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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Dad's Camcorder Ch. 04

 — Chloe demands that Dorsey bang her. by jallen94407/31/074.59HOT

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 06

 — Dorsey's boss finds out about his huge cock. by jallen94408/31/074.48

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 07

 — Chloe's cousin learns to handle Dorsey's huge cock. by jallen94409/13/074.52HOT

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 08

 — Mrs. Petersen has a few things to say to Dorsey. by jallen94409/24/074.58HOT

Daddy Christmas

 — A Naughty Girl stays up to get at Santa's Sack. by Dani_Kadlo01/06/174.40

Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 2

 — Daddy plans a heist. by TheScribe08/19/013.57

Daddy Issues

 — Man's mistress likes to call him "Daddy". by Anonymous Author12/03/003.65

Daddy's Best Advice

 — A college student interprets her Dad's advice. by leBonhomme09/12/154.10

Daddy's Girl

 — His big beautiful girl knows exactly how to please. by bbwpeach03/16/073.84

Daddy's Little Girl

 — Will's insurance agent has a new office girl. by luvjuice4307/24/154.31

Daddy's Little Helpers Ch. 00: Roots

 — Back to Life. by Zeke50301/27/154.35

Daddy's Little Helpers Ch. 01

 — Procurer, Pimp, or Public Service. by Zeke50301/28/154.62HOT

Daddy's Little Helpers Ch. 02

 — Second Daughter's Friend. by Zeke50301/31/154.50HOT

Daddy's Little Helpers Ch. 03a

 — Double Blind(fold) Study. by Zeke50301/21/164.55HOT

Daddy's Little Helpers Ch. 03b

 — The Close Party and afterwards. by Zeke50301/23/164.72HOT

Daddy's Valentine

 — Valentines day gifts are exchanged between lovers. by bobweave02/22/134.09

Daily Special

 — A 'quickie' about making fantasies come true. by eroslit07/31/114.47

Daily Stand-Up

 — Work is its own reward. by TonyZee04/03/074.32


 — College friends go out to the diner. by Professor_Forrest12/29/103.23

Daisy Cam

 — Cameron Black and Daisy enjoy Halloween and more. by Psahro11/06/144.15

Daisy Got Laid

 — Needs must be satisfied. by rachlou09/04/064.39

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 02

 — Daisy meets Mr Wrong - or is he? by rachlou09/10/064.58HOT

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 04

 — Max finds temptation is a terrible thing. by rachlou10/07/064.56HOT

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 05

 — Our lovers meet again in darkest Yorkshire. by rachlou10/19/064.46

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 06

 — Max gets drunk and Daisy has a nasty shock. by rachlou11/24/064.55HOT

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 07

 — Daisy finds solace with Mike, Max swears off women. by rachlou12/05/064.42

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 08

 — Max finds a distraction from his obsession. by rachlou12/16/064.47

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 09

 — Daisy says farewell to Mike; Jen turns up. by rachlou12/29/064.39

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 10

 — Will Daisy & Max finally get it together? by rachlou12/31/064.53HOT

Daisy Price Ch. 01

 — Daisy does the mailman while searching for new job. by sjmhmttep01/15/123.74

Daisy Price Ch. 03

 — Daisy goes to job interview & does new boss. by sjmhmttep06/26/123.85

Daisy Price, Secretary For Hire

 — Daisy loses her job, & gives boss a farewell fucking. by sjmhmttep10/04/113.96


 — After a business dinner, she tells him what she likes. by mitch02/06/034.10


 — The affair continues with Jack. by Lilith76002/16/173.58

Dallas Ch. 01

 — The surprise visitor. by redtinkerbell28801/31/074.33

Dallas Ch. 02

 — The evening unfolds. by redtinkerbell28802/01/074.50

Dallas Ch. 03

 — Tinkerbelle plays tricks. by redtinkerbell28802/02/073.89

Dallas Ch. 04

 — Convention minx. by redtinkerbell28802/03/074.43

Dallas Ch. 05

 — Dressing room attack. by redtinkerbell28802/04/073.90

Dallas to Boston

 — Seatmates on scheduled flight find mutual satisfaction. by jetA103/13/064.07

Damaged but Renewed

 — Former gymnast finds a new lease on life. by Boondocker4201/28/174.52HOT

Damian and Ashley

 — They come home and explore their relationship. by wittyinpink05/07/113.76

Damian and Sean Cumshots Ch. 1

 — A journal entry: Facial Cumsessions by hotbeech11/17/023.90


 — She takes off early to fuck him hard in the ass. by naughtylane11/22/094.52HOT

Damn Lucky Duck

 — Friends enjoy some rub-a-dub-dub and a duck in the tub. by FunwithRyleigh04/08/084.40

Damn Lucky Duck Ch. 02

 — Toweling off after a bath has never been so much fun. by FunwithRyleigh04/24/084.61HOT

Damn You

 — You can't resist the urge. by SouthernSeductress06/26/064.12


 — One word says it all. by Gwen06/13/013.84


 — A chance meeting in a supermarket leads to a wild night. by tarnished_knight08/22/074.51HOT

Damn, Why Didn't I Get Her Number?

