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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Courtney: The Massage

 — Second date leads to warm-oil fate. by Wild Bill05/06/024.55HOT

Courtroom Bet

 — Payback is a bitch. by Acal06/05/114.61HOT

Courtship Ch. 3

 — Sylvie confesses her past; Sonia & Marc spend a week together. by Sonia_de_Beaumanoir05/11/014.67HOT

Courtview Refinement College Ch. 01

 — Courtview Refinement College welcomes the new dean. by Zack298106/30/104.60HOT

Courtview Refinement College Ch. 02

 — Dean Pelt receives a surprise visit from Ginger's friend. by Zack298107/05/104.64HOT

Cousin Becky Ch. 5

 — Becky finds a job. by jacksgirl08/07/024.26

Cousin's Boyfriend and My Girlfriend

 — I watch as my cousin's boyfriend has sex with my girlfriend. by actuallyhappened01/10/183.89

Cover Letter for Assistant Pt. 01

 — Response to your post for a Personal Assistant. by Magnette10/28/163.96

Cover Letter for Assistant Pt. 02

 — Continued performance review. by Magnette10/30/164.67HOT

Cover Shot

 — A gorgeous model and a savvy photographer let things develop. by juanwildone03/06/064.47


 — She wanted him, even if he belonged to her best friend. by BellaBestia08/24/054.44

Covet Thy Neighbor's New Tits

 — Give and ye shall receive (bisexual). by dixeenormous05/29/034.57HOT


 — A night out with the other man in my life. by chloecravemore11/22/143.93

Coveting Ch. 01

 — Danny & Vince begin wanting each others spouse. by Paris Waterman10/17/114.46

Coveting Ch. 12

 — Vince & Margie swap with the Lambert's. by Paris Waterman02/15/124.42

Coveting Chloe

 — Chloe gets a birthday present she never expected. by __Lisa__07/18/094.44


 — She rides more than horses at this ranch. by Clohi10/25/034.41


 — I want you to ride my mouth. by play_me05/03/093.38

Cowboy Ch. 01

 — Well, it was now the time to seduce the cowboy. by kandie07/30/114.17

Cowboy Ch. 02

 — I woke up with his mouth on my pussy, 'Love this cowboy.' by kandie07/31/114.39

Cowboy Down

 — A high-strung professor lets loose at the rodeo. by LadyJenny01/09/094.18

Cowboy Down Ch. 02

 — Professor does her cowboy at the rodeo. by LadyJenny01/28/094.31

Cowboy in Chicago

 — Out of town cowboy picked up by an attractive escort. by call_me_dana12/23/064.62HOT

Cowboy Meets Brunette at LAX

 — Cowboy from Montana meets hot brunette at LAX. by bradley562005/15/094.02

Cowboy Up

 — Chance was the bronc and Belle wanted her ride. by PJ52605/06/08

Coworker Amy

 — A supervisor and his young coworker experience a lusty night. by hometownerotica07/01/104.40

Coworker Ch. 01

 — He can't resist sexy coworker. by bignfirm07/18/054.15

Coworker Kari: Stripped, Wet and...

 — In upstairs shower, he & coworker screwed silly. by The_Unsaved05/26/074.51HOT

Coworker Surprise

 — Longtime work friends reveal their love of oral sex. by stayon1206/14/054.36

Coworker Transformation

 — Turning my inexperienced coworker into a self-described slut. by fizzylove01/14/164.50HOT

Coworker's Delight

 — This little girl gets it all after work. by DooneyGirl11/17/044.56HOT


 — They take advantage of dark trailers. by jezebeldelilah04/16/093.74

Coworkers Ch. 03

 — Erika's man punishes Annie. by crisssin02/05/054.23

Coworkers on a Trip

 — Your trip that should have been. by apiman06/29/093.62

Coyote Ugly

 — Sometimes you get less than you bargained for. by Parsons05/21/043.96

Cozmick XXXTasy

 — Ordinary guy has dream come true. by darrkmysticrayvn10/23/124.50HOT

Crack in the Wall Ch. 01: Caught

 — Tomboy friend comes back hot and ready. But what about Mom? by JustAnotherPervert09/22/174.55HOT

