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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Cabin Retreat Ch. 2

 — No time to waste. by ScorpiosGSpot11/23/014.04

Cabin Retreat Ch. 3

 — The two of you go to the lake. by ScorpiosGSpot12/09/014.48

Cabin Retreat Ch. 4

 — You get intimate on the boat. by ScorpiosGSpot12/18/014.36

Cabin Surprise!

 — Friends from the internet meet again. by Nystar09/23/033.94

Cabin Surprise! Ch. 02

 — The day continues for the two lovers. by Nystar10/27/034.10

Cabin Weekend

 — A young man gets a little help from friends. by KINKYCanada10/08/144.18

Cabin with a View

 — A hike turns into something much more. by baldman4u03/19/163.94

Cabin: A Welcome Visitor

 — A woman meets her pen pal, and sparks fly. by intriguess03/22/013.35

Cable Box

 — Rainy days can be the best days. by mrsoufflerising02/03/124.08

Cable Guy

 — Cable guy takes her on the kitchen table. by Raynne07/26/033.85

Cable Guy

 — Life in a blue collar. by Girochen12/02/174.32

Cable Man

 — An erotic service call. by Honey4U11/22/013.00

Cabo Fun Ch. 02

 — What happens in Mexico... by cleenwheels06/04/063.80

Cabo Fun Ch. 03

 — What happens in Mexico... by cleenwheels06/07/064.11

Cachoeira (The Waterfall)

 — Hiking through the rainforest, she stumbles upon him. by themarquise06/26/064.37

Cadillac Climax

 — Sweaty passion in the garage. by MathGirl08/10/024.46

Cadillac Ranch

 — On his way to the ranch he brings a surprising passenger. by Middleagepoet01/13/094.01

Caela's Thank-You Gift

 — Offering herself was the best way of saying thanks. by LucyCanyon01/26/074.37

Caesar & Cleopatra

 — Roman Dictator & Egyptian Queen attend a banquet. by GoddessInSC09/17/023.48

Café de Paris

 — She's caught daydreaming, he teaches her a lesson... by Zach_lost_in_Aus08/09/144.42

Cafe Au LAY

 — Our first meeting goes places we didn't expect. by LoreLai12/04/084.51HOT

Cafe Interlude

 — Enjoying more than a hot beverage at the cafe! by ErotickWriter11/13/164.38


 — A woman's sensual journey into pleasure and death in Cairo. by Jaymie_dee08/07/054.66HOT

Cairo Nights

 — American wife & Egyptian husband get it on. by GringaLoca08/23/07

Caitlin's Best Friend

 — Caitlin needs some romance in her life and turns to a friend. by MinnesotaMindStorm01/20/144.27

Caitlyn the Sexy Secretary

 — My sexy young secretary is very helpful. by DASTONE07/09/144.24

Cajun Lover

 — Sally has a sexy night in the Crescent City. by Cherokee Rose05/15/054.71HOT

Cake and Eat It Too

 — She tried, and failed, to have her cake and eat it too. by TheKeith09/20/173.43

Cake for Fat Kids

 — A hiking rabbit and a swimming bear. by PayDay08/23/124.36

Calanova Ch. 01

 — He walks in on her, but they walk out together. by Sayrina05/20/064.30

Calculating Love

 — Female accountant finds love in young bartender. by Ken_Najaid03/15/133.87

Calculus Class

 — Student finally touches lovely teacher's breasts. by thefriendlyguy06/24/044.19

Calgon, Take Me Away!!!

 — A man starts his day in non-typical fashion. by soldierboy5040103/07/103.33

Califorina Trip

 — Wife gets a vaction she won't forget. by erotica51303/05/033.79

California Afternoon

 — Your old friend becomes a new lover. by MrNexx05/09/093.84

California Dream

 — Woman treks cross-country to meet an online lover. by Pervetta05/04/014.08

California King

 — The joys and surprises a new bed can bring to a marriage. by tghlawyer0306/01/133.95

California Nights

 — An erotic meeting with a twist. by espeteroh02/14/054.41

California Sun

 — Sister's neighbor is very friendly. by Rontonia11/16/013.33

Calista's Forbidden Forest

 — An artist falls for her sexy hired hand deep in the woods. by bebesmith12/22/154.60HOT

Call Centre Confessions Ch. 01

 — The team night out goes with a bang. by exiledmaster02/09/054.46

Call Centre Confessions Ch. 02

 — More adventures with Andrea. by exiledmaster01/30/064.25

Call Centre Girls

 — A girl in my office turns out to be very dirty. by Niceandspicy07/20/084.09

Call Girl

 — Doorstep sales girl offers more than cheaper phone tariffs. by adventuresineros01/11/064.04

