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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Sapphira's Sin Ch. 06

 — When sex just isn't enough. by CharmingVixen03/18/094.72HOT


 — He gets to know her on the kitchen table. by Navy_Fox03/20/074.25


 — Sara needs sex and she finds a partner in a coffee shop. by Midnight_Man01/29/104.42


 — The start of a purely physical relationship. by KissingMarriedWomen05/17/104.35

Sara & Teri Ch. 02

 — Teri stakes further claim to her co-worker Steve. by XceptMe06/18/154.50HOT

Sara And 'The Man'

 — Frustrated wife has a rapturous encounter. by Rex Siter08/24/154.17

Sara And 'The Man' Ch. 02

 — Further excitation for Sara. by Rex Siter08/26/154.44

Sara And 'The Man' Ch. 03

 — Sara has a new experience and a total solution. by Rex Siter08/27/154.25

Sara and Alejandro

 — A couple of Spanish lovers turn up the heat... by Veza03/14/184.00

Sara and Joe

 — Young girl meets driver & becomes his fantasy. by Teena09/01/003.74

Sara Finds Love

 — Sara fulfills her fantasy about her High School teacher. by jim1kp07/29/074.22

Sara Gets A Boyfriend & More

 — After a long 18 years, Sara goes all the way. by angeltits06/20/012.90

Sara on Spring Break Ch. 03

 — Sara joins a queue and meets an old friend. by Aaronnw10/13/093.74

Sara the Cowboy

 — Tonight, the bartender gets drunk -- on spunk! by laughingstock07/17/064.35

Sara's Appointment

 — Sara races to meet a midnight deadline. by TheDarkMindedOne01/27/163.42

Sara's Awakening

 — An epic tale of a woman's sexuality. by Rodeobunny11/17/094.33

Sara's First Pussy

 — She never thought it would happen. by Inspirinious07/20/164.66HOT

Sara's Plan

 — A game of hide and seek. by mh765402/02/063.24

Sara's Second Pussy

 — Sara hooks up with Karla, and John joins in. by Inspirinious07/23/164.73HOT

Sara's Seductive Charms

 — He watches his girlfriend seduce a co-worker. by racerex10/27/074.31

Sara's Story

 — Aussie girl in America seeks love & happiness & finds more. by Moonlight_3302/26/014.45

Sara's Studio Surprise

 — A quickie helps Sara get ready for a big show... by KenAndSara12/21/144.16

Sara, Professional

 — He goes to an Asian massage parlor. by guitarguy6005/15/154.06


 — A desperate woman and a case of mistaken identity. by EmeraldEye206/18/114.51HOT


 — Finally getting together with busty neighbour. by Doofy09/22/033.92


 — Sarah helps me let loose. by PetesBrain08/12/154.24


 — Two souls find each other at last. by CraigCraigerson04/02/124.48


 — Sexy assistant is punished for poor job performance. by kimbelina08/04/124.34

Sarah and Brian: A Beginning

 — She meets a man in bar & has some fun. by aerisetaether06/22/064.39

Sarah and David on a Saturday

 — Couple reconnects with a lust-filled hotel-room rendezvous. by SneakyDeaner09/30/084.03

Sarah and Haley: Hot Photography

 — Two young art models in passionate encounter. by ScorpioProducer11/19/174.51HOT

Sarah and Josh Ch. 03

 — The fantasy continues. by soroborn04/26/133.80

Sarah and Me - A Marriage Story

 — Be aware of interpretation of text message purport. by be24you11/03/142.54

Sarah and the Human Sexuality Lab

 — Coed meets professor in the lab. by Bettyspages04/09/144.49

Sarah Ch. 01

 — The real world, her real needs, explode in sexual frenzy. by Mikro11/09/064.39

Sarah Ch. 01

 — I somehow manage to get a night with a coworker. by AveragePenisSize01/22/144.11

Sarah Ch. 01: The Beginning

 — Sarah and I meet, she takes a chance and it pays off. by CaliforniaStories01/25/184.44

Sarah Jewels: Pregnant PI

 — Adventures of pregnant PI & her handsome partner. by rivan5101/26/024.46

Sarah Loves to Fuck

 — Staff at summer camp pleasure each other. by livdnsouth08/20/084.14

Sarah Scores Big!

