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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Chrissy: Arranges Date For Janie With Ted

 — Ted Impregnates Janie in the SUV. by Vwrite01/27/034.34

Chrissy: BBQ

 — Intimate BBQ between friends...and the complications. by Azuldrgon09/04/134.30

Chrissy: Challenge Accepted

 — Another story about Chrissy by Azuldrgon03/25/134.07

Chrissy: Lunch Break

 — Lunchtime with a dime piece. by Azuldrgon05/17/133.80

Chrissy: Sister Comes To Visit

 — Janie and Chrissy swap partners for wild sex by Vwrite01/25/034.23

Chrissy: Spending the Night

 — A little adult play time after regular play time. by Azuldrgon04/04/134.06

Chrissy: Winning the Lottery

 — A shower before a very slow tender seduction. by Azuldrgon04/20/133.72


 — Infidelity, pregnancy, lust, tragedy. by MaxT06/09/143.77


 — Breaking her in - in more ways than one. by yourcockismine09/06/143.73

Christening Her Place

 — Young couple christens her new apartment. by pent103/05/064.38

Christening the Jaguar Temple

 — Anjin and Jago enjoy a Mayan ritual. by some_boy06/12/074.15

Christening the Kitchen

 — A couple breaks in their new kitchen. by Gracie_Buckingham06/14/094.32

Christening the Truck

 — A planned encounter with that special someone. by Cat_Fantastic08/25/074.00


 — Young lady gets a pleasant surprise. by scruff87611/11/024.23

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 01

 — Leading up to the first day of college. by FinalStand03/27/134.58HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 02

 — The Journey Begins. by FinalStand03/29/134.80HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 07

 — Birth of the Rebellion. by FinalStand04/11/134.79HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 11

 — Can Zane go 24 hours without sex? by FinalStand04/22/134.76HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 13

 — Relationships, consequences, and women in need. by FinalStand04/24/134.83HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 14

 — Saturday with Rio and so much more. by FinalStand04/26/134.82HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 15

 — Preacher William, Valerie, and the seeds of discord. by FinalStand04/27/134.79HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 17

 — Girls, Relationships and the Chancellor too. by FinalStand04/28/134.83HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 18

 — What? No Sex? by FinalStand05/01/134.81HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 19

 — Rochelle Wellington and University depravity – sort of. by FinalStand05/01/134.81HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 20

 — Say 'Lesbian Bikers' at your own peril. by FinalStand05/13/134.82HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 22

 — Aliens, Vampires and Werewolves...maybe not. by FinalStand05/15/134.80HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 24

 — Home, Willa and the Night that follows. by FinalStand06/29/134.81HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 25

 — Belle, Paige, Hope & the madness of relationships in general. by FinalStand07/20/134.83HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 26

 — Never just another Monday Morning. by FinalStand07/23/134.83HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 31

 — Just say ‘No’ gets a whole new meaning. by FinalStand08/27/134.54HOT

Christian Cum-passion for Lucky Jim

 — A caring Christian beauty cures Lucky Jim's hard-ache. by seekingred04/17/074.58HOT

Christian Winter: Prelude

 — Christian Loving sequel: Rueben bones up on studies. by flawed_ethics03/30/134.14


 — A chance encounter in a Paris hotel. by Pussyrider10/26/044.08

Christie's Lazy Day

 — Girl enjoys 3 sexual adventures on her day off. by Frisky George12/19/014.34

Christie's Secret Admirer

 — Christie meets her secret love. by Krazy3508/10/084.46

Christina and the Pool Guy

 — A lonely horny housewife desires, and fucks, the pool guy by MichaelinChina06/12/124.27

Christina at the Party

 — Christina gets wild at a wealthy CPA's garden party. by Christina Samuels02/27/014.11

Christina Struts Her Stuff

 — Sexy CPA shows what great sex is all about by Christina Samuels10/29/014.47

Christina's First Shave

 — Wife looses a bet and must get shaved. by Christina Samuels08/21/014.27

Christina's Journey Ch. 05

 — Christina's ex boyfriend finds a new sex partner. by Aussiescribe3809/05/104.50HOT

Christina's Paybacks Ch. 01

 — Christina begins her slow tease of Doc. by TX_Fun_Dr07/09/084.70HOT

Christina's Special Delivery

 — Sexy female mail carrier inspires a fantasy. by Christina Samuels04/17/044.55HOT

Christina's Special Delivery Ch. 02

 — Sexy mail carrier's twin delivers again. by Christina Samuels12/07/064.70HOT

Christina: At the Cabin

 — Hot wife ties husband to the bed. by Christina Samuels01/03/024.42

Christina: Butt . . .

