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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Valentine's Dinner for Two

 — It was a dark and stormy night... by sirhugs01/27/084.36

Valentine's Ink Blot Test

 — He tells his wife about a Valentine's fling he had in school. by Polyacrylate02/04/184.52HOT

Valentine's Night

 — A passionate, kinky evening between two lovers. by WhimsicalEmpress02/03/114.11

Valentine's Retreat

 — Lovers retreat from the world to find each other. by sophos2702/02/103.88

Valentine's Reunion

 — Chance meeting brings friend together. by MrBreeeeze02/08/164.47

Valentine's with the Boss

 — A cupid's mistake makes a girl sleep with her arrogant boss. by IrisPierce01/28/134.16

Valentines Day Shag Fest

 — A red hot sexual pleasure. by puritysexamus01/26/074.23

Valentines Day Treasure

 — Time together is the true treasure. by ART RAMBLE01/31/044.26

Valentines Surprise

 — Lovers Tale on Lovers Day. by yblack501/30/183.50

Valentines Week - Wednesday

 — The surprises continue. by D-Man09/05/094.38

Valentines Week: Monday

 — A week of surprises starts. by D-Man08/17/094.26

Valentines Week: Tuesday

 — The surprises continue. by D-Man08/23/093.91

Valentino's Hands

 — Sensual massage at its best. by passion_fruit04/10/134.03


 — Fulfilled dream with Dutch teen. by WishFull12/08/094.71HOT


 — He sees her again at her brother's wedding. by GirlintheMoon04/17/144.62HOT

Valerie Ch. 1

 — Does retirement mean sexual freedom? by ReturnedOne03/04/024.14

Valerie Ch. 2

 — The arranged meeting begins. by ReturnedOne03/09/024.56HOT

Valerie Ch. 4

 — He gains a taste of Heaven. by ReturnedOne03/17/024.58HOT

Valerie Ch. 5

 — The evening comes to its conclusion. by ReturnedOne03/25/024.80HOT

Valerie's Flight

 — A chance encounter leads to great sex. by Dennydoo08/16/143.57

Valestock Ch. 01

 — Friends go to a festival and girlfriend accidentally cheats. by The_shadow_rising03/12/114.38

Valestock Ch. 03

 — A festival show and her bf's brother; what's a girl to do... by The_shadow_rising04/16/114.55HOT

Valhalla Chronicles: Tara Morgane

 — The unusual romance of Tara Morgane and Alan Shaw. by Dimachaerus01/25/134.66HOT

Valley Girl

 — A getaway weekend with a girl I met online. by MrCrompton11/19/113.93


 — Dress up leads to a hot encounter. by Bluzworld12/03/094.23


 — Lovers enjoy a little dip in the Gulf. by Ironrose12/22/013.80


 — Upstairs, downstairs, interlude. by Txdelicatablegrl12/05/054.20

Vanessa's Anniversary Dinner

 — Interesting things happen at Vanessa's anniversary dinner. by Mysteria2710/13/133.90

Vanessa's Tale

 — A misunderstanding leads to heartbreak. by Chiara2301/29/123.92

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 01

 — Rohini and Vanessa were the closest friends! by dan5702/23/104.04

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 04

 — Mukherjee and Rohini leave for their honeymoon trip. by dan5703/25/104.05

Vanilla - with a Twist

 — Her lover understands her more then she expected. by MINKX08/16/073.58

Vanilla Bean

 — After months of chatting online, they finally get to meet. by Beelzebub7206/26/134.48

Vanilla Cream

 — Man chews through body stocking to enjoy woman's charms. by Bacomicfan04/09/024.66HOT

Vanilla Cream

 — Young girl shares a donut with her boss. by eroslit10/21/024.43

Vanilla Cream Ch. 03

 — He ties up Cinda, then he and Ramona rock her world. by Bacomicfan09/18/034.58HOT

Vanilla Guitar Lessons

 — His most unusual and captivating student. by AndyLuvder12/03/034.32

Vanilla Village Ch. 01

 — Their Introduction. by cuninglinguist6105/11/074.70HOT

Vanilla Village Ch. 02

 — Settling in to the Village. by rayvyn06/21/074.72HOT

Vanilla Village Ch. 03

 — The BBQ. by cuninglinguist6108/08/074.63HOT

Vanity Hair Ch. 1

 — A new edition on body hair. by belab09/18/024.19

Variation on a Theme

 — What you expect isn't always what you get. by StonedAsia10/23/094.25

Variations on a Theme

 — A brief encounter above the waist. by TrulyTerrific02/09/064.47

Varsity Room Mates

 — Varsity student shows roommate her feelings. by lurchman00701/22/154.03

Vas-t Deferens

 — Sex after a vasectomy. by sddcfreak11/20/074.21

Vasectomy Ch. 01

 — Man gets extra help at the doctor's office. by Joe Bob08/29/034.23

Vasectomy Ch. 02

 — The return visit to the Doc has more surprises. by Joe Bob09/04/034.38

Vassily's Letter to Nika

 — Fictional sex/love letter. by IndyGuy5508/24/141.00

Vee and Cody

 — A oneshot. by TheJane09/30/104.29

Veespering to the Professor

 — Professor chases his dream halfway around the world. by ProfessorThickCock05/15/134.16