 — She does what it takes to satisfy her needs. by LilSheba12/09/104.53HOT

Sarah Vanhorn Ch. 02

 — Sarah has to work off the rent. by Lonedaddy08/01/10

Sarah Vanhorn Ch. 04

 — Sarah visits the psychiatrist and starts a new job. by Lonedaddy08/17/10

Sarah's Aunt Sally

 — Was he corrupting her or was she corrupting him? by Irish Moss07/15/074.55HOT

Sarah's Confession

 — In prison, Sarah gets her groove on. by gobula12/29/05

Sarah's Confession Ch. 02

 — Bisexual woman in prison seeks peace. by gobula01/05/06

Sarah's Dad

 — Kate seduces her friend's father. by rose13603/01/143.97

Sarah's Dilemma

 — Sarah tries to understand how and why she has changed. by catchercradle01/30/074.00

Sarah's Fantasy is Fulfilled

 — Her dreams come true. by literot06/16/144.20

Sarah's First Day

 — Sarah becomes a prostitute. by Wanderer4907/04/094.45

Sarah's Friend

 — An affair starts when hikers spy on lovers. by Cuddly Cat08/30/044.30

Sarah's Funeral

 — Su-Ann takes Samuel to his wife's funeral. by starova03/11/114.51HOT

Sarah's Happy Ending

 — Late night escapade at a hotel. by Hascats04/25/094.28

Sarah's House

 — My best friend's brother makes his move. by susannahwrites02/06/124.30

Sarah's House Ch. 02

 — Sarah and Marcus take things further. by susannahwrites02/24/124.39

Sarah's House Ch. 02

 — Sarah and Ethan continue their relationship. by susannahtowers07/19/124.32

Sarah's House Ch. 03

 — Picnics in the park develop into something more. by susannahwrites07/22/144.46

Sarah's House Ch. 04

 — A little drive-thru fun. by susannahwrites07/25/144.15

Sarah's Indiscretions

 — The start of an extensive affair between business colleagues. by Limeyracer10/06/154.59HOT

Sarah's Journey Ch. 01

 — Making Plans. by LordMhoram08/24/114.55HOT

Sarah's Journey Pt. 01

 — Opening New Doors. by LatteGyrl10/31/164.22

Sarah's Mistake

 — A photographer and his subject find new ways explore. by noothernameneeded04/07/154.67HOT

Sarah's New Job

 — Sarah discovers the perks of her new modeling career. by djrip06/30/153.99

Sarah's New Life Ch. 02

 — Sarah becomes a submissive slut for her newest lover. by Ghostwalker10/19/144.58HOT

Sarah's New Patient Ch. 02

 — She helps her patient take a shower. by GDC158804/27/064.54HOT

Sarah's Return

 — A 20's something couple make up for lost time. by all_that_glitters03/05/123.85

Sarah's Secret

 — A story of long awaited sexual fulfilment. by silkylipsm06/13/154.33

Sarah's Seduction

 — College girl attracts professor. by Manny231407/07/094.23

Sarah's Seduction Ch. 02

 — She enjoys giving a blow job. by Manny231407/14/094.58HOT

Sarah's Turn

 — It's Sarah's turn to take control as she sucks Chris's cock. by erotic_bubbles04/10/114.33

