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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Make-up Sex

 — Couples fight leads to angry sex. by Santemuerte08/08/074.17

Makeila is a Witch

 — How did a picture of her get on his computer? by catchercradle10/09/104.08

Makenshi and Ruzai

 — A story of two that fall in her bedroom! by Raedel_Neox12/29/073.75

Makeup Sex

 — Sex is always hotter after a lover's quarrel. by Goddess6805/22/064.13

Making a Cake

 — A cookbook approach to sex. by hoochinya01/26/104.17

Making a Cubicle Tolerable

 — Journalist has fun with a date on his desktop calendar. by absoluteid08/07/074.40

Making a Deposit

 — Lady banker receives deposit from handsome stranger. by rogue0112/06/133.83

Making a Whore: The Interview

 — Vivienna interviews for a job as an escort. by black saphire08/12/064.63HOT

Making Amends

 — She makes up for a lifetime of teasing. by musicankane04/10/064.55HOT

Making Amends 25 Years Later

 — First sex aborted by her modesty, they make it years later. by Neesraj11/18/054.80HOT

Making Babies

 — Family friend helps start a new family. by standingstones06/15/064.48

Making Bank

 — A young woman decides to make some money. by Cpt_Fantabulous08/26/154.33

Making Darden Cum

 — An unusual woman; a very lucky man. by irvlyn12/14/124.37

Making Dream Cum True

 — What does a married guy want most: a teenage girl. by cindy_4u07/24/114.15

Making Ends Meet

 — Couple hit hard by the recession finds a way to get by. by prelate09/14/124.45

Making Fantasy A Reality

 — She finds the courage to get what she wants. by littlewildone05/04/034.07

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 02

 — Making Friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/11/174.53HOT

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 03

 — Making friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/12/174.46

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 04

 — Making friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/14/174.55HOT

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 05

 — Making Friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/16/174.57HOT

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 06

 — Making Friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/18/174.58HOT

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 07

 — Making Friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/20/174.63HOT

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 08

 — Making friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/22/174.49

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 11

 — Making Friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200601/25/174.78HOT

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 12

 — Making Friends at Lake Como. by flashgordon56200602/22/174.49

Making Friends With An Old Nemesis

 — I always hated my ex-girlfriend's sister… Until now... by RaunchyRamen09/26/114.18

Making Good On A Fantasy

 — She seduces the teacher she always wanted. by TeriGirl198310/25/054.48

Making Good on My 2nd Chance

 — Chance meeting leads to a 2nd chance with an old girlfriend. by Jokersuit04/14/154.21

Making Her Bad

 — Bringing Sophia out of her shell. by Sophias_choice08/09/143.74

Making Her Grade

 — A student tries to convince her professor to pass her. by Chris648506/20/074.45

Making Her Nipples Itch

 — Treat a Hooker to Lunch - a True Story by Pultoy05/29/124.29

Making Him Squirm

 — A past encounter makes their future meeting tense. by RedHairedandFriendly01/07/124.53HOT

Making Him Watch

 — He's tied up and made to watch his girlfriend with another. by lustyem11/23/054.10

Making It Count

 — Love, sex and embezzlement. by wingwagon05/27/034.33

Making it Happen

 — Two long-time friends finally cross a line. Lines. by squidbag01/13/133.53

Making It Happen

 — Their FFM fantasy comes true. by fleroticawriter03/13/144.36

Making it in a Man's World

 — Seasoned sportswriter seduces sexy student. by kimbelina11/18/074.25

Making it in a Man's World Ch. 02

 — Shannon lands her first assignment. by kimbelina12/02/074.37

Making It Right

 — Going back to correct what went wrong. by flutterbykiss6406/23/044.25

Making It Right

 — Plagued by work, can they close the distance? by Angelindisguise223x11/02/064.54HOT

Making Love

 — Loving couple does it for a long time. by idoyoganaked07/05/034.13

Making Love

 — They made love in her bedroom. by sexkitten21407/09/074.36

Making Love

 — You enjoy each other. by stephwriter02/22/094.55HOT

Making Love Inside Her

 — Daniel seduces Maxine. by mtlm3901/02/124.12

Making Love to a Stranger

 — They met in a restaurant and proceed on from there. by BeachBunny195202/15/083.24

Making Love To A Woman

 — He takes you. by getting_2_no_u01/04/044.15

Making Love to My Goddess

 — Lovemaking with emphasis on male giving oral. by mostanything01/13/054.15

Making Love to My Love

 — Pure passion, a little lust, and sensuality. by roticwizard04/05/134.46

Making Love With Friend's Mom

 — How he managed to get laid. by saketii08/19/023.78

Making Music

 — Music librarian gives college guy everything he asks for. by flim6207/22/064.41

