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Erotic Horror Stories

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Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 01

 — Mystic shadow & white light power. by Erotica_Writings05/17/043.88

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 02

 — Mystic Shadow & her warriors battle Amazon Witches. by Erotica_Writings05/19/044.09

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 03

 — She's tricked into life of a dancer. by Erotica_Writings06/19/044.33

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 04

 — Mystic Shadow gives into her passions. by Erotica_Writings06/21/044.77HOT

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 05

 — Caroline's Stalker has sadistic plans. by Erotica_Writings06/22/044.21

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 06

 — Caroline is held captive. by Erotica_Writings07/16/044.15

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 07

 — Mystic Shadow conceives while battling Skinwalkers. by Erotica_Writings09/10/044.83

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 08

 — Mystic Shadow falls victim to the skinwalker. by Erotica_Writings09/15/044.88

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 09

 — Mystic Shadow and Knight Shadow are expecting. by Erotica_Writings07/12/053.67

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 10

 — Will Natanne fall for Gore Warriors evil plans of seduction? by Erotica_Writings08/10/054.75HOT

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 11

 — A child is born. by Erotica_Writings01/23/064.27

Seduction's Kiss

 — A vampiric seduction. by Wyld5277102/07/094.28

Seed and Soul

 — A succubus visits you at night. by Moon Dragon08/10/054.46

Seed Ch. 01

 — Four college girls find something dark waits in the water. by sumwyln01/23/094.03

Seed of Evil

 — Demon invades to spread his seed. by Purpleguy181202/13/084.13

Self Defense

 — She can't move past the pain of past loves. by simply_cyn07/17/043.85


 — He was becoming less distinct, less concrete, somehow fading. by SunrockSin08/02/083.64

Serial Hunter

 — Digging for facts, you can dig your grave. by kromen10/22/054.33

Seven Deadly Sins Ch. 01

 — Evil abuser pays a heavy price. by Svenskaflicka08/15/034.14

Seven Deadly Sins Ch. 02

 — His love for money led to his death. by Svenskaflicka05/29/044.54HOT

Sex Detectives

 — The Dick with The Rose Tattoo. by TitsFlannagen04/14/163.11

Sex Detectives - The Closet Case

 — Magic, Maze, Mayhem, Mystery. by TitsFlannagen10/19/183.67

Sex Slave Spooktacular

 — A chilling, thrilling, semen-spilling tale of terror. by masterandmargarita10/15/154.70HOT


 — They're here. by oneiria12/14/103.75

Sexual Apocalypse

 — Sometimes shit happens. by oneiria08/31/104.17

Sexual Hunger

 — Lilly is hungry for love. by bayoujuju09/01/064.16


 — Two souls...but only one can be free. by fantasywriter12/06/114.36

Shadow Demon Transformation

 — Heidi is attacked by a vicious Shadow Demon with two cocks. by SSX198808/06/143.63

Shadow Man

 — You never know what creatures stalk the night. by SweetWitch04/28/084.34

Shadow Play

 — Scared of the dark? by lionshell06/19/074.31

Shadow School Ch. 04

 — A break in tradition. by RedHotLadybug10/27/104.77HOT

Shadow Sex

 — Are nightmares real? by Michigan_Puttz03/16/163.97


 — She comes home to find her nightmare still lives. by Kindasortacrazy06/11/124.64HOT


 — Silthos finally has his chance and Claire's fate is changed by Kindasortacrazy08/03/124.71HOT

Shadows in the Light Ch. 01-02

 — Only a year after the Spellplague that changed everything. by Vergil198909/21/114.00

Shadows of Ourselves

 — Coed discovers a new, dark side to her ex. by Quinn_7602/04/063.94

Shaken from the Bed

 — Masturbating woman is interrupted by the undead. by horsefly08/22/054.06

Shattered Glass

 — A modern fairy tale. by hopkinscm09/28/103.55


 — Violent sexual death fuels a supernatural alien being. by Jett_7304/20/124.34

She Came In ...

 — A tale of the sexpocalypse. by JukeboxEMCSA07/29/124.54HOT

She Died

 — She fucking died right there on top of him. by Kaishaku12/11/113.79

She Had Horns

 — Virgin at a college Halloween party meets the wrong woman. by WatchingCloud10/18/094.56HOT

She is The One

 — A vampire searches for the one he's been looking for. by anarchy002903/18/114.06

She was a Bookmark

 — She was a bookmark, a name on a card holding my place. by Decayed Angel11/18/064.58HOT

She-Devil In Church

 — A loose woman wreaks havoc in a church community. by bricklayer7703/01/114.27

She-Devil In Church Ch. 02

 — Evil woman gets her own medicine. used by a demon. by bricklayer7703/10/114.51HOT

She-Devil In Church Ch. 03

 — A mature she-devil loses her group, a new one ascends. by bricklayer7705/05/114.40

