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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Camping Sucks

 — the best possible way. by da_scribe11/15/084.12

Camping Trip

 — Encounters with a sleeping temptress. by arrowrotik10/16/023.94

Camping Trip

 — You enjoy playtime in the country. by Zas03/13/034.12

Camping Trip

 — You take a trip to remember. by simplyme03036810/13/044.29

Camping Trip

 — Things heat up in the tent. by Torg05/11/053.36

Camping Trip

 — Nick's looking for a relaxing weekend. by KarennaC04/30/084.14

Camping Trip

 — A guy goes camping with his friend's family. by writefan2401/12/094.14

Camping Trip

 — Playful girl makes her lover track her through the woods. by misty8202/04/094.12

Camping Trip

 — Bradley and Samantha get frisky in their tent. by Onlivcho04/23/104.07

Camping Trip Ch. 01

 — After months of group outings, two spend time alone. by fallenangel_jaded03/27/074.15

Camping Trip Ch. 1

 — Wife gets a surprise visit from husband's boss. by Jam X06/16/014.42

Camping Trip Ch. 2

 — He shows her how much fun camping can be. by Nicola3106/05/024.11

Camping Trip Day 02

 — Josh and Samantha go to the lake. by writefan2401/17/094.46

Camping Trip Day 03

 — Josh and Annie continue their adventures. by writefan2401/08/104.54HOT

Camping Weekend

 — Future son-in-law spends weekend with the new family. by Hg Dragon09/26/044.14

Camping Weekend Ch. 02

 — Chris, Janey, George, & Jeanette's weekend continues. by Hg Dragon10/02/044.49

Camping with Friends

 — Some friends can be friendlier than expected. by Ashson12/29/134.20

Camping With Lust

 — Two counsellors meet at camp for a hot and steamy time. by Demetry03/01/114.52HOT

Camping With Lust Ch. 02

 — Two counsellors continue their lusty relationship. by Demetry08/01/114.59HOT

Camping with Michelle

 — A weekend getaway with a friend. by Linedrive03/04/034.31

Camping with Wendy

 — The girls make the annual tradition a little different. by JustinAme05/03/103.95

Camping, Texas Style

 — They love the outdoors & lust for each other. by DevilsAngel36907/28/054.33


 — Two young ladies go camping. by Ashson04/05/134.44

Campsite Sex

 — A short story about a quick fuck. by johnthepostman06/14/094.08

Campus Orientation

 — Professor finds blond gift from the wife. by Paul Yearwood08/15/023.85

Campus Secrets

 — I was chosen to entertain at the woman's dorm. by WayneGibbous08/02/124.56HOT

Campus Security

 — Security Officer comes to the aid of a petite young coed. by St. Magnum05/22/034.34

Can A Lady Feel Her Oats

 — The life and loves of Nancy Photo. by WildaRaven11/20/054.48

Can Anne Act Out His Dreams?

 — His fantasies can almost become reality. by Zorro6906/06/054.41

Can Buy Me Love

 — How much are his colleagues willing to do for cash? by wabbit_season04/16/134.79HOT

Can I Come Over?

 — He seduces Maggie into cheating, or does he? by James Kirkland11/11/003.78

Can I Come Over?

 — Couple consummates their relationship. by Carson Michael06/13/034.29

Can I Dance For You?

 — An Asian man gets a dance to remember at a strip club. by sensualwhispers06/02/114.42

Can I Get A Ride? Ch. 01

 — She needs a ride to the show. by fukensploogin05/31/064.58HOT

Can I Get a Witness

 — An invitation to a special service. by DarkAngelRider11/27/054.52HOT

Can I help you, Sir?

 — She gives him exactly what he wants. by velvetglover09/14/024.04

Can I Help You?

 — Can I help you? by halfofkrad12/02/14

Can I Interest You In Some Pants?

 — Best door-to-door sales experience! by redphoenixsub06/06/144.30

Can I Kiss You?

 — My "lively lei" in the hot, wet, Bamboo Forest. by mjmsfantasygirl11/21/113.88

Can I Take Your Picture?

 — She needs a portfolio. by jeleane12/05/094.08

Can of Corn

 — Short and sweet hetero oral sex in the kitchen while cooking. by EmilyIsGood10/26/144.54HOT

Can You Feel It?

 — Michelle ponders her feelings as the man gets curious. by TomboyWitch04/09/103.82

Can You Fuck Me Now?

