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Erotic Horror Stories

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Rag Castle

 — A ghoulish tale of grotesques and ghosts. by Beerbandit01/18/073.90

Rag Castle Ch. 02

 — A ghoulish tale of grotesques and ghosts. by Beerbandit01/19/073.33

Rag Dolls and Wolfmen

 — A college girl meets her match in a mysterious man. by MistressRedRum10/08/104.24

Rage Against the Minotaur

 — Minotaur captures Alice with intent to violate and kill her. by SSX198811/14/144.23

Raising Chickens

 — We are not in Kansas anymore! by Corjix11/10/183.08

Raising the Dead

 — A prank calls up a cemetery full of horny zombies. by Neonurotic10/06/11

Randy's Revenge (The Pharmacist)

 — Do not fuck with the little guy. by Hypoxia09/06/183.59


 — A psychic Detective gets snookered. by PenanceS08/14/033.69

Ravaged by the Roadside

 — Victoria wanted to go camping; the beast has other plans. by omegaxypher09/11/164.47

Raven Walks Ch. 06

 — As things unravel, Raven finally gets Abigail alone. by StarrLust6905/12/084.70HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 09

 — Abi returns to the dangerous den of vampires. by StarrLust6905/17/084.69HOT

Raven Walks Ch. 23

 — The final chapter, the final showdown. by StarrLust6911/04/094.81HOT


 — Demon checks her mate. by AmbrosiaBlood04/28/094.22

Ravenous: An Altheon Story

 — Vampires on the prowl for sex and blood. by AuroraRana04/28/104.68HOT

Ravished & Eaten

 — Two women are devoured in the forest. by Sean Renaud01/02/053.64

Raynie's Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Her fantasy of being taken by Jason Vorhees is fulfilled. by TSienna10/06/124.03

Re-Animation Nation

 — The Zombie Apocalypse with sex. by KRCummings05/30/104.29

Read The F***ing Manual

 — Greedy researchers' plan to capitalise on history backfires. by bobsamade11/01/104.37

Reality Bites

 — A new breed of vampire. by steve w10/23/034.07

Really Should Have Left it Online

 — Two chicks, the guys. Who makes it out alive? by Bianca_Sommerland10/21/093.91

Rebecca's New Haunt

 — A spirit in Rebecca's house takes her by force. by runningwind03/18/144.21

Rebecca's New Haunt Ch. 02

 — Rebecca's invisible intruder forces her take on two at once. by runningwind03/26/144.33

Rebecca's New Haunt Ch. 03

 — She's interrupted and taken when searching for a host. by runningwind04/23/144.33

Rebecca's Revenge

 — One woman's revenge against an evil and wayward priest. by Alex_Bragi03/13/074.04


 — Man changes his identity for his true love. by sack11/21/053.95


 — Little Red Riding Hood... for adults. by SrahFox12/03/094.30

Red and Redhead Ch. 01

 — An inexperienced witch summons a demon for her research. by sandgoseek09/29/144.58HOT

Red and Redhead Ch. 02

 — A rival witch steals her research, and she seeks revenge. by sandgoseek11/13/144.50HOT

Red and Redhead Ch. 03

 — The demon teases his conjurer. by sandgoseek08/12/153.91

Red City

 — Man meets sexy being inside abandoned mansion. by Dar_Jisbo07/18/174.18

Red Riding Hood

 — Halloween dress up becomes reality. by cuddlemonkey10/06/164.44

Red Seas Ch. 01

 — Mistrust, betrayal, & death aboard a raider's vessel. by Gwen8105/14/054.45

Red Sky At Nicht

 — The crew of the tuMAMI WATA find passion has a price. by gyumri_boy03/02/114.33


 — A story of innocence lost. by Michael14210/16/153.83


 — Hunting for a spider, the lady took control. by hoo_hoo_boo10/05/133.70

Redemption Ch. 12

 — Devils, Demons, and Zombies. by LevanaHyll11/04/144.83HOT

Redemption Ch. 13

 — The cursed and forsaken. by LevanaHyll12/03/144.70HOT

Redhead Zombie

 — Is there a deeper meaning in zombie fucking? Probably not. by Myryad06/13/174.14

Redheads Have No Souls

 — A soul sucking redhead visits Boston. Sex & death follow. by regularguy1310/02/174.46


 — A woman discovers her inhuman lover is being hunted. by RKB_Kirin10/19/164.47

Reign of the Demon-Queen Pt. 01

 — Demon-Queen Lilith seeks vengeance after being imprisoned. by games4yosoul09/24/184.74HOT