 — Random meeting at a bar. by mike85ad01/26/133.94

Damned Goats

 — Swimming nude was fun but for those damned goats. by Ashson04/05/154.61HOT

Damned If

 — The wife set me up... Honest!! by Sven the Elder04/27/114.17

Damnit Janet

 — Woman from his past returns for an encore. by be0wulf10/03/034.45


 — An exquisitely true story of lust, like and lifestyle. by jakebarnes0611/14/064.50HOT

Damp Clothes

 — What happens after the rain. by Crafty_Linguist06/14/163.83

Damp Panties

 — Friends with benefits play their parts. by spellofasiren04/15/103.56

Damp Start

 — John wants a dirty weekend with Sheila. by oggbashan04/04/034.02

Damsel in Distress

 — Who rescues who? by roswalien04/09/134.54HOT

Damsels in Distress on a Lake

 — Hot women on a boat heat up a hot day. by m_storyman_x07/11/094.63HOT

Dan and Jayna Ch. 01

 — A hot day by the pool in their Spanish villa. by Flaouterakh07/17/094.27

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 03

 — Dave and Meraina's first night together. by Joseki Ko02/02/044.28

Dan the Man

 — A country guy migrates to the city to find great sex. by EgmontOriginals08/04/163.92

Dan's Lil Sis Ch. 01

 — Sister finally meets brother, and his best friend. by Chewy_Sweet_Tart06/25/104.29

Dan's Lil Sis Ch. 02

 — Sophie and Kevin get a bit farther. by Chewy_Sweet_Tart06/30/104.44

Dan's Lil Sis Ch. 03

 — Kevin finds Sophie at a restaurant. by Chewy_Sweet_Tart07/01/104.74HOT

Dan's Lil Sis Ch. 04

 — A sort of.. Battle of the siblings? by Chewy_Sweet_Tart07/02/104.66HOT

Dana & Charles

 — A husband and wife play. by integerspin_desire11/19/113.81

Dana & Jeff Ch. 03

 — Can they overcome their biggest obstacle? by illicit_writer01/28/164.31

Dana Breaks Rule #1 Ch. 01

 — Latin hottie gets caught trying to break the rules. by Sexuallyshady10/25/04

Dana's Interogation

 — Dana's friends want to know about her relationship. by calista24106/13/164.30

Dana's Lust

 — Sometimes, a girl's not ready to settle down yet. by DagdaIV11/15/114.12

Dana's Side Ch. 01

 — Dana, from The Lake House Lessons, tells her side. by JayDavid06/21/124.71HOT

Dana's Side Ch. 02

 — Dana and Jack's relationship develops. by JayDavid06/23/124.69HOT

Dana's Side Ch. 03

 — Dana and Jack try to define their relationship. by JayDavid06/25/124.70HOT

Dana's Side Ch. 04

 — Dana and Jack get closer. by JayDavid06/28/124.75HOT

Dana's Side Ch. 05

 — Jack surprises Dana and she rebounds. by JayDavid07/01/124.60HOT

Dana's Side Ch. 06

 — Jack and Dana reach some sort of resolution. by JayDavid07/04/124.71HOT

Dana's Surprise

 — College coed has a surprise for her lover. by winding706/05/084.26

Dana's Wish Pt. 01

 — Dana's deepest desires are explored. by DanaCalls0405/27/164.20

Dana: My New Neighbor

 — He seduces his next door neighbor. by texman6409/13/054.45


 — She loved to dance. And he loved to watch. by lustybard08/11/064.45

Dance Class

 — Much to your delight, Sexygirl learns to pole dance. by 1sexygirl07/26/084.57HOT

Dance Class Partners

 — A story with two endings - Introduction. by caligula9723602/24/104.36

Dance Class Partners - F/M ending

 — A story with two endings - Carrie spanks James. by caligula9723602/25/104.42

Dance Class Partners - M/F ending

 — A story with two endings - James spanks Carrie. by caligula9723602/25/104.48

Dance Floor Seduction Ch. 01

 — Kat finds her self lusting after a beautiful gothic woman. by M_P05/02/064.28

Dance Floor Tease

 — Nia plays power games on the dance floor. by arouse_and_sing12/21/124.42

Dance For Love

 — Young dance teacher falls for older client. by MrNewHouston12/01/024.55HOT

Dance for Me

 — She gives him a very happy birthday. by xMarks07/30/094.45

Dance Hall Daze

 — Months of flirting meet animal attraction. by LilTrbleMakr04/23/064.45

Dance Night

 — Two people are turned on by a night of dancing. by cessna4203/06/093.12

Dance Of Delight

 — A slave to passion, she wins freedom in her heart. by Moonlight_3306/17/024.59HOT

