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Erotic Couplings Stories

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The Acapulco Beach Bar

 — Cat helps the barmaid out with what her boyfriend can't. by Toxico10/15/034.28

The Accident

 — Circumstances bring two friends together. by EnchantingBlair09/22/154.47

The Accidental Affair

 — Innocent flirtation escalates over drinks with a married man. by diamondsandheels08/09/074.57HOT

The Accidental Model

 — Charlie takes a ride. by trappedinside10/04/134.45

The Accidental Run-In

 — Two online lovers meet far from home. by Sal12/12/004.11

The Accountant

 — My first fuck after my wife left. by Stringer32111/06/083.90

The Accountant Pt. 01

 — She tried so hard to ignore her feelings. by ChrisPeacock10/23/154.39

The Accountant's Table

 — Maura's first visit to the accountant proved interesting. by moonchild2712/09/124.05

The Ache of Anticipation

 — Erotic musings of a woman as she awaits her lover. by the__jester09/02/144.80

The Act of Arting

 — Coeds must model for each other to make the grade. by x and x12/12/064.56HOT

The Actress

 — She and Jeff rehearse nude scene. by alli98012/25/004.12

The Actress

 — A one night stand. by Stringer32111/10/084.14

The Actress

 — I got the part. by elphaba6910/13/122.82

The Actual Story

 — Wild sex on a futuristic battlefield. by LSI09/01/00

The Ad

 — In this age of technology, they met in the old fashioned way. by ssn71309/18/113.50

The Addict Ch. 03

 — Chad buys Layla a large 'thinking of you' gift. by lustyladyluscious02/19/103.95

The Addict Ch. 04

 — Girl tries to tie down sex addict, only to get fucked. by lustyladyluscious02/20/103.91

The Addition of Lillian Ch. 1

 — Young couple brings home a new friend. by Gojenngo03/19/014.13

The Adult Store

 — Two lovers try out a novelty at an adult store. by AngelinNC05/10/133.95

The Adultery

 — Rough, dirty, passionate and morally decrepit. by CurtWrites03/26/163.57

The Adventure

 — Biker picks up Pen Pal for sexy ride. by txbiker07/15/024.23

The Adventure

 — You take her to the forrest for a picnic. by sabrina103/12/034.75

The Adventure

 — Dad, two teenagers, & a day can change everything. by Sharing4atime02/06/064.42

The Adventure Begins...

 — She fulfills a strangers fantasy in a bookstore. by The_KGB01/22/014.21

The Adventure Ch. 2

 — The hardcore conclusion. by txbiker03/21/023.82

The Adventures of a Nerd

 — A nerd becomes the target of a sorority. by mw4w_wisc01/30/104.49

The Adventures of a Nerd Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues.... by mw4w_wisc02/04/104.55HOT

The Adventures of a Nerd Ch. 03

 — Kevin gets more than he bargained for with two girls. by mw4w_wisc09/27/144.36

The Adventures of Alison?

 — A midnight swim, good for the soul. by Alison Chains09/26/044.04

The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 01

 — Depressed high school student finds a very busty hope. by Soren33805/17/124.48

The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 02

 — Luck, then it sucks, but ends with a fuck. by Soren33807/23/124.38

The Adventures of Brooke Ch. 03

 — Brooke takes on a cleaning job. by JosephBarnosky01/29/123.88

The Adventures of G Ch. 11

 — The Prequel Chapter 4: The Tongue Lashing. by garterbelt05/31/144.00

The Adventures of Jake and Jade

 — They enjoy sex in public places. by SaintSteven09/18/034.25

The Adventures of Little Debbie

 — Debbie's sales technique is exposed. by hornyjohndoe09/04/113.85

The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 02

 — Debbie starts to repair the damage of her 'error'. by hornyjohndoe09/12/114.08

The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 05

 — Debbie becomes a model. by hornyjohndoe05/02/124.27

The Adventures of Mark and Andrea

 — First time affair. by Magnumgrimlocke197703/29/164.07

The Adventures of Matt & Tom

 — Matt gets drunk and Tom makes a huge mistake. by jrzdogg10/24/154.29

The Adventures of Miss Jones Ch. 01

 — Miss Jones gets a job. by cheddar_cheese01/20/124.40

The Adventures of Miss Jones Ch. 02

 — Miss Jones' first day at work. by cheddar_cheese01/28/123.95

The Adventures of Miss Jones Ch. 03

 — Miss Jones visits the conference venue. by cheddar_cheese02/08/124.50HOT

The Adventures of Natalia

 — Hot, hungry Natalia gets her rocks off at home and at work. by Liquor6907/06/114.64HOT

The Adventures of Natalia Ch. 02

 — An average day winds up to full of hot, wild passion. by Liquor6907/27/114.79HOT

The Adventures of Semen...

