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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Man's World

 — A story about a young female boxer. by Harrowborg07/03/033.75

Man-Shaped Mirror

 — Honor student's lethal obsession with her English teacher. by ohmanon09/20/084.60HOT

Management Skills

 — When a relationship with your boss is strictly off limits. by FenellaAshworth03/13/184.84HOT

Management Skills Ch. 02

 — When a relationship with your boss is strictly off limits. by FenellaAshworth04/13/184.82HOT

Manager & Secretary

 — Unexpected dossier appears on his desk. by MickieBlue04/02/024.08

Manager's Holiday

 — Store manager shows employee how to keep it dirty. by Tainted_Innosence05/08/074.21

Managing Her Body

 — Evan's dreary day at work gets a definite pick-up. by DramofOrange08/20/144.33

Managing the Photographer

 — I thanked him for his talent in the only way I could. by TwylamarieWilson03/20/184.21


 — A night out leads to a life changing encounter. by eturnalflame03/02/084.05


 — A tender mutual seduction at a party. by Mushrom06/30/014.57HOT


 — One woman's attempt to change her life. by Joe_x_Joex03/12/064.60HOT

Mandy and Jack

 — Chance encounter leads to a fun exchange. by nikki_202107/22/054.45

Mandy Ch. 01

 — Introducing Mandy. by alias_the_archangel11/17/034.58HOT

Mandy Loves to Fuck Ch. 01

 — A sex-filled week for busty Mandy! by philipmitchellstein11/27/144.44

Mandy Makes a Man of Mark

 — Sexy seduction of student by short-skirted single mom. by RetroFan11/14/164.60HOT

Mandy My Work Buddy

 — A sexual relationship erupts at work. by photopro9908/03/094.08

Mandy's Addiction

 — Mandy's got a lover, but can she give him up? by kinpatsu07/06/044.25

Mango Omelet

 — A day at the beach.... by GroanUp06/21/024.23


 — You enjoy the tropics, and tropical fruit! by MattFinish01/01/014.04

Manhandled Ch. 01

 — Lindsey meets a man she wants to get to know a little better. by spidermonkey82503/21/174.46

Manhandled Ch. 03

 — She can't stop thinking about how good he fucked her. by spidermonkey82504/19/174.06

Manhattan, Two Cherries

 — A blind date, lovers reunited, and creme brule. by Abby_Normal_711/02/034.64HOT


 — Debbie does wrong and pays the price. by Neverlost10/08/113.13


 — Taboo infidelity with a twist! by AckleyPrince02/15/18

Manou & Stephen: Happy Together

 — Black Amazon and bisexual Haitian guy in Miami. by Samuelx09/14/143.33

Mansion Tales

 — A bachelor and and maid have fun. by penguinerotica03/17/123.67

Manual Labour Ch. 01

 — Office girl learns the benefits of manual labour. by whoreatheart8809/20/154.16

Manuevers on a Bus

 — A horny sailor is home on leave, a girl gets on the bus. by ghdinaz01/19/103.64

Manuscript: Lost, Found, Tested

 — Male erotic author meets older flight attendant on-board. by XXscribbler12/10/174.54HOT

Many Apologies

 — She'll make it up to you. by justachicky02/17/063.89

Many Oceans Away

 — An overseas internet couple meet for the first time. by fabulousfrizzy04/08/034.00

Many Thanks

 — Gary finds good reason to come home for Thanksgiving. by ScarlettKnight12/18/014.17

Many Ways to Skin a Cunt

 — Getting your cunt shaved never felt so good. by viva_la_vulva02/20/143.76

Map It Out

 — Just how far will this map lead Ted & Liz? by AndiAnders09/12/044.47

Maple Syrup

 — You look good enough to eat. by Strapping Young Lad06/17/044.59HOT

Maple Tree Fantasy

 — He wants her to share a fantasy over the phone. by lady_cat1312/13/054.69HOT

Maracie's Date

 — Jane lies and listens while roommate gets it on. by mattwatt4301/11/104.32

Marathon Runner Ch. 01

 — A fellatrix has a peculiar method of preparing to race. by gimmie_your_load09/07/134.53HOT

Marathon Runner Ch. 02

 — A fellatrix continues her pre-race rituals. by gimmie_your_load01/09/144.64HOT

Marathon Sex

 — How long can it last? by savvyluvr10/27/093.73

Marc & Chelle

 — A couple acts out their fantasies. by sweetrapturedlight07/20/043.79

Marc's Realisation

 — Jamie finally gets Marc's attention. by Ridewivme05/10/034.19

March Maddyness: Round 01

 — Businesswoman creates her own version of March Madness! by kimbelina04/04/134.60HOT

March Madness (and Delight)