Crack Whore

 — The adventures of a street prostitute. by Arianne12/19/003.42

Cracked Foundations

 — They worked together to fix the house, and maybe more. by MSTarot04/10/144.80HOT


 — Love in front of the fire. by BlueEyed5ftAngel12/28/054.38

Crafting the Perfect Story

 — She's the muse he likes to use. by HardSalami08/13/134.33


 — An artist, in more ways than one, makes me a gift. by SueNH10/08/124.56HOT


 — She arrives unannounced andboth brothers enjoy the show. by sexy_nimph05/07/034.31

Craig and Leslie Meet

 — Strangers discover each other at a bar. by MCapp01/06/013.79

Craig and The Girl Next Door

 — The girl of his dreams asks for a fuck by screamingfuck11/08/133.27

Craig Pt. 01

 — Stories regarding a good friend. by eroticjuggalo01/22/162.00

Craig's List Whore

 — The story of a recent Craig's List hook up. by GingerFireFly06/10/164.41

Craigslist Ad

 — I answered a craigslist ad. by flydawg4310/15/153.20

Craigslist Adventure

 — Dylan meets a girl from craigslist. by Leszoccer1301/24/173.68

Craigslist Casual Encounters, Vol. 01

 — You meet in person. by mstarling02/02/094.41

Craigslist Dream

 — Sexually deprived single braves a new adventure. by vblizz12/16/124.30

Craigslist Sex

 — Carol shares a story. by switchhitter03/07/123.85

Cramming for the Exam

 — Instructor gets more than he bargained for. by Celestite10/13/064.29

Cramming With Leigh

 — Students cram for test, then he crams her. by Hornyman69WithU04/16/073.95


 — A divorced woman hits bottom with a friend. by jjsharshaw11/23/013.41


 — Opportunity meets inclination. by Alex De Kok10/31/074.57HOT


 — Eve takes her car to the panelbeater. by starova02/05/114.35

Crash and Burn

 — She finds herself being tended by an erotic stranger. by LilacWine05/24/064.49

Crashed & Burned

 — Nikki learns lessons she would never forget. by Moonlight_3311/28/024.59HOT

Crashing the Xmas Party

 — Couple crashes friend's company party. by zeb_zebra12/20/034.04

Crashing Waves

 — An office based encounter. by rosesandcherries01/02/143.86

Crashing with Alice Ch. 01

 — I needed a place to stay. She offered. It was a trap. by The_Cyberneticist02/18/154.47


 — They both know what they want. by CherryCat02/05/084.47

Craving for Love and Sex

 — The nymph inside is released. by mdiver10/24/154.45

Craving Jess

 — Married man lusts over best friend's girl. by joeshangle03/22/154.24

Craving Ms. Meredith

 — College student loves his history professor. by onetwoskeedoo02/08/044.59HOT

Craving That Cock

 — Sharon craves Daylen's huge cock again. by wetsexgirl05/20/064.31


 — A woman's needs. by CanadianM09/16/124.03

Crazy Arms

 — Lost my girlfriend to my brother. by DG Hear06/20/094.33

Crazy for Cocoa

 — While on a business trip, I find the perfect chocolate woman. by argentinoensandiego03/05/154.15

Crazy Gina

 — An unbalanced woman seduces the perfect husband. by Voboy06/01/164.73HOT

Crazy in Vegas Ch. 01

 — A raunchy story about madness in Vegas. by 800813504/29/123.59

Crazy in Vegas Ch. 02

 — Told from HER P.O.V. by 800813505/06/123.43

Crazy Sarah

 — A wild welcome home. by standingstones09/30/064.08

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 06

 — The girls' wild ways continue as David deals with events. by BlewWater6902/22/114.69HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 09

 — David's wild summer continues at the shore. by BlewWater6909/09/114.73HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 10

 — Anna finally arrives. by BlewWater6906/10/124.64HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 11

 — Anna or Megan, or both? by BlewWater6908/23/124.77HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 12

 — David's wild summer of sex reaches a peak. by BlewWater6910/04/124.78HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 13

 — David heads to college and has to adjust. by BlewWater6911/11/124.72HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 14

