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Erotic Horror Stories

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 — An alien explores the pleasures of time spent among humans. by Calli0609/19/153.79

"Friendly" Undertaker

 — Excellent mortuary services at low rates; everyone benefits. by Boxlicker10110/01/093.98

'Til Death

 — How far would you go for the one you love? by TamLin0109/09/114.46

'Ween Contest

 — Litterotica's mightiest Flame Warriors fight for the prize! by Nathan_Brazil10/01/153.85

(S)He Who Brings the Rain

 — A virgin is taken by a God to help save her people. by inka11/02/174.85HOT

1127 Castleridge Drive

 — Mature real estate agent discovers a special property. by Stardog Champion10/25/064.22

11th. P. Dreamchild's Revenge

 — A touch bizarre, shocking, scary, and sometimes sexy. by Teenage Venus07/05/043.55

137 Humphaven Mansion

 — Penelope takes horrific & erotic journey into the past. by Rockwell12/20/043.80

28 - A Halloween Story

 — Marcus William Hartford V hopes this year will be Number 28. by The_Technician10/19/174.58HOT

3 Haskell Street

 — Story of terror in in Arkham, MA. by tak_sothoth10/10/063.66


 — Bizarre scene borne of the desperation of addiction. by 4degrees04/14/053.91

345 Clementine Street

 — A Lodger shown round by the landlady. by Sputnik5709/18/114.02

A Bad Day At The Office

 — A fifteen chapter story about gremlins infesting a highrise. by bassman123105/14/124.20

A Battle of Minds Ch. 04

 — In the forest - Martin is getting stronger. by Munachi11/27/134.31

A Beauty - and a Beast

 — First Love and the ensuing terror. by Teenage Venus07/06/043.57

A Bite in the Dark

 — Girl meets stranger at Halloween party. by the_black_male10/09/074.10

A Black Cat's Path

 — The night they crossed a Black Cat's Path. by My Erotic Trail10/02/063.41

A Blink

 — She comes in the night. She always does. by FredTheTentacle01/18/153.71

A Cautionary Tale...

 — Be careful what you go hunting for... by Calli0612/30/144.35

A Chance Glance in a Student Bar

 — New student Devin encounters succubi and other demons. by manyeyedhydra01/20/164.70HOT

A Change of Seasons

 — Old world vampire puts college girl on his menu. by Alysdaire10/02/064.47

A Chatting Chance

 — A surprising encounter on IRC chat turns dark. by RyanKingOnline03/07/133.63

A Christmas Carol

 — A Vampire has her way through a group of Christmas carolers. by BrainVamp06/03/143.88

A Cold and HOT Halloween!

 — One bite and you'll be hooked... by PrincessJezebel11/17/093.97

A Contrast in Appetites

 — 'Nice Guy' gets more than he expects after a Halloween show. by mgringo10/03/173.74

A Coven of Witches

 — A spilt coven unifies to battle evil. by Pars00111/14/174.07

A Crack in The Wall Ch. 01

 — A girls decent into lustful hell on earth. by LittleTempest05/10/094.14

A Crack in The Wall Ch. 02

 — Maria encounters people who will shape her future. by LittleTempest06/02/094.08

A Creeping Obsession

 — Drunken, blind love can be dangerous. by vibrantspoon07/08/164.43

A Dance with The Devil

 — A woman is forced to watch a demon seduce her husband. by Rozalin_012303/06/154.67HOT

A Dangerous Game

 — A lustful game of cat and mouse ends up in tragedy. by claudiarose102/13/102.80

A Dangerous Man

 — Natalie runs from a dangerous man - finds herself in his arm. by GhostHunterDude05/09/144.50HOT

