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Erotic Couplings Stories

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School of Erotica Ch. 2

 — She learns the joys of her body. by KarrieLee03/25/024.30

School of Love Ch. 01

 — New teacher at Swiss women's college finds things get sexy. by Gorza10/01/154.83HOT

School Pictures Ch. 02

 — There are naughty photos on a school camera. by Ashson06/27/144.47

School Restroom Fun

 — Being naughty in the restroom leads to erotic coupling. by umbraseculdo03/18/123.95

School Reunion

 — High School reunion gets a little steamy. by eroticafan987605/06/104.18

School Reunion, Body Reunion

 — He promised me something special for today. I can't wait. by ForDD12/08/174.21

School Ties

 — Sarah learns more about the ties that bind. by kimbelina06/19/104.16

School with Tiffany Ch. 01

 — Two married people meet while away at training. by rngrdngr11/09/124.12

School Yard BJ

 — He and his wife go for a stroll, and more. by Gushers03/25/024.12

School's In

 — Every boy wishes for a teacher like this. by Azuldrgon09/09/054.29

School's In Session

 — Substitute gives sexy student a lesson he'll never forget. by 1nastygirl05/13/014.31

School's Out

 — Barry has an unexpected meeting with a former schoolteacher. by Pussyrider03/29/084.58HOT

School's Out for Winter

 — Solana has the hots for an engaged classmate. by sola_naceae02/03/104.32

Schoolgirl Confessions

 — Naughty girl decides to tempt her teacher. by miss_cheevious110/07/034.52HOT

Schoolgirl Crush

 — Young Brit meets young girl at local hangout. by True.Brit11/19/004.39

Schoolgirl for Patrick

 — You requested I bring a specific outfit... by shortblondecutie03/13/184.34

Schoolgirl In The Springtime

 — She gets more than just a ride home. by fakebutperfect11/08/044.16

Schoolgirl Skyler

 — She roleplays as 18-year-old student. by joeandskyler05/15/044.63HOT

Schoolgirl Slut Kendra

 — 18-year-old learns what a slut she can be. by yev_kesam11/02/073.50

Schoolgirl Steph Ch. 02

 — A covert operation behind enemy lines. by Divide06/04/044.68HOT

Schoolgirl Teaser

 — They treat you like you dress, so you dress like a slut... by InYo04/29/014.01

Schoolgirl Uniform; Danielle Ch. 01

 — She is seduced by her friend's father. by PrevertedMe01/20/164.64HOT

Schoolgirl Uniform; Danielle Ch. 02

 — He gets a BJ while sharing his plan for her and his friends. by PrevertedMe01/22/164.52HOT

Schoolgirl: Your Fantasy

 — She makes your fantasy come true. by fakebutperfect11/04/043.87

Schoolgirls of St. Cats 10

 — Schoolgirl turns 18 and celebrates with mature teacher. by catwilliams09/11/104.41

Schooling Molly

 — Guy rediscovers his lost youth with an eighteen year old... by RandyCross09/15/174.56HOT

Schoolwork Fun

 — Secretary Liz proves willing. by kevinhumps10/18/134.28

Scientific Comparison

 — A party experiment: are women better at pleasing women? by rockchaser07/20/174.75HOT


 — An unusual gift turns out to be quite interesting. by lioness_7110/29/114.38

Scorch Your Soul Ch. 01

 — A new journey together. by Jjaii10/23/164.22

Scorch Your Soul Ch. 02

 — The second encounter... roles become apparent. by Jjaii03/24/174.00


 — It's a hot day for woman & her friend's hubby! by DeLaine09/01/004.43


 — Hitting the beach with a camera is a recipe for trouble. by NinthArcana01/22/154.19

Scorching Hot Sweetness: A Kiss

 — A job, a girl, eternal love. by hotwords22908/11/174.34

Scorching Hot Sweetness: The Fence

 — A hot day, an intense storm, a friendship forged by hotwords22908/08/174.67HOT

Scorching Short Stories 01

 — Hot, erotic vignettes to get you off quick. by SlaveToCock04/04/093.76


 — A wild night after a hockey game. by GucciBarbie08/16/093.53

Scorekeeper Wendy

 — Lacrosse coach selects this year's team scorekeeper. by badboylax03/18/133.95

Scot's Demonstration

 — Fireman demonstrating a powerful firetruck to an 18 yo girl. by Isabella_1978_UK10/01/17