 — A terrible event and new relationships emerge. by BlewWater6901/03/134.74HOT

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 15

 — David and Megan marry, but not before more fun. by BlewWater6903/29/134.69HOT

Crazy, Dark

 — A father's obsession leads to tragedy. by darkoverlord612/14/174.26

Cream Ch. 06

 — Griff finally finds and fucks Kim...then rescues her. by MawrGorshin09/24/154.18

Cream Ch. 07

 — Griff takes Kim to a motel, showers with her, and fucks her. by MawrGorshin09/28/153.91

Cream Ch. 08

 — Kim, free of Cream's influence, shows Griff she wants him. by MawrGorshin10/02/154.41

Cream Ch. 09

 — Griff and Kim fuck in the shower and in bed, including anal. by MawrGorshin10/08/154.00

Cream in Your Coffee

 — BBW gets more than a cup of coffee. by TwistedTania04/28/074.38

Creaminess is Next to Godliness

 — Fairfax has interesting relationship with milkmaids. by sweetstouty12/11/024.17

Creaminess is Next to Godliness

 — Fairfax has an interesting relationship with the milkmaids by Stout chap12/12/023.83

Creaming My Neighbor

 — Good deed leads to incredible experiences. by Lakeside Lover07/26/034.27

Creampie Revenge

 — Woman takes a strangers load to a cheating boyfriend. by ualmech8803/27/174.27

Creamy Dreamy

 — An "arrangement" has it's advantages, sort of. by PassionateBeing01/05/134.00

Creating an Heir to the Throne

 — A newly crowned king takes on a bride to breed a son. by lacerabbit03/22/183.54

Creating Jenny

 — A prim secretary's passions are unleashed on a Mexican Beach by Natural Born Eros01/12/034.13


 — He challenges creationism in church and after. by hoo_hoo_boo10/08/134.14

Creative Lessons

 — Art after school gets a little more interesting. by Tyde10/04/014.00

Creative Sharing

 — He reads her story and she poses for his sketch. by DonP03/02/074.36

Creative Teaching Methods

 — My first day of creative writing class would change my life. by SithLord696904/30/154.20

Creative Writing

 — A creative writing accident makes an impression. by rj_mcdonnell03/08/084.44

Creative Writing

 — Evening classes turn out more interesting than Amy thought. by JudeWrites01/18/104.59HOT

Creative Writing and Short Skirts

 — Months of flirting leads to brief afternoon sex. by kinkidusti10/16/064.57HOT

Creatures Of The Night

 — Camper gets a night call. by Fantasealor04/05/044.22

Credit Refused

 — In financial bind, business woman trades her way out. by Alexandra07/05/024.50HOT

Creme Brulee

 — We enjoy a creme brulee. by whiterabbitlit12/10/164.43


 — Ben rescues the girl and gets his reward. by emma57901/06/114.29

Crime & Punishment Ch. 01

 — The "crime". by Lady Jayne03/13/054.24

Crime Scene

 — Crime Tech and Paramedic husband make love between calls. by pbon4411/28/164.26

Crime Story Ch. 01

 — The outlaw is captured. by ourlilisland04/11/154.12

Crime Time

 — The self-serving deed may become a fool's errand. by RetMarut03/07/083.00

Criminal Behavior

 — Two friends break into uncharted territory. by Themoodyone11/06/093.36

Criminally Vulgar

 — He knows just what she needs to hear to make her his. by EverLux10/28/164.57HOT

Crimson and Clover

 — I give a curvy confident woman exactly what she wants. by BrooklynObserver06/08/104.11

Crimson Coyote

 — A traveler's luck changes. by Jakkar Ammat02/16/064.55HOT

Crippled Girl Ch. 02

 — My life with the amazing girl with crutches continues by Pappageno05/29/144.68HOT

