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Erotic Couplings Stories

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You Can Get What You Want

 — The perfect end to the perfect date. by cedarbus02/06/054.31

You Can Handle It Ch. 02

 — Should Barbara have all the fun? by johngalt4708/09/034.54HOT

You Can Hear Me Now

 — A reward for retrieving your cellphone. by MinaM11/07/063.67

You Can't Be Me I'm A Rock Star

 — Picked up by famous guitarist. by sugarandspiders08/18/044.49

You Can't Beat the Experience

 — A young business man gets more than he bargains for. by kingandrew01/19/144.48

You Can't Go Home Again

 — College student finds home has changed. by cantdog05/11/044.20

You Can't Succeed Without Trying

 — Another pass works for guy. by ainu211/29/084.54HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 01

 — The bedroom is not always the most secure refuge. by FinalStand06/27/124.75HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 02

 — Pieces of Carmen story start coming together. by FinalStand06/28/124.68HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 03

 — The friendships are not necessary what they seem. by FinalStand07/01/124.66HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 04

 — Robert makes some choices concerning Carmen. by FinalStand07/02/124.71HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 05

 — Commitments are made and a truth revealed. by FinalStand07/03/124.72HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 06

 — Carmen's past comes more to light and plots run deeper. by FinalStand07/03/124.71HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 07

 — A gathering storm with the three women in Rob's life. by FinalStand07/05/124.73HOT

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 08

 — The final resolution for Ashe, Carmen, and Rob. by FinalStand07/07/124.53HOT

You Ch. 02

 — He can't wait any longer. by Nick Marlowe07/16/034.44

You Ch. 03

 — You lavish his cock with oral love. by Nick Marlowe07/18/034.36

You Ch. 04

 — You lower yourself onto him. by Nick Marlowe07/18/034.06

You Ch. 05

 — Peaceful, satisfied, together. by Nick Marlowe07/20/034.40

You Cheated

 — A flirty coworker tempts a man too far. by jaysgrave04/21/164.40

You Claim Your Prize

 — A white dom has lit a fire in an Asian sub. by AsianKittySub01/16/184.28

You Come To My House

 — Kate comes over. by Durbang01/19/083.68

You Cunt

 — Abandonment and desire. by gomez801/12/16

You Deserve Much Better Than Me

 — You take Sarah to a karaoke bar. by jesuislizzie08/21/074.44

You Don't Know Me

 — Young man's love life & the choices he makes. by DG Hear01/20/064.71HOT

You Drank Bottled Beer

 — I perform cunnilingus on you after work party. by Travel_by_day05/21/094.09

You F-F-Fuck Me?

 — Roger has a second 'date' on Valentine's Day with his fellow. by Tom Mandy02/17/134.31

You Feel So Comfortable

 — Psychological eroticism in a warm Southern downpour. by wmbrandoniii04/15/014.10

You Fuck Lauren and She Liked It

 — Lauren gets lucky with you after her shift. by LizzyLeah05/13/144.18

You Get In Trouble For Your Uniform

 — School Janitor gets lucky with a slutty schoolgirl. by ThaRadiofonik110/25/123.86

