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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Boob Geek

 — A nerdy teen tries to blackmail his buxom neighbour. by GeorgeTasker04/17/034.39

Boob Man

 — Making up meant making my huge tits the main attraction. by oopsydaisy04/21/124.19

Booger Red

 — Jo made a rare find in the bus station. by BikeWriter04/05/104.61HOT

Book Babe

 — Young man & horny stranger hook up in a library. by Big_Mick8104/04/064.43

Book Club Chronicles - Alice

 — First time extra-marital adventures of my book club friends. by fulfilled_ann11/19/09

Book Club Chronicles - Debbie

 — First time extra-marital sex for my book club friend. by fulfilled_ann11/20/09

Book Club Chronilces -Susan

 — First time extra-marital sex for my book club friends by fulfilled_ann11/21/09

Book Lovers

 — Maddy and her lover enjoy reading, and fucking. by Madelyn01/16/153.92

Book of World Records

 — A lovefest with rewards. by godot12/07/034.33

Book Porn

 — Late in the library, Alice has to prove why hardcopy is best. by librarianxxx03/25/174.08NEW

Booking the Babysitter

 — The babysitter and the couple, with a twist. by entryst09/16/144.49


 — Bill Ward-inspired tale #5. by Goatilocks05/31/084.67

Books and Boys

 — An anonymous encounter in Barnes and Noble. by cupcakesandcum01/20/113.94

Bookstore Couple

 — A horny mature couple visits a glory hole booth. by CraverScarlett12/09/164.55HOT

Bookstore Encounter

 — Strangers meet in the Sexuality Section. by fendelle04/08/024.47

Bookstore Seduction

 — A lone clerk seduces a regular customer. by Kat7307/25/104.23

Bookstore Sex

 — A mature couple branches out. by craverandscarlett01/06/164.61HOT

Bookstore Treat Ch. 01

 — She gives him an unexpected treat at a bookstore. by EclecticPhoenix11/29/053.94


 — He meets an old friend. by AnonRex10/21/074.33

Boom Ch. 01

 — Lily gets stranded in front of the right house. by mrmoodyguy11/10/124.13

Boom Ch. 02

 — Lily and David explore their new-found connection. by mrmoodyguy11/12/124.44

Boom Ch. 03

 — Again. by mrmoodyguy12/22/124.67

Booth 26

 — Dinner in the Dark has a surprise final course. by _effable_11/19/044.29

Boots & All

 — She finds her cowboy so hard to stay away from. by T.H. Oughts11/13/014.16

Booty Call

 — The all mighty forbidden booty call. by Dirt Wednesday09/04/054.43

Booty Call

 — Lunchtime break between friends. by cinnamon197706/08/074.33

Booty Call

 — She's surprised to find out what turns her on. by jomar09/09/094.37

Booty Call

 — A man in desperate need calls for relief. by regnglad02/07/104.35

Boozin' Susan

 — Rough afternoon delight with a sexy, drunk co-worker. by rockhard12611/14/144.32


 — A surprise visit thrills you. by always_curious07/06/044.00

Bora Bora

 — An exotic place for an erotic encounter. by SoCalsexwriter08/16/104.25

Border Adventure Ch. 1

 — 18-year-old girls make their way to Mexico. by Laurie01/25/024.37

Border Adventure Ch. 2

 — More background before the girls make it to Mexico. by Laurie01/29/024.48


 — She does his bidding in the bookstore. by SteveMMM10/02/044.79HOT


 — There are many ways to relieve boredom. by GrnEyedLucky03/08/044.23


 — A bored housewife finds a new way to pass the afternoon. by ofloveandlust08/30/153.96

Bored at Work

 — A slow night on the help desk. by AnonymousWoman09/01/083.95

Bored Couple Have Sexy Pillow Talk

 — Bored couple having same old sex tries sexy pillow talk. by andtheend09/03/103.68

Bored Meeting

 — How to make a meeting more interesting. by cheddar_cheese01/07/124.24

Bored Sales Girl

 — Risky sex on the shop floor. by strange guy10/13/044.30

Bored Second Wife, Very Erotic Massage

 — Perhaps the beginning of other things? by hamiltonroad02/03/153.66

Bored With Business

 — Bored at convention, she ventures into Central Park. by usm1carbine02/27/014.31


 — Isabelle is inducted into the temple of Venus. by cowboy10906/04/083.36


 — A young woman wants a cure for boredom. by Ashson02/25/144.33

Boredom to Frustration on the Beach

 — When stalking prey, sometimes special tactics are required... by musicalchick05/29/143.91

Boring Business Trip to Orlando...

