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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Danger Ch. 12

 — Danger takes the farmer's daughter again. by snowsquall08/02/014.71HOT

Danger Ch. 15

 — Danger teaches virgin how to enjoy herself. by snowsquall08/05/014.33

Danger Ch. 18

 — Danger finds that no good deed goes unrewarded. by snowsquall08/24/014.29

Danger Ch. 2

 — Danger lands his dream girl. by snowsquall04/19/014.52HOT

Danger Ch. 21

 — Danger gets a surprise as he sleeps. by snowsquall08/31/014.11

Danger Ch. 23

 — Danger picks up a hitchhiker. by snowsquall09/01/014.42

Danger Ch. 24

 — Danger makes a pretty blonde's wish come true. by snowsquall09/03/014.42

Danger Ch. 3

 — Danger meets a sunbathing beauty. by snowsquall04/23/014.33

Danger Ch. 6

 — Danger meets his cousin's riding companion. by snowsquall07/23/014.35

Danger Ch. 7

 — Dangers reaps the benefit of working hard. by snowsquall07/24/014.64HOT

Danger Comes

 — Mutual pleasure after surviving danger. by Ashson02/13/134.28

Danger Girl

 — My favorite fantasy! by 1Browneyedguy09/08/103.90

Dangerous Assignment

 — Mac Winslow agrees to protect a friends wife and daughter. by rgjohn01/31/034.80HOT

Dangerous Circumstances

 — A boss and his new employee. by Baldguy7211/15/123.72

Dangerous Curves Ahead

 — Internet strangers meet for the first time. by DarbyAnn2301/26/074.33

Dangerous Driving

 — Dirty talking in the car leads to more. by MikeWrites05/28/054.60HOT

Dangerous Fire

 — Passion and danger collide. by RedClayHills09/22/164.00

Dangerous Fire Ch. 02: The Aftermath

 — Revenge has never been so sweet. by RedClayHills09/28/164.06

Dangerous Fire Ch. 03: Surrender

 — Giving in... is the greatest risk of all. by RedClayHills10/04/16

Dangerous Fucking

 — A quiet housewife turns into a cock loving slut by Schaka07/15/124.30

Dangerous Games Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter at costume party leads to regrets. by Cherri_Tart03/10/104.21

Dangerous Liaison

 — He realises he shouldn't, but she doesn't care. by Storm6208/10/114.00

Dangerous Liaison Ch. 02

 — He tries to keep away, but she has other ideas. by Storm6208/16/114.30

Dangerous Liaisons in the City

 — Wild lovers meet at a cafe. by Javagirl12/06/003.95

Dangerous Weather

 — Two reporters cover each other. by Balaak04/14/054.57HOT

Danglin' Dan Ch. 1

 — 18-year-old girl comes of age sexually. by johnwadd03/30/024.23

Dani and the Christmas Dildo

 — Dani's art career is going fine; her other job? Less so. by Voboy11/13/174.42

Dani's New Life Ch. 01

 — Married female lawyer falls under executive's spell. by Lauries Husband03/01/074.72HOT

Danica & Trish Ch. 1

 — Danica & Trish at high school party. by Danica2706/06/023.39


 — Meeting Daniel for the first time. by Wish4me06/03/064.63HOT


 — The man I met off a singles site. by Dana Gallagher08/06/034.50HOT

Daniel & Melissa

 — Transatlantic friends finally meet. by thehierophant03/01/034.50HOT

Daniel and Alyssa Ch. 01

 — A young woman has the best sex of her life; a series. by Sweet_Scorpion06/09/154.58HOT

Daniel and Alyssa Ch. 02

 — A young woman has the best sex of her life; a series. by Sweet_Scorpion06/25/154.67HOT

Daniel and Alyssa Ch. 03

 — A young woman has the best sex of her life; a series. by Sweet_Scorpion07/19/154.50HOT

Daniel and Alyssa Ch. 04

 — A young woman has the best sex of her life; a series. by Sweet_Scorpion08/26/154.50HOT

Daniel and the Hot Blonde...

 — Daniel encounters a bewitching blonde babe. by HotLilSexKitten01/17/013.95

Daniel Craig Ch. 01

 — The hot guy from college. by smdugosh191904/23/154.50

Daniel Craig Ch. 02-03

 — The hot guy from college. by smdugosh191904/24/154.18

Daniel Returns

 — Daniel takes her in the bathroom of a five star hotel. by Sweet_P10/24/044.52HOT

Daniel's Bragging Comes True

 — Daniels bragging about his girlfriend fianlly comes true. by Destiny696909/09/023.70


 — He enjoys his employee. by Shakedown197706/15/013.88

Danielle and John

 — John fucks his girlfriend and relieves her from her stress. by biggerboi05/19/153.06

Danielle and Rod

 — A perfect match by their own definition. by jusduit01/20/074.74HOT

Danielle Ch. 1

 — Mike has chance of lifetime: to taste another woman. by FrankHain05/29/024.00

Danielle Ch. 2

 — They meet again for sex. by FrankHain06/04/024.06

Danielle's Dilemma Ch. 04

 — Danielle makes an impromptu film. by daniellesadvisor11/23/074.56HOT

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 02

 — Danielle must negotiate her son's release. by daniellesadvisor05/21/044.52HOT

Danielle's Reawakening

 — Danielle finds new love with a man. by Morbid_Saint02/20/093.67

Danielle's Secret

 — Danielle meets Mr. Phelps. by AngelPoet02/16/064.39

Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 01

 — An affair to Remember. by SplendidSpunk04/25/104.00

Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 02

 — Going for a Younger Man. by SplendidSpunk04/26/104.27

Danish or Australian?