Scotch Bonnet

 — Recent divorcée finds passion on island of Jamaica. by geofffmacdonald09/03/023.96

Scotch Mist

 — Your trip to Scotland takes a sexy turn. by SpartanElise06/30/084.58HOT

Scotch with Ice

 — Care for a drink? by Maximus~the~great05/27/034.28

Scott and Melissa Ch. 01

 — Paralyzed wife gets off on husband's affairs. by Katthrynn03/10/054.43

Scott Gets Some Candy

 — Cheating on uptight wife with slutty friend. by hells_belle11/13/094.20

Scott Gets Some Candy Ch. 02

 — The saga of the cheating husband continues with his mistress. by hells_belle12/13/124.18

Scott Gets Some Candy Ch. 04

 — As she tries to move on, Scott finds himself lost inside her. by hells_belle12/26/124.00

Scott's Adventures

 — Scott recalls the first time he crossed the line at work. by womenlover04/20/074.37

Scott's Adventures Continue

 — Scott continues crossing the line by hooking up with Lisa. by womenlover05/30/074.00

Scott's Flashback Fantasies Ch. 01

 — What did and could've happened during the after-prom party. by studrelease08/29/174.23

Scottish Slut Hotel Fuck

 — A hot girl who brightened up my dull work trip... by serginho12/16/144.38

Scout's Honor

 — Hockey scout finds his target's sister is quite willing. by Anakin2010/29/014.39


 — Winter survival training becomes the real thing. by m_storyman_x12/04/084.72HOT

Scrabble Ch. 2

 — Rum helps the game along. by CiscoAncon09/14/013.00

Scrabble Ch. 3

 — Alcohol, lust, and letters make for a wild night. by CiscoAncon09/16/013.73


 — A look back at the ones you don't forget. by Talisker04/21/034.43


 — She needs it, he's got it, but she has a hard time asking. by pandorastl11/04/164.18

Scratched Out Heart

 — Kimiko's first bodyguard job might be her last. by ABigCat08/24/174.63HOT

Scratching a Seven Year Itch

 — A husband and a wife agree to work on their marriage. by tonyjosie106/06/064.44

Scratching Itches

 — Engaged couple face her slutty past w sex addict. Spcl dessert. by LitEroCat02/23/184.67

Screaming Glory

 — A little dirty talk leads to a lot of screaming sex. by veryhotmen09/16/043.77

Screw Job

 — His ex gets what's coming to her. by Shaun147907/05/034.35

Screw to the Top Ch. 01

 — Eighteen-year-old college freshman Mitchell Romini... by arandommep11/26/124.08


 — Chance meeting at gym: unexpected delightful consequences. by XXscribbler03/25/184.68HOT

Screwing A Girl I Didn't Like

 — He never liked her, but he had to have her. by Jeremy101/24/063.89

Screwing Mum's Hot Friend

 — Ed gets set up by his mum and her friend - his dream screw by intimateoutlet07/07/144.16

Screwing Sridevi

 — Guy gets lucky with malayali bombshell. by 1_sexy_indian09/10/043.30

Screwing the Boss

 — Sexy lady boss finally gets it. by Mr Story Teller11/02/044.54HOT

Screwing the Boss' Wife

 — It's all in the title. by Tempting_devil05/19/144.10

Screwing The Pitch

 — He's looking for a wild night before making the big pitch. by noebode01/29/133.71

Screwing with the Neighbour

 — Ellie needed my help. I got more than I imagined in return! by SpottedDick08/22/164.54HOT