 — Michael meets sexy Canadian at seminar. by Michael and Joanne01/10/014.17

Boring Presentations Rule!

 — It all started with a presentation in the school auditorium. by mike85ad02/13/124.02

Boring Presentations Rule! Ch. 02

 — The fun continues after graduation. by mike85ad02/18/123.70

Born Again Virgin Loses it Again

 — Widowed man finds new life with a virginal woman. by sweetbabyjames01/07/104.42

Born From Silence

 — Her brazen admirer comes to her with a proposal. by LadyCytherea06/13/144.77HOT

Born From Silence Ch. 02

 — She accepted his proposal, now what? by LadyCytherea06/30/144.84HOT

Born From Silence Ch. 03

 — When he doesn't show up as planned she finds him at a party. by LadyCytherea06/16/154.87HOT

Born From Silence Ch. 04

 — He pushes her to the edge of her comfort zone, and beyond. by LadyCytherea09/15/164.86HOT

Born in a Storm

 — A strange story of self-pleasure and storms. by Duke_of_Fluke08/02/014.15Editor's Pick

Born To Ch. 02

 — I need my cum every morning - I'm not just being nice. by PenningFreer10/08/094.40

Born To Ch. 03

 — Meditation and Film by PenningFreer10/29/094.35

Born To Ch. 04

 — I make money when I fuck, but I don't fuck for money. by PenningFreer11/01/094.64HOT

Born To Ch. 05

 — Find Fucking. Come Here. Go Down. Now. by PenningFreer11/16/094.18

Born To Ch. 07

 — I am going to fuck you now. Join me if you like. by PenningFreer12/03/094.43

Born To Score Ch. 2

 — More adventures of a randy footballer. by Robski01/29/024.53HOT

Born To Score Ch. 3

 — Failure on the pitch leads to sympathy fuck! by Robski04/13/034.15

Borrowed Beauty

 — Shared Beauty 2-Mo borrows Katie to go to a nudist resort. by Sunlover12/21/144.50HOT

Borrowing Jasmine's Tools

 — A morning fuck that he and she both wanted and needed. by SensuousCpl6911/27/133.97

Borrowing the Neighbour

 — Cindy borrows her neighbour's husband to fix her hot tub. by ceris0108/29/154.45

Bosco & Ding Dong

 — Stripper seduces very shy customer. by gushogan07/06/024.45

Bosom Buddies Ch. 04

 — Becoming "more than friends" with more of his friends. by bosombuddies12/26/114.81HOT

Bosom Buddies Ch. 05

 — Life can throw some very curvaceous curveballs at you. by bosombuddies02/11/124.70HOT

Bosom Buddy

 — Despite her attributes, she wants to be treated like a lady. by TheOxRocks03/09/164.45

Boss Fight

 — A gaming geek gets teased by his girlfriend. by keshiva06/21/094.57HOT

Boss is Dominated by Willing Tech

 — Female tech dominates Indian plant manager. by zestyandshy01/21/063.65

Boss Lady

 — Working closely with the boss has its perks. by DuggerPlus04/02/104.20

Boss Lady For A Day

 — The boss is always right. by Morgaine LeFay05/28/034.50HOT

Boss Lady: Interlude

 — The calm before the storm. by DuggerPlus04/28/104.33

Boss Man

 — 24 year old gives into desires for 46 year old boss. by babygurl3311/04/143.95

Boss Man's Bonus

 — At work. by SistaSledge05/10/093.83

Boss Me Around

 — Busty young waitress makes her boss blush. by Mazohyst02/24/133.33

Boss Notices His Secretary...

