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Erotic Couplings Stories

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After School Special

 — More than a day of classes with this teacher. by hornyvirgin0008/01/013.65

After School Special

 — The new principal gets the homecoming queen. by SexySecretary08/30/013.71

After School Special

 — Two co-workers share desire. by Southernfire11/15/024.38

After School Special

 — Horny wife wants it hard and fast in the classroom. by lissylover110/23/084.24

After Shower Massager

 — He rewards you after a hard day's work. by sir_shmergin03/27/014.00

After So Long

 — Long distance married friends finally meet and cannot resist. by X-Factor06/17/074.51HOT

After So Long Ch. 02

 — Cheating lovers make passionate love a second time. by X-Factor10/20/084.37

After Soccer Practice

 — A soccer player finds trouble after practice. by rednights03/28/074.44

After Store Hours

 — One coworker cums in another. by ballstoodeep07/04/104.08

After Taking the Sitter Home

 — Wife surprises her husband. by Henry6907/04/013.69

After the Academy

 — One woman's fantasy about a brand-new cop. by caseyryan09/19/06

After the Ambulance Run

 — Medics get together in an ambulance. by txbiker07/13/024.25

After The Babysitter Went Home

 — Parents find condom in trash after returning from evening out. by zues2u202/10/094.20

After the Ball

 — Schoolgirl tries to seduce her professor and fails...? by barabajagal00107/12/144.67HOT

After the Banquet

 — Claire feels romance in the air after the banquet. by Dodrick04/05/184.43

After the Bar

 — The things I do to you after the bar... by AJFaber12/22/124.39

After the Bar Pt. 01

 — "I think you should kiss me." by arctryx09/20/154.00

After the Bar Pt. 02

 — I wasn't done with you. by arctryx09/29/154.05

After The Card Game

 — A couple continues the good times at home. by T@nman07/13/103.45

After The Club

 — She meets a guy at the club. by Shanbabe4u08/23/014.40

After the Concert

 — After the concert was better than the show. by Pokerman07/15/014.51HOT

After the Conference

 — Hotel room yields a pleasant surprise. by masterclitlicker07/31/013.60

After The Convention

 — Follow up to Sex at the Convention. by sweetlinda09/22/034.41

After the Crowds Go Home

 — Exploring the past and the future. by Nigel Debonnaire08/05/08

After The Dance

 — A night of passion after night of dancing. by BigDawg6910/16/024.50HOT

After the Date

 — A bus ride home. by dutchdick4fun08/12/152.91

After The Dream

 — A couple make love while talking about a sexy dream. by Otazel08/15/154.53HOT

After the End of the World Ch. 01

 — Can their love survive the aftermath of an alien invasion? by Teurastaja03/14/124.62HOT

After The Fighting

 — Rebuilding specialist finds plenty of help. by techsan04/02/064.55HOT

After the Flood

 — Ravages repaired. by hoo_hoo_boo04/28/114.08

After the Fundraiser

 — Wife's friend is cheating. by RickWright12/09/074.09

After The Game

 — You have a fantasy in the shower room. by The_story_writer200310/27/044.30

After the Game

 — Fan helps a hockey star celebrate. by sinnersedge05/03/054.42

After the Game

 — One coed's ability to seduce. by football_stud12/01/064.04

After The Game

 — Fan and football star meet up. by twelvegaugegirl198912/10/104.26

After The Game

 — My boyfriend and I enjoy the outdoors. by stellarmuse04/09/153.93

After The Game

 — Back sooner than expected! I deserve a bathroom quickie! by TheDreamVisitor04/28/154.22

After The Gig

 — Unlucky drummer finally gets a break. by Vegas Neon10/08/004.27Editor's Pick

After the Gig

 — A wild night after a night out. by Mastergo10/14/174.48

After the Gig: Jane Ch. 01

 — Frankie gives Jane a lift home. And more. by turner_burner08/13/064.00

After the Grade... Ch. 01

 — A random encounter for a student and TA makes for fun. by AnaTaylor200809/30/124.43

