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Erotic Horror Stories

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Larceny of the Succubus

 — Conniving seductress steals from him in many ways. by FogBard07/15/084.44


 — Young woman's dreams become a murderous reality. by nicholai_volchenko05/04/073.28

Last Sunset

 — Jack always keeps his promises. by Aswrite0310/20/083.89

Last Tango in Bucharest

 — The End of the van Helsings? by Nigel Debonnaire10/20/05

Late for Dinner

 — Next time she'll make sure she sets off on time. by BettyBlue02/04/083.89

Late Night Rendevous

 — Dark temptress goes out for a graveyard meeting. by wyldechylde07/12/044.14

Laundry Tales 01: Twins' Charade

 — Martha the ghost tells about the twins' acting. by jeanne_d_artois10/11/064.40

Laundry Tales 02: Riding for a Fall

 — Martha encounters George the assistant huntsman. by jeanne_d_artois10/15/064.32

Laundry Tales 05: Haunted Shawl

 — Martha the ghost warned me. I didn't listen. by jeanne_d_artois10/02/084.12

Lavender and Fear

 — Jenny's virginity is stolen by a blood thirsty demon. by BadDayTomorrow05/04/104.26


 — The Unknown giveth, the Unknown taketh away. by dr_mabeuse10/18/054.56HOT

Leftovers Ch. 01

 — She meets a predator. Is this seat taken? by Latrani05/17/063.72Editor's Pick

Leftovers Ch. 02

 — Hysterical brooding. by Latrani05/18/063.90Editor's Pick

Leftovers Ch. 03

 — Leaving her warm and tender. by Latrani05/19/064.73HOTEditor's Pick

Leftovers Ch. 04

 — The smell of lips. And teeth. by Latrani05/26/064.83HOTEditor's Pick

Leftovers Ch. 05

 — Given her lead, will she run? by Latrani05/27/064.80HOTEditor's Pick

Leftovers Ch. 06

 — His more sensitive spots. by Latrani05/28/064.63HOTEditor's Pick

Leftovers Ch. 07

 — Jackie versus Black Dog: who will survive? by Latrani05/29/064.33Editor's Pick

Legend's Victim

 — Nature can be a Muthuh at times. by voluptuary_manque03/31/114.21

Liar's Lair

 — A journey into a red-light district. by hammingbyrd709/12/084.15


 — Yet another CPR technique. by oneiria10/12/133.19

Lights in the Lake

 — In the days of ancient Rome, something lurks in the lake... by Kingmaker71105/08/144.18

Like Blood From The Beloved

 — He feasts on a rose. by SexyJennaInk02/05/072.93

Lil Red Riding Hood

 — The true story of Little Red Riding Hood. by burninglily08/06/104.15

Lilith's Dark Tales of Whoredom

 — Lilith tells how some of her followers came to her realm. by LilithHerald10/30/144.59HOT

Lilith, Demon Spawn

 — Forced to realise her heritage. by Falcinator01/10/094.35

Lillies Are The Flower Of Death

 — Maria lay on her back next to the bay window. by IntoTheMirror12/06/093.47


 — A vampire with a taste for flowers. by Spydre05/03/083.88

Lindie's Sin

 — Lindie's retribution is greater than she could have imagined. by lckscknfck710/20/084.27

Lion, Witches, and The Werewolf

 — Two couples share their secrets. by PumpkinkingNE10/29/083.90

Lipstick Lullabies

 — Lucky number 7? I wonder what happened to the other six... by SkyeVodka12/16/113.80

Lisa and the Vampires

 — A young stripper enters the service of the vampires. by geeena11/09/084.07

Lisa's Inheritance

 — Lisa is given an old farm in the middle of nowhere. by daddyduckett08/01/124.05

Lisa's Inheritance Ch. 02

 — Conclusion: the demon, a sexy physic, a couple more surprises await! by daddyduckett08/11/123.81