 — Becky and Sam have their way with Chris. by Christina Samuels06/13/074.51HOT

Christina: Caught in the Act

 — Evidence left behind leads to wild sexcapade. by Christina Samuels03/10/074.38

Christina: Ridden Hard/Put Away Wet

 — 51-year-old and her hubby grab a quickie. by Christina Samuels12/07/133.79

Christina: Shave In The Sun

 — Nude sunbather gets her pussy shaved. by Christina Samuels07/04/044.47

Christina: Supermodel

 — Modeling in a lingerie fashion show buys a fantasy cum true. by Christina Samuels04/09/034.14

Christina: Too Hot To Handle

 — A photo shoot leads to some wild fun. by Christina Samuels12/21/074.43

Christina: Wham! Bam! . . .

 — Two CPAs enjoy a little afternoon delight. by Christina Samuels02/28/104.25

Christine and Jonny Ch. 01

 — Pen-pals finally come together. by fukensploogin06/29/064.74HOT

Christine and Lucien Ch. 01

 — The Beginning. by 70minus111/04/103.50

Christine in the Rain

 — Christine encounters a stranger at work, an affair ensues. by LookingForChristine02/13/154.21

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 06

 — She exercises her right to enjoy a fiance before his bride. by cynthiablaine709/15/134.46


 — A tale of lust. by AaronAardvark06/13/124.55HOT


 — Broken elevator leads to a wild adventure. by crafty2105/04/013.53

Christmas Amongst Friends

 — Four couples celebrate Christmas in a unique way. by Von Hauffen12/02/064.68HOT

Christmas Angel

 — She grumbles, "Baa humbug, to hell with Christmas!" by kandie12/07/094.16

Christmas at the Bowling Alley

 — Lisa earns her best Christmas present ever. by A.W. Root11/11/054.46

Christmas at the Office

 — Holidays get hot at work. by EmmaHawthorne11/30/104.07

Christmas Bonus

 — Attorney and secretary share a holiday lunch--and more. by Uomo1310/31/093.80

Christmas Came Early

 — Kelly gets her gift early. by rebelyeller_8912/05/084.19

Christmas Came Early

 — A gorgeous young courier brings parcels daily. What to do? by TGStone11/28/134.27

Christmas Candy

 — Sweet gift that comes from heart & from body. by julie_hypnotic12/01/034.50HOT

Christmas Carol

 — Carol takes a liking hulky gay Jeremy by BigDave134001/19/033.90

Christmas Carol

 — A modern twist on a Dickens classic. by Kalavo12/25/164.24

Christmas Carol in San Diego Ch. 1

 — A blonde & a sailor find love. by ANiceGuy01/10/014.60

Christmas Carrie

 — Holiday visit from virgin Carrie. by LenNeal09/07/134.45

Christmas Cockerels

 — Lonely divorcee is pleasured by two randy youths. by LC1010/11/094.18

Christmas Cream Pie

 — Wife redeems sex coupons in a new way. by Brian101/15/014.54HOT

Christmas Cups

 — Christmas party at Jeff and Brittney's. by TheJohnsonator0504/10/134.15

Christmas Day

 — Darnell spends his first christmas with the woman he loves. by littlemissnaughtygal02/15/044.43

Christmas Discovery

 — A girl is dumped and find new love in ex's nerdy brother. by Mister_X_TheStoryteller12/25/124.27

Christmas Dreamz Ch. 01

 — Lovers spend the holidays in each other's arms. by DesideriaPantera01/01/104.50

Christmas Eve

 — Santa gets an unexpected Christmas gift by comepuppy12/13/024.25

Christmas Eve

 — Your sensuous celebration. by kimberlyn03/11/034.86

Christmas Eve

 — Snowed into the airport, Corinne and Will are reunited. by Red Queen12/21/054.19