You Get What You Need 01

 — Dana convinces Jack to get to know Sally better. by JayDavid08/16/124.62HOT

You Got a Friend Ch. 01

 — Killing time leads to new frontiers. by 1393295610/15/094.16

You Got a Friend Ch. 02

 — Sat Nav leads to a reunion. by 1393295610/16/093.93

You Got a Friend Ch. 03

 — Steve evaluates Mary for a long term relationship. by 1393295610/17/094.29

You Got a Friend Ch. 04

 — Steve and Mary go for a dirty weekend. by 1393295610/19/094.31

You Got a Friend Ch. 05

 — Gestures and Dreams for Mary and Steve. by 1393295610/20/094.50

You Gotta Learn How Sometime

 — Experienced guy helps a frustrated girl. by ainu01/26/064.62HOT

You Had a Bad Day

 — I make you forget everything but me. by ShelteredOne02/21/103.85

You Have a Way About You

 — You never know whose path you will cross. by broken_wings10/12/074.33

You Just Been Angela'd

 — Angela is a true spirit of a geisha. by Annora01/04/054.00

You Just Never Know

 — Man's mistress has sex with his daugther. by Laurie08/02/024.35

You Kept the Dress On

 — They never made it past the couch. by guitargirl04/20/034.04

You Knew That Grin

 — Straight couple enjoys sports. by oortiz05/13/023.82

You Know

 — His first real blow job. by Native Alien11/13/024.14

You Know Me So Well

 — The allure of a beautiful, 18-year-old woman. by Dinsmore03/11/073.66

You Let Me Ride You

 — I've been waiting all day to please you. by MsTeacher05/28/144.18

You Look Good in My Shirt

 — When given a second chance, will they take it? by MugsyB02/22/124.69HOT

You Love Me & I Love You

 — Train trip through the snowy mountains gets hot. by melodyceleste10/18/084.00

You Make Me So Hot...

 — ...I wish I could spend the day playing in your bed. by needaminx11/29/083.92

You May Kiss The Bride

 — An intimate wedding on Hawaii's North Shore. by Atomix8107/07/084.26

You Never Know

 — An exciting seminar, is that possible? by thornapple05/09/094.57HOT

You never know Ch. 01

 — Strong attraction develops during dental surgery. by Chebeba06/05/134.59HOT

You Never Know Until You Ask Her

 — Surprised when a dowdy girl proves to be dynamite. by chrislick01/10/104.00

You Only Get One

 — A guy gets a bit of elicit action in a public place. by MissOh02/03/114.27

You Only Live Once

 — Best Friends who push barriers. by naircela08/16/113.70

You Owe Me

 — Two co-workers put in a little overtime on each other. by Series 612/14/094.35

You Own Me

 — Pure submission. by redgryphon03/09/124.54HOT

You Say, I Say

 — A little give and take. by Xesevoli07/05/034.36

You Series Pt. 01: The Massage

 — First in a series of short erotic stories about Felix & You. by FelixPick11/11/114.33

You Series Pt. 02: Remote Control

 — My date slips me a remote to a wireless vibrator. by FelixPick02/29/124.28

You Smile At Me And Say Hello

 — You have a quickie in the back of a bar. by ClaireBare05/21/124.22

You Start Monday

 — She shows up late for an interview and ends up fucked. by Thoggy12/15/084.35

You Taste Soo Good

 — Me eating you out. by hunter1405/19/133.84

You Waited

 — A horrific encounter turns into the night of her life. by Tacos_4_Gir08/14/093.79

You Wanna Do What?

 — Young, would-be sex therapist takes on a BIG challenge. by Rumple Foreskin01/24/074.33

You Wanna Know

 — She's thinking of you. by Blueiis01/27/084.67HOT

You Wanna Play?

 — Mikey & Cady have fun at a house party. by DarkAngel2606/27/103.67

You Want To See My Tits

 — Drunk & horny, Julie & Mike have oral sex. by JackorJill10/15/044.14

You Wanted It, He Gave It

 — You wanted to relax, but he had other ideas. by CountessLove07/29/154.40

You Were with Me All the While Ch. 01

 — Sexy, sweet, single mom finds passion in a kindred soul. by chryseme05/14/074.67HOT

You Were with Me All the While Ch. 02

 — Jennifer feels Will slipping away. by chryseme08/24/074.61HOT

You Were Wonderful Tonight

 — Fucking the Youth Leader is high risk, high reward. by SeanTheSilent12/31/143.91

You will be Punctual

 — Jules learns what it means to be late. by Lustful_Antique05/10/173.75

You Won't Find This Attraction...

 — Two strangers meet on a hiking trail. by Tasha_Tuk09/23/013.66

You Write The Perfect Ending

 — You finish this hot story. by camrashy2307/02/024.04

You're A Fine Girl

 — In over his head with a girl way out of his league. by LustyQuill12/07/164.54HOT

You're Awesome!

 — Stan gets the strength to finish the bicycle ride... by inkyatari05/23/154.17

You're Behind Me All The Way

 — You make me cum on the couch and again in bed. by enchanted7302/16/094.07

You're It

 — Working out the frustrations of a bad day. by cosmic_grly12/30/064.48

You're Joking, Right?