Reindeer Games

 — A warm hearted, cold-blooded X-mas tale. by oneiria11/27/113.59


 — A night at an inn turns to horror. by Ballzac10/09/103.61


 — A seductive witch draws her yearly essence. by ufpe10/14/084.21


 — Love blinds you... by impurekare06/07/094.09


 — The Angel of Death takes another one. by ValentineSatterlee10/13/124.00


 — A photographer becomes the tool of vengeful spirits. by Otazel01/04/134.00

Return of The Slender Man Ch. 01

 — A legendary enemy invades the Iron Crowbar's turf. by WifeWatchman05/16/184.80HOT

Return of The Slender Man Ch. 02

 — The legendary Slender Man ensnares the Iron Crowbar. by WifeWatchman05/18/184.83HOT

Return of The Slender Man Ch. 03

 — Conclusion; the Iron Crowbar takes on The Slender Man. by WifeWatchman05/20/184.83HOT

Return to Haskell Street

 — A follow up to the story '3 Haskell Street'. by tak_sothoth01/24/074.41

Return to Haunted Sex House

 — An expedition returns a year later. by FeverDreamer02/27/124.42


 — Reasons to be fearful: one, two... by SadieRose10/01/074.65HOT


 — A pissed off vampire dishing out a bit of karmic retribution. by bettym4211/28/074.33

Revenge By Objectification

 — College girls plot revenge with a supernatural twist. by petrifry06/01/083.42

Revenge of the Living Pussy

 — Lizzie's living pussy forces her into submission. by calx8603/29/194.19

Revenge of the Living Pussy Ch. 02

 — Lizzie's breasts join in and her pussy gets more sinister. by calx8605/02/194.38

Revenge with a Grudge Ch. 01

 — Interview with a female vampire. by gothy03/06/123.77

Reversed Conditions

 — Cheating results in nightmare. by be24you05/03/143.06

Review This!

 — Jody has a run-in with a personal demon. by writerzblocked07/14/074.60

Revisited: Red Riding Hood

 — The first in a set of slightly twisted fairy tales. by TheBriarRose09/18/054.45

RfH Ch. 01: That Thing in the Corner

 — Sexy roommate, but that THING in the corner only I can see. by kristaoconnors10/17/174.35

RfH Ch. 02: Between Secrets and Semen

 — A glimpse of secrets and strangeness, with a salty surprise. by kristaoconnors10/25/174.60HOT

RfH Ch. 03: Plans Best Laid

 — Some plans work out, and some turn into a hot mess. by kristaoconnors11/21/174.67HOT

RfH Ch. 04: Household of Three

 — A mysterious guest arrives, and things get out of hand. by kristaoconnors01/23/184.56HOT

RfH Ch. 05: Into the Crucible

 — David and Melissa get into a heated confrontation. by kristaoconnors03/09/184.73HOT

RfH Ch. 06: A Night on the Town

 — David and Melissa establish some ground rules. by kristaoconnors03/30/195.00


 — A lone rancher encounters a sexy woman from mythology. by RavenWinged09/25/144.55HOT

Ride of the Headless Horseman

 — Katrina made a mistake in identity. by Acktion10/07/134.48

Riding with the Immortal

 — A long work day. An endless ride home. by lukeanthony06/15/104.27

Riley, Son of the Sorceror

 — One night that will change the life of a sorceror's son. by JayCMiller11/02/094.41

Riley, Son of the Sorceror Ch. 02

 — Things begin to fall into place. by JayCMiller08/02/104.64HOT

Riley, Son of the Sorceror Ch. 03

 — Riley gets in deeper with the Mistress of Sorrows. by JayCMiller02/02/124.54HOT

Rise 3 AM

 — The fourth Story in the Rise series. by TheLeherengin09/22/164.11

Rise-1 AM

 — The second story in the Rise series. by TheLeherengin12/03/133.79

Rise-12 AM

 — A story about survival in a land torn apart by chaos. by TheLeherengin10/08/133.81

Rise-2 AM

 — The third installment in The Rise series. by TheLeherengin06/16/144.29

Road Kill

 — One psychotic girl's lust for death. by Krypt_Mistress04/18/033.99

Rock Star

 — A Rock Star claims a drug addict as his prize. by JimBob4408/24/093.93

Romancing the Worm

 — A tribal initiation rite gone horribly wrong. by oneiria06/30/103.65

Room 105

 — Made love to a young woman in room 105. by trishotoy9910/16/174.09

Rory Gets His Game Back

 — Rory's had a dry streak and hopes for a change in his luck. by Lila_Shaw09/20/124.09