Christmas Eve in the Barracks

 — Dave gets drunk with a senior petty officer by Dave_Loves_Puss09/02/114.35

Christmas Eve Striptease

 — Early gift for my boyfriend. by reverendaholic11/20/094.18

Christmas Eve Surprise

 — A boring Christmas Eve turns wild. by BooMerengue12/15/023.98

Christmas Eve Surprise

 — Wife gets dirty when hubby returns early from business trip. by Goldeniangel02/23/054.60HOT

Christmas Heart

 — He wins back her body and heart. by violerika01/02/104.46

Christmas in Carol

 — Tom pulls a Christmas Cracker, or two or three! by Girls_cum_first11/16/084.77HOT

Christmas in Chicago

 — Running in the arms of a new lover in a new city. by AmelieAugust12/18/164.16

Christmas in College Town

 — Young woman finds lust and love at Christmas. by JagFarlane11/21/134.35

Christmas in Dallas

 — So she does like Christmas after all... by RedBlack12/06/084.56HOT

Christmas in Venice

 — Grief stricken, Sarah takes a Christmas trip to Venice. by MicheleChristie04/23/134.15

Christmas is For Lovers

 — I had my snow pants down to my ankles... by Etoiles12/08/134.13

Christmas Joy

 — A special delivery. by Wills11/30/034.33

Christmas Joy, Hardbody Church Girl

 — Christmas visit and sex with church girl. by Waytoomuchfun04/06/174.14

Christmas Leave

 — What soldiers want when away from the battlefield. by justwanttowrite12/22/074.92HOT

Christmas Masquerade

 — An office party brings a surprise or two. by Lady_Fiona12/20/094.51HOT

Christmas Massage

 — Pip makes Christmas Day much better. by ChrisStork09/01/132.25

Christmas Panties

 — Christian constantly flirted with her. by lady_dakaar12/15/074.14

Christmas Party

 — Hooking up with a coworker at the Christmas party. by jreemis04/23/164.68HOT

Christmas Party Loving

 — Young assistant helps couple find passion. by bebesister10/26/094.42

Christmas Presence

 — Sorry, Charlie---the boss got there first. by mirandalynne11/16/044.30

Christmas Presence

 — Sometimes, the best presents aren't those under the tree. by chocolatecherry12/10/073.82

Christmas Present

 — Wife shows appreciation for present. by HairTrigger06/04/044.20

Christmas Quickie

 — Staff loos come in handy when I meet an old flame at work. by morgan_6912/28/093.88

Christmas Redemption

 — Gambled it away? Sex will earn it back! by R. Richard11/30/034.53HOT

Christmas Shopping in NY

 — Shopping for some lingerie in NY, got me all excited... by naughty_madeleine_8611/30/164.66HOT

Christmas Special

 — I couldn't help it, it was Christmas Eve. by alexcarr12/29/113.79

Christmas Stockings

 — The inside story. by Girls_cum_first11/13/084.65HOT

Christmas Surprise

 — Virgin girl gets a surprise from old Saint Nick. by johnwadd12/24/004.11

Christmas Surprise

 — "Santa" brings me a surprise on Christmas Eve. by Marle9412/30/164.33

Christmas Surprises

 — Reunion fantasy of an affair long ago. by mgw85812/01/154.67HOT

Christmas Toy Run

 — A Rough Bikie delivers more than presents. by Auswoody05/06/164.45

Christmas Traditions

 — A new Christmas tradition is born. by MissVictoria12/17/013.80

Christmas Wish

 — She dreams of love. by Romantic Dreamer01/17/054.20

Christmas Wish

 — A new Christmas present has unexpected uses. by Frogsoup12/01/083.98

Christmas With and Without Carol

 — Maybe this time he'd get it right, and have sex with Carol? by tristantrotsky12/22/173.50

Christmas with Jane and Tony

 — Christmas break with two college kids. by Kalavo10/24/164.79HOT

Christmas with Simon

 — We had a surprisingly special Christmas Eve. by ravenswood12/22/093.67

Christmas with Summer Ch. 01

 — Summer is excited to host Jake's friends over the holidays. by stevieraygovan10/25/084.75HOT

Christmas with Summer Ch. 02

 — After a sexy morning wake-up, Summer is hot at the beach. by stevieraygovan10/26/084.72HOT

Christmas with Summer Ch. 03

 — Summer fans the flames, and they all catch a fire. by stevieraygovan11/06/084.77HOT