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 01

 — This is a variation on the Pymalion theme. by anon194007/14/084.11

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 02

 — Mei-Lien returns to pose. by anon194007/17/084.12

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 03

 — Mei-Lien returns. by anon194007/20/084.48

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 04

 — Consumation at last. by anon194007/23/084.51HOT

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 05

 — Mei-Lien and I move on. by anon194001/12/104.30

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 06

 — Homework assignments. by anon194001/27/104.44

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 07

 — to the health club and back. by anon194002/03/104.62HOT

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 08

 — We go shopping for lingerie. by anon194003/02/104.68HOT

Sea Breeze

 — Amy is pushed to the edge, only to push back. by Millers06/24/144.40

Sea Salt

 — Summer thunderstorm re-ignites couple's passion. by rambleon05/06/054.27

Sea Spray

 — Sexy fun at sea for a couple. by Bigr185612/08/014.00

Sea, Sand, and Sex

 — He meets a mysterious lady on the Suffolk coast. by Timkitten09/17/054.28

Sealing the Deal

 — Potential business partner sends Leila's life in a tizzy. by Peacefulpoet2708/01/153.50

Sealing the Deal (Sevgi Pt. 02)

 — Sealing the deal with Sevgi. by Adanaliyik08/10/173.38


 — Blind date leads to a great time. by jacksgirl08/26/024.27


 — A Spanish lover. by Mari1205/11/183.86

Sean & Shauna

 — A massage, a shower, and then you get to the good stuff. by a_pearl_choker03/31/08HOT

Sean and Laura's Naughty Sunday

 — Two young, married people tease, fantasize, and fuck. by srjman11/18/144.47

Sean and the Bunny Rabbit

 — Cute girl from escort agency knocks on Sean's door. by bladeway109/06/064.54HOT

Sean Ch. 2

 — Sean takes her home. by jacksgirl09/01/024.03

Sean Pt. 02

 — The break-up. by Mari1205/15/182.92

Sean Pt. 03

 — Reunion years later. by Mari1205/17/183.57

Sean's Encounter

 — Sean walks in to a surprise guest waiting. by southern_comfort6901/11/074.00

Sean's Surprise

 — Sean has sex from a surprise source. by twistedgraygoat09/11/143.80

Search for a Sugardaddy

 — They arrange a meeting in a bar. by geronimo_appleby05/30/134.24

Search Me

 — A new way to play hide and seek. by Steplianna10/17/00

Searching for 'Peaches'

 — Couple involved in improper use of bank funds are reunited. by Egmont Grigor05/15/084.44

Searching for More

 — An empty wife ends up in bed with her love and a stranger. by Seenitall06/02/154.11


 — She went looking for seashells and found them. by Ashson12/01/144.42

Season of Surprise Ch. 01

 — Kyla & Jonathon meet as adults after separation. by Cou05/23/034.62HOT


 — One afternoon, two mature women experience a new season. by luvjuice4307/24/174.47

Seattle Road Trip Pt. 01

 — Woman goes in search of an old flame. by Loves_music_loves_to_dance07/10/144.65HOT


 — Seduction in a tempest. by useraeo02/03/103.57

Seaworld Interlude

 — A chance meeting at sea world leads to an incredible tryst. by m_storyman_x08/23/124.60HOT

Secets of a Relationship Ch. 01

 — A girl learns to please a man. by kawiguy10/20/104.00

Secluded Island

 — You love her Island Activities. by miabellajenny07/06/034.18

Secluded Island Ch. 02

 — She becomes your island slut. by miabellajenny07/07/034.42

Second Base

 — An old friend is given another at-bat. by CurtWrites04/02/163.88

Second Chance

 — Two friends put their past to rest. by HnyscklRose407/01/074.19

Second Chance

 — The silver lining of betrayal. by secretsxywriter04/06/134.33

Second Chance

 — Widower tries marriage again. by mikoli576310/01/134.29

Second Chance Ch. 04

 — Jared and Olivia. by CinderLaw09/19/094.67HOT

Second Chance Ch. 05

 — Jared teaches Olivia about protection. by CinderLaw02/12/104.66HOT

Second Chance Ch. 07

 — Reunions. by CinderLaw04/11/114.77HOT

Second Chance Ch. 08

 — The answer... by CinderLaw06/10/114.71HOT

Second Chance Ch. 09

 — One can only be silent so long. by CinderLaw10/20/114.66HOT

Second Chance Ch. 13-16

 — Insights, new problems, solutions and new lives. by CinderLaw04/05/124.75HOT

Second Chances

 — A ghost from the past awakens old feelings. by -Sadie26-10/26/054.34

Second Chances

 — Parted lovers reunite for a night of passion. by AndieKitten07/10/084.29

Second Chances

 — ...are often better than the first. by leto42301/07/114.56HOT

Second Chances

 — Disaster can turn into a good thing. by Jenga3205/11/164.48

Second Chances

 — Hero firefighter get one last lay from a night nurse. by PaulStevens07/17/174.63HOT