Rose Red in Darkness Ch. 01

 — A young woman is lured to a gloomy old mansion. by sididis12/06/103.88

Roses are Red

 — Can a Big Bad Wolf learn some new tricks? by TamLin0104/08/154.56HOT

Rude Awakening

 — Ben finds himself in the company of something unworldly. by Tatsel2408/27/134.12


 — Sorority sisters enjoy skinny dipping at night. by WFEATHER03/31/083.23

Run Cindy, Hide

 — Cindy must embrace the darkness inside. by HuckPilgrim03/05/194.03Contest Winner

Run Eilidh Run

 — Eilidh is kidnapped by a Vampire and endures his sex. by ScottishAnarchist09/25/083.93


 — The power of Evil. by Daniellekitten05/18/084.42

Runner Ch. 02

 — Detective Trip Grant by Daniellekitten05/20/084.68HOT

Runner Ch. 03

 — Engagement rings and Nightmares. by Daniellekitten05/22/084.73HOT

Runner Ch. 04

 — A show down with the good doctor. by Daniellekitten08/07/094.53HOT


 — Vampire takes a victim. by Wildflowerpart202/08/064.44


 — Church was never meant to be like this. by Kyande05/24/104.04


 — Erica is sacrificed by her own mother. by lezzielover12/19/112.53

Sacrificial Prey

 — Mike witnesses a human sacrifice. by seasparks07/20/043.63

Sadist, Masochist, Human

 — A psychological horror. by NRMathis06/23/184.62HOT

Safe Sex

 — A succubus sex worker tempts an activist into 'safe' sex. by manyeyedhydra04/23/154.52HOT

Saloon de Femme

 — He experiences an orgasm in a whole new light. by Icing_on_the_cake11/30/074.25

Samantha Fairy

 — Woman falls in love with a witch & is changed. by sam_17709/06/063.73

Sanctuary Ch. 01

 — The immortal begins his tale. by erostorm11/07/074.43

Sanctuary Ch. 02

 — The mortal succumbs. by erostorm11/18/074.87HOT

Sanctuary Ch. 03

 — A vampire's tale continues, at long last. by erostorm03/29/104.71

Sanely Insane Ch. 01

 — Online couple meets for their first erotic horror date. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/26/072.50

Sangue Debolezza Ch. 01

 — An encounter with vampires. by Scribe6506/06/174.10

Sangue Debolezza Ch. 02

 — How it began, one year earlier. by Scribe6506/07/174.75HOT

Sangue Debolezza Ch. 03

 — A way to kill, or cure, vampires. by Scribe6506/09/174.82HOT

Sangue Debolezza Ch. 04

 — A reckless attempt to test the cure. by Scribe6506/10/174.80HOT

Sanguine Sodomy

 — A young man's deflowering at the hands of a vampire. by HBwoodrose07/18/113.80

Santa's Work Shop of Horrors

 — Christmas horror orgy. by APRILBLOSSUMS11/15/174.09

Saphiria Meets Vlad the Impaler

 — A chance encounter between this world and the next. by crimson_yearnings07/31/114.43