Making Music

 — David's new music teacher makes an impression. by Rapaxe11/15/054.44

Making Music Together

 — Guitar lessons teach more than expected. by MyMascara07/25/023.52

Making Music with Nick Ch. 02

 — He wants more. by Flaouterakh09/30/074.50

Making Music with Nick Ch. 03

 — On holiday with Nick. by Flaouterakh10/08/074.60

Making My Girlfriend Want Sex Again

 — Restoring our stale sex life with a change of approach. by Jeremy103/29/083.92

Making New Friends

 — At a party, at a gig, online, she finds a sexy new friend. by deliciouslytanned06/03/134.61HOT

Making Nice with the Store Clerk

 — Being friendly with the clerk has its perks. by WhatIKnow11/01/104.67HOT

Making of a Gigolo

 — Young man finds aptitude test getting a physical. by Rex Siter03/11/054.57HOT

Making of a Motorcycle Mama Ch. 01

 — Chance encounter with biker changes a young woman's life. by jazm4912/13/02

Making Out in Hotel Room

 — We meet online and enjoy a passionate hour together. by Evergreen196301/20/173.94

Making Passion a Priority

 — A couple reignites the flames of passion. by AfroerotiK11/24/064.55HOT

Making Peace

 — After a long and bitter fight, forceful sex brings peace. by Maskman09/02/024.51HOT

Making Rent

 — A Fellatrix finds a new way to solve the economic crisis. by gimmie_your_load11/16/104.42

Making Sacred the Profane

 — Halloween teaches witch and anthropologist fleshly pleasures. by ClaudetteLauzon10/07/094.69HOT

Making Salad

 — A married couple enjoys a snack before dinner. by Justsexnotlove08/16/123.86

Making Scents

 — Sometimes a man just has to follow his nose. by lovetoread11/15/014.55HOT

Making Scents Ch. 09

 — Sometimes you need help to get laid, sometimes not. by Boratus01/11/064.40

Making Squishy Squashy

 — A squash game gets physical. by BoboNY05/08/174.53HOT

Making the Bed

 — Caught naked while folding my laundry leads to hot sex. by pbon4410/27/154.17

Making the Bed

 — Chores can be fun by Hobsxx01/06/184.47

Making The Cake

 — Jimmy comes home from college to see his girlfriend. by Gunslinger_zero12/18/074.09

Making the Connection

 — Airport run-in proves a tantalizing distraction. by forever_free07/10/134.35

Making the Grade

 — Student has deep feelings for teacher by Taylor Brown10/20/004.19

Making The Grade

 — When young coed needs instructor's help... by Osito06/17/024.00

Making the Grade

 — Overachieving student sees professor about grade. by cvlryman10/24/024.23

Making the Grade

 — Professor's shower turns hot and steamy. by chocolatecherry05/26/064.56HOT

Making The Grade

 — Just a case of teaching the right class. by Phrenetic_Ice11/07/064.43

Making the Grade

 — Young female prof suggests private tutoring for star QB. by kimbelina01/29/084.34

Making the Grade

 — Teacher is offered sex for a better grade. by Reardon109/16/124.63HOT

Making the Grade

 — Failing history, a student helps herself to her professor. by TheWastelandRanger224709/01/134.08

Making The Play

 — After long years of MSN messaging two virgins finally meet. by krystien07/11/104.00

Making the Rounds at Work Ch. 01

 — I start my conquest of beautiful coworkers. by mjt0912/06/124.12

Making the Watermelon Queen

 — Stuntman helps naive beauty queen enter the Mile-High Club. by westerntiger04/10/084.52HOT

Making The World More Beautiful

 — Landscaper transforms Candace's malevolent life with beauty. by erossmantic04/13/084.40

Making Up

 — A couple share wonderful makeup sex... by Tarris9507/25/014.00

Making Up

 — Couple makes up in a very hot way. by queen_guenevere02/22/044.28

Making Up

 — She makes up with her husband after argument. by bunny337410/31/073.74

Making Up and Making Out

 — We love ending fights like this. by alliegirlie7806/01/114.11

Making Up For Lost Time Ch. 01

 — Jeff and Jenny meet 25 years after a "nearly" affair. by Badwolf12303/10/094.34