Little Black Ball Ch. 01

 — Husband takes revenge on cheating wife. by Seurat02/21/104.12

Little Black Ball Ch. 02

 — She takes revenge on cheating husband. by Seurat02/22/104.36

Little Black Ball Ch. 03

 — Cheating friend, cheating spouse, little black ball. by Seurat03/31/123.63

Little Red Cloak

 — Be sure to stay on the path. by NotWhatSheSeems03/05/064.31

Little Red Corvette

 — Not all monsters are flesh and blood. by Paul4406/21/054.00

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 01

 — Terry becomes the devil's plaything. by xCalaban10/03/104.19

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 02

 — No measly mortal fuck will ever satisfy. by xCalaban10/30/104.09

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 03

 — Stranger danger and Terry's "baptism." by xCalaban11/30/104.41

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 04

 — Terry fucks Marvin over and takes revenge. by xCalaban12/25/104.18

Little Warm Death

 — A certain vampire finally gets what he wants. by litgrrl06/07/084.10

Living Heart Ch. 04

 — Angel feeds by cawastedyouth03/06/084.64HOT

Living In The Dead Of Night

 — How far will love go to survive? by Ulyssa10/01/024.45Editor's Pick

Loaning My Husband to My BFF

 — Friends share everything. by Ebolaone08/26/112.14


 — Confessions of a porn star and her bizarre gigs. by Dr_Vril02/11/142.73

Looking Through Your Monitor

 — Woman believes there is a spying ghost in her computer. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER09/19/073.83

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 02

 — Woman believes a ghost in her computer is spying on her. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER09/21/073.71

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 03

 — Woman believes a ghost in her computer is spying on her. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER09/24/074.27

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 04

 — Woman believes a ghost in her computer is spying on her. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER09/25/07HOT

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 05

 — Jessica's father has sex with her 22-year-old girlfriend. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER09/30/074.35

Lord of the Damned Ch. 01

 — Haunted, she tries to escape the ghost. by Robard11/08/064.20

Lord of the Damned Ch. 02

 — Something's stalking them in the woods. by Robard08/29/074.00

Losing My Religion

 — A high priestess loses her faith as a new recruit joins. by JukeboxEMCSA03/20/114.34

Loss of a Soul

 — Man gets more than he bargained for at a night club. by DragonIce07/11/083.78

Lost Angels

 — A ghostly ritualistic killer preys on native girls. by Ikay11/08/093.89

Lost Angels Ch. 02

 — A reckless reporter gets a handjob from a racist psycho, by Ikay11/15/092.64

Lost Angels Ch. 03

 — The angel of death is closing in. by Ikay01/02/104.67

Lost Angels Ch. 04

 — Revelations: Death is a woman. by Ikay02/26/104.00

Lost Within

 — Its an erotic lesbian thriller. by moonvamp1305/11/032.27

Love Bites

 — A toothsome tale. by LibidinousQT10/10/064.50HOT

Love Bites

 — Two lovers on the run in a zombie holocaust. by Corpse_rider05/21/124.14

Love Bites

 — The convergence of flesh and blood. by Bridget6911/12/134.35

Love Can Conquer All, Even A Dragon!

 — Young girl heads into the wilderness in search of a dragon. by Parker9204/25/154.57HOT

Love Everlasting

 — Love finds and surprises a tortured young man. by Mary Riley04/27/034.08

Love is a Deep Cavern

 — Trish and Greg in cave-diving romance. by MaxErotic01/31/142.50

Love Potion Number - Dyin'

 — Liquid passion, with a kick! by TE99901/23/074.46

Love Song for a Vampire

 — Singer falls for vampire's deadly charm. by Katja-Gianna06/29/044.33

Love Spell

 — Something in Rosemary's dreams wants out. And it wants her. by GirlintheMoon12/16/134.59HOT

Love Spell Ch. 02

 — What is a dream, and what is reality? Rosemary has no idea. by GirlintheMoon01/02/144.48

Love Story

 — What does Betty really love about Donald? by Betty Johnson10/06/043.65

Love You Forever Pt. 04

 — The witch's spell helps Aideen and Denny fight off death. by Storiest02/24/135.00


 — Power of lust & love may not save him. by Margin Walker05/21/044.66HOT

Lovely Death

 — Different twist of story and poetry together. by not_so_innocent_flirting02/12/054.33

Lovers From Beyond 1.02

 — The Second Bedroom. by latinplayer03/20/153.65

Lovers in the Wild

 — Savage sex leads to unexpected consequences for two lovers. by goldenmyst12/25/133.27

Loving Hannah

 — Alive she nearly killed me. She's dead. Am I safe ...? by oggbashan04/23/034.33

Lubed 02: Attack of the Lubies Pt. 01

 — The MILF lubes the coed. by PrevertOne08/09/114.25

Lubed 02: Attack of the Lubies Pt. 02

 — The MILF and the coed lube the geek. Fuuuu...cking coool. by PrevertOne07/13/124.38