 — An Englishman fucking an Australian senseless mmm... by MindFucker12/03/133.77


 — She was sure she shared everything with her best friend. by DireLilith07/01/07HOT

Dannon|Muloney File 2446

 — FBI agents can't believe the positions they find themselves in. by droptrou05/29/034.27

Danny Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter bring a teacher & star athlete together. by Teach8704/12/174.28

Danny Turns the Tables

 — Overworked, he shows his boss who's boss. by jarbabyj09/01/034.05

Danny's Dangerous Deeds Pt. 01

 — Danny wants the football star Clark, and the whole team. by Paulbennett04/30/164.00

Danny's Den

 — A tired traveler gets more than expected at the Den. by R_U_Romantic06/04/084.58HOT

Danny's Forbidden Love

 — Teacher seduces her student. by youngwriter2672605/07/033.80

Danny's Hot Summer

 — Sex lessons become experience for college-bound kid. by egmontgrigor201012/14/104.25

Danny's Problem

 — Danny gets more than expected from the nurse. by ericshane06/09/073.90


 — He wakes up to an orgy of sensual images. by handsomexotic12/19/004.27

Darcy's Designated Driver

 — Is she seducing him or just tipsy? by Barnaby03/17/094.30

Dare Chain Pt. 02

 — Our Professor educates a pizza delivery man. by Chasinshadows02/27/184.31

Daring Hotel Adventure

 — I can't pass up an opportunity when everyone passes out by sharedsecrets11/05/134.04

Daring Strangers and Summer Nights

 — Marissa's night on the town leads to sexual fun & games. by RodSamson4212/26/084.16

Daring Summer Night

 — Cassie finally gets her man. by SallyJanes07/29/124.04

Daring to Leave the Friend Zone

 — He gives love a shot in game of truth or dare. by straightnlongfellow06/20/054.41

Daring Virgins

 — Two virgins get frisky. by houstonastrosfan08/12/013.70


 — Cole gets over Alison. by Cole Calder04/20/044.45

Dark & Stormy

 — Surpise encounter during a thunderstorm. by ice246809/19/083.70

Dark and Alone

 — You wait for help. by Mikesliver12/20/024.19

Dark Angel

 — Tonight she's taking control. by New_Bronte06/27/074.38

Dark Beauty

 — Dark skinned woman enjoys her man. by sextutor10101/02/133.33

Dark City Ch. 01

 — Young detective returns home to refuge from the "job". by the_tx_professor05/31/054.38

Dark City Ch. 02

 — Det. Springer faces a difficult case. by the_tx_professor06/01/054.42

Dark City Ch. 03

 — The two detectives follow an interesting thread. by the_tx_professor06/04/054.62HOT

Dark City Ch. 04

 — Jim and Ieasha find distraction on the job. by the_tx_professor06/09/054.90HOT

Dark City Ch. 05

 — The plot hits close to home. by the_tx_professor06/13/054.33

Dark City Ch. 06

 — Two more will die before the plot is uncovered. by the_tx_professor06/14/054.09

Dark City Ch. 07

 — Lovers are made, bodies are found, & life gets complicated. by the_tx_professor06/20/054.50

Dark Cloud

 — Mature stud finds insatiable partner in unlikely setting. by Synthia09/25/054.46

Dark Corners Ch. 1

 — Seduction in a bar. by rlady4109/06/024.00

Dark Corners Ch. 2

 — It continues in the alley. by rlady4109/08/024.11

Dark Country Road

 — She gets more than she planned when trying to avoid a ticket. by vbchick51708/29/124.40

Dark Dreams

 — Zara gets enticed by an unearthly man. by isobelgal01/04/104.54HOT

Dark Dreams Ch. 02

 — Alexander starts to draw her in. by isobelgal01/10/104.32

Dark Eyes

 — Dark, burning eyes, blazing fireplace & searing passion. by easyridr10104/02/024.67HOT

Dark Girl Dancing

 — She was mysterious, beautiful...was she real? by DireLilith07/16/07HOT

Dark Goddess

 — I never knew what to expect. by Scottish_Lust12/07/084.28

Dark Mirror

 — What made him a 'keep'... by girldark01/18/024.07

Dark Needs

 — Couple comes together after long day. by Sirens_Daughter04/02/044.23

Dark Night

 — Woman gets 'surprised' in her own bed. by JulesP09/05/014.19

Dark Night

 — An erotic encounter between lovers, but did it really happen? by CJS611/12/024.89

Dark Night with an Old Flame

 — She went to fuck an old flame....didn't she? by TitianaPeaks09/19/074.21

Dark of the Night

 — Wife comes home for sex. by Sosojes08/21/164.10

Dark One

 — Strange girl has the experience of her life. by babygirl488910/27/013.79

Dark Passion

 — Couple deals with stress and intensity in a hotel room. by DoctorLaRue09/05/053.96

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 01

 — Young wife is in real life a nympho. by sajit12/06/024.22

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 02

 — Hema's conquest of Ananth and intro to 3 some with Meekri. by sajit12/13/024.36

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 03

 — Ananth is finally conquered by Hema, her latest virgin male. by sajit12/13/024.00

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 04

 — Radha enter Hema's sex life. by sajit12/16/024.08

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 05

 — Hema is a sex queen now- her latest victim is Ananth's boss. by sajit01/10/034.20

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