 — Cell phone, doggie collar & high heels... by rockandroller03/30/044.50HOT

Can You Hear Me Now

 — Can you hear me now? by mrperry10/01/144.67

Can You Keep A Secret?

 — Two best friends keep secrets. by tresbella200201/22/103.67

Can You Keep A Secret?

 — Encounter in a motel. by a_libertine06/16/104.18

Can You Look At My...Laptop?

 — Frank and Mandy's surprise impromptu office tryst. by troyg03/14/094.16

Can You Repair My Washing Machine?

 — 'I have called about your washing machine, Madam!' by Jack Gates04/14/054.32

Can't Be Ignored

 — I am trying to deny it, but you won't let me. by SilkBlackSin06/23/144.57HOT

Can't Get Enough

 — Hot, long, wild, sex and some dirty talk. by SlaveToCock02/07/074.22

Can't Get Enough

 — She had never felt so good. by pumpkin_05/11/123.75

Can't Hardly Wait

 — A babysitter finally gets what she's wanted. by RedMonkeyButt01/21/133.98

Can't Possibly Wait

 — High school sweetheart reminisces saying yes. by inqusitivepuppy11/19/124.15

Can't Resist

 — Past lovers still feel the attraction. by geminigma11/13/094.35

Can't Say No

 — He could never say no to his best friend. by Joey74747402/08/024.12

Can't Sleep

 — Horny neighbor needs satisfied before she can sleep. by MatureWomenLover05/26/054.38

Can't Sleep

 — Liv finds the perfect remedy for her sleepless night. by NoOffSwitch08/07/154.25

Can't Stand the Rain

 — Hot beach, cold daiquiris, parting lovers. by SpikesNaughtyGirl06/09/054.57HOT

Can't Wait

 — A quickie in the back of the club. by lizzie_g04/21/084.49

Canadian Confessions

 — Matt and June swap the conference room for the bedroom by EccentricOrbits09/04/164.44

Canadian Days Ch. 01

 — La Belle Belle-Soeur. by JackStrange01/19/164.47

Canadian Days Ch. 02

 — C'est Ça Ce Que Je Veux. by JackStrange01/26/164.61HOT

Canadian Days Ch. 03

 — Sarah Stupendous. by JackStrange02/02/164.67HOT

Canadian Delight

 — She keeps him warm in the cool North. by Mr_Zac03/08/034.25

Canadian Tantric Blowjob

 — Governmental officials partake in great sex. by Mycke10/17/043.41

Canceled Flights

 — Sharing a room on a canceled flight turns surprisingly hot. by m_storyman_x02/05/154.77HOT


 — Oily beaches canceled Nude Day, but his day was still amazing. by Algonquin Twit07/12/103.90

Cancelled Flight

 — Thrown together, two seniors get together. by kalodin06/02/144.54HOT

Cancer Ch. 01

 — The internet and sexual limitations. by Erotic-Kiss04/10/054.81HOT

Cancer Ch. 02

 — Nothing matters but kissing him. by Erotic-Kiss04/11/054.81HOT

Cancer Ch. 03

 — She sticks with her plan - for the most part. by Erotic-Kiss04/28/054.68HOT

Cancer Ch. 04

 — She finally finds victory. by Erotic-Kiss04/28/054.76HOT


 — Two friends meet again by chance. by Cajun Boy07/23/033.57


 — A couple take a vacation and push the boundries. by trc6809/08/114.07

Cancun - An Unforgettable Vacation

 — Couple on vacation gets caught up in their teasing. by califmtman04/05/114.47


 — ...a fine little shorty from around the way. by MasterRamses01/29/104.00

Candace Ch. 02

 — Breakfast in bed before the big bash. by johnnieblue4412/19/094.41

Candi Ch. 01

 — Her experiment with latex goes farther than expected. by RePetitMort03/05/074.24

Candle Light

 — You spend an evening together. by darkcrow12/04/043.25


 — You savor an evening of sensual seduction. by tarantula91109/17/054.09

Candlelight and Fire

 — We meet again after wayy too long apart. by patternflyr07/22/134.73HOT

Candlelight Geek

 — In her college years, she was considered a bit of a geek. by SunrockSin11/29/084.06


 — She takes control and gives him a surprise. by MatthewKnight12/22/143.96

Candlelit Seduction

 — She surprises you after a long day. by PearlNecklace02/07/064.60HOT

Candlelit Surprise

 — She finds you waiting for her after work. by Sultry Siren12/18/024.46


 — Fucking a beautiful hitchhiker was the best part of the job. by Kiwilass01/21/144.42