Sarah, The First Night

 — Man meets older gambling woman in casino. by richard604703/12/084.06

SaraPet's Afternoon Tryst

 — Sara is surprised by her boss. by rodbod10004/08/024.33

Sarasota Motel Encounter

 — Intense, erotic encounter in a motel. by Flowman01/07/074.25

Sarasota Motel Encounter: Her

 — Intense sexual encounter from her side. by Flowman01/08/074.36

Sarika Bhabhi Fucked by Me

 — He gets a sexy lady. by anilsahotra02/23/033.91

Sarrah - English Version

 — A woman that I've met only by chance... by Scorpio5805/31/152.33


 — lusty control game between Master & his girl. by --brat--11/12/024.08


 — Trouble on the golf course. Should he help? by illoxin12/14/033.55


 — They workout in the gym, then get naked. by WordSlinger06/23/063.76

Sasha's Adventures Ch. 02

 — Sasha decides to make work a little more fun. by sashajane07/12/143.93

Sasha's Adventures Ch. 04

 — A stranger in a bar turns into much more. by sashajane07/14/144.40

Sasha's Adventures Ch. 05

 — Sasha's run in with a secret service agent. by sashajane07/18/144.00

Sassy Minx Neighbor

 — Jimmie fixes the new tenants plumbing. by Longluber02/06/174.05

Satellite or Cable

 — Great Installation from Dish by CindySexy03/24/144.11

Sati Ch. 01

 — A delightful and hot sexual awakening. by IatNUS02/24/114.52HOT

Sati Ch. 02

 — More of her. by IatNUS03/07/114.12

Sati Ch. 03

 — Finding more ways to satisfy each other. by IatNUS03/08/114.50HOT

Sati Ch. 04

 — Continuation of sensual awakening. by IatNUS03/11/113.50

Sati Ch. 05

 — It only gets better. by IatNUS03/24/114.50

Sati Ch. 06

 — She loves to learn new things. by IatNUS04/01/114.33

Sati Ch. 07

 — You never know where things are going. by IatNUS04/19/114.00


 — You spend an afternoon together. by Stue P Dassol08/11/054.42


 — Summertime love takes a turn for the wild. by HotForJen12/10/124.28

Satiated Desire

 — A woman's fantasy is fulfilled. by sultrysiren400006/04/114.40

Satin Bikini Panties

 — Best friends find their way to a hotel room. by cindykielbasa04/17/123.71

Satin Blanket

 — A summer evening nap turns in to something more relaxing. by guinness1309/08/074.65HOT

Satin Fantasy

 — Night-time is your playtime. by Askew Money06/03/034.61HOT

Satin Sheets

 — You spend another beautiful night together. by CleverCoverStory09/15/054.00

Satin Sheets

 — Luscious BBW sleeps with this writer of BBW erotica. by JorisKHuysmans10/25/074.33

Satin Sighs

 — Blindfolded & tied - She has given control to you tonight. by notenoughways10/08/153.92

Satin Ties

 — Wife surrenders to her fantasy. by cherrylips_au03/24/024.27

Satin, Lace and PVC

 — Waiting at home before a night of passion ensues. by starbug1703/08/184.50


 — He sets out to make her dream come true. by JulBean08/01/174.59HOT

Satisfaction At Midnight

 — He finds lust in the grocery store. by BikerRob09/23/014.61HOT

Satisfaction with a Stranger

 — Sexual awakenings. by redkissy09/05/164.48

Satisfaction with a Stranger Ch. 02

 — Going to the city to continue a new found relationship. by redkissy10/11/164.50HOT


 — Some lovers are worth writing about. by caseyryan09/14/06

Satisfied Yearnings

 — Your sought after pleasure. by LaLaLilly03/27/084.00

Satisfy Her

 — Janet is twenty-two & ready for a change. by Vitalsigns03/26/04

Satisfying a Wet Thought

 — Sometimes, you get exactly what you ask for. by DelishuslySynful04/30/124.16

Satisfying Her Hunger

 — She takes him away for her pleasure. by lust4her12/29/12

Satisfying Office Tensions

 — Helping an office mate with her pregnancy induced hormones. by desirelit05/08/104.28

Satisfying Randi's Curiosity Ch. 01

 — Randi wonders if cocksucking is as good as in stories. by leBonhomme11/03/134.54HOT

Satisfying Randi's Curiosity Ch. 02

 — Her curiosity is satisfied, but not her libido. by leBonhomme11/03/134.71HOT

Satisfying Randi's Curiosity Ch. 03

 — Lisbet suggests he spend a night alone with Randi. by leBonhomme11/04/134.46

Satisfying Randi's Curiosity Ch. 04

 — He and Randi continue their uninhibited day together. by leBonhomme11/09/134.91HOT

Satisfying Randi's Curiosity Ch. 05

 — Second day of his weekend with Randi. by leBonhomme11/09/134.60HOT

Satisfying Sex In Paradise

 — They spend the day at the pond side. by manavata08/04/013.26

Satisfying the User's Needs

 — Energizing her system with a new upgrade. by alan5506/02/104.33

Satisfying Urges Ch. 01

 — A simple job interview leads to an intense lust. by Stompsalot05/26/114.17


 — The scent of orange blossoms draw me into your body. by slipperyblisses08/01/143.62


