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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere!

 — A bedtime bath leads to some sensual scrubbing. by justjohn101306/22/044.17


 — A day at the carwash fills all her fantasies. by captivate08/11/014.34

Buckle Bunny

 — Rodeo boy meets his pony girl. by rockandroller04/06/034.70HOT


 — Sports friends find that there are other physical activities. by Pappageno07/17/044.44

Budding Of Bree

 — She meets mysterious man for night of pleasure. by alonzo1410/30/034.25

Budget Meeting

 — The CEO has been watching her for months. by Mellysue07/19/094.31

Budget V-Day

 — Something new gets a wife distracted with her gift. by oOScarletWingsOo02/05/124.45

Buffy's Adventures Ch. 01-02

 — Good girl is tempted and gets first taste of the wild side. by julieshubby203/17/124.33


 — Fixing bugs the hard way! by Sedah04/05/173.72

Build It and They Will Come

 — Specialized masseur gets a surprising customer. by forctic_ax04/23/184.46

Build It and They Will Come Ch. 02

 — A client's request stirs something inside him. by forctic_ax04/27/184.70HOT

Build It and They Will Come Ch. 03

 — She takes initiative. by forctic_ax05/08/184.56HOT

Builder's Treat

 — Builder's treat. by TheDirtyDoctor12/10/143.97

Building Supply Store

 — Visit to the store sparks a wild encounter. by MrAVG10/15/043.96

Bukkake Business

 — Tachu knows how to close the sale. by bradley_stoke07/12/034.33

Bullets and Lace Ch. 01

 — Sex, guns and cash. by Sweetcheekss02/11/064.62HOT

Bullets and Lace Ch. 02

 — Assault near Tampico. by Sweetcheekss02/17/064.65HOT

Bullseye: A Target Romance

 — Sexy man and woman meet and get naughty in Target. by amazingrace6901/22/154.36

Bump 'n Grind

 — A bachelorette party's wild results. by LoneEagle03/27/034.21

Bump and Grind

 — Your experience at your own dance club with him. by and1307/31/123.31

Bump In The Night

 — College guy finds more than treats in Haunted House. by BalladOfFallenAngels07/19/034.00


 — You celebrate passion in a bungalow. by ohsoverysassy14u02/11/044.31

Bunker Bingo

 — In Iraq, she interrupts him in a bunker, and apologizes. by TitianaPeaks09/08/084.38

Bureaucratic Benefits

 — A lowly bureaucrat finds a treasure in a dull function. by techsan09/03/074.26

Burger Babe

 — He fantasizes about busty fast food girl. by Storm10/10/003.64

Burger Girl

 — Guy and a college girl share a steamy summer at a diner. by Nightwork107/12/12

Burgers & Fries

 — A bored wife enjoys a rendevous in the mall parking lot. by luv2chatuup03/07/044.42


 — She decided to snoop around while the owners were away. by Ashson09/15/154.59HOT


 — What was desire, becomes obsession. by Ironrose01/13/024.27

Buried Treasure

 — Finding a pirate map was just the beginning of the adventure. by poisoniv103/05/103.45


 — An unpromising evening turns into an erotic treat. by Dundonnel03/10/104.60HOT

Burlesque 2001

 — A comedian meets a dancer at a strip club. by Creatively Kinky07/24/013.77

Burned Ch. 01

 — Hot burning lust sated in the arms of her lover. by yourlittledominatrix10/09/053.87


 — A tender tale of sexual passion. by Affirmation06/11/024.00


 — Speeder gets pulled over by the police. by Acal01/05/104.11

Burning Asphalt

 — You get more than his engine running hot. by Pervis Brown10/26/054.25

Burning Bridges

 — A cold night becomes a hot one. by sereneone4u02/15/114.19

Burning Coals

 — She meets him in a club, he takes her home. by OddityGreyEyes04/11/134.12

Burning Desire

 — Hot Southern day leads to passion. by tweetybird07/04/024.35

Burning Desire

 — Hot romance. by Likestoplayalways02/04/164.15

Burning for You

 — A blazing campfire helps bring out the beast in Christopher. by letters_to_my_lover01/13/143.85