Second Chances Ch. 01

 — Sarah & Gene get a second chance at reunion. by fuzzy_pink_pjs07/17/054.60HOT

Second Chances Ch. 02

 — Sarah & Gene reunite a second time. by fuzzy_pink_pjs08/31/054.65HOT

Second Chances Ch. 02

 — ...they share more with each other. by leto42301/23/114.48

Second Chances Ch. 03

 — In paradise, Teri gives Kurt her everything. by cuninglinguist6108/15/154.92HOT

Second Chapter!

 — How I overcame my embarrasmment! by cugarluvr12/11/114.09

Second Date

 — Sometimes the second time around is worth it. by Ms_Nomer6802/27/034.39

Second Date

 — Couple savors hot motel sex. by Horus2110/10/054.42

Second Date

 — Things get even hotter on the second date. by crazyinohio12/24/034.29

Second Date

 — A girl first time buying and using a vibrator. by MisterSinnister05/26/144.17

Second Date

 — Second Date with Louise. by johnwood7702/04/173.93

Second Date - Testing Limits

 — Sub & Dom go on second date, will they finally kiss? by Sluttysocialite10/14/174.53HOT

Second Date Passion

 — My second date gets hot in a hurry. by sterb196908/22/084.29

Second Date Seduction

 — We compete for the top--and he wins. by sola_naceae09/09/093.87

Second Encounter with Lady Bird

 — She was hooked up to new taste. by funky2003man11/04/033.90

Second Helping

 — Shelly was just right - and just in time. by crichtondog06/07/073.89

Second Honeymoon

 — Sometimes the best laid plans.... by Pineapplelovers6907/18/104.26

Second Job

 — She thought she was going to clean his house. by zeke8103/19/054.44

Second Meeting

 — He arrives at her house after two years waiting. by Natural Born Eros11/20/024.10

Second Rendezvous

 — Desire to taste the sweet honey nectar turns HOT. by Mistered6211/16/083.67

Second Ride

 — Another interesting ride. by softride04/28/174.53HOT

Second Romantic Lead

 — Love by proxy. by bellydance07/01/064.00

Second Story Man

 — A burglar meets his match when the lady of the house wakens. by Member38910/11/094.33

Second Summer Ch. 01: The Return

 — Karen returns to where she lost her virginity for a replay. by Joanmcarthy12/24/164.58HOT

Second Summer Ch. 02: Someone's Watching

 — Karen & Greg discover someone watching their sex. by Joanmcarthy12/27/164.54HOT

Second Summer Sex Party

 — I was a bit surprised when my BFF invited me to another one! by pghpa08/29/17

Second Swap: Consequences

 — Sue learns about Jack & Tina, & takes revenge. by Polarbear3105/12/014.05

Second Taste of Big

 — Further encounters with BBW by standingstones04/26/064.49

Second Time Around

 — She finds herself after a divorce. by 1nastygirl01/08/024.26

Second Time Around

 — I took regular long walks after Rita left. by Rex Siter07/17/114.74HOT

Second Time Around

 — Internet dating has its rewards when she gets to meet him. by Wingwalker6909/28/134.12

Second Time Around

 — A couple get frisky off duty. by lipstickandligature05/21/144.11

Second Time is the Charm

 — He puts his need first, so he can focus on hers. by gettogether10/16/153.75

Second Time with Co-Worker

 — Co-worker goes for round two. by Brian658808/13/174.23

Second Time with Mary

 — Young love, revisited. by USMC0304/10/084.39

Second Trip to the Massage Parlor

 — The first trip hooked him. by Ironhorse75004/23/034.33

Second Wind

 — Mike may be tired, but for Sidney, he's ready. by nothingspecific03/16/064.22

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