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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Memories at Dreamview

 — Romantic escapades in family home. by simcock02/28/044.67

Memories by the Fire

 — A mother thinks about an old flame by Deb Aryon10/06/024.50HOT

Memories Ch. 02

 — Real memories, or just dreams? by i_would11/06/164.45

Memories Ch. 05a

 — A different kind of delivery from a pizza guy. by Amy_8206/14/074.64HOT

Memories Ch. 06

 — No more memories & Epilogue. by i_would11/12/164.67HOT

Memories Ch. 06a

 — Converted to a new lifestyle. by Amy_8206/16/074.62HOT

Memories in the Snow

 — Sex in the snow on a winter afternoon. by MnRider12/01/054.61HOT

Memories of a Holiday Slut Ch. 01

 — She knew exactly what she needed -- & he had it all. by SimonSays101/01/074.66HOT

Memories of a Holiday Slut Ch. 02

 — The waiter had everything she wanted. by SimonSays101/07/074.65HOT

Memories of a Holiday Slut Ch. 04

 — She thought she wanted one thing until he came along. by SimonSays101/15/074.43

Memories of Bunk Bed Sex

 — Making love to your wife at work. by TxRad06/10/074.69HOT

Memories Of College

 — One night with a beautiful girl. by likestopullout07/23/124.00

Memories of Harry

 — Alice recalls her sexual adventure with her lover. by Sensualist212/12/084.41

Memories of Harry Ch. 02

 — Alice recalls the beginng of her sexual adventures. by Sensualist212/14/084.31

Memories of Harry Ch. 03

 — Alice moves in with Harry. by Sensualist212/15/084.79HOT

Memories of Harry Ch. 04

 — Alice and Harry have intercourse of several kinds. by Sensualist212/21/084.29

Memories of Harry Ch. 05

 — Their first social event as a couple. by Sensualist212/27/084.67HOT

Memories of Harry Ch. 06

 — Fun with a new toy. by Sensualist201/03/094.10

Memories of Harry Ch. 07

 — Photographs and becoming a nude model. by Sensualist201/25/094.00

Memories of Harry Ch. 08

 — Drawing class posing turns sexy. by Sensualist201/28/094.43

Memories of Harry Ch. 09

 — Alice and Harry test the public waters. by Sensualist202/04/094.40

Memories of Holidays Past Ch. 01

 — A New Year's party. by cuninglinguist6112/26/104.49

Memories of Holidays Past Ch. 02

 — A Memorial Day for the memory! by cuninglinguist6102/18/124.60HOT

Memories of Lillian

 — Accidents change the life of a young man in different ways . by erotiquill10/05/114.27

Memories of Melissa

 —  Fantasies of friend's sister realized again... and again. by synapsize05/15/154.56HOT

Memories of Michele

 — Chance encounter leads to passionate sex. by clintorres04/11/154.24

Memories Of My Visit To Mumbai

 — Days I spent together with her. by Vijay Saraswat06/24/033.74

Memories Of Our Babysitter Ch. 01

 — A chat with our babysitter goes further than expected. by jasperspen11/16/164.43

Memories of Our First time

 — I remember the first time we made love. by LusciousLady_0276908/22/104.00

Memories of Sleeping Bag Sex

 — Fun on the porch, next to a crowded highway. by TxRad08/06/074.38

Memories of the Cake

 — He remembers the night they shared. by Anguissette7908/22/024.67HOT

Memories of Tractor Sex

 — Love in the backyard. by TxRad05/13/074.64HOT

Memories of Valentine's Touches

 — Valentine's day is everyday we share our passion. by odlum01/31/093.50

Memories of: Box Sex

 — Love in a Cardboard Box. by TxRad08/24/064.46

Memories Or Dreams?

 — Sex on the beach with you. by Redrosesx04/25/034.26

Memory and Loss Pt. 03

 — Kindness to a stranger. by electricblue6605/06/154.73HOT

Memory and Loss Pt. 04

 — We consummate a love. by electricblue6605/09/154.84HOT

Memory Ch. 3

 — Young couple make love in a car. by Kamagarvita08/11/013.57

Memory Lapse

 — She didn't remember him. The perfect opportunity for payback. by Jake_Knight03/05/174.14

Memory of Cristina

 — His one-time opportunity with a coworker. by Cutler08/29/04

Memory of Passion

 — It was years ago, but they still want it. by Rose_by_NE_Name08/30/124.28

Memory's Friday Night Out

 — The stranger on the dance floor gives her a hard fucking. by barrysturgeon10/14/093.83