Candy and Pam Pt. 01

 — John begins his adventure with Candy and Pam. by RilkesGhost01/16/184.44

Candy Cane Caresses

 — Holiday group fun turns intimate for one pair. by Megnificent111/20/054.49

Candy Cane's Ride

 — A young woman shares her passion with an older man. by ericviking6908/26/024.08

Candy Canes and Kissing Balls

 — Kinky couple find each other during holidays. by clipperdreams12/18/154.31

Candy Chronicles Ch. 01: Getting Started

 — Whore recounts her first professional days. by Shovelyjoe05/07/153.96

Candy for Breakfast

 — Badboy cowboy campfire tale. by sterlingpriest09/23/114.12

Candy Loves to Come

 — She loves coming from a cock or tongue in her pussy. by SweetPrettyAss11/29/144.34

Candy Sexy Moves

 — Big Hooters gets you cumin, and fucking the feds a pleasure. by BondGrl03/25/173.40

Candy Shop

 — Candy Shop girl seduces with a lollypop. by kimbalee03/23/084.67HOT

Candy's Business Trip

 — Her secret lust for coworker is revealed. by Alexandra Wanton06/27/004.11

Candy's Secret Affair Ch. 01a

 — The start of Candy's affair, from Van's perspective. by The Real Fn Deal10/09/023.94

Candy, Judy, Celine and Lisa

 — Man responds to love lost by becoming a sex addict. by Dinsmore12/25/054.72HOT

Cannonball Kate (The Next Few Years)

 — Kate's adventures continue. by Mag5806/10/164.51HOT

Cannonball Kate (The Phone Call)

 — An affair begins between an older man and young housewife. by Mag5805/17/164.46

Cannonball: Lust at the Circus

 — She meets the "human cannonball". by GreenDemonGurlie04/26/034.47


 — A camping trip turns erotic. by nikki_202101/29/074.55HOT

Canoe Trip

 — Dusti's first canoe trip with her new partner. by Dr. Dusti Lee10/02/034.42

Canoe Trip

 — The wrong people get together. by edmead04/26/083.90


 — Cold water makes for hot time. by KOOTGUY11/28/024.43

Canoeing in Canada

 — A romantic sex story set on an island campsite in Canada. by ecplectico02/28/164.02

Canoeing to Nirvana

 — Rain, a canoe, sun through a tent, and hot sex. by still_goin05/31/054.49

Cantina Cutie

 — A dusty cowboy gets some hot loving from the cantina cutie. by danielblue08/14/033.55

Canyon Drive

 — Anonymous sex begins your friendship. by FunLuvr24709/17/084.09

Canyon Ridge

 — A night on the ridge. by Dhampie08/08/123.29

Cape Cod

 — You enjoy an evening at the ocean. by cam31camm01/25/014.22

Cape Hatteras

 — A walk on the beach leads to early morning fun. by LadyDarcy03/16/013.43

Cape Verdean Femdom Tales

 — Cape Verdean dominatrix tames a sexist Somali man. by Samuelx07/23/171.67

Capitol Kathy

 — Kathy and Max have first time in D.C. by MaxLoad02/16/034.14


 — A lesson in patience leads to a night to remember. by sexisami41603/29/114.44

Cappuccino Time

 — A trip out for coffee leads to hot sex. by Alex_A12/31/103.68

Capri an Isle of Love Ch. 02

 — An unusual request yields unexpected results. by walterio08/10/064.80HOT

Capt. Dick Meets The Professor

 — The Captain's credentials are examined by the Professor. by CaptDick02/14/074.37

Capt. Dick Prepares For The Trip

 — He gets distracted on his way to the Schooner. by CaptDick03/05/074.32

Capt. Dick's Hawaiian Trip

 — The Captain helps with more than the boat. by CaptDick02/09/074.37

Captain Alfred's Affair

 — Wrongly charged officer finds solace with a traitor. by Eli is Coming09/15/063.48

Captain Billy's Valentine

 — A boat captain's Valentine's surprise. by ugelybobs02/02/09

Captain Cook's Cruises Ch. 02

 — One of his earlier guests charters the Captain's boat. by techsan12/18/054.67HOT

Captain Cook's Cruises Ch. 03

 — Another former guest asks to go sailing. by techsan12/19/054.71HOT

Captain Cook's Cruises Ch. 04

 — Yet another former guest takes a solo cruise. by techsan12/20/054.67HOT

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