 — David finds Laura is good for more than typing. by SexySecretary07/07/014.00

Boss's Secretary

 — Huge boobed secretary gives a night of passion. by Punterex04/03/154.34


 — New worker is made to have sex with his woman boss. by goodtutor200110/07/023.00

Boston Boogie Night

 — On business a married lady picks up a young stud to enjoy. by Momma_Andrea02/03/154.16

Boston Ch. 1

 — Jim gets picked by three horny women. by BlackHat05/14/024.42

Boston Ch. 2

 — Barkeep sets her friend up with Jim. by BlackHat05/26/024.61HOT

Boston Ch. 3

 — 'They told me you were the sweetest lay in the state...' by BlackHat06/03/024.49

Boston Ch. 4

 — Jim gets pick-up by dominating sex animal. by BlackHat06/04/024.46

Boston Ch. 5

 — Barkeep who set Jim up now takes her turn. by BlackHat06/05/024.47

Boston Road Trip Ch. 01

 — A road trip to Boston results in secretly hooking up. by Irish Moss03/01/164.57HOT

Boston Road Trip Ch. 02

 — A road trip to Boston results in secretly hooking up. by Irish Moss03/02/164.67HOT

Both Sides of the Line

 — A girl's experience with first time phone sex. by Mediator07/15/013.61

Bottle Blond Whore

 — Standing on the corner, blond hair and big tits. by quietcantor11/30/064.03

Bottom Feeder

 — He can't stop staring and she makes the most of it. by Jamie_in_dresses02/05/174.33

Bottom, Top or Versatile?

 — I get fucked at last and try to work out what I am. by london_james201009/10/144.59HOT

Bottoms Up

 — A classy lady is shown a good time. by KingWebster12/10/014.21


 — The room is a habitual playground for Eros. by Samantha Hamilton11/18/014.50HOT

Boudoir Photography

 — I set up a studio to photograph people fucking. by 24UKBlonde04/11/134.51HOT

Boudoir Photography

 — My affair with a young man immortalised by photography. by Catmoore10/10/134.60HOT

Bought & Paid For Ch. 02

 — Ivory learns more about oral pleasures. by CharmingVixen08/31/044.55HOT

Bought & Paid For Ch. 03

 — Sexual battle of wills between Ivory & Risk. by CharmingVixen09/03/044.60HOT

Bought & Paid For Ch. 04

 — Risk tries to bend Ivory to his will with sex. by CharmingVixen11/22/044.73HOT

Bought & Paid For Ch. 05

 — Risk makes the mistake of falling for his mistress. by CharmingVixen09/24/064.71HOT

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

 — Lost man, woman find comfort in each other. by Dar_Jisbo12/08/07

Bouncing Breasts

 — Players are attracted to two cheerleaders. by Ashson03/22/174.23

Bouncing Martha, For All to See

 — Martha straddles her man for all to see through the window. by intimateoutlet06/04/144.13


 — Man wakes to find himself tied to a bed with a mystery woman. by MistressXXX05/09/084.23


 — Something special starts. by Inn0c3nt09/29/113.75

Bound and Blinded

 — Couple experiences light bondage for the first time. by sasha_bear_6906/22/073.85

Bound by Desire

 — Afternoon hotel rendezvous with dominate co-worker. by WendyLuce01/25/114.25

Bound by Heat

 — Two detectives search for answers but find more questions... by JackOfHearts22210/23/143.14

Bound By You

 — Bored couple tries something new on a rainy day. by dokinabi02/18/074.29

Bound Ch. 01: Bound for Fun

 — A magical corset. by gene_ericson01/25/154.62HOT

Bound Ch. 02

 — Your night continues. by Inn0c3nt10/02/113.00

Bound Ch. 02: Bound for Pleasure

 — A magical corset. by gene_ericson02/04/154.80HOT

Bound Ch. 05: Bound for Revenge

 — A Magical corset helps settle a score. by gene_ericson03/01/154.70HOT

Bound Ch. 06: Bound to Get the Job

 — Changed by a magical corset, Danielle rebuilds her life. by gene_ericson04/14/154.46

Bound Ch. 07: Bound for a New Year

 — The power of a magical corset ushers in a New Year. by gene_ericson05/16/154.81HOT

Bound Ch. 08: Bound and Confused

 — The power of a magical corset leads to confusion. by gene_ericson05/23/154.49

Bound Ch. 09: Bound for Success

 — The power of a magical corset is tamed. by gene_ericson06/12/154.53HOT

Bound Ch. 10: Happy Ever After

 — Bound for a Happily Ever After. by gene_ericson07/01/154.36

Bound For Glory

 — Sometimes being seduced really is fun. by Phrenetic_Ice09/11/074.15

Bound in the Car

 — An online romance turns into an interesting first meeting. by original_pk1008/29/144.44

Bound Interlude

 — A night home alone, the mystery man and a little bondage. by uglyman237807/16/144.00