 — Ashley extracts revenge for Brad's indiscretion. by JudeWrites07/20/094.28

You're Mine Now

 — I control you in our motel room. by sxydiva04/11/154.45

You're My Better Half

 — Maggie just wants to get home to Christian. by MugsyB04/16/124.63HOT

You're Nobody ... Ch. 01

 — Homeless man is taken in after accident, helps others. by Grouchojim04/13/154.52HOT

You're Nobody ... Ch. 02

 — Homeless man helps family members in his own way by Grouchojim04/14/154.61HOT

You're Nobody ... Ch. 03

 — Homeless fucks the Gothic Daughter. by Grouchojim04/17/154.57HOT

You're Nobody ... Ch. 08

 — Rousing finale with Mrs. Klugman. Happy Endings for all. by Grouchojim05/20/154.62HOT

You're Not in His Heart

 — With their healing brings with it passion and desire. by BellaRaye03/20/103.17

You're Sure?

 — When the going gets rough... by sigh_of_summer11/28/04

You've Got Mail

 — School district's e-mail system is manipulated. by eroslit07/04/104.64HOT

You've Got Mail

 — Alaskian oil men send videos to their wives. by Slickman11/10/104.51HOT

You've Got Mail - and Then Some

 — An ordinary day at work? Not for these two. by Do_me_rough08/03/054.32

You've Got Male

 — Woman is led on mystery date with mystery lover. by Blue.Eyes03/21/024.40

You've Got Male

 — An online flirtation becomes a reality. by pinkybare12/06/054.23

You've Got Me

 — A pair of handcuffs rekindles their passion. by sigh_of_summer04/14/04

You've Made Love

 — Hope he's loving you the way I intended. by Hayson01/01/054.11

You, Again

 — Old friends have little need for words. by soccergrrl11/20/054.00

You, Me, & Electronic Film

 — Couple has fun with digital photography. by semiromantic03/05/044.27

You, Me, and a Pool of Astroglide

 — Feast for the senses on Valentine's Day. by Salvor-Hardon01/22/064.20

You, My Sexy Stewardess

 — You make sure my flight is pleasant and relaxing. by LonelyFenrir11/14/154.09

You... Oh My!

 — A wife remembers. by Isis081308/14/043.79

Young & Divorced Ch. 01: New Hope

 — Brian grieves for a lost marriage, but finds new hope. by JacquesLeBlanc04/27/184.65HOT

Young & Divorced Ch. 02

 — A new experience as things heat up between Brian and Carla. by JacquesLeBlanc04/30/184.62HOT

Young & Full Ch. 1

 — Couple fulfills their fantasy of sharing two young men. by WeJaySal08/02/014.39

Young and Full Ch. 2

 — Husband & wife enjoy two men. by WeJaySal08/03/014.45

Young At Heart

 — An old man gets his birthday wish. by ZombieGirl8604/11/104.19

Young Beautiful Jyothi

 — Sexy Indian counselor heats up the campgrounds. by InjunDude04/17/023.99

Young Blood Runs The Hottest Ch. 02

 — Sandy wants me for her teacher. by trainman2k04/16/104.38

Young Cock Ch. 03

 — The blessing. by No Panty Girl12/20/054.35

Young Couple Enjoys The Rain

 — The rain sets the mood. by Kyle24Mac2409/09/04

Young Friends

 — Wild night between two 18-year-olds. by maggielulu8509/19/033.94

Young Girl's Sexual Memories

 — Beautiful young woman remembers past encounters. by stllrnng4701/30/174.18

Young High School Football Coach

 — Coach sees more than fireworks. by jamisonh21303/05/164.04

Young Lady Ch. 01

 — She gets excited about a bike ride. by tool_time200503/23/094.31

Young Lovers Bliss

 — She remembers the day she met him. by MePrpl12/13/003.71

Young Men Obsession

 — I discover my need; to fuck young men. by annacarrington196002/27/164.39

Young Neighbour

 — She gives a lot in a hurry to relieve herself. by anand11/15/012.75

Young Sarah

 — Older man is seduced by a young journalist. by pard7402/06/013.99

Young Stud Takes Wimp's Girlfriend

 — He shows her great time while boyfriend watches. by rogue_sundown08/27/043.95

Young Traveler Bootie

 — A young coed is waiting at a Greyhound bus stop. by cowboy10910/03/153.45

Young Widow

 — She rediscovers her sexual feelings. by suzie3w07/05/084.42

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