She-Devil In Church Ch. 04

 — A wicked church woman gets closer to eternal damnation. by bricklayer7709/27/114.17

Sherry's Special Brew

 — An inn offers a very special brew to a huntsman. by jayaurysmut07/17/184.42

Shiborito in the Bag

 — Sexy treatment with a vac-bed... or something more sinister. by manyeyedhydra07/09/154.51HOT


 — Paul finds his nightmare irresistible. by Caitlin Anise06/11/044.22

Shiny Happy People

 — The end of the world comes dressed in silver. by JukeboxEMCSA03/12/114.57HOT

Shiver Ch. 01

 — Marianna and Paul are reunited forever. by PrincessErin05/13/084.08

Shiver Ch. 02

 — Marianna and Paul are reunited forever. by PrincessErin05/14/084.13

Shower Hunt

 — A creature wants a taste of its host's offspring. by june9theveryday06/23/154.04

Shrink Me Deadly

 — John Gable learns that his neighbor is a witch. by Dash_Andrews6908/20/083.84

Shub-Niggurath's Disciple

 — Jealousy spawns a ghastly revenge. by TE99910/02/134.00

Sideshow Sylvie

 — A struggling writer finds a terrifying source of inspiration. by SecondCircle10/23/124.55HOT

Silky Bed Sheets

 — Two lovers go for a wild adventure & fuck a lot. by justin grimbol01/19/061.81

Silver Buckles

 — These boots were made for more than walking. by Paul4405/05/064.44

Simple Twist of Fate

 — She awakens bound and at his mercy. by lordchilworth10/19/083.28

Siren Cave

 — A young man in Puerto Rico finds lust... at a price... by ffmerchant05/22/174.07


 — A new reporter set up by the Devil's disciples. by grecian1309/21/134.33

Sister Christine

 — Strange horror occurs within a convent. by bwilson11/26/044.07

Sister Genevieve's Angel

 — An exorcism goes horribly wrong... or horribly right... by leabravo10/11/184.15

Sister Liz and the Werewolf

 — A man becomes a wolf by giving himself over to Satan. by Abdulbenthere11/29/093.96

Sisters of the Fallen

 — One by one the Pierocent girls succumb to the darkness. by GayTripper10/04/164.75HOTContest Winner

Skeeter Bate's Great Escape

 — An abused wife/crackwhore runs for her life. by mikey2much01/19/113.92

Ski Lodge

 — A fun night after skiing leads to the usual. by some_boy11/29/083.38


 — A woman finds herself transforming into a gorgon. by Lycandope10/03/124.46

Skin Like Silk

 — Fear fuels a dark ritual of death and freedom. by MongolSamurai01/25/173.09

Slaves of the Damned

 — A young woman becomes a slave in Hell. by SeleucusNicator02/01/124.01

Slaves of the Damned Ch. 02

 — Carla finds solace in the arms of a slave. by SeleucusNicator02/03/124.28

Slaves of the Damned Ch. 03

 — Carla and Burcu's secret is no more. by SeleucusNicator02/12/124.27

Slayer vs. Succubus

 — "Men can't fight them..." by manyeyedhydra03/23/084.66HOT

Sleepless Nights

 — A vampire's new love. by MasterJekyll05/14/034.14


 — A woman's sleepwalking turns dangerously sexual. by stlgoddessfreya09/11/143.91

Slender Man Ch. 03

 — Hot office sex; Slender Man shows his power. by WifeWatchman05/18/174.80HOT

Slender Man Ch. 04

 — Solution; it's Slender Man vs. the Iron Crowbar... by WifeWatchman05/20/174.82HOT

Slow Burn of the Wolf: Saving a Son

 — A father tries to help his half werewolf son to get laid. by Sinisterotica2000102/16/184.35

Slugs Rule OK

 — Phillip meets a woman with an odd obsession. by alexcarr03/18/102.89

Small Town Legend

 — Urban myth & reality collide. by gothic_enigma7407/11/033.74


 — Reba succumbs to reptilian fascination. by sr71plt08/30/064.24

Snared, Sucked and Slurped

 — A summer nightmare as Rob is snared by an undersea siren by manyeyedhydra08/21/134.46

Snow and Moonlight Ch. 01

 — A woman's journey to find herself and so much more. by GoldenMaia12/12/074.40

Snow in New Orleans

 — A gothic vampire finds a new recruit. by ALandRF01/25/104.21

Snowed In

 —  Flirting siblings discover terror in their parents' house. by SecondCircle01/22/134.00

Snuff/Skin Flick

 — Two policemen review unusual footage from a massage parlor. by manyeyedhydra10/01/154.52HOT

So Be Warned

 — A ouija board calls up trouble. by Otazel03/08/064.46

SoHo Huntress

 — Artist hunts for her inspiration. by Erectocrat06/29/133.29

Solar Flame

 — Science Fiction Erotica. by AnitaRush11/28/103.29