Bound Seduction

 — Before you see her, you feel her. by starfish905/12/044.72HOT

Bound to Please

 — She meets you to please you. by PussyCat06/22/003.89

Bound to Please

 — Angie ties Will and has her way with him. by Bendito196411/01/064.58HOT

Bound to Please

 — Just submit to the pleasure. by jjstone01/05/153.94

Bound to Please Ch. 03

 — Bound over and over again. by Rico_Chet11/08/163.67

Bountiful Lady

 — Plentiful lady's fantasies become a reality. by Melody01/19/034.65HOT

Bourbon & Ice

 — Married man unwinds with mystery blonde. by Kymberley10/08/004.58HOTEditor's Pick


 — Musician seduced by twenty one year old sex kitten. by RichardDickensAlcock04/24/143.94

Bow-Wow Girl

 — Coed with great body but dog face presents dilemma. by Hornyman69WithU04/05/073.18

Bowled Over

 — A story of ball slamming gutter-lust. by Frenchman01/30/024.17

Bowled Over Ch. 2

 — Bowling Professor teaches her student proper balling. by Frenchman01/31/024.30

Bowling Alley

 — Making new friends in a new town. by r4ver2z01/21/143.63

Bowling with Carol

 — He falls hard for married woman. by Michael B10/10/003.22

Box Lunch

 — A business man's girlfriend picks a fine time to masturbate. by romanticwench11/07/014.45

Boxer Shorts

 — Older brother is visited by sister's friend. by LaTourEiffel11/30/094.36


 — Newly discovered joys of wearing boxer shorts. by Joeehartley04/09/094.09

Boxing Junkies Pt. 01

 — A boxer and a kick boxer walk into a gym... by Tulip_Tallulah07/05/154.74HOT

Boxing Junkies Pt. 02

 — 2 fist fights and rough sex in a hotel bathroom. by Tulip_Tallulah07/08/154.61HOT

Boxing Junkies Pt. 03

 — August & Mason office role play with light bdsm. by Tulip_Tallulah07/14/154.79HOT

Boy in the Bough

 — Sometimes we need weird. by galaxygoddess09/26/084.00

Boy Meets Girl

 — Sexy lady teases her rescuer. by mooncat11/16/034.48

Boy Meets Girl

 — Two strangers meet and are attracted to each other. by Hairy_angel07/17/164.00

Boy Next Door

 — Sasha invites Jason over for a chat. by Sweetp4u12/10/014.40

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 24

 — Jennifer blows him after night with Chandelle. by mangrove jack02/28/044.65HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 26

 — A day of contrasts with a black cook and white mother. by mangrove jack08/14/054.69HOT

Boy Toy

 — Lust overcomes all. by Kat90012/04/164.00

Boyfriend Caught Pleasing Himself

 — I got home to find my man in the shower masturbating. by MonicaJane696905/11/144.10

Boyfriend Trouble

 — Velvet gets revenge on her boyfriend. by Bonzareu12/07/094.30

Boyfriend's Daddy

 — Something catchs the girlfriend's eye. by standingstones03/17/114.31

Boyfriend's Daddy Ch. 02

 — Making the connection once more. by standingstones03/24/114.35

Boyfriend's Daddy Ch. 03

 — What happens when your lover meets your parents? by standingstones04/13/124.34

Boyfriend's Daddy Ch. 04

 — Young woman goes full circle. by standingstones05/21/124.33

Boyfriend's Neighbor

 — Girl gets a surprise from boyfriend's neighbor. by Mr_Pyg02/13/174.13

Boyfriends Out, So The Roomates In

 — Boyfriends out, roomates home, what can happen? by DirrtyAngel10107/02/064.18

Boyhood Dream Fulfilled

 — Man meets up with his boyhood fantasy. by JoeDreamer07/22/054.58HOT

Boys Town

 — First trip to a whorehouse. by mostanything03/24/112.81

Boys Will Be Boys

 — Zoe & I at coworkers for a BBQ. by Simondove06/16/163.96

Bra Shop Visit From a BBW

 — Huge stud does his first BBW and loves it. by twoup10/08/054.55HOT

Brad Cums For Breakfast

 — She has her lover for breakfast. by CeceliaSkye02/13/023.92

Brad's Life

 — Brad wonders about his future. by DG Hear06/04/064.78HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 02

 — Brad tells Kelly all about his first encounter. by SpotInTheSand10/20/074.72HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 03

 — A busy day -- and that doesn't count the phone calls. by SpotInTheSand01/13/084.74HOT

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