — Point of view of maid as her husband steps in. by fluidline112/06/044.46

Maid's Way

 — A wild sensual ride with the girl you love. by buzzinga06/18/143.96

Maid(en) Erotica! Ch. 01

 — Continuation of "Maid(en) Stroke I & II". by allforit06/29/044.18

Maid(en) Erotica! Ch. 02

 — She milks him a little more. by allforit06/29/044.42

Maid(en) Stroke... Ch. 01

 — A slick opportunity to get the Maid's attention. by allforit05/24/043.64

Maid(en) Stroke... Ch. 02

 — An Indian maid pays attention to her chores. by allforit06/01/043.74

Maiden's Gift Pt. 01

 — New employee finds release on her lunch break. by lordroxbury10/30/143.00

Maidie Meets Her Match

 — She finds the ultimate pleasure in monogomy. by TalliePA04/19/044.04

Mail Lady Delivers

 — The Mail Lady bring a special package. by standingstones03/22/064.44

Mail Lady Shows Off

 — He gets an eyeful of the mail lady. by standingstones08/14/134.38

Mail Lady's First Class Package

 — Further encounters with his Mail Lady. by standingstones04/01/064.57HOT

Mail Order Help

 — Sexy to fun with my wife. by 4wife11/25/094.00

Mailbox Delights

 — Email mutual masterbation. by always_curious11/07/083.00

Maile and Dave - An Oral Confession

 — Dave confesses and Maile surprises. by maile107/24/173.96

Mailman Fiasco

 — Sometimes a dog bite isn't so bad... by sexykitten12301/10/134.16

Mailorder Sex

 — She answers an ad and finds love in a cabin. by honeydew04/29/013.81

Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 03

 — Somali MILF and younger Haitian boyfriend in love. by Samuelx02/24/152.25

Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 06

 — Somali MILF and Haitian lover visit Gatineau, Quebec. by Samuelx02/27/151.60

Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 07

 — Tall Somali MILF meets Haitian lover's family. by Samuelx02/28/153.00

Maimuna, The Somali Feminist

 — Somali feminist has encounter with a Haitian stud. by Samuelx05/01/162.60

Main Course

 — Joe and Lisa relieve the tension between them. by Camacie12/16/003.81

Maine by Chance

 — A bad day gone good. by thunderful11/21/034.49

Maine Friend: Hotel Balcony

 — Two friends enjoy oral sex and touching. by a sweet yankee girl01/11/064.34

Maine Friend: Winter Sailboat

 — Two friends meet for the first time. by a sweet yankee girl12/24/054.22

Maintaining Focus

 — Encountering frank compatibility at a scientific conference. by XXscribbler05/21/184.51HOT


 — Brad's first repair involves a different kind of service. by emma57905/11/104.38

Maison du Sexe

 — Just fill out your order form, and get exactly what you want. by nixie_heart09/10/164.70HOT

Maitresse Wendy De Jacmel

 — Haitian dominatrix cures sub's erectile dysfunction. by Samuelx08/16/172.78


 — Arriving early for a high-school Reunion. by AllTheBetterNamesWereTaken05/10/174.43

Maj Reynolds

 — New hope. by Mari1203/30/183.43

Maj Reynolds Pt. 01

 — The next day. by Mari1204/10/183.72


 — Casey's stallion to the rescue... by deezire190012/25/013.88

Major Arcana: Sex, Love, and Tarot

 — In life - and love - let the cards be your guide... by RoughRider00705/29/184.80HOT

Make It Better

 — He fixes his mistakes. by elledee10/27/093.97

Make Me Burn

 — College student explores her anal obsession. by WilliamT08/11/054.41

Make Me Cum - Nothing Else

 — She uses being massaged to take, but not give. by Catmoore04/18/124.34

Make Me Do for love

 — Another short with Isaac and Jayden ... by srlmort03/15/174.17

Make Me Pregnant

 — Elaine wants a baby and tries to get Jake to help her. by Drakon6603/04/154.61HOT

Make Me Scream!

 — She auditioned them all. by Hypoxia11/01/153.79

Make Me Yours

 — Afternoon of passion begins with sizzling kisses. by hot zone08/11/104.33

Make Myself a Sandwich

 — Woman surprises a young man with a blow job. by Stonedancer11/23/163.89

Make Up Sex

 — Don't you just love make up sex? by Akasha10/03/044.09

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