 — A night in sin city. by sonneteer102/26/044.38


 — A trip to Vegas ends in hotel fun. by asiraphale03/30/164.45

Vegas Baby! Ch. 01

 — Jeff begins his week in Vegas with a bang (literally)! by whatthebuck908704/18/134.40

Vegas Baby! Ch. 02

 — Jeff and Scar spend their first day together in Sin City... by whatthebuck908705/11/134.48

Vegas Baby!!

 — His luck turns around with a chance encounter. by Digger4Freedom08/02/054.41

Vegas Bound

 — Prologue to our 10th Anniversary trip to Sin City. by dirtyjoe6907/24/063.67

Vegas Ch. 1

 — Online lovers meet for the first time. by Ukin06/04/023.88

Vegas Does Debbie Ch. 01

 — Deb and Laura take a trip to Vegas. by deadeye_7607/31/144.23

Vegas Does Debbie Ch. 02

 — Laura takes advantage of Deb's promise. by deadeye_7601/27/164.48

Vegas Gambit Ch. 01

 — Sisters find danger and intrigue in Las Vegas. by wallcleaver07/30/114.61HOT

Vegas Gambit Ch. 02

 — Things get worse before they get any better. by wallcleaver07/31/114.71HOT

Vegas Gambit Ch. 03

 — Brian's back in Vegas tying up loose ends. by wallcleaver08/23/114.59HOT

Vegas Night

 — Brit guy enjoys a wild night in Sin City. by malgbs10/04/014.30

Vegas Night Ch. 2

 — Sandy & British Max go to Yosemite. by malgbs10/07/014.36

Vegas Night Ch. 3

 — They enjoy sex in Yosemite. by malgbs10/08/014.36

Vegas Night Ch. 4

 — They wake up hungry. by malgbs10/09/014.60HOT

Vegas Night Ch. 5

 — Sexy journey gets even sexier at journey's end. by malgbs10/10/014.38

Vegas Night Ch. 6

 — Sexy gear for a sexy lady. by malgbs10/12/014.40

Vegas R&R

 — Business traveller reinvests some of his winnings. by oldhornywriter07/15/083.96


 — She loves 'Dick'. by Merob07/24/033.97


 — Intrigue as she removes the lid from a small box. by Fizzxxx11/15/05HOT

Velvet Acres Leisure Club

 — Three men take advantage of a Swingers Club. by Softly01/15/014.24

Velvet and Mistletoe

 — Chance encounter in a fitting room leads to a happy holiday. by LittleAmici12/05/104.11

Velvet Heat Ch. 02

 — Cole & Briana get closer. by adjoaq01/25/134.78HOT

Velvet Heat Ch. 03

 — Trouble in Paradise. by adjoaq03/24/134.78HOT

Velvet Heat Ch. 04

 — Things seem to be going on well between Cole and Briana... by adjoaq05/03/134.85HOT

Velvet Heat Ch. 05

 — Happy Ever After... by adjoaq06/28/134.82HOT

Velvet House Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Couple spends a weekend at a sensual retreat. by lineryder100011/20/084.47

Velvet Pussy

 — A spur of the moment decision. by SteveOmiller03/29/183.21

Venice Vacation MF

 — You try sexual flirting, public undressing and light bondage. by maxpriapic04/13/094.43

Venice, February 1996

 — Young artist realises fantasy about famous statue. by bad_hobbit08/15/094.50

Venom and Valentines

 — Bellydancer treats her boyfriend to sex for Valentines Day. by al_Ussa01/30/093.88

Vent Moon Run

 — Girl meets an old friend at her Christian college. by kingpin10902/14/104.00


 — A husband knows his place. by readcarefully05/03/174.17


 — You shave mine, I'll shave yours. by M.MartineMatheson02/11/054.33


 — I meet a beautiful woman at the bus stop. by JayLikestoRead06/14/154.43

Venus Ascending Pt. 02

 — John and Lisa Find Love in Space. by Oupa9906/26/164.65HOT

Venus Ascending Pt. 05

 — John and Lisa find love in each others arms. by Oupa9909/02/164.83HOT

Venus In India Ch. 01

 — Sexual dalliances in hot Indian summers. by venusinindia07/09/124.17

Venus In India Ch. 02

 — More sexual stories from the land of Kamasutra. by venusinindia07/12/123.80

Venus School of Sex Ch. 01

 — Classes in everything a girl could wish for. by Goldeniangel05/02/124.68HOT

Venus School of Sex Ch. 03

 — Jessica has her first class in Basic Intercourse. by Goldeniangel05/03/124.68HOT