Call Girl

 — A couple roleplay prostitute and client for an intense hour. by SandieQUK09/02/093.98

Call Girl

 — A dynamic change in relations occurs one fateful night. by MAmoureaux11/12/123.42

Call Girl Mom

 — Girl loves sex and gets paid to boot. by ainu209/20/094.40

Call In Sick

 — A married couple enjoy an early morning encounter. by insane_beauty08/15/124.30

Call It Stress Reduction

 — Couple find their perfect mates. by eroslit02/19/164.52HOT

Call Me

 — A mistake became an encounter. by MissSenses05/30/084.58HOT

Call Me

 — Neglected wife gets a hobby. by No Panty Girl08/27/064.20

Call Me

 — She goes to meet her idol and gets more than she expected. by hornyswimmer06/23/173.90

Call Me Anytime

 — College teacher unexpectedly finds a mate. by Smut Slut04/15/044.31

Call Me Breezy

 — A boss and his subordinate feel each other out. by Midday_Crisis01/25/134.56HOT

Call Me Breezy Ch. 02

 — Breezy tries to expand her relationship with Phil. by Midday_Crisis11/11/154.81HOT

Call Me Jenny

 — The 'help' helps herself to the groom. by HappyKitten09/11/144.35

Call of the Void

 — You dare yourself to jump, and laugh at the absurdity. by GrooveBandit01/17/183.44

Call On Line Two

 — Remember this story next time you have a bad day at work. by NATO12/02/024.06

Call the Handyman!

 — A slow drip turns into a flood. by BoDangerous06/17/034.44

Call To Action

 — Cell phone becomes a sex toy. by cinful08/26/034.56HOT


 — Tom. by mbkb201605/08/17

Calle's Revenge

 — Secret cheating gets Trevor his just desserts. by Myalyn10/10/054.37

Called to the Office

 — Teacher called to the office to answer for his porn. by Gunnsinhosen04/29/133.95

Callee at the Office Supply Store

 — After closing and locking the door to the house... by storyteller632410/12/114.33


 — Young man on winter break catches up with old friend. by CamLion05/30/093.80

Callie's Rest

 — Midnight, full moon & violets. by BooMerengue03/07/034.61HOT

Callie's Story

 — For Sam by leto42303/15/104.00

Callies Fantasies

 — She had plans for Tuesday night. by petite_honey_babes02/03/093.75

Calling in Sick

 — Man gives his lover an erotic bubblebath, and more........ by cawoman02/17/034.47

Calling Sarah

 — Sarah loses her cool during an erotic phone call. by CeceliaSkye11/06/013.64

Calling the Beast

 — Dark places in her mind. by NightRAGES04/20/044.14

Calliope Ride

 — She relives her youth. by redeye56901/24/023.69

Callista and Logan Reunite Ch. 01

 — She returns home to rekindle a forgotten love. by EroticWitch07/08/074.33

Callista and Logan Reunite Ch. 02

 — They rekindle their love. by EroticWitch07/15/073.86

Callista and Logan Reunite Ch. 03

 — Logan tries to convince Callista to marry him. by EroticWitch08/11/104.20

Cally Comes Again (and Again)

 — Action continues in the home with Cally and a new friend. by roged107/23/094.29

Calm After The Storm

 — Thomas and Margaret go to the beach by jasonbondshow07/29/054.38

Calvin and the Witch

 — A lovely Witch visits with Calvin. by Borntolust07/04/144.71HOT


 — Restful day on cruise ship turns exhausting. by SubtleDestroyer09/10/044.07


 — Malorie and Mick dance. by HellCat_Sundry10/15/173.40

Cam-Media del 'Arte

 — An encounter with a Cam performer. by oldhippie194908/09/094.64HOT

Cambridge Christmas Carole

 — You never know when you've been Naughty! by voluptuary_manque11/18/103.87

Camden's Birthday Gift

 — He fell in love with Eden at first sight. by NightmarePrincess08/20/044.25

Camelot? Cum-a-lot!