 — He saves us from bad porn. by SM40210/08/003.50

The Adventures of Zoe

 — A story of self exploration. by banks11108/18/114.10

The Aesthetics of Dirty Pictures

 — Sour cyperporn skepticism descends deliciously into lust. by alyxcrowley02/15/124.54HOT

The Affair

 — Happily married Teri falls for another man. by Teri_C08/03/024.12

The Affair

 — She's married, but she can't resist him. by deepemerald11/18/064.05

The Affair

 — She has a fantasy of a stranger. by Nyarlathotep3201/18/044.26

The Affair

 — Two people that are married find each other, by darknirish07/17/093.92

The Affair

 — Colleagues fuck whenever they can, wherever they can. by ch25487604/27/104.35

The Affair

 — How it began. by lietduncan05/27/124.20

The Affair

 — Her affair leads her into depravities she never imagined. by Paris Waterman07/13/124.26

The Affair

 — His wife's friend seduces him, and then has other plans. by sun_sea_sky07/20/123.79

The Affair Ch. 01

 — Could she go through with it? by DarkrSide12/25/024.03

The Affair Ch. 02

 — A little more than just a fantasy. by DarkrSide09/01/034.13

The Affair Ch. 02

 — I don't think I can do this anymore. by lietduncan06/04/123.98

The Affair Ch. 03

 — Maggie finally gives in. by DarkrSide10/21/034.24

The Affair Ch. 04

 — She takes it even further. by DarkrSide12/03/034.38

The Affair Continues

 — Eric & Dawn meet at the park. by Silverbackdad03/26/024.20

The Affair Continues

 — An adulterous woman celebrates her anniversary with husband. by Teri_C07/31/024.34

The Affair Continues

 — Jess and Sam meet up again but can they control their urges? by ClaireBare05/08/124.49

The Affair Continues Ch. 2

 — Dawn and Eric play in the park. by Silverbackdad04/01/023.94

The Affair Continues Ch. 2

 — Teri and Bill celebrate their wedding anniversary in bliss. by Teri_C08/02/024.64HOT

The Affair Continues Ch. 3

 — Bill leaves Teri on their anniversary. by Teri_C08/03/024.53HOT

The Affair Continues Ch. 4

 — The morning after and the conclusion for Bill, Teri & Clark. by Teri_C08/05/024.34

The Affair Episode 10

 — Brad gets late birthday gifts from his Charlotte & Sherry. by tk555506/12/134.48

The Affair Episode 12

 — Brad pushes Charlotte's limits to train her for a threesome. by tk555507/22/144.20

The Affair That Almost Wasn't Ch. 01

 — My first-time affair with a woman I met on the Internet by tworoads1201/26/133.85

The Affair That Went Right

 — An exotic affair between 2 people. by talkdirty2me7012/06/093.64

The Affidavit Ch. 01

 — A young man's legal problem takes a pleasing turn. by dixied6302/20/164.27

The After Dance

 — A private celebration of earth day. by Euphonic04/09/13

The After Party

 — The dinner and dance pass, and the real fun begins after. by Inexperienced98907/01/103.67

The After Party

 — What do you do when your New Year's Party leaves you wanting. by jjstone01/07/154.03

The After Party

 — The dress got her noticed. by JLSmolder05/11/164.40

The Aftermath

 — Too much sex can drive a man insane. by Dazman10/12/014.25

The Afternoon

 — Continuation of the Corset Shoppe. by LostinloveLostinyou05/29/154.17

The Afterparty

 — Once all the guests leave, the real party begins. by bthom09/20/094.61HOT

The Age Old Golf Trick

 — Taylor is interning abroad, working the night shift, alone? by AlexPHenson08/21/123.84

The Agency

 — Sexual tension in an ad agency ends in mindblowing sex. by SugarHigh08/10/044.67HOT

The Agency

 — Matched by an agency, strangers share erotic times. by Jill008410/08/124.70HOT

The Agency Ch. 01

 — Else was enjoying her first client. by uvlas4511/02/064.36

The Agency Ch. 06

 — Virgins ready to be de flowered. by uvlas4507/17/143.78

The Airman

 — A Korean War airman on leave and a lonely housewife. by jmbasquiat_fan02/13/054.42

The Airman and the Farm-Girl

 — A downed airman finds sanctuary in enemy territory. by Bray12308/26/144.37

The Airman and the Farm-Girl Ch. 02

 — They meet again after the forced separation. by Bray12311/27/144.50HOT

The Airplane Bathroom

 — Daniel and Danielle have a lil fun in an airplane bathroom. by Destiny696909/14/023.50

The Airport

 — Online lovers finally meet face to face. by MydnytRayn05/22/014.27

The Airport

 — Waiting for a flight. by justachicky09/23/054.35

The Airport

 — P.D.A. We just don't care... by BradBigBrain01/25/164.55HOT

The Airport Ch. 1

 — He picks up his cyber lover after flight. by MorningStar10/20/004.29

The Airport Ch. 2

 — They consummate their love. by MorningStar10/20/004.00

The Airport Ch. 3

 — They enjoy a shower together. by MorningStar10/20/003.25

The Airport Meeting

 — A hot very short story of what happens when a couple meets. by CreekPrincess02/01/104.06