Dance of Fantasy

 — The imagination can be the most effective aphrodisiac. by TonyDowse02/22/074.73HOT

Dance of Seduction

 — She dances for you. by caterwauller11/16/034.55HOT

Dance Partner

 — She learned he could move even better off the dance floor. by rain57man12/01/094.26

Dance with a Stranger

 — Strangers find chemistry on the dance floor. by hugginbare04/09/113.27

Dance With Me

 — A scenario she's played out in her mind. by lickandspankme06/20/024.40

Dance with Me

 — New lust with a new dance partner. by ReverendAnimal06/19/104.46


 — Woman finds the perfect lover on the dance floor. by satinkitty03/11/014.21


 — A sexy fantasy. by emmylou7808/23/063.79


 — Let me tell you about the sexiest girl I never saw. by timecode05/30/044.53HOT


 — She lap dances for him in their hotel room. by CQ8006/20/074.18

Dancer in the Dark

 — Belly dancer seduces an old friend. by Zotted09/30/094.63HOT

Dancer's Dream Lover

 — A dancer, her lover, & a cop. by candycane12/22/014.49

Dances of Love

 — He gives her a well planned romantic night of passionate sex. by TheInnerBeast09/02/164.78HOT

Dancin' For The Groceries Ch. 01

 — The cause. by sweeteuphoria12/16/074.53HOT

Dancin' For The Groceries Ch. 02

 — The conclusion. by sweeteuphoria12/29/074.57HOT


 — Bringing home the bread. by No Panty Girl11/28/054.29


 — Dance partners hook up on the way home. by Cheleste10/02/074.08


 — Dancing is a good way to blow off some steam. by hissecretdream02/12/084.33


 — Taking good care of your dance partner. by funguyroman10/22/094.45

Dancing Dirty Ch. 01

 — Shophia is set to embark on an incredible journey. by Sexyframez07/21/164.53HOT

Dancing Dirty Ch. 03

 — Steven got more than what he bargained when Sophie rushed in. by Sexyframez07/23/164.25

Dancing Fool

 — High school girlfriends meet for a reunion. by jacquioh207/03/083.66

Dancing for Each Oher

 — A mirrored dance of fulfillment and release. by sr71plt09/06/064.19

Dancing In New York

 — Two lovers go for a ride in a limo. by Saoirse02/18/034.39

Dancing in the Rain

 — Seduced by a red haired vixen. by Zamlock10/12/124.04

Dancing on The Edge

 — So delicate, yet so firm. by llslavetouchll12/29/081.00

Dancing Sideways

 — A couple decides to have a seperate sexual experience. by The Winter Kiss11/10/054.40

Dancing with a Stranger

 — A young woman has an anonymous encounter in a nightclub. by 44sakeburi4411/30/134.19

Dancing with Celebrities

 — A Celebrity man loses his fear of his partner's body. by HappyOldGuy10/01/154.42

Dancing With Desire Pt. 01

 — A woman starts to fall for her dance partner. by kiwikat10/26/143.83

Dancing With Desire Pt. 02

 — A couple who met at the dance takes things a step further. by kiwikat10/28/144.25

Dancing with Ian

 — If you like psychology as much as sex, you'll like this. by helena_snow_renn08/12/034.43

Dancing with Jen

 — It's 1:30 a.m.; he has 30 minutes to make a move. by capsaicin09/10/034.11

Dancing with My Colleague

 — Ciara goes dancing with her hot new colleague. by manchesterkate12302/10/174.28

Dancing with the Devil

 — The son of a Priest meets Lucifer on Halloween. by MasterOfSin10/18/163.81

Dancing With the Doc Ch. 1

 — Ellie & Ben start an affair, with Ellie leading. by captivate03/17/024.42

Dancing With the Doc Ch. 2

 — Ellie takes control of the dance. by captivate03/29/024.62HOT

Dancing With the Doc Ch. 3

 — Ellie takes the lead in dance with husband. by captivate04/21/024.40

Dancing With the Doc Ch. 4

 — Ellie & Dale continue their night of passion. by captivate05/08/024.53HOT

Dancing With the Doc Ch. 5

 — Ellie spends morning after learning about herself. by captivate05/17/024.40

Dancing With the Doc Ch. 6

 — Ellie and Ben continue the dance in the theater. by captivate09/01/024.25

Dancing With the Doc Ch. 7

 — Ellie chooses to dance with her husband instead. by captivate11/06/024.75HOT

Danger Ch. 11

 — Danger meets the farmer's daughter. by snowsquall08/01/014.79HOT

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