A Dare Goes Sour

 — A night in the graveyard turns scary. by sexygirl7601/31/094.16

A Dark & Stormy Night

 — Judy & Kurt are forced to land plane during storm. by Fflow02/12/052.96

A Dark and Deadly Lover

 — She mistakenly picks the wrong man for sex. by poisonpen12/06/064.24

A Dark and Deadly Lover Ch. 02

 — She takes her lust and hunger out on handsome lover. by poisonpen12/16/064.30

A Dark and Deadly Lover Ch. 03

 — The story of Carla, Anise and Daray continues. by poisonpen06/25/074.60HOT

A Dark and Deadly Lover Ch. 04

 — Has Carla discovered a way to make Daray her own? by poisonpen01/18/094.62HOT

A Dark New Home

 — A mysterious creature has its way with a magic lass. by jstltm09/14/143.51

A Dark Taste of Paradise

 — While on vacation Sam visits a mysterious house. by DarkestSkys01/26/184.27

A Date with Priapus

 — Couple touring Greece find myths can strike. by Rex Siter11/12/144.48

A Daughter of Samhain

 — An annual event awakens an ancient, primal hunger. by James Cody10/18/114.12

A Day at the Zoo

 — A day out turns scary. by sexygirl7605/20/084.00

A Day in a Village

 — I would never let them get to my Simona. by DaisyMontoya11/02/112.57

A Dead Life Ch. 01

 — James Clark is given a chance to survive, he takes it. by JohnLocke410/23/174.19

A Deal with the Devil

 — Salinger gets more than she bargained for. by lover bunny02/26/083.64

A Demon's Embrace

 — A young woman caught in the middle of a demon war. by sexydemondelight03/21/144.28

A Demon's Embrace Ch. 02

 — A young woman caught in a demon war. by sexydemondelight03/22/144.52HOT

A Demon's Embrace Ch. 03

 — A young woman caught in the middle of a demon war by sexydemondelight03/26/144.53HOT

A Demon's Embrace Ch. 04

 — A young woman caught in the middle of a demon war by sexydemondelight03/27/144.59HOT

A Demon's Embrace Ch. 05

 — A young woman caught in the middle of a demon war. by sexydemondelight03/29/144.68HOT

A Demon's Embrace Ch. 06

 — A young woman caught in the middle of a demon war. by sexydemondelight04/01/144.62HOT

A Demon's Embrace Ch. 07

 — A young woman caught in the middle of a demon war. by sexydemondelight04/05/144.75HOT

A Demon's Heart

 — Woman's dreams are more real than she thinks. by Roslien2111/16/044.34

A Demonic Party

 — How well do you know your neighbors? by bbonz05/16/134.30

A Discovery

 — She finds more than she's looking for in cemetery. by Vampire_Lady10/14/044.40

A Dish Best Eaten Cold

 — Revenge turns her to the unspeakable. by Paul4404/24/043.26

A Donor Couple

 — A donor couple hooks up with a vampire couple. by houseboyservitude07/07/104.32

A Dozen Oysters

 — In the heat of passion a treat turned into utter depravity. by eclare11/23/174.00

A Fatal Compulsion

 — John must win the game to escape alive. by Obsessive_john03/30/124.29

A Forced Response Ch. 02

 — A black bull receives all of his desserts coming. by Timothy_Dickey04/03/084.09

A Frightful Night's Delight

 — John returns home to a demon. by Texguy8411/04/043.96

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 02

 — Julie comes home to a shock. by Texguy8411/13/044.13

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 03

 — Juliet falls victim to the Succubus. by Texguy8412/13/044.19

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 04

 — Minara has fun with John and Julie. by Texguy8401/03/054.14

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 05

 — Chuck falls victim to Minara's charms. by Texguy8401/30/054.30

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 06

 — Monica finds help; Julie faces Minara's punishment. by Texguy8404/01/054.32

A Fucking Ghost Story

 — The rumors about Old Man Meyer might just be true. by AsnyLark04/05/164.39

A Ghost of a Chance

 — New house, new family, horny ghost. by Dingus Guy10/16/034.41

A Ghost's Crush... in Windsor Castle

 — A demon slaying half-demon becomes the love of a ghost girl! by itachidark2711/30/114.21