Men in Her Life

 — Marvelous Marva finds a buddy. by 2Xwidderwoman02/08/084.02

Men in Her Life Ch. 02

 — Marva's new buddy calls her back for more. by 2Xwidderwoman02/14/084.46

Men in Her Life Ch. 03

 — Will Marva's new man replace her fuck buddy? by 2Xwidderwoman02/20/084.72HOT

Men in Her Life Ch. 04

 — Marva's temper trantrum changes things. by 2Xwidderwoman02/24/084.85HOT

Men in Her Life Ch. 05

 — Marve introduces a friend to her ex-boyfriend. by 2Xwidderwoman03/01/084.79HOT

Men in Her Life Ch. 06

 — Final: a tense family dinner. by 2Xwidderwoman03/03/084.67HOT

Men in Showers

 — I got surprised by a friend. by mavenger01/20/104.39

Men in Uniform - Firemen

 — A girl thanks the fireman who saved her in a special way. by ccleia08/02/134.21

Men Love It Too

 — When he gets to feel her strap on for the first time. by WillowSalix09/18/154.55HOT

Men Prefer Blondes

 — Perverted college prof. boinks hairy blonde colleague. by gushogan05/07/034.55HOT

Men with Flashy Cars

 — My married boss...happens to be my boyfriend's best friend. by WhoamIbynight08/30/134.02

Men With Pretty Cocks

 — She cums within and without of a dream. by Mycke10/26/022.82

Men's Sexual Confessions: Charlie

 — Men talk candidly about their sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/21/094.38

Men's Store

 — Sexy clerk helps you try on a thing or two. by CAT~~09/01/004.20

Mending Fences

 — A time for reconcilliation and a lesbian encounter. by LC1005/23/094.42

Menial Task Ch. 02

 — Working for a raise. by Whinston06/23/133.85

Mens Room

 — He'll never call work boring again. by lawdog65801/04/034.22

Mental as Fuck

 — A young nurse helps a restrained patient "heal". by DepthsOfDuality01/04/133.90

Mental Foreplay

 — She gets what she wants after a long drive. by sophia jane02/14/094.20

Mental Health

 — What starts as a kindness soon turns to love. by Bakeboss11/03/093.83

Mental Retreat

 — An invitation to the cabin in my mind. by ms_ktygirl09/08/064.83

Mentoring Veronica Ch. 01

 — Sex and power on Wall Street. by WhitneyWallStreet05/28/044.50HOT


 — His first time at a strip club. by carters_fury05/29/064.30


 — An author get's a surprise from a voracious fan. by VooDooPrincess07/12/114.18

Mercedes New Sex Adventures Pt. 01

 — How a new girl Candy takes Mercedes place. by funtime4u205/18/164.41

Mercedes New Sex Adventures Pt. 04

 — Candy is used as sexual bait to trap Tyler and Ramon. by funtime4u208/20/164.59HOT


 — Blake's destroyed when his love leaves him for other man. by Attik10/20/003.53


 — Poor man running from love finds mercy. by DiaperedSiouxsie08/06/014.50HOT


 — A little bit of everything. by Hooligan2102/19/104.52HOT


 — Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy. by Lucy1970Harker09/26/124.63HOT


 — Meredith open his eyes. by jomomma14101/21/094.54HOT

Meredith & Noah: Wednesdays

 — Dedicating a day to licking and fingering. by tendertremble01/21/104.33

Meredith Ch. 02

 — Things get a little complicated by robhasby03/09/154.32

Merger, Takeover

 — Things get hot when on company business. by Creative102/16/094.22

Mergers and Acquisitions

 — She peels into the hidden side of the corporate world. by persianbeauty1907/10/154.17

Mermaid Tale

 — Dreaming into reality. by mutual_pleasure810/21/144.12

Mermaids Don't Have Pussies

 — The sea was her love. by EvaApple11/15/024.01Editor's Pick

Merridown Tales Ch. 01

 — Tales of a Door to Door Softdrink(Soda) Delivery Man. by yakka02/06/114.11

Merridown Tales Ch. 02

 — Erotic tales of a Softdrink(Soda) Deliver Man Continued. by yakka02/07/113.86

Merry Christmas

 — Girl gives a great gift. by Elizabeth Brandon12/21/014.22

Merry Christmas

 — Husband gets naughty at party. by nautinicki07/17/054.28

Merry Christmas

 — A nice present for a good girl. by sexgoddess198108/11/053.91

Merry Christmas

 — A christmas surprise with girlfriend's sister. by milfhunter8808/09/094.33

Merry Christmas, Ava

 — Long time friends and roomies celebrate the holidays. by speakeasy24804/26/134.46