 — Taking advantage of the time between cues. by Irish Moss06/25/074.27

Cameo Ch. 01

 — Erotic seduction of my new man. by LouisaLove01/25/094.40

Cameos of Lust

 — A short, intense fantasy of fucking and being fucked. by RoughDiamond02/20/134.08

Camera Phone Fun

 — Jamie has an idea that Krissy is happy to try. by JohnBous01/04/094.43

Camera POV

 — For the voyeur in all of us. by dsoul08/27/113.95

Cameron Says Goodbye

 — A black skirt, no panties, and a tight pussy. by lissylover105/18/094.20

Camila's Sexual Awakening Pt. 01

 — Camila cums out of her shell and learns the wonders of sex. by chipmocha04/15/173.92

Camilla Ch. 001

 — The ongoing sexual adventures of a nymphomaniac. by MawrGorshin07/07/114.21

Camilla Ch. 002

 — Camilla invites her teacher to watch her at a strip-joint. by MawrGorshin07/11/114.37

Camilla Ch. 003

 — Camilla gives Mr. Grisham a lap-dance, and more... by MawrGorshin07/17/114.46

Camilla Ch. 004

 — Mr. Grisham takes Camilla to bed. by MawrGorshin07/21/114.48

Camilla Ch. 005

 — Camilla performs oral sex on Mr. Grisham. by MawrGorshin07/26/114.34

Camilla Ch. 006

 — Camilla's pubes are shaved; Camilla blows Grisham in class. by MawrGorshin07/30/114.40

Camilla Ch. 009

 — Camilla eats Candice; Camilla and Hanson do it in a park. by MawrGorshin08/11/114.44

Camilla Ch. 010

 — Camilla and Hanson eat each other; she/Candice do phone sex. by MawrGorshin08/13/114.38

Camilla Ch. 015

 — 12 teachers gossip about Camilla; her music teacher has her. by MawrGorshin09/01/114.23

Camilla Ch. 017

 — Ms. Callahan confronts Camilla about her naughtiness. by MawrGorshin09/07/114.42

Camilla Ch. 021

 — Fulson frees Camilla from her servitude, then enjoys her. by MawrGorshin09/24/114.22

Camilla Ch. 026

 — Camilla meets her stepfather-to-be; she massages Grisham. by MawrGorshin10/11/114.41

Camilla Ch. 031

 — Camilla poses as Carl draws; he fucks her; a man sees them. by MawrGorshin11/03/114.51HOT

Camilla Ch. 034

 — Leroy, Belle, and Carl fuck Camilla; Troy sees her pee. by MawrGorshin11/12/114.56HOT

Camilla Ch. 039

 — Camilla gives Mr. Patterson a lap-dance, then they fuck. by MawrGorshin12/01/114.33

Camilla Ch. 041

 — Camilla and Leo go to Lehar's; then they suck and fuck. by MawrGorshin12/08/114.47

Camilla Ch. 042

 — Troy sees Camilla in her shower; she fucks another teacher. by MawrGorshin12/11/114.19

Camilla Ch. 045

 — Camilla goes to Langella's house for dinner and a fuck. by MawrGorshin12/24/114.64HOT

Camilla Ch. 047

 — Camilla & Candice do POV porn; Camilla and Troy fuck. by MawrGorshin12/30/114.44

Camilla Ch. 048

 — Collette remembers having an affair when Camilla was little. by MawrGorshin01/01/124.53HOT

Camilla Ch. 056

 — Camilla's first two days as a sexy secretary. by MawrGorshin02/03/123.93

Camilla Ch. 058

 — Camilla fucks Mr. Holland, and Candice fucks agape. by MawrGorshin02/10/124.36

Camilla Ch. 059

 — Camilla blows her boss in his office and in a hospital. by MawrGorshin02/13/124.38

Camilla Ch. 060

 — Camilla tempts the priest further, then fucks M. Larre. by MawrGorshin02/17/124.29

Camilla Ch. 064

 — Camilla fucks Dr. Davis, Bob, Candice, and Mr. Holland. by MawrGorshin03/02/124.71HOT

Camilla Ch. 065

 — Camilla fucks the priest, then she and Candice do the doctor. by MawrGorshin03/04/124.73HOT

Camilla Ch. 069

 — Camilla copes with her guilt, conquers it, fucks some more. by MawrGorshin03/20/124.77HOT

Camilla Ch. 072

 — Camilla teases, strips for, & finally fucks another prof. by MawrGorshin03/30/124.85HOT

Camilla Ch. 077

 — Candice licks Camilla, and Camilla fucks incubi and Ted. by MawrGorshin04/17/124.80HOT

Camilla Ch. 083

 — Her shrink thought he'd seduce her, but she did him. by MawrGorshin05/07/124.50HOT

Camilla Ch. 086

 — Camilla strips for 2 lesbians, fucks Gregg, & Candice. by MawrGorshin05/17/124.09