A Ghostly Protector

 — Camping man meets a special friend. by fantasyisnotreality03/21/083.80

A God of Old

 — An explorer finds something in the sands of Egypt. by majicman2103/09/164.56HOT

A God of Old Ch. 02

 — His past is revealed & his powers begin to return. by majicman2105/20/164.71HOT

A God of Old Ch. 03

 — Plans are set into motion. by majicman2106/04/164.55HOT

A God of Old Ch. 04

 — He indulges with his two new priestesses. by majicman2109/01/164.66HOT

A God of Old Ch. 05

 — He reminisces & receives visitors. by majicman2112/11/164.69HOT

A God of Old Ch. 06

 — Yussef learns the truth; Salome serves her master. by majicman2103/01/174.78HOT

A God of Old Ch. 07

 — Enkartep gives Amina an ultimatum & makes a show of force. by majicman2105/20/174.78HOT

A God of Old Ch. 08

 — He shows more of his priestesses what it means to serve him. by majicman2110/13/174.69HOT

A God of Old Ch. 09

 — When their Master is away, Kristin and Stacy will play. by majicman2111/17/174.65HOT

A God of Old Ch. 10

 — Next steps are discussed; another priestess is broken. by majicman2101/26/184.83HOT

A Good Investigation

 — Anna gets a different kind of supernatural experience. by NunnaYourBeezwax04/17/174.58HOT

A Guest at Dinner

 — A young couple has special plans for a psychiatrist. by KaseyLegs10/14/153.67

A Halloween Ball

 — You never know who is there. by xMASTERMINDX11/06/153.74

A Halloween Surprise

 — Beautiful woman attends a "special" Halloween Party. by HumbleTinselPolisher10/20/084.17

A Halloween Tale

 — Being a royal may not always be a good thing. by DaisyMontoya10/31/113.90

A Hard Day's Work

 — Clarance gets more than he bargained for at his local McJob. by HermitHoover04/12/102.50

A Haunted House

 — A woman is subjected to horror at a Halloween event. by davion230811/23/104.13

A Haunting in New Orleans

 — Jen is plagued by strange nightmares in a new house. by NightOwl6410/22/094.05

A Hitchhiker

 — A woman gets picked up on an isolated road. by IHateToBeRudeBut08/30/173.89

A Horror a Day

 — Two find themselves subjects in an otherworldly study. by Frightening05/11/123.96

A Jessie Mcclintock Story - Ghost

 — A detective helps victims of erotic supernatural events. by GingerDaddyOh08/17/174.29

A Jessie Mcclintock Story - Succubus Pt. 01

 — A strip club owner needs Jessie's help, or does he? by GingerDaddyOh09/09/174.54HOT

A Kept Pet

 — A werewolf tries to take a succubus captive. by AgentNeptune10/14/134.31

A Killing Need

 — A need so strong to be fucked; to kill. by La_Reina08/17/104.13

A Killing Need Ch. 02

 — The need to be fucked; to kill...grows by La_Reina04/03/114.33

A Last Goodbye

 — He comes back from the dead for one last act of love. by LadyZodiac10/28/064.12

A Little Unexpected Adventure

 — What happens if meeting a mutated monster turns out steamy? by Predaliena02/10/174.17

A Lord of Many Nights Ch. 01

 — The story of one vampire lord's mastery of sex, and blood. by darkaltar06/14/044.35

A Lord of Many Nights Ch. 02

 — She was running through the dining room. by darkaltar11/10/054.13

A Lust For Life

 — Eerie tale of sex and terror. by robertreams10/28/134.17

A Math Major Werewolf in College Ch. 01

 — Maureen discovers a few new things as an RA. by The_JaqenHghar10/25/164.31

A Math Major Werewolf in College Ch. 02

 — Maureen gets a little sidetracked from investigating. by The_JaqenHghar11/11/164.44

A Math Major Werewolf in College Ch. 03

 — The Mysterious Man and Maureen discuss. by The_JaqenHghar11/27/164.55HOT

A Matter of Control

 — He sneaks into the house and has his way with her... by sxypaganmom09/07/074.29