Merry Christmas, Baby

 — A pair of young college students share a special Christmas. by Exakta6611/17/093.84

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

 — An escape from seasonal TV jokes. by True North11/27/104.65HOT

Merry Christmas, Evelyn

 — A lonely man & a lonely woman on Xmas Eve. by rrickgauer11/30/054.62HOT

Merry Sexmas 2001

 — A different form of Christmas letter. by candy-prairie girl10/17/044.27

Merry We Go Around

 — Married couple has fun in the playground. by still_goin10/02/044.42

Merry Xmas

 — Couple share a joyeaux Noel. by Chantilly Lace09/01/004.19

Merry Xmas

 — Depressed woman gets holiday cheer from a 'stranger'. by InYo04/29/014.46


 — A ride soon not forgotten. by LadyNimff02/05/024.15


 — He can't get enough of her. by Rum10/05/034.52HOT


 — She is surprised while masturbating. by Cherry_Rose08/21/114.40

Messenger Story Ch. 01

 — Meet Ben and his sexual addiction. by rahlparker200205/30/133.89


 — A fantasy written by Jetrim and I. by SoftLotus02/05/075.00

Messy Morning

 — Office manager offers subordinate some relief. by lawdog3010/29/014.31

Met on the Net

 — Cheating chatters finally take the first step. by RedHairedandFriendly05/15/054.47

Met on the Net Ch. 02

 — Dana & Charles return for heated day of passion. by RedHairedandFriendly05/29/054.65HOT

Met on the Net Ch. 03

 — Love & rust run overboard. by RedHairedandFriendly06/10/054.73HOT

Met on the Net Ch. 04

 — Two Internet lovers' rendezvous concludes. by RedHairedandFriendly06/19/054.62HOT

Met Their Match?

 — Julia is not what she seems. In Paul has she met her match? by 9entax02/22/153.80


 — A blowjob story in a blowjob story. by TonyZee02/08/064.65HOT


 — Wife evolves into husbands dream wife by Sir_Erotica10/16/074.60HOT


 — Barfly morphs into Muffin. by bassbelly02/03/084.29


 — Ms. Jenkins fools everyone. by mindventure07/10/144.81HOT

Metamorphosis Ch. 01

 — It started as a bet between friends. by cookiejar03/29/114.47

Metamorphosis Ch. 02

 — The bet gets off to a good start. by cookiejar04/15/114.62HOT

Metamorphosis Ch. 03

 — Caro shows Frank what she's learned. by cookiejar04/30/114.57HOT

Metamorphosis Ch. 04

 — A wild weekend for Caro. by cookiejar05/13/114.58HOT


 — Martina knows what to expect. Except when she doesn't. by SWinters09/14/104.57HOT

Meteor Shower

 — A family vacation; a stolen moment. by PhilBill12/14/013.88

Meter Man

 — Once when she was younger... by trixiej08/27/054.45


 — A late night run in with the law. by fuse136903/22/074.18

Method Acting

 — An actor gets a lesson in how to "be" the part! by MaryGirard06/28/124.13

Method of Seduction Ch. 01

 — How I will make love to you. by dumnemtech09/05/154.22

Metro Rub

 — Stuffed into the metro car, she wiggles him to satisfaction. by aspiringDOM01/25/134.32

Mexican Experience

 — She's interested in what he has to offer!. by flip705/14/034.11

Mexican Romance

 — First meeting blossoms into a love affair. by yeomanjack12/17/064.46


 — Tia and Haz play in Mexico. by Haz & Tia01/01/013.50


 — Watch her watching him. by DarilleSLTG02/10/154.10

MFM Kara

 — It was an erotic weekend, one not easily imagined. by seatacrch08/22/113.88


 — A nice country cruise, a nice Sunday ride. by Merlinslair12/18/093.89

Mi Vida Loca: Office Heat

 — Latina lawyer sucks off her boss in the office. by somuchnot30510/31/154.21

Mi Vida Loca: Oral before Agument

 — Latina lawyer blows her boss at his house after wife leaves. by somuchnot30512/23/144.07

Mi Vida Loca: Split In Two

 — Latina lawyer has drinks with boss, gets banged at condo. by somuchnot30512/23/143.93

Mia & Magnus

 — Erotic story in a near prose form. by shattered_lily04/02/054.50

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