Burning Love

 — You make passionate love. by fqc03/08/074.19

Burning Up My World

 — Another moment in a life. by magichandslee05/16/044.53HOT

Burnt Biscuits

 — An oil massage for 'thigh clenchers'. by Poetoxicology06/15/164.29


 — Traveling girl enjoys a chance encounter. by LaJan02/05/023.43

Bus Adventure

 — Sensuous redhead provides the perfect ending to a bad day. by Elysiane03/27/08

Bus Again

 — A memorable bus journey. by Roopmati200001/15/073.98

Bus Boffing

 — Airman and woman on a bus. by MagicFingers03/10/034.12

Bus Crash

 — Dakota's homecoming isn't what she expected. by NymphWriter07/06/164.40

Bus Cream

 — It all begins during a bus journey for an Indian guy. by storeteller202006/25/153.99

Bus Eireann Fantasy Becomes Real

 — Sometimes chance is on your side. by irishgirl3909/18/064.63HOT

Bus Game

 — Discreet fun on a public bus. by sanka05/11/074.20

Bus Ride

 — A brief encounter told from both sides. by KissingMarriedWomen06/07/103.85

Bus Ride

 — They take the bus home from the Halloween Party. by Algonquin Twit10/09/103.53

Bus Ride Home

 — He reminsces about trip to beach. by Rebecca12/28/004.21

Bus Shelter

 — A nice surprise for a cold wet night. by Spongee08/10/133.93

Bus Stop

 — A guy on a crowed bus is forced up behind a cute blonde. by knobbieknobbs11/24/044.36

Bus Stop

 — Couple meet at a bus stop - and couple. by ainu208/30/084.19

Bus Stop

 — Something I thought of while waiting for the bus. by jeffy7211/26/093.75

Bus Story

 — College freshman's fantasies come true on a bus. by elsol01/28/054.76HOT

Buses Suck

 — Sex with a stranger on a public bus trip. by txbiker08/25/024.20


 — Sexy virgin yearns for defloration. by Navyman198908/31/082.63


 — Negotiations get a little...sticky in the Big Easy. by cyanskye01/16/124.00

Business AND Pleasure

 — Sex sells. by justachicky02/08/064.51HOT

Business AND Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Going before the board. by justachicky02/09/064.49

Business and Pleasure Ch. 03

 — Hotel night with assistant gets hotter. by StarrKist02/27/144.50HOT

Business as Usual

 — A business trip to Germany ends favourably. by Jimflint8004/27/034.44

Business as Usual

 — The best possible partnership. by LucOuarm09/21/034.37

Business Away

 — They have chatted on the internet but never met untill now. by Gothchick198211/17/084.60HOT

Business Becomes Pleasure

 — You surprise her on the road. by SexKitten91908/17/064.52HOT

Business Begins: The Agreement

 — The stage is set for upcoming sequeals to this naughty group. by RedHairedandFriendly04/30/064.27

Business Bonus

 — Business project finishes with a bang. by Lia Monde05/07/07HOT

Business Boundaries

 — Sex, kept business-like. by rj_mcdonnell01/26/073.80

Business Casual

 — A tale of inappropriate attire. by AlwaysHungry04/23/104.52HOT

Business Class

 — Couple meets on a plane. by Stpl7701/28/144.59HOT

Business Class Pt. 01

 — Two strangers hook up on.a cross country flight. by Nipplechick01/12/184.25

Business Conference

 — Business trips are usually pretty boring affairs. Not this one. by jack_be_not11/04/113.75

Business Dinner

 — Jack and Clarice find unexpected pleasure. by phantacy07/10/033.68

Business First

 — A new employee heads on a business trip with a coworker. by bhs420101/04/154.18

Business in Vegas Ch. 01

 — Travel for business offers break from life. by Moonlighting179704/01/134.24

Business in Vegas Ch. 02

 — Continuation of chapter 1 story. by Moonlighting179704/02/134.53HOT

Business is Business

 — Sometime sex takes precedence. by mtnman200306/30/044.66HOT

Business Mixes With Pleasure

 — Online lovers meet while on business. by kittycatdoll198104/30/073.20

Business Model

 — High class hooker Patricia makes sexy fantasies come true. by cruiser_201501/27/174.30

Business or Pleasure

 — Christy finds more than work on a business trip. by AlwaysBeTrue01/23/064.67HOT

Business or Pleasure

 — Friends finally meet for the first time. by mooseinMD03/26/064.75HOT

Business or Pleasure?

 — Dylan visits Asian Dreams Spa. by Morbid_Saint03/14/093.85

Business or Pleasure?

 — He shows her who's boss. by rioaqualit06/30/094.33

Business or Pleasure?