A Mind of Winter

 — A beautiful young psychic is stalked by a hungry spirit. by Nameless_Rose06/30/084.63HOT

A Nasty Trick for a Sweet Treat

 — Trick turns into a sweet treat for one. by ScornDrake10/04/053.63

A Night at McHooligans

 — A warlock, a succubus and a demon walk into a bar... by manyeyedhydra11/21/094.69HOT

A Night in the Morgue

 — Young female nurse gets accosted by something in the morgue. by Corrupter04/06/074.12

A Night to Remember

 — Halloween horror dominates student orgy. by NoirDesir02/24/124.35

A Night's Tale

 — Revenge for a friend. by Domwoolf08/10/084.23

A Night's Tale Ch. 02

 — Hunters and Prey. by Domwoolf10/03/084.22

A Night's Tale Ch. 03

 — Monsters and monsters. by Domwoolf12/01/084.39

A Night's Tale Ch. 04

 — The Common Factor vampire and werewolf team up. by Domwoolf03/20/094.37

A Night's Tale Ch. 05

 — Revenge takes time. by Domwoolf03/08/114.36

A Nightmare Encounter

 — A guy is attacked and has forced oral by a female zombie. by wwekiller11/10/123.79

A Nightmare on Birch Street Ch. 01

 — Why are Nancy and her friends having such terrible nightmare. by nightvoice212/02/153.96

A Nightmare on Birch Street Ch. 02

 — The nightmares get worse, where will it all end? by nightvoice212/06/154.08

A Nightmare on Birch Street Ch. 03

 — Nancy discovers the awful truth. by nightvoice212/08/154.54HOT

A Nightmare on Birch Street Ch. 04

 — Epilogue: how will Nancy and Glen celebrate? by nightvoice212/13/154.38

A One Night Killing

 — A sexy woman comes invited? to a party. by kiss_me1307/12/133.41

A Party at an Abandoned Factory

 — Benjamin cannot control himself any longer. by EleanaMonteago10/22/103.26

A Party to Remember

 — A Halloween party they'll never forget. by SilverCatEyes10/13/073.91

A Perfect Disguise

 — Sex hungry Joe meets a peculiar woman. by UnilateralJ01/29/134.16

A Perfect Fit

 — His punishment is tailored to his crime. by optimizer88810/18/094.48

A Pirate's Tale

 — Young man takes his first pirate voyage. by Jack T. Ladd05/04/043.67

A Portrait in Blood

 — Rayne Wylde stalks a killer Vampire on Canal Street. by SadieRose04/17/064.70HOT

A Pretty Rose

 — He cultivates his desire. by christinaNZ05/11/032.67

A Problem in Russel Hall

 — There's a cock-sucking fiend in Russel Hall. What can I do? by typical_boy05/02/174.29

A Quiet Evening

 — Max just wants to relax, but is rudely interrupted. by thefilthypilgrim05/07/164.52HOT

A Real-Life Goo Girl

 — A researcher is trapped in a lab with an unusual slime girl. by manyeyedhydra03/01/144.45

A Restless Week

 — A man's week of sex dreams ends in horror. by sagitair10/30/093.16

A Ritual Promise

 — Rewards or revenge from their Elder God master? by DeviouSquirrel10/10/124.44

A Road Well Travelled (By Zombies)

 — A couple strive to reunite in a Zombie Apocalypse. by Lexavier11/15/124.65HOT

A Russian Valentine's Day

 — Gypsy girl uses old magickal rites to catch her man. by ddimilano01/22/074.30

A Sacrifice for Bapomet

 — A member of the faithful serves her god, the demon Baphomet. by TheBigandBaldGuy10/01/094.23

A Samhain Reward

 — A succubus prepares for the one night she can be seen. by Desdmona10/12/033.99

A Samhainn Tale

 — A young woman's descent as the veil between worlds is lifted. by SouthCoastSurfer10/23/124.54HOT