Lust of Death Ch. 01

 — Death has more than one appetite. by MisterMcDonn11/06/043.00

Lust of the Mummies

 — He wants to continue doing his duty, with any woman he can. by Boxlicker10110/01/093.87

Lustful Desires

 — Trying to take a Succubi's heart is a dangerous task. by Wicked_Wonders09/12/12

Lycanthrope Ch. 01

 — As winter shrouds all, so does the shadow of the wolf. by bluefox0710/28/064.68HOT

Lycanthrope Ch. 02

 — The search begins as Cat realizes something is wrong. by bluefox0701/02/084.75HOT

M. Pumpkins' House of Hooters 01

 — Madame Pumpkins spins the tell of a growth-inducing guitar. by bustyalix10/26/094.56HOT

M. Pumpkins' House of Hooters 02

 — Madame Pumpkins spins another creepy tale. by bustyalix11/02/124.41


 — A mutant virus hits a small town. by doormouse06/16/044.45Contest WinnerEditor's Pick

Macabre Delights Ch. 01

 — Sensual Victorian ball leads to unspeakable horrors. by CatherineAnna10/13/093.81

Macabre Delights Ch. 02

 — Sensual Victorian ball leads to unspeakable horrors. by CatherineAnna10/14/093.88

Macabre Delights Ch. 03

 — Sensual Victorian ball leads to unspeakable horrors. by CatherineAnna10/15/093.76


 — You should check who you check out in a bar. by kilcannon01/28/084.39

Mackenzie Pleasured by Aliens

 — Mackenzie is abducted by aliens and then is pleasured. by wolftribe200906/29/113.92

Mad Juana's Lament Ch. 01

 — Breaking the girl; a vampire saga begins. by gingerfx05/05/054.14

Mad Juana's Lament Ch. 02

 — Juana remembers how Phillip involved a lady of the court. by gingerfx06/17/054.36

Mad Juana's Lament Ch. 03

 — Juana is betrayed. by gingerfx06/20/054.25

Mage and Spirit

 — What Happened Between Lucius and Elizabeth in 1928? by Abdulbenthere10/14/093.00

Mage and The Bad Men

 — "He has a special tool to use on naughty women." by Abdulbenthere12/10/093.46

Mage Rescues the Sworn Virgin

 — Had she cast a spell on him? He didn't care any more. by Abdulbenthere01/25/104.67

Magnum Innominandum

 — Two young women investigate a secretive cult. by Bramblethorn10/05/134.70HOT


 — Will he die like the gamekeeper? Ask the ghostly maids. by oggbashan10/17/034.51HOT

Making a Meal of It

 — Sinister vampire activity in a dark alleyway. by DaftBrit01/26/093.04


 — He lives in a world of his own. by doormouse06/28/044.20

Male Attacked by Tentacles

 — He's raped by tentacles. by tor77702/14/124.37

Maleficent's House of Horrorgys

 — Andrew's sexy quest to save the Princess. by PerilEyes10/06/104.10

Malicious Intent

 — The past returns to recapture her. by hopefails11/30/034.00

Man Apart

 — A Cold War legacy brings conflict to the streets. by TheWitcher02/18/104.61HOT

Man in the Mirror at the Wedding

 — If you tell her she's marrying her half-brother I'll... by Abdulbenthere02/19/104.25

Man nor Beast

 — Loneliness can make you into a monster. by TamLin0103/27/124.58HOT

Man or Beast?

 — Man-wolf takes liking to college kids. by gems2208/01/043.97


 — A man's inner beast surprises a camping couple. by Margin Walker07/27/034.00

Mandy in Dubai

 — A girl with community college education gets a tempting job. by cowboy10905/01/133.10

Mara The Warrior

 — A warrior finds out what the demons are really here for. by antonia_pleasures08/09/113.95

Marissa's Big Day

 — Bachelorette party ends early due to excessive blood loss by Dutchboy5105/31/093.69

Mark of The Tourist

 — A Vampire seeks to assuage her needs, has the tables turned. by MstrssTemptation10/26/073.86

Martin Christie Meets His Eternity

 — A man is broken by a succubus for eternity. by BlackandWhiteKnight03/18/144.29

Mary and Her Benefactor

 — A young woman is seduced by a ghostly benefactor. by Swilly10/13/144.46

Mary Smith-Hanged for Murder

 — Let down by his girlfriend, Andy enjoyed the best sex ever. by Johnadi10/01/103.81

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