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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Oh, Professor!

 — Sultry Catholic schoolgirl & very repressed professor. by human_male10/25/044.60HOT

Oh, Santa!

 — Santa gives a little bit of himself this Christmas. by TimEG12/16/013.67

Oh, Teacher, Teacher! Ch. 03

 — Linda's mom gets some. by slitlicker6910/31/054.60HOT

Oh, That Dream Again...

 — Waking up is so hard to do. by alwayshasapen06/19/144.13

Oh, Those Boots! Ch. 01

 — Out of town travel will soon lead to no-holds-barred sex. by KingNeptune07/15/134.47

Oh, Those Boots! Ch. 02

 — A classy and elegant lady in public, and... by KingNeptune07/26/134.74HOT

Oh, Those Boots! Ch. 03

 — Boots before breakfast. by KingNeptune08/11/134.55HOT

Oh, Those Boots! Ch. 04

 — Jacqueline experiences cold steel, and more. by KingNeptune12/31/134.70HOT

Oh, What A Night

 — Two lovers savor wine & each other. by sugardaddy04/16/023.88

Oh, What a Night!

 — A night at a local strip club turns into an exotic adventure. by Peterspleasures06/02/134.36

Ohhhh Doctor!

 — A timid girl wild for her doctor. by Phils0802/05/174.18

Oil Be Damned

 — There's more to this masseuse than I first suspected. by Bulletin08/04/114.40

Oil Can

 — Wood Burning Stove. by TheeGoatPig07/03/093.50

Oil of Roses Ch. 02

 — Harry and his girl go out on the town. by Fillmore07/01/054.78HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 03

 — Baby Girl's trip to the doctor; Harry's revenge. by Fillmore07/02/054.78HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 04

 — Harry and his Baby Girl save Margo. by Fillmore07/03/054.80HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 05

 — Harry, Margo and Baby Girl celebrate their love. by Fillmore07/05/054.78HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 06

 — Continuing adventures of the Cap'n, Twat & Mounds. by Fillmore07/10/054.79HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 07

 — Missing a loved one and Harry returns to work. by Fillmore07/12/054.74HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 08

 — Margo surprises Harry and Carol. by Fillmore07/15/054.75HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 09

 — Harry, Carol and Kelly meet Eddy for drinks. by Fillmore07/17/054.77HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 10

 — Harry finally faces Angie. by Fillmore07/18/054.80HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 11

 — The Aftermath and Margo answers questions. by Fillmore07/25/054.79HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 12

 — The rescue of Tamara. by Fillmore07/27/054.79HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 13

 — Chez Bubba's, the bar at the Omni and Eddy & Tamara. by Fillmore08/03/054.82HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 14

 — The party in the bar moves up to the Suite. by Fillmore08/04/054.78HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 15

 — Happy crew terrorizes the hotel staff. by Fillmore08/10/054.82HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 16

 — Carol's story, and shopping with the crew. by Fillmore08/15/054.76HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 17

 — The tumultuous end of their stay at the hotel. by Fillmore08/16/054.81HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 18

 — A threat hangs over Margo. by Fillmore08/27/054.71HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 19

 — It's Friday night at the house with happy hedonists. by Fillmore09/08/054.82HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 20

 — The end of the evening and a surprising next day. by Fillmore09/25/054.78HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 21

 — The wake for Tony Juliana. by Fillmore10/26/054.79HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 22

 — The morning after, and Nicki arrives. by Fillmore11/05/054.81HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 23

 — Nicki arrives and things go very wrong. by Fillmore11/27/054.80HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 24

 — The aftermath of the attack. by Fillmore12/07/054.77HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 25

 — The search for Harry's attackers. by Fillmore12/29/054.82HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 26

 — Harry wakes up and the beginning of the end of Benjamin. by Fillmore02/05/064.77HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 27

 — Nicki & the family and the joys of training Kelly. by Fillmore02/11/064.83HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 28

 — The end of Benjamin Sapperstein. by Fillmore02/12/064.75HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 29

 — The aftermath of Nick's 'incident', Nicki talks with Margo. by Fillmore03/20/064.82HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 30

 — Harry is home and work on the house is finished. by Fillmore04/18/064.86HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 31