Sara's Seduction

 — Newlywed couple encounter a vampire and succubus. by doddauto09/26/174.65HOT

Sarah's Confession Ch. 03

 — Delighted prisoner, not of the body only but the soul. by gobula01/05/06

Sarah's Visit

 — An erotic Halloween ghost story, in verse by microwave oeuvren10/05/024.13

Satan's Sluts

 — Back-stage gang-bang gets a bit satanic. by Falcinator01/25/114.47

Satan's Sluts Ch. 02

 — It's time to meet the boss. by Falcinator01/21/134.61HOT

Satan's Sluts Ch. 03

 — Time to go to work. by Falcinator02/23/154.53HOT


 — Satinka must battle the evil night hunters. by Erotica_Writings02/27/044.33

Saturday Night

 — A selfish girl gets what she wishes for. by jessy1905/14/033.94

Saucy Jack

 — Psychosexual horror story set in Whitechapel, 1888. by Jen2410/13/064.35

Savannah's Sacrifice

 — Will Beauty's Innocence Save the Beast? by Amileigh06/19/124.46

Savannah's Sacrifice Ch. 02

 — A taste of innocence. by Amileigh06/26/124.45

Saving a Puppy

 — Grace provides unique nourishment to an ailing puppy. by fazza9103/20/073.60

Saving Grace

 — A single mother finally cuts loose on Halloween by slyc_willie10/12/084.52HOT

Scar Ch. 02 - Courtship

 — Finding a special mate. by Krotch_Kannibal04/04/194.56HOT

Scare Tactics

 — Rape Play. by StardustNightmare02/18/153.42

Scarlet's Job

 — He thought he hired her for the night. by Sassiwolf704/01/153.81

Scary is the New Sexy Pt. 01

 — One of these young ladies is not as she seems... by counterparts02/05/164.36

School Crossing Guard Ch. 02

 — David discovers the crossing guard's secrets. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/30/074.13

Scold's Bridle

 — An antique evil has life in it yet. by BlackShanglan10/04/054.65HOT

Second Circle

 — An infomercial from hell. by oneiria09/01/144.33

Secret Diary of a Vampire Teen

 — Sandra is your average teenager, but she's a vampire too. by BrainVamp01/28/164.64HOT

Secret Hauntings Ch. 02

 — The ghosts come out to play. by Ceaser07/15/033.59

Secret Visitor

 — A new house proves to be already occupied. by SrahFox11/08/094.38


 — Claire explores Hell and discovers a horrifying secret. by Kindasortacrazy07/07/124.74HOT

Secrets & Revelations Ch. 01

 — Dark secrets revealed between husband & wife. by Temuchen01/11/083.88

Secrets & Revelations Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife learn of their dark secrets. by Temuchen02/14/083.85

Secrets of a Darkened Heart

 — Horrors of the past haunts a woman's present. by swingingpuss05/04/054.33

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 01

 — Witches battle evil the lust they feel. by Erotica_Writings04/07/043.78

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 02

 — Seven sexy witches turn heads. by Erotica_Writings04/09/044.54HOT

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 03

 — Cheyenne yearns for Roger, but is trapped by loyalty. by Erotica_Writings04/10/044.47

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 04

 — Eight witches battle against evil. by Erotica_Writings04/14/044.50HOT

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 05

 — Witches battle evil & temptation. by Erotica_Writings04/13/044.75HOT

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 06

 — Now Cheyenne is pregnant by evil. by Erotica_Writings04/14/044.59HOT

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 07

 — Cheyenne must face her pregnancy. by Erotica_Writings04/14/044.29

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 08

 — Cheyenne faces life without Hank. by Erotica_Writings04/19/044.08

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 09

 — Cheyenne has her son only to lose him. by Erotica_Writings04/20/044.55HOT

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 10

 — Cheyenne avenges the loss of her son. by Erotica_Writings04/25/044.29

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 11

 — Cheyenne faces truth about her true love. by Erotica_Writings04/26/044.78

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 12

 — Cheyenne comes face to face with her own demons. by Erotica_Writings04/27/044.25

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 13

 — Cheyenne & Hank try to save their marriage. by Erotica_Writings04/28/044.00

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 14

 — Cheyenne mourns loss of her family. by Erotica_Writings04/29/044.67

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 15

 — Cheyenne battles alcohol, along with Gore warrior. by Erotica_Writings04/30/044.67

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 16

 — Mystic Shadow deals with loss of her sister. by Erotica_Writings05/02/044.83

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 17

 — Mystic Shadow meets her evil twin. by Erotica_Writings05/02/044.67

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 18

 — Will the White Light Power be able to save Mystic Shadow? by Erotica_Writings05/04/044.33

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 19

 — The White Lighters say good bye to an old friend. by Erotica_Writings05/05/044.60HOT

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 20

 — Did Mystic caster dream up the warriors? by Erotica_Writings05/06/044.62

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 21

 — The new council has taken over the White Power. by Erotica_Writings05/06/044.43

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 22

 — The warriors monitor the Windigo. by Erotica_Writings05/07/044.89

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 23

 — Jada caster has plans for Knight Shadow. by Erotica_Writings05/07/044.20

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 24

 — Mystic shadow loses her first battle. by Erotica_Writings05/09/044.43

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 25

 — Witch of seduction is killing wives. by Erotica_Writings05/10/044.57

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 26

 — The conclusion of the story. by Erotica_Writings05/11/044.71HOT

Seducing Simone

 — Woman is kidnapped & taken by a nosferatu. by gingerfx03/02/054.17

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