Camilla Ch. 087

 — The plot to murder Carrie thickens...among other things. by MawrGorshin05/19/124.64HOT

Camilla Ch. 090

 — Camilla recalls being fucked by an Ontario politician. by MawrGorshin06/08/124.56

Camilla Ch. 096

 — Camilla fucks a prof, then marries him. by MawrGorshin07/13/124.44

Camilla Ch. 097

 — Camilla's husband wants to watch her fuck another man. by MawrGorshin07/19/124.40

Camilla Ch. 100

 — Camilla the professor seduces one of her students. by MawrGorshin08/03/124.39

Camilla Ch. 102

 — Camilla sees a young man naked onstage, then seduces him. by MawrGorshin08/10/124.50HOT

Camilla's Rendevous

 — Paramour arrives at wealthy home for a sensual quickie. by WickedTemptations10/05/064.26


 — A college professor get to know a student... by vulpine_lx905/03/174.37

Camille & Shelli

 — The ladies get even. by P40eBu511/13/044.14


 — Online webcams and the awakening of hidden passions. by Seeker19610/18/064.67HOT

Camp Counselor After The Movie

 — What happens when the movie is over? by Nogrod6301/10/044.55HOT

Camp Counselor Nights

 — Chelsea makes my favorite place in the world even better. by DrewishPrince07/11/174.60HOT

Camp Encounter

 — Joined in my bunk for one memorable night. by bmadison05/13/114.17

Camp Games with Blonde in Black SUV

 — Helping Young Mom enjoy sexual games. by oral_massagelover09/22/133.97

Camp Mackall Ch. 01

 — A story about a girl I met while in North Carolina. by JimmyCutlass07/27/174.10

Camp Mackall Ch. 02

 — Chrissy keeps her promise by visiting me at my office. by JimmyCutlass08/03/174.33

Camp Time

 — My first week at camp. by J_J_Livingstone03/13/123.86

Campaign 1992

 — Reporter covers presidential race by swampian12/16/024.60

Campbell's Soup

 — Boring day leads to night of insatiable passion. by Bettybod1005/09/014.49

Campers Delight

 — They find more to do on a hot evening. by hotterinWI10/03/073.69

Campfire Booty Call

 — It seemed like the perfect end to a pretty awesome day. by TheChameleon01/27/124.00

Campfire Stories Ch. 01

 — The Meeting by Good Burger07/29/044.16


 — Frustrated male finds love with sexy nymph. by Lazarus02/11/024.13


 — Camping trip turns orgasmic. by ssbg1310/09/024.44


 — a couples erotic romps while enjoying the fire... by robinred12/30/093.88


 — A fun night camping with some friends and my girlfriend. by guitargotmilf01/28/133.44


 — Young woman is stranded nude at the camping ground. by Ashson02/26/134.26


 — Two couples head out to the woods. by standingstones08/30/134.33


 — Once in a lifetime dream meeting. by queenofmyworld04/28/164.35


 — An erotic camping trip. by MisterSinnister04/10/143.51


 — Two lovers enjoy their time in the great outdoors. by cholten9909/07/173.75

Camping Anyone?

 — Mike seduces Angie by the light of a campfire. by angienero12/18/103.93

Camping at the Falls

 — Husband and wife (and others) enjoy the outdoors. by Jeanttesome03/17/114.10

Camping at Wolf Park

 — A couple have a bit of fun at a wildlife reserve. by keshiva06/24/094.29

Camping Ch. 01

 — A perfect weekend of camping. by JoeAllison09/21/103.74

Camping Conundrum

 — A couple has a hard and fast fuck in the forest. by shadowclover06/09/113.90

Camping Cuckold

 — Friend joins couple for camping trip to hot springs. by ChlsMtBkr09/27/163.92

Camping for Eric and Erika

 — Young lovers enjoy a hot camping trip. by FearedAtheist05/22/054.15

Camping Fun

 — Average couple's trip is anything but ordinary. by innocentwife01/16/013.90

Camping in the Ozarks

 — Dusti's camping & hiking trip to Taum Sauk Mountain. by Dr. Dusti Lee10/11/034.34

Camping in the Rain

 — Katie enjoys some hot sex during a rainstorm. by PrincessErin09/09/094.16

Camping on Nude Day

 — Couples camping helps Jared redeem himself. by BuckyDuckman06/23/144.73HOT

Camping Out

 — Young couples go camping with only one tent. by CRWestminster01/12/134.33

Camping Success Ch. 01

 — After hitting rock bottom a chance meeting changes his life. by MuffinMan1306/08/174.41

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