 — Nicki moves out; a secret watcher; more on Jessica & co. by Fillmore05/21/064.84HOT

Oil of Roses Ch. 32

 — Harry discusses his problem and a trip to Jimmy Claude's. by Fillmore07/16/064.84HOT

Oil Sands

 — Eve keeps warm at a remote work site. by whoreatheart8808/17/174.20

Oiled, Wet and Wanting

 — Erotic massage leads to wanting more. by kittykatbc10/01/084.06

Oily Bus Ride Heaven

 — Her planned bus ride teases me all the way home. by blackbird13106/05/134.11

Oily Goodness: The Cop And The Ex-Con

 — Busty cop cuts a sexy deal with ex-con to save her job. by becky23kiss12/22/144.36

Oklahoma Adventure

 — He discovers his destiny in a dying country town, by SeekingSanity01/13/044.75HOT

Oklahoma Adventure Continued

 — Next day at the diner brings more fun times. by SeekingSanity03/16/064.57HOT

Old Crush

 — Nurse is locked in with a special patient. by CAT~~09/01/003.90

Old Dwight and the Librarian

 — A Librarian unleashes her lust on a customer. by OldeDwightEisenhower02/16/184.52HOT

Old Enough to Know Better

 — Single mom and friend are invited to a teenage party. by Stripemoff01/10/184.22

Old Fashioned

 — A man is cuckolded by his friend & boss. by Nils Huim08/07/183.48

Old Flame

 — He comes back to say he's sorry. by Sonnetprose11/27/034.38

Old Flame

 — Talking to an ex-girlfriend gives her some ideas to share. by simcock04/11/044.13

Old Flame, New Game Ch. 01

 — Former classmates stage an illicit class reunion. by soflabbwlvr02/26/104.28

Old Flame, New Game Ch. 02

 — Married lovers explore new experiences in tropical setting. by soflabbwlvr02/28/104.28

Old Flames Die Hard

 — Six years later, they still carry a torch. by Jizaz_Jester03/12/084.33

Old Flames Never Die

 — Two high school friends finally give in to their passions. by SoCalGal7510/20/113.92

Old Folks, New Strokes? Ch. 01

 — Older couple begins journey toward sexual rebirth. by mauihaole10/02/044.59HOT

Old Friend

 — Old friends find new appreciation for each other. by StargazinGirl03/29/024.14

Old Friend

 — A man meets an old flame. by Soebek07/08/023.93

Old Friend

 — Karen falls for an old friend. by brendabarrett10/11/024.16

Old Friend

 — Chance meeting with an old friend yields satisfaction. by lmnop32112/13/083.95

Old Friend

 — Strolling through the mall, he meets an old girlfriend. by Ashson03/22/134.22

Old Friend

 — An old friend is in town and things escalate. by alpha_one09/29/174.08

Old Friend Stays Over

 — An old friend stays the night. by renaissanceman311/24/044.33

Old Friends

 — Cyber lovers take fantasy to the next level. by serene12/11/004.53HOT

Old Friends

 — After 10 years, friends meet again. by LRT10/26/011.90

Old Friends

 — Melanie finds old friend is all grown up. by SexxKitten1811/23/044.62HOT

Old Friends

 — A story about breaking up & meeting again. by henlar10/26/034.66HOT

Old Friends

 — He helps an old friend re-discover the joys of sex. by MopeyDick06/30/044.18

Old Friends

 — Former co-workers have sex in the office. by YogiInDenver12/16/054.27

Old Friends

 — Things change in 12 years. by Sebalicious01/31/074.06

Old Friends

 — Mike learns new things about an old friend. by jwdramaking05/10/074.15

Old Friends

 — Sometimes it takes a friend to see what you need. by MaggieHow03/08/113.96

Old Friends

 — Old friends catch up. by SophieL3306/23/113.97

Old Friends

 — Old friends get together one more time. by kspor04/25/063.96

Old Friends

 — Two seperated friends meet after 5 years for her first time. by Grimrodking03/13/083.89

Old Friends

 — Two friends meet again and things get sexual. by sleepy_pixie07/10/093.39

Old Friends

 — Two friends are reunited. by DreamingLavender01/21/154.58HOT

Old Friends

 — Old friends finally make out. by jeanamstanford04/14/163.88

Old Friends

 — Alex and Ruth were friends years ago and Ruth reaches out. by JayFrederick12/11/174.52HOT