 — She has a run-in with a horny bartender on a business trip. by VirginiaWrites03/01/164.00

Business Relations

 — Their attraction comes to a head on a Saturday at the office. by Voxy09/29/094.31

Business Sex Ch. 01

 — A night on the town and a fuck behind the door. by Rlyan03/12/184.53HOT

Business Sex Ch. 02

 — She's a cougar - no doubt about it. by Rlyan03/13/184.50HOT

Business Sex Ch. 03

 — Willyam does more than just fuck her tits. by Rlyan03/22/184.19

Business Travel

 — The first time fucking a new man after marriage. by equs6411/09/094.05

Business Travel Affair

 — Two lonely travelers, one sensual moment. by cbrmale01/21/044.40

Business Trip

 — Your dreaded business trip turns into ecstacy. by PamelaJoy09/25/014.12

Business Trip

 — A sexy welcome home in an airport phone booth. by Abby_Normal_709/22/034.46

Business Trip

 — Man finds unique woman. by MistressMerry08/31/074.49

Business Trip

 — He meets a beautiful woman on a trip. by AngelMei01/12/094.42

Business Trip

 — New friend. by master2150510/22/12

Business Trip

 — Katey and Mr. B travel together. by KelleyAshton11/04/154.18

Business Trip

 — Two co-workers attract. by nhy69ijn09/30/164.04

Business Trip

 — Business conference better than expected. by Ninjafish07/29/174.27

Business Trip - Shared Hotel Room

 — Coworkers are forced to share a hotel room. by Jjonest05/02/154.54HOT

Business Trip Ch. 01

 — Business trips don't have to be ALL business. by evil evil man08/14/054.26

Business Trip Delay

 — He's stuck in a blizzard with a bitch. by fishgullet07/19/044.46

Business Trip Encounter

 — Email friends finally meet for a hot rendezvous. by FantasyXY12/30/014.45

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 01

 — John is well compensated for an unready hotel room. by Imanok06/13/074.48

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 02

 — More than just a rub down in the room. by Imanok06/22/074.44

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 03

 — Intensive interview with new PA. by Imanok07/04/074.59HOT

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 04

 — John leased an apartment with a bang. by Imanok12/22/074.70HOT

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 05

 — John sprained an ankle and still scored a hole in one. by Imanok02/15/084.54HOT

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 07

 — Fucking an old friend in a foreign land. by Imanok01/08/104.63HOT

Business Trip Encounters Ch. 08

 — Medical Care Plan. by Imanok03/05/124.53HOT

Business Trip Exploits

 — Coworkers enjoy a sexual evening. by dstam01604/22/043.97

Business Trip Fantasy

 — Sixty-nine sounds sexy when she says it. by Remyloves07/20/044.40

Business Trip Flight

 — A long boring flight turns in to much more. by Dsireme03/14/064.40

Business Trip Rendezvous

 — Business traveler hooks up with online acquaintance. by C Love12/01/104.25

Business Trip Surprise

 — Hotel surprise makes a boring business trip better. by Dsireme03/05/074.17

Business Trip Surprise

 — Getting snowed in on a business leads to lots more. by m_storyman_x05/10/104.62HOT

Business Trip Surprise

 — He wasn't expecting her to show up. by cookiebear12/05/154.08

Business Trip Surprise

 — Always open your email - you just never know. by Bumpinguglies05/06/174.18

Business Trip Surprise Pt. 02

 — The surprise clip repeats itself in the flesh. by Bumpinguglies05/15/174.29

Business Trip Tease

 — Wife teases husband as he works in their hotel room. by WFEATHER10/21/063.91

Business Trip Temptations

 — A husband on the road struggles to keep himself satisfied. by Home_Alone_Hubby07/22/104.50HOT

Business Trip to Pokhara: Day 01

 — A love affair that leads to passionate sex, spanking & more. by jimsharma8704/03/183.83

Business Trip to Pokhara: Day 02

 — Day II of our trip: we start getting naughtier. by jimsharma8704/04/183.94

Business Trip, The Morning After

 — The morning after Mrs Brown joins for a business conference. by Ninjafish08/02/174.10

Business Trips

 — They have an erotic rendezvous. by RomanticRed12/12/044.14

Business Trips Were Never Like This

 — A businessman takes a fantasy trip to Europe. by rocket_man09/12/123.97

Business Unusual

 — Business trip hotel encounter. by hotwell10/16/064.36

Business with Pleasure

 — Jennifer finds special memories on a business trip. by NaughtyDreamer09/18/094.48

Business with Pleasure

 — A 5 day business trip with happy ending. by jzzzby11/13/123.71

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