After the Halloween Party

 — Friends find themselves slaves to lust in his car. by SirRian10/05/054.40

After the Hike

 — Her final escapade with her fantasy. by DreamerKitty04/16/094.24

After the Journey

 — A tigress let loose. by jdstoryteller03/12/093.86

After the Lake

 — What happens inside after a swim. by Crafty_Linguist06/13/164.57HOT

After the Late Shift

 — Naughty work texts ends with bedroom passion. by Figaro_Twenty03/15/183.29

After the Movie

 — The movie is over, now the fun really begins! by ButterflySong08/14/084.22

After the Movie

 — A happy memory. by Ivy_Isley07/27/104.00

After the Office, the Sex

 — Sexing his wife in my business suit. by Jeremy103/26/063.70

After the Party

 — After party, couple celebrates on their own. by rb3926bob12/13/033.77

After the Party

 — They make up on the way home. by gina_cronopio02/16/054.46

After The Party

 — After the party, the real fun begins. by flim6206/23/074.30

After the Party

 — Author and wife, getting cozy at the end of the night. by Crafty_Linguist04/12/114.20

After the Party

 — After the party - two girls end up in my bed. by beniboy01/29/124.41

After the Party

 — Doing one of her friends is on my Honey-Do list. by Irish Moss12/22/114.43

After The Party

 — There are rewards for doing a favour. by Ashson12/29/124.49

After The Party Ch. 02

 — Neil pursues Janet. by Ashson12/31/124.55HOT

After The Party Ch. 03

 — Neil seduces Heather. by Ashson01/02/134.55HOT

After The Party Ch. 04

 — Neil seduces Brenda. by Ashson01/03/134.57HOT

After the Party/Morning

 — Two couples, two short stories. by Humpdee8402/19/154.06

After the Pub

 — You enjoy the walk home after an evening in the pub. by mutleymagpie02/16/034.43

After The Rain...

 — Musings on the heels of her lover's. by Chelceres06/22/044.72HOT

After the Run Ch. 02

 — Boyfriend follows G/F home after surprise public sex. by Harry_Ballsack08/10/124.53HOT

After the Show

 — Concert promoter finds her inner music. by KelseyDrake08/22/114.10

After the Show

 — After a lovely night out... passion at home. by dan1373203/28/154.20

After The Shower

 — You finish what you started under the shower. by slisse02/12/043.92

After the Shower

 — This one's for Emily. by Cassiline07/03/084.50HOT

After The Shower

 — He makes love to you after your shower. by AndreaAidan08/01/133.62

After the Shower

 — INTERACTIVE Hot Story Lines - Girls Read and Get-Off. by JaJimLy01/24/173.91

After the Storm

 — Solitary camping pleasantly interrupted. by OzDave01/09/094.21

After the Summer Party

 — Two friends make use of their last chance to be together. by dlaurent06/18/143.92

After The Wait

 — Excitement built in her. by curiouslyred09/19/084.67

After The Walk

 — Two lovers' adventures in the out of doors. by dash4207/31/014.36

After The Wedding

 — Bob & Dana get together after friend's wedding. by bobsbarbequeshack06/25/044.31

After the Wedding

 — An intimate encounter after that special day. by pushingthethreshold10/14/093.93

After the Workout

 — Making love makes this girl hot. by captivate06/10/014.22

After the Workshop

 — What happened after the workshop was far more stimulating. by starsforlife12/02/084.28

After the Wreck

 — A nurse and her patient. by RamminSlammer06905/12/034.05

After They Relaxed

 — A date turns out well when they relax by InvisibleDevil01/19/033.88

After Two

 — Steve wakes and feels his cock between Maya's breasts. by Tom Soup03/10/034.41

After Valentine's Day

 — They celebrate their love in the usual way. by SueBry03/16/034.80HOT

After We Get to the Rally

 — After we get to an Oklahoma rally, the fun continues. by Biker_Type06/04/104.46

After Work

 — He helps her relax after hard day. by Nobody Special10/08/003.70

After Work

 — She welcomes him after a long day at work. by Nicki1907/09/034.39

After Work

 — They stop for a game of pool. by Deprived_in_AZ10/24/123.96

After Work

 — A beautiful employee and her boss. by TIron05/06/143.29

After Work Attention

 — Two working late get it on in his office. by Girl2boy11/02/073.83

After Work David and Kim

 — David was exhausted. by sallykim61103/09/103.68

After Work Delight

 — What happens when coworkers suddenly become something more? by lishipie0203/29/064.35