The Alarm

 — Waking up to the alarm was more than anticipated. by azdream12/08/114.00

The Alcoholic Bartender

 — It sounds like a bad combination, I know. by capsaicin11/19/104.41

The Alcove

 — Adventures in Bavaria. by Enoch24701/30/103.94

The Alcove

 — Reese and Anna get caught in a sudden storm. by GinaKincade07/25/104.05

The All-Night Train

 — Strangers on a train get acquainted. by SexComa03/03/074.38

The All-Nighter

 — One erotic tale from two perspectives. by Salacious02/15/024.37

The Alley

 — Coworkers' first encounter. by NJSwede12/18/044.58HOT

The Alley

 — Another in a series of stories written for my wife..... by RichardScott09/19/114.11

The Alps

 — Find a place to fuck when your train breaks down. by L315426122609/12/124.22

The Alumni

 — A business trip turns into something much more. by thomaso9803/25/074.63HOT

The Amanda Story Ch. 01

 — Man's fantasy of his girlfriend's best friend come true. by Craig8805/27/063.96

The Amanda Story Ch. 02

 — One hell of a fuck with Amanda. by Craig8806/03/064.40

The Amanda Story Ch. 03

 — Digging up the past. by Craig8806/06/064.18

The Amanda Story Ch. 04

 — Bus trip gets horny! by Craig8806/08/063.94

The Amazing Ethel

 — Affair with a small-town housewife, with an amazing twist. by Pilgrim07/14/014.29

The Amazing First Time

 — Your first sexual interaction after months of dating. by GreenDemonGurlie09/10/034.66HOT

The Amazon

 — A long legged beauty disrupts my surgery. by doctorsam06/07/124.40

The Ambulance

 — Love on a rainy night between partners. by Medic195803/18/144.48

The American Stud Competition

 — My introduction to the porn industry. by Bazzza08/29/074.52HOT

The Amish Woman

 — She seemed so different, but was she? by DG Hear01/20/094.53HOT

The Amorous, Naughty Nurse Vicky

 — Invading the naughty nurse's photo shoot. by The Real Fn Deal10/11/024.19

The Amulet

 — A piece of antique jewelry has some magical sexual powers. by AGreyFoxxx04/21/094.17

The Amulet Ch. 02

 — The jewel does its magic on my assistant and I. by AGreyFoxxx04/29/094.46

The Analyst's Couch Ch. 01

 — Fantasising about my analyst. by Falling4U07/03/134.17

The Angel and the Farmer

 — A girl tries to take her own life and is saved. by pearlescent10/02/134.55HOT

The Angel And The Slut

 — Two erotic fantasies from two very different woman. by danielblue11/07/054.54HOT

The Animal Trainer Ch. 04

 — Jennings happens on two lesbian waitresses; beds them. by Paris Waterman04/02/124.49

The Animal Within

 — She knew what she was getting into. by virginfantasizer11/12/093.33

The Anniversary

 — Wife describes her perfect anniversary celebration. by cait170311/28/064.27

The Anniversary

 — You spend a passionate night together. by ShiningAndShannon07/23/074.40

The Anniversary

 — Valentines Day 25th wedding anniversary. by carjock5002/06/094.20

The Anniversary Gift

 — A shopping trip for anniversary present. by stockspark04/08/074.52HOT

The Anniversary Present

 — An anniversary present awaits a husband. by Surine05/03/114.33

The Anniversary-Six Months On Pt. 02

 — The mouse is at home but not alone! by CharlieB407/31/134.09

The Annoying Co-worker

 — Why did he have to work with her today? by hotter07/21/064.14

The Anonymous Gift

 — Anonymous gift to co-worker leads to fantastic blowjob. by bornin5408/13/084.40

The Anonymous Gift Ch. 02

 — Two co-workers continue their quest for sexual satisfaction. by bornin5409/06/084.58HOT

The Answer

 — She ponders his sexy question. by needteachin07/25/034.30

The Anticipated Meeting

 — After months of internet chatting, they meet. by Just_Sarah06/26/034.44

The Apartment

 — A sexy encounter at the Bunny Hole. by Energizer Bunny08/11/024.36

The Apartment

 — Woman learns about her own pleasure. by AmysNewFreedom05/30/034.08

The Apartment

 — He gets more than a new apartment. by Collio01/20/054.07

The Apartment

 — An afternoon between two fine people. by FamiliarEnough05/13/10

The Apartment

 — Franky gets a proper welcome to new apartment. by Kakua10/21/154.11

The Apartment Building Ch. 02

 — He meets horny pregnant babe. by bradreler05/19/034.37

The Apartment Ch. 02

 — Running out of gas leads to a sensual night. by Collio01/29/054.86

The Apartment Ch. 1

 — Holly & David grow closer after they move in. by Miltone06/23/024.67HOT

The Apartment Ch. 4

 — Holly and David throw a Halloween Party. by Miltone11/02/024.66HOT

The Apartment Complex Tenant Susan

 — The complex has many tenants and Susan is one. by hotjohn432105/18/103.83

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