 — You make him glad no games are on. by always_curious03/25/054.00

Marci near Midnight

 — Visiting a friend and hooking up with her roommate. by Irish Moss10/15/174.32

Marcia's Commando Adventures Pt. 01

 — She gets to love not wearing panties. by london_james201004/30/154.25

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 02

 — Marcia takes it in all holes. by danzinman04/13/044.41

Marcie and Phil Explore Ch. 01

 — Saturday night at the condo pool party. by trappedinside09/05/134.12

Marcie and Phil Explore Ch. 02

 — Darren stops by for a drink. by trappedinside09/06/134.41

Marcie the Tutor

 — Marcie teaches arch enemy oral techniques. by Charley_Ace05/30/014.39

Marcie’s First Impression

 — Marcie does her Linda Lovelace impression for me. by heartlandwriter07/03/124.64HOT

Marco and Nancy

 — He teaches her control. by DireLilith08/20/07HOT

Marcos & Niki Ch. 01

 — The erotic adventures of a cop and his girlfriend. by Womaninscarlet12/01/034.29

Marcus and Katie Ch. 01

 — After talking for a few weeks, two virtual lovers meet. by yycguy8012/02/16


 — Street photography leads to sexual enounter for older man by Lifer0103/23/074.46

Mardi Gras

 — The chair rocked in the breeze of the New Orleans night. by Satyn04/08/014.12

Mardi Gras

 — Southern Comfort, and Hospitality. by Enchanttress02/13/024.62HOT

Mardi Gras Ch. 02

 — You start with 'Hurricanes' at Pat O'Briens. by dharma_bum02/20/043.67

Mardi Gras Ch. 03

 — "Min" gets her due. by dharma_bum02/21/044.00

Mardi Gras Madness

 — Donna goes mad on Bourbon Street. by budd10002/18/053.69

Mardi Gras Meeting

 — First time public meeting of online lovers. by CowboyCock4fem02/18/054.30

Mardi Gras Rock

 — Strangers do more than tango at Mardi Gras dance. by Lia Monde11/06/05HOT

MardiGras Madness

 — She finds fun in the City that never Sleeps. by fantasex1303/27/063.81


 — Divorced couple relive their past passion & intimacy. by Mushrom06/08/014.40

Margaret and Jeanette

 — He has wild sex with 19-year-old schoolgirl Jeanette. by Bandra09/30/064.46

Margaret Gives and Takes

 — Margaret deep throats me and then I spank her. by Pimpleia09/01/164.73HOT

Margaret is Unleashed Ch. 02

 — Charles and Margaret deepen their bonding. by dan5712/08/124.14

Margaret's Afternoon Delight

 — Margaret offers to be my sex toy for a day. by Pimpleia08/17/164.56HOT

Margaret's Little Experiment

 — A middle aged woman dabbled in lesbian sex and buggery. by Insertitude12/28/164.35

Margarete and Hans

 — Although forced into propinquity, they haven't been intimate. by N_Deavours04/27/164.87HOT


 — Warm body on a snowy night. by nude dave09/11/044.27

Margie Ch. 02

 — More adventures with Margie and friends. by nude dave10/25/044.29

Margie Gets Hot and Needs More Ch. 01

 — Margie gets plenty from her hubby, but needs more. by larsting10/13/05

Margie Gilday Ch. 01

 — Young girl out of high school enjoys her first job. by Madge06906/23/154.44


 — Guy and girl are drawn together. by Romeo Blue10/09/004.33

Mari and the Masseur

 — She visits a masseur her friend recommended. by morepleasant08/30/134.56HOT


 — Man is seduced by sultry Latina. by Anonymous Author09/01/004.10


 — Internet meeting. by Romeomaj06/28/084.00


 — Companion to old woman gets into trouble. by Ashson05/10/154.56HOT

Maria and the Hollywood Stuntman

 — Maria's erotic encounter with a Hollywood stuntman. by DionysusReturns01/31/124.62

Maria Becomes Mafiacized

 — Maria gets captured and raped by mobster, then proposed to. by EroticaSeanStyle03/10/034.08

Maria Maria

 — A platonic friendship goes to the next level. by semper_perplexus09/10/053.90

Maria, Revisited

 — Sometimes we need quick, easy sex with someone familiar. by JamesSD03/18/064.33

Mariah's Gym Workout

 — Steamy, sauna sex. by CaramelDiva0111/11/074.21

Mariana's Day as a Whore

 — Beautiful woman plays her fantasy role. by ryker4707/15/014.32

Marianne Ch. 04

 — The story of Marianne and Matthew concludes. by valexander03/04/054.35

Marianne, a Friend from Germany Ch. 02

 — Chance encounter leads to a rewarding friendship. by RetMarut05/04/074.25


 — Lust and remorse in New York City. by JAYCE7308/08/023.63


 — A friend's sister, older and more experienced. by Irish Moss10/09/034.40

Marie and the Costume Shop

 — Frustrated Marie gets pleasured as she dresses. by exquisitelifetime01/07/133.77