Crisp Darkness

 — Tristan watches Amber have sex with another. by p3stil3nce02/18/083.59

Crista Meets Her Match Ch. 01

 — The First Dalliance. by LeopoldNicholas10/05/14

Crista Meets Her Match Ch. 02

 — A fantasy fulfilled. by LeopoldNicholas10/11/14

Crista Meets Her Match Ch. 03

 — Eastern Delight 1. by LeopoldNicholas10/26/14

Crista Meets Her Match Ch. 04

 — Eastern Delight 2. by LeopoldNicholas05/12/15

Cristie Leads The Way

 — Cristie gets my attention. by johnnylikesit03/12/174.08

Cristie Leads The Way Ch. 02

 — My affair with Cristie continues. by johnnylikesit04/11/174.00

Cristmas Shopping in Korea

 — Wife shops for Christmas and gets a little extra. by Eroticmania03/30/133.63

Critical Mass

 — Life changes after an unexpected jackpot. by roadworthy05/27/154.55HOT


 — Post Sex Q & A. by Fable12/04/044.24

Crooked Cops and Counterfeit Jugs

 — Busty Brandi is tricked at the police station. by GeorgeTasker05/03/034.49

Crooked Cops and Counterfeit Jugs Ch. 02

 — Busty Brandi goes undercover. by GeorgeTasker09/07/034.60HOT


 — He pays her back for her theft. by frustratedcollabs04/02/174.26

Cross Country

 — Teacher tries to round up stragglers in a cross country run. by Ashson09/13/144.52HOT

Cross Country Flight

 — Sex in the air between strangers. by Clohi02/01/064.41

Cross Country Ride

 — A man loses a wife and finds new love far from home. by Saintisidore04/17/124.58HOT

Cross Country Trip

 — Sasha and Tanner have to drive across the country. by neutrona02/09/164.54HOT

Cross Fire Hurricane

 — Love finds its way in a disaster, across the generations. by Thizbee04/29/063.62

Cross-Country Ride

 — Older woman & younger man meet on Amtrak. by KinkyTeacherGuy04/21/024.05

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 01

 — The trip begins with a bang in San Francisco. by MrFalkirk08/04/044.30

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 02

 — Nevada may never be the same after you're gone. by MrFalkirk08/05/044.39

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 03

 — Rocky Mountain high is very delightful. by MrFalkirk08/07/044.53HOT

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 06

 — The story continues in Arkansas & Missouri. by MrFalkirk08/13/044.60HOT

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 09

 — Road trip ends on the New Jersey coast. by MrFalkirk08/17/044.42

Crossing a Divide

 — Two people who meet on an erotic chat site, cross the divide. by Irish10204/06/184.80HOT

Crossing a Line

 — "Well, it's not really a lie yet," Michael thought... by Middleagepoet05/12/094.21

Crossing Over

 — Online fantasy meets reality. by TheProphet04/14/064.42

Crossing Paths

 — Chance meeting with an old friend turns into an erotic night. by jpj300002/14/144.46

Crossing Paths Ch. 02A

 — It only gets better. by jpj300002/19/144.25

Crossing The Lake

 — Crossing a lake in a whiteout. by Cagey05/21/034.62HOT

Crossing the Line

 — Married friends find bliss. by jackaljackal04/21/074.59HOT

Crossing the Line

 — Husband's surprising encounter with wife's best friend. by 2wsxcft612/14/064.34

Crossing the Line

 — Coworkers innocent flirting becomes more. by gmonkeh04/30/113.91

Crossing the Line

 — Teacher and former student head down a slippery slope. by luv2givBJ10/27/113.98

Crossing the Line

 — Married Gym Teacher helps Jessica remember he 18th bday by BreakingNads03/31/144.31

Crossing The Line

 — I finally meet my online fantasy friend. by NaughtyGirl369701/08/154.55HOT

Crossing the Line

 — When you cross over the line... by Ann Douglas08/25/174.72HOT

Crossing The Line...

 — Sultry redhead seduces her professor to keep her scholarship. by RiversEdge201012/13/124.45

Crossing the Lines Ch. 02

 — Debby and Alex continue their evening together. by NoLoveLost12/14/114.17

Crossing the Lines Ch. 03

 — Debby and Alex take their illicit love affair up a notch. by NoLoveLost12/26/114.10

Crossing The Road

 — Sometimes it's the simple things that lead to great moments. by JudeWrites09/01/094.63HOT

Crouching Tiger

 — His fantasy woman surprises him at the office. by gypsy palliser10/18/044.33

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