After Work Delight

 — Wife greets husband after work in a delightful way. by JRabbit1401/22/153.71

After Work Delight

 — Even after a long day, nothing's better than a hot fuck. by Angel040509/03/154.11

After Work Delight

 — Rose meets her online friend. by Ezio177601/06/173.77

After Work Fun between Co-Workers

 — Married co-worker sucks me off. by Instacram06/16/174.02

After Work in the Hottub

 — A perfect end to a bad day. by slow1100012/10/054.41

After Work One Night

 — He gets picked up at a bar. by gtm75711/21/013.29

After Work Pt. 01

 — Mixing actual experiences with some fantasies. by Mikedodge09812/14/164.05

After Work Rewards

 — Pay her some attention and reap the rewards. by scoobysnax66609/16/143.60

After Work Special

 — There are such nice ways to relax. by CeriseNoire01/14/074.20

After Work Surprise

 — She has a special way to help you relax. by katlin696910/09/054.07

After Work Surprise

 — Cook gets seduced by female coworker. by mythicman6205/17/123.72

After Work...

 — Sitting at the bar, relaxing after a long week at work. by myeros09/27/123.28

After Your Bath

 — His fantasy for when she gets home from work. by Merlin8907/17/064.22

After Your Business Trip

 — You come home to have a long date night together. by kinkybootskell04/28/084.56

After-school Chat With Sameer

 — Ms. Langley blows her newly 18 year old student. by sophiemoon04/22/174.26

After-Work Adventure

 — She meets a sexy stranger at a bar after work. by SensuousLadyDi01/22/094.46

After-Work Adventure

 — A lady out on the town after work meets a new man at a bar. by SensuousLady06/30/124.43

After-work Fun

 — A brief encounter on the way home from work. by Thecoffeeprincess04/09/174.00

After-Work Special

 — I have you up against the wall. by DarkChocolatte06/11/133.72

Afterhours Reward

 — An afterhours meeting- reward for good practice. by Shelialee04/21/164.11


 — There is life after divorce. by drsalt05/30/044.65HOT


 — A friend gets a special show. by middieptb09/14/024.31


 — Emily learns of her family history. by Scorpius194510/18/144.60HOT


 — Two friends find a sexy way to spend the afternoon. by wicked_tight10/17/133.85

Afternoon Apertif

 — The Affair has a lunch date. by kleptobrainiac09/05/023.85

Afternoon At A French Cafe

 — A sultry siren seduces. by Athaena06/12/024.38

Afternoon at the Adult Theater

 — Former lovers re-unite for a single afternoon. by quietmischief06/09/154.32

Afternoon At The Flea Market Ch. 1

 — Cliff finds treasure in tool booth at flea market. by Paul Yearwood04/12/024.43

Afternoon at the Spa

 — Cindy's free massage turns out to be more than she expected. by razor0911/20/034.40

Afternoon Catnip

 — A brief encounter. by Momstheboss06/17/134.24

Afternoon Daydreams Ch. 03: July 4th

 — How I spent my fourth of July weekend with two different guy. by Soma9907/29/174.67HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — Pleasure between noon and dusk. by Maximus~the~great09/01/034.40

Afternoon Delight

 — Man comes inside from working outside. by simplyme03036804/16/044.39

Afternoon Delight

 — An afternoon tryst makes up for a bad day at work. by Navig8tor10/24/044.44

Afternoon Delight

 — Fun and games in the afternoon. by LadyLee05/02/054.15

Afternoon Delight

 — Friendly neighbor offers him her pool...and more. by tabber08/25/064.59HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — Sensuous dreams led to an angels touch. by Amyfriend08/20/064.59HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — They met during a job interview. by KerrFuffle04/02/074.30

Afternoon Delight

 — His fat cock gets her off and she comes hard. by kerfuffle06/29/103.90

Afternoon Delight

 — A stop in the park turns sexy. by ZombieGirl8603/09/174.14

Afternoon Delight

 — You come home at noon and all bets are off. by Dee_Luscious06/22/174.41

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