Old Friends

 — Katie shares a lusty fantasy with Mark. by kimbelina02/13/133.78

Old Friends

 — Jake and Becca act on years of frustration. by ThreeBlueHearts08/21/153.50

Old Friends

 — Old friends meet up on summer break and ignite a flame. by carlyxo05/19/163.68

Old Friends & New Possibilities Ch. 1

 — Love blossoms where it was not wanted. by tempter07/29/014.63HOT

Old Friends & New Possibilities Ch. 2

 — Tom & Jenny tell her parents about their relationship. by tempter11/06/014.54HOT

Old Friends & New Possibilities Ch. 3

 — Guess who's coming to dinner? by tempter02/26/024.60HOT

Old Friends & New Possibilities Ch. 4

 — The final chapter to the tale of unwanted love. by tempter03/12/024.51HOT

Old Friends are Best

 — Two couples are more than friends. by old501levis08/02/134.54HOT

Old Friends are Not Always Good Friends Ch. 01

 — An old friend proves to be trouble. by Maverickusn07/30/103.91

Old Friends are Not Always Good Friends Ch. 02

 — An old friend proves to be trouble. by Maverickusn07/31/104.22

Old Friends are the BEST Friends

 — Best friends from college get closer. by That_Guy7104/28/174.40

Old Friends Ch. 1

 — Rhiannon & Steve finally connect. by rdgnyc06/03/024.32

Old Friends Ch. 2

 — Rhiannon and Steve begin another great weekend. by rdgnyc09/06/024.50HOT

Old Friends Reconnect

 — Two best friends reconnect! by floorit6909/02/174.05

Old Friends Reunite

 — Old friends become reacquainted. by MichaelHohner09/16/044.06

Old Friends, New Friends

 — A love affair endures as friendship with a few changes. by crobeson9602/25/183.77

Old Friends, New Fun Ch. 02

 — Alone at last after 10 years of waiting! by jimjim12312/10/124.62HOT

Old Friends, New Lovers

 — Reconnecting with an old friend at the beach. by BlueFish1110/02/084.21

Old Friends, New Lovers

 — She gets a phone call that changes her life. by QueenT_Vanice09/06/183.91

Old Friends, New Tricks

 — Jane confesses her lust to an old friend. by LuckyNumber908/11/044.44

Old Friends/New Lovers

 — Friends finally get what they've always secretly wanted. by RedheadfromtheDead01/08/093.94

Old Girlfriend Does Deep Throat

 — He meets up with his ex-girlfriend. by standingstones05/11/144.35

Old Habits Die Hard

 — There's nothing as good as sex with an ex. by MsVix09/27/094.17

Old Henry Pt. 01

 — A young wife's journey to sexual fulfillment. by volescamper12/09/164.49

Old Henry Pt. 02

 — The young wife takes another step. by volescamper12/14/164.57HOT

Old Home Town - Old Lover Ch. 01

 — She meets her first lover. by tantricjim05/09/114.26

Old Home Town - Old Lover Ch. 02

 — A woman spends a night with her first lover. by tantricjim01/30/134.42

Old Love

 — Love with my ex GF. by Worldandmore02/11/173.55

Old Love in Connecticut

 — Former love in the most inhospitable of places. by travelingprof06/15/184.39

Old Man in a Trailer Ch. 01

 — Wife meets pervert old man in trailer with a big package. by Younglover112411/09/174.36

Old People Have Sex

 — Sexual adventure of young trainee social worker. by Egmont Grigor03/30/054.46

Old Photographs

 — Set of old photographs bring back vivid memories. by 70minus111/03/074.47

Old Times

 — Girl meets older guy and is instantly attracted. by Miss_Amber10/03/124.66HOT

Old Wife, New Trick

 — He finally gets his wife to masturbate for him. by Boomerpw07/30/034.44

Olde Dwight and Fraggles

 — A boss discovers his accountant is very good with figures. by OldeDwightEisenhower04/13/174.59HOT

Older Brother

 — Friend's older brother knows his way around pussy. by lacerezareinita01/22/054.31

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