 — Your playful and sensual encounter. by Easyread02/16/034.44


 — How two friends spent the day. by statestreet06/13/044.40


 — Online chat buddies get real...or do they? by Marthanoir03/13/103.67

Saturday Afternoon

 — BBW screws extranged husband again. by rose1234507/25/104.00

Saturday At The Office

 — Dave has an affair with Julie after catching her in the act. by Dave_Loves_Puss09/18/114.13

Saturday at the Sex Shop

 — A chance encounter while shopping. by kimbelina02/03/134.26

Saturday Chores

 — Some playtime in the garage. by tedsgirl08/26/164.16

Saturday Copulation

 — Powerful libidos coalesce in primal sex. by Klettenberg01/22/073.62

Saturday Desire

 — A first meeting that blows his-and her-mind! by JaneDoe3104/26/104.41

Saturday Evening

 — Romantic visit from boyfriend. by missapril6303/31/154.22

Saturday Girlfriend

 — A mutual hangover inspires a strange short term relationship. by Niceandspicy06/17/113.58

Saturday Jam Session

 — "The family's gone out and I'm here all alone," she said. by Freddy5011/15/074.18

Saturday Morning

 — A look inside your bedroom in the early morning. by Calliope01/06/034.49

Saturday Morning

 — Shelia entices David for a shower. by Shylady10/15/034.54HOT

Saturday Morning

 — It ain't all orange juice & cartoons. by saffire eyez02/14/064.15

Saturday Morning

 — The two of you spend Saturday morning in & out of bed. by Moonlitrunner10/31/074.54HOT

Saturday Morning

 — A story of a previous relationship. by Glenn3812/07/083.33

Saturday Morning at the Hardware Store

 — He finds a woman in need of help. by zues2u204/02/094.36

Saturday Morning Ch. 01

 — Steve & Stacie meet for the beginning of a great day. by Joe Powers 112206/15/054.50

Saturday Morning Ch. 02

 — Stacie and Steve's morning continues. by Joe Powers 112206/18/054.33

Saturday Morning In The Kitchen Ch. 01

 — Beakfast satiates special hunger. by feverishchick7905/21/044.33

Saturday Morning In The Kitchen Ch. 02

 — She exacts sweet revenge. by feverishchick7905/31/044.53HOT

Saturday Morning Rush Ch. 1

 — He spies her lovely posterior. by DebC06/22/003.79

Saturday Morning Rush Ch. 2

 — Jan tells her side of sexy encounter. by DebC06/22/003.88

Saturday Morning Sex

 — Slow, loving & leisurely sex is the best. by Writeman09/27/034.56HOT

Saturday Morning Surprise

 — Wife of 24 years knows how to use her hands. by viking1211/13/044.17

Saturday Night

 — Husband gives wife a trim. by Amber Passion10/14/003.96

Saturday Night

 — A little surprise during the night. by smirnofffff08/14/023.21

Saturday Night

 — A chance encounter. by EnglishM04/07/154.22

Saturday Night At The Lanes

 — An Unexpected Encounter. by tzme_plzme08/07/113.83

Saturday Night Fever

 — Girl picks up guy at bar for wild sex. by Cyberfemme09/01/003.45

Saturday Night Kicks

 — Stuck in a rut girl has rough sex with a stranger. by natnat8908/11/093.85

Saturday Night Pt. 01

 — Isabella's pleasure takes her to new heights. by aksarben04/12/144.19

Saturday Night Showcase

 — A girl inquires about a job in a bar. by DakotaJayne06/07/153.97

Saturday Night Showcase Ch. 02: Starting the Job

 — A girl gets the job in the bar and a few surprises. by DakotaJayne08/15/154.00

Saturday Night Surprise

 — Online meeting leads to a surprise from Matt. by wyo_girl10/05/024.59HOT

Saturday Nights Ch. 1

 — Bored, naive girl goes out on wild night. by CreamyLady10/20/003.36

Saturday Office "Work"

 — Sex in the office. by glimmertwin06/24/074.07

Saturday Ride

 — Saturday ride with my girlfriend, back in my youth. by redice06/14/174.16

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