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 02

 — Katrina learns to seduce mortals. by UnknownPleasures03/26/044.37

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 03

 — Edmund & Katrina face depraved vampire. by UnknownPleasures08/01/044.54HOT

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 04

 — Edmund & Katrina use passion for good & evil. by UnknownPleasures06/24/054.47

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 05

 — Katrina and Edmund have to face an old foe. by UnknownPleasures01/05/064.82HOT

A Shadow at The Biograph

 — Chloe longs to be dominated on Halloween night. by AlexandreDolce10/02/174.47

A Shewolf Takes a New Mate

 — A female werewolf seduces a young man and turns him. by BlackandWhiteKnight03/21/144.44

A Shewolf Takes a New Mate Ch. 02

 — A werewolf seduces and turns a young man for her new mate. by BlackandWhiteKnight04/14/144.40

A Shewolf Takes a New Mate Ch. 03

 — The wolves are at it again. by BlackandWhiteKnight05/11/144.36

A Short Story For Sebastian

 — Young Goth creates ultimate lover, with a twist. by charmberry08/16/033.45

A Silent Dictator

 — Pandora's human form-Pandoraje (Pan-door-auge). by Dien07/04/093.85

A Simple Crime

 — Young policewoman is on the trail of a killer. by L.A. Wicker07/16/044.47

A Simple Crime Ch. 02

 — Carla finds herself falling in love. by L.A. Wicker07/17/044.59HOT

A Soldier's Love

 — A deployed soldier finally expresses his passion. by TinyBeth02/02/134.68HOT

A Soul to Take

 — He find's a crack in the angel's innocence. by alansnipe10/15/063.44

A Spooky Encounter

 — A group of friends explores an abandoned building. by IHateToBeRudeBut07/14/174.14

A St. Paddy’s Day Memory

 — Once a slave always a slave. Lorena is no longer young . . . by blue_zephyr18703/26/123.88

A Stake for the Slayer

 — Vampire stakes the slayer. by sexygirl7606/16/084.06

A Story of a Forced Circumcision

 — A married bi intact man tricked into a forced circumcision. by ucsjm3812/09/144.19

A Stranger Pays a Visit

 — October 31st had snuck up on Stephanie again. by JordannaCG10/19/054.15

A Succubus Awakens

 — A young coed discovers her birthright. by gene_ericson10/12/154.40

A Succubus for Christmas

 — Succubi are for life, not just for Christmas. by manyeyedhydra11/18/074.46

A Succubus for Halloween

 — Succubi are too hot for Halloween reunion parties. by manyeyedhydra10/22/104.57HOT

A Succubus for Valentine's Day

 — Succubi make bad Cupids. by manyeyedhydra01/21/094.42

A Succubus in the Shower

 — A rapist meets one of his victim's good friends. by rylzero03/17/124.40

A Summer Dance with a Succubus

 — Terry finds the perfect date for a summer dance. by manyeyedhydra09/07/094.74HOTContest Winner

A Tale of True Occult Sex

 — My addition to the tradition of extending the Cthulhu Mythos. by Desiremakesmeweak12/20/173.91

A Taste of Midnight

 — A voluptuous lesbian satisfies her lover's ravenous hunger. by Corpse_rider10/11/124.44

A Taste of Mint

 — A chance encounter leads to sex and something more. by emma57903/03/104.24

A Touch Of Evil

 — Evil demoness burns a man. by Ceaser10/09/033.56

A Trance in the Cellar

 — A spell is cast for pleasure and pain. by flamekitten10/13/054.45

A Trial in Vennington

 — A succubus is summoned to punish a man accused of misogyny. by manyeyedhydra12/06/154.65HOT

A Trucker's Hunger

 — A hitchhiker meets a mysterious and deadly woman in a bigrig. by beastboy4211/21/114.02

A Unique Vampire Ch. 01

 — A different kind of Vampire. Have you met her? by midnightdeathwriter01/19/093.82

A Vampire in the Mirror

 — James meets a woman in the mirror, and his life changes. by kuellar10/15/104.03

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