Venus School of Sex Ch. 05

 — Jessica and Nick become study buddies. by Goldeniangel05/06/124.65HOT

Venus School of Sex Ch. 06

 — Chris finally gets to instruct Jessica in Basic Intercourse. by Goldeniangel05/07/124.63HOT

Venus School of Sex Ch. 08

 — Jessica gets on top in Basic Intercourse. by Goldeniangel05/19/124.69HOT

Venus School of Sex Ch. 11

 — Saturday morning hike leads to berry picking and hot sex. by Goldeniangel05/31/124.71HOT

Venus School of Sex Ch. 14

 — Lazy Sunday, a little get-to-know-you and a lot of thinking. by Goldeniangel06/08/124.57HOT

Vera Asks For Help With...Ch. 1

 — Vera needs help but first needs some attention by pdrye07/29/024.36

Vera on the Veldt

 — Young woman seduces her safari guide. by ronde05/29/024.64HOT


 — A lovely Tuscany siesta. by 4SweetP11/16/114.00

Vera’s Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Paul figures out how to help her achieve her goal. by pdrye09/22/024.30

Verbal Foreplay

 — Amazing how fantasies can get you going. by shambles04/03/074.31


 — My first encounter with a delicious Austrian scoundrel. by vinkb02/14/124.48

Vergenusszwerglungswochenende Ch. 02

 — After weekend #2, I fall ever deeper into lust. by vinkb02/27/124.43

Vernita Gives Him a Present

 — She loves him and indulges his fantasy. by Steve161302/08/064.52HOT

Vernon Ch. 01

 — Vernon is an ordinary man with a wild secret. by BarbraNovac06/30/084.23


 — Having the neighbor's girlfriend. by nostranger2luv08/29/164.15


 — A sexy night with the prettiest girl I have ever met. by bob452707/21/173.08

Veronica Ch. 1

 — Veronica finds well endowed partner. by Catherine the Great05/13/024.03

Veronica Ch. 2

 — Veronica enjoys Joel's double penetration talents. by Catherine the Great05/22/023.74

Veronica In Love

 — Veronica finds love in her boyfriend, Hampton. by GoddessInSC09/09/023.33

Veronica Sails the Caribbean

 — Veronica meets up with past friends and sails the Caribbean. by Newkinkstories05/04/174.45

Veronica's First Day

 — She has an erotic encounter on her first day on the job. by Steve161307/25/054.42

Veronica's Ride

 — Chance encounter in the woods leads to erotic delight. by Steve161307/16/054.30

Veronica's Story

 — Disillusioned stripper gives aid to stranded man. by Mr_Neb10/09/004.51HOTEditor's Pick

Veronica's Thong

 — Shopping for Lingerie by ooVeronica11/08/054.37

Veronica's Wager

 — A friendly wager turns into more. by Considering07/29/114.50HOT

Veronica's Workplace Discovery

 — Veronica discovers a sensual secret about her coworker Eric. by EWbball6906/02/174.63HOT

Veronica, We're Late Again!

 — Sometimes being late is okay. by Poly2aT07/29/103.67

Verse by Avril Mars

 — She got a little tipsy at the party and . . . by Five_Eight08/31/154.40

Very First Time

 — Virgin gets licked, then takes it all the way. by MistressLili01/31/023.01

Very Friendly Farewell

 — An office crush's last day turns erotic. by papaya_lynne05/31/064.28

Very Good Intern

 — Intern takes good care of the boss. by Rescue32510/25/024.24

Very Happy Birthday

 — Kelly gives unexpected gift. by 2wsxcft612/02/064.57HOT

Very Hot Online Encounter

 — Chat transcript becomes erotic story. by Joe101/04/014.71HOT

Very Naughty Shower

 — Two friends take things to the next level. by bi_kinkster8301/25/103.59


 — A first time. by PaxtontheMeek01/16/053.62

Vesuvius Erupts

 — College girl and boyfriend consummate their love by hgielrehtaeh02/17/03

Veteran Affair

 — A Vet has wandering eyes. by standingstones08/12/174.28

Via Email

 — Cuckhold confronts the other man via email. by Kyle51311/20/003.75

Viagra Powered

 — A Viagra powered masturbation ends in much more! by cruiser_201507/22/174.39


 — She's no girly girl. by P40eBu511/12/044.15

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 04

 — Mom & daughter take on vicar & groom. by dass445006/11/044.60HOT


 — Listening to his competition. by AnneArbor09/08/134.52HOT

Vicars & Tarts

 — After the delights of one Tart, he was hungry for more. by SimonSays110/22/044.63HOT

Vice Cop Ch. 01

 — A cop in New York meets his match. by AudreyHepburn09/04/074.29

Vice Cop Ch. 02

 — Hudson has issues with Lexa being a cop. by AudreyHepburn09/24/074.41

Vice Cop Ch. 03

 — Seduction and danger awaits Hudson in Miami. by AudreyHepburn11/04/074.45


 — A liberated wife. by No Panty Girl08/19/064.05

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