Christmas with Summer Ch. 04

 — Damn the torpedoes, and no holding back: Summer goes all in. by stevieraygovan11/25/084.59HOT

Christmas with Summer Ch. 05

 — The redeeming of the gifts. by stevieraygovan12/08/084.66HOT

Christmas with the Shark

 — Breaking up over Christmas can be hard to do. by MutedHorn12/04/133.86

Christmas Wrapping

 — Merry Christmas, but I think I'll miss this one this year. by HLD12/03/144.76HOT

Christy & the Bartender

 — Jilted Christy takes her self out on the town. by Moonlight_3303/15/014.62HOT

Christy's Transformation Ch. 01

 — Sheltered girl moves across the country and changes. by cindertones03/02/154.04

Christy, Chris, & Jack

 — A couple recounts how they met to an old friend. by klvyoenne02/05/063.69

Christy, Chris, & Jack Ch. 02

 — Jack mastrubates to thoughts of his friend's beautiful wife by klvyoenne02/06/064.00

Christy, Chris, & Jack Ch. 03

 — Apply ice to reduce swelling: Jack falls. by klvyoenne02/07/064.53HOT

Christy/Todd, Todd/Christy

 — Todd falls for petite Christy. by Anonymous Author10/15/004.65HOT

Chronicles of Cambridge Ch. 03

 — The Lodger plays away. by graffenburg03/04/064.15

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 03

 — Joni comes back from cheerleading camp. by CABONE08/08/104.64HOT

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 06

 — Chris and Teddi get together. by CABONE10/10/104.70HOT

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 07

 — Chris goes back to Joni after seeing Teddi, is Joni pissed? by CABONE11/26/104.75HOT

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 08

 — Chris and Joni go on a honeymoon? by CABONE07/01/114.77HOT

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 09

 — Chris gets ready to leave for the Navy and has a surprise. by CABONE09/10/114.68HOT

Chronicles of Chris Ch. 10

 — Chris out of boot camp, in school, meets someone interesting. by CABONE02/11/124.64HOT

Chronicles of Megan Ch. 02

 — Megan and Jenny fight, and Parker plays with Megan... by Theartofsex11/17/094.57HOT

Chronicles of Megan Ch. 03

 — Megan and Parker go out to Party, and Dark meets Kim... by Theartofsex11/26/094.29

Chronicles of Naughtiness

 — Perchance to play. by LorenzoLee05/11/123.82

Chronicles of Naughtiness Ch. 02

 —  Having pulled her legs together... by LorenzoLee05/11/123.75

Chronicles of Naughtiness Ch. 03

 —  Brenda and I woke up rather early... by LorenzoLee05/23/124.25

Chronicles with an Angel

 — The start of an affair with my girlfriend's mother. by Jack9407/15/16

Chrystal Chalice Ep. 01

 — The adventures of Private Detective Chrystal Chalice. by RandyGonzalez12/16/174.47

Chrystal Chalice Ep. 02

 — Who did the Malice? by RandyGonzalez04/24/18NEW

Chubby Chaser Ch. 01

 — FUCKING my THICK ASS Armenian coworker has consequences!! by mondotoken03/11/164.37

Chubby Fuck

 — Overweight girl gets her man. by standingstones10/06/134.12

Chubby Goth Girl

 — A guy gets the chubby girl who works behind the counter. by notbreckenridge03/20/144.29

Chubby Goth Girl Ch. 02

 — Looking to get at her ass he finds more intrigue in his girl. by notbreckenridge04/25/144.57HOT

Chubby Sam & Horny Andy Get It On

 — Two housemates fulfill fantasy. by Chubby_Sam02/02/114.13

Chuck Fowler's Next Adventure

 — Heidi helps Mr. Fowler hookup with a couple of her friends. by benjie401/24/184.36

Church Back Room Bang

 — A couple get bored during service and sneak off to play. by wolzard109/08/164.32

Church Can Be Fun Ch. 01

 — Worshiping at the altar of lust. by Mike Franklin01/29/074.54HOT

Church Ch. 01

 — Beth finally meets her friend. by his_sweetheart03/19/094.45

Church Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Beth's encounter with the guest speaker. by his_sweetheart03/22/094.58HOT

Church Dad

 — The best place to meet men for sex is at church! by pghpa05/18/17

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