Making Up is Hard

 — They got over it, and how. by SueBry11/13/024.09

Making Up is Hard To Do

 — Proving their love. by PrincessKiwi03/05/094.39

Making Up My Missed Labs

 — Allie has to work to raise her grade. by fms961202/18/174.26

Making Waves

 — She relaxes in hot tub, a stranger joins her. by bb_peaks11/04/083.42

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 02

 — Putting the right two people in a room together. by FinalStand06/11/124.70HOT

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 05B

 — Did someone say 'Bahamas' too? by FinalStand06/14/124.78HOT

Making Work Fun

 — It all started when Kathy got a little drunk. by mseaking11/16/024.30

Making Your Day Better

 — Did you have a bad day, Sugar? Let Jessika make it better... by Jessika_Thorne06/12/174.50HOT

Making Your Day Better Ch. 02

 — Another morning; I wake up before you, and ... by Jessika_Thorne12/24/174.43

Mala's Story

 — Size matters. by viruss202/06/064.49

Malathi Unfolds Her Magic

 — There are more than one way to thank someone. by juicemaker06/05/064.36

Male Fantasies

 — A man's view of the world. by Xesevoli05/30/034.50

Male Model's Tale

 — Older man answers photographic magazine ad in Taiwan. by loveking08/19/114.47

Male Nurse

 — A Male nurse and his advenures in his new career. by hal200608/02/064.29

Male Nurse Ch. 01

 — Nurse shift continues. by hal200608/08/064.14

Male Sexuality

 — Girls have a query about an essay. by Ashson02/28/174.63HOT

Male Sociopath

 — Erotic adventures of a man without a conscience. by Samuelx10/13/063.67

Male Writer Seeks Female Reader

 — ...for lots of sex. by LongLane11/08/134.51HOT


 — He spends a night with dream girl...or does he? by schmunza10/13/014.46

Mall Elf

 — Steve hooks up with his ex-girlfriend's younger sister. by dionysian12/16/014.45

Mall Santa

 — What should Santa Claus get for Christmas? by wantsomefun195111/10/114.73HOT

Mallin Prepares Ashira

 — Indian daughter is prepared. by grumpywench07/13/023.83

Mallin Prepares Ashira Ch. 02

 — She knew she was trapped. by grumpywench02/06/054.22

Mallory Ch. 01

 — New college student meets chubby girl. by deliriumprovision07/23/064.32

Mallory's Paradise

 — Wanting to stay in paradise, he thought it was only a job. by bighugs10101/23/084.70HOT

Mallu Girl in CA Class

 — Seduction by a mallu girl and fucking her in her home. by jerome3000cc06/03/162.81

Mama Likes It Dirty

 — Nothing says love like a four-letter word. by AreaMan04/11/114.57HOT


 — A businessman has a rather pleasant time on a Mexican bus. by Flobbelaar06/22/134.14

Man & Woman Meet & More

 — Neither is as innocent as they seem. by ainu01/26/054.39

Man and Wife

 — A romantic dinner followed by tender lovin'. by ManInTraining05/29/084.18

Man Cheats With Wife's Best Friend

 — He gets lucky when her friend stops by. by Fireballssex07/05/074.06

Man Day

 — 24 hours of pleasing my man. by dugdug07/10/094.57HOT

Man In A Uniform

 — She has an encounter in a bar. by tulip2lipservice11/16/014.35

Man in Her Tent

 — This is why Phillip didn't want her to come on this trip. by Ooshnafloot06/09/154.42

Man Is Handy & She's A Dandy

 — Handyman makes a house call. by seldomseen05/13/023.86

Man Of The Darkness

 — One night with a woman and her mysterious lover. by CinDeeLee1802/14/054.50HOT

Man on Fire

 — A woman finds a passionate lover in Venice. by CountessCHarlow02/28/153.40

Man with a Golden Tongue

 — Woman yearning for romance meets a fornicator. by Egmont Grigor02/21/054.37Editor's Pick

Man's Best Friend

 — His dog led the way, & the rest is a walk in the park. by Moonlight_3303/07/014.25

Man's Best Friend

 — Not-so-young anymore Abigail comes over to walk Rob's dog, by JudeWrites05/16/114.63HOT

Man's Best Friend

 — A couple meet while walking their pets. by PMDlite02/06/174.37

Man's Best Friend

 — Two dog owners are drawn together. by RavenKrow4503/28/174.16

Man's Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Kate and William learn that they have more in common. by RavenKrow4503/29/174.21

Man's Best Friend Ch. 03

 — "Level of passion you say William, Aye." by RavenKrow4503/30/174.80

Man's Best Friend Ch. 04

 — William experiences Kate's wild side. by RavenKrow4503/31/174.17

Man's Best Friend Ch. 05

 — William offers Kate a proposal and she's all in. by RavenKrow4504/01/174.50

Man's Best Friend Ch. 06

 — Kate and William describe (and play out) their fantasies. by RavenKrow4504/04/174.00

Man's Best Friend Ch. 07

 — Kate and William go on a road trip. by RavenKrow4504/06/173.60

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