Marie Has a Visitor

 — A memory to pleasure herself by! by nbaren07/22/094.36

Marie's Breasts

 — Innocent man surrenders to a beautiful bosom. by LongJoe03/24/104.01

Marie's Grocery Shopping Trip

 — She finds more than produce at the store. by eros46909/21/034.56HOT

Marie's Senior Year Pt. 02

 — Marie sells herself behind boyfriend's back. by chipmocha04/15/174.20

Marie's Senior Year Pt. 03

 — Marie becomes homecoming slut. by chipmocha04/16/174.33

Marie's Senior Year Pt. 04

 — Marie becomes guest of honor at sex party. by chipmocha04/19/174.26

Marie's Senior Year Pt. 05

 — Cheating, teachers, and new friends. by chipmocha05/02/174.46

Marie's Senior Year Pt. 06

 — Marie turns a boy into a man and runs into an old flame. by chipmocha07/22/174.37

Marie's Senior Year: Cumsluts

 — Marie and Alice share memories and cum. by chipmocha08/01/174.27

Marie: My Hot Pharmacist Ch. 01

 — I came to sleep with my married pharmacist. by ScottGreen11/14/124.33

Marina Outdoors

 — Canadian guy banging russian girl in the forest. by Betrayer04/17/033.45

Marine for Halloween

 — Sexy secretary and muscular marine trade clothes. by kimbelina10/22/124.47

Marine Training

 — Male/Female Marines get it on in the field. by irishflea2506/16/024.09


 — Powerful businessman takes pleasure with his PA. by HarryTasker03/05/044.02


 — Two strangers meet in an elevator. by valexander10/07/044.47

Marissa's Dressing Room Delight

 — Jon puts the clamps on Marissa's shopping spree. by JonMHoll9208/13/174.24

Marissa's Liberation

 — Sex for the modern woman. by Alex Ledue12/05/073.84

Marissa; the Mob Boss's Daughter

 — Will Danny give in to Marissa's charms or will fear prevail? by RetroFan08/28/144.56HOT

Marital and Sexual Bliss

 — A long marriage with better and better sex. by DrLit02/25/134.21

Marital Duty

 — Man thinks of secretary while making love to spouse. by Exakta6606/07/093.52

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 01

 — Marium lands a job at the Telecom Company. by haramakhrama10/28/104.14

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 03

 — Maryum gets her revenge. by haramakhrama02/16/114.74HOT

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 04

 — Marium stokes a rumour in the company. by haramakhrama04/08/114.58HOT

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 05

 — Marium gets it on with the new foreign owners. by haramakhrama05/06/114.78

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 06

 — An investigation shakes up the organization. by haramakhrama06/11/114.78

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 07

 — Marium gets her just rewards. by haramakhrama07/07/114.57HOT

Mark & Chris: Chris' Side

 — Mark's buddy enjoys prom. by Rattlesnake177501/06/014.30

Mark & Chris: Laughter After

 — Couples wake the morning after. by Rattlesnake177501/07/014.55HOT

Mark & Chris: Pretty Panty Exchange

 — They play a new game. by Rattlesnake177501/06/014.43

Mark & Chris: Where The Chips...

 — It all blows up - where will the dust settle? by Rattlesnake177501/07/014.14

Mark & Linda Go Skinny Dipping

 — Part 2 of Mark & Linda's relationship. by MediaMan02/06/034.48

Mark and Emma

 — Your greatest wish, Emma. by markelly02/20/094.39

Mark and Helen

 — This is a story about the first time for Mark and Helen. by Lsrsailor01/26/133.90

Mark and Linda

 — Two people meet after chatting on an internet dating site by MediaMan01/18/034.40

Mark and Tracy

 — A memorable night for an out-of-town businessman. by DreamAngel4401/14/094.00

Mark and Will Help with Groceries

 — Mark and Will help, and get a show and more. by alexjackson02/18/094.06

Mark's Senior Year

 — This senior is in for more than he could imagine. by ub6ibfine09/10/023.81

Market Day

 — An encounter at the market. by OddZen08/22/083.61

Market Trading

 — An encounter with a market trader. by suelove5811/13/094.35

Marketing Plan, Sex Sells

 — Man secures sex partners to his girlfriend, a sex addict. by namelorb10/06/153.58

Marking His Territory

 — New tits. New territory. by fucktoyfun02/05/164.16


 — First time as a couple is a little rough. by BloodWhore200302/26/043.88

Marks Wanted

 — Student tries to coerce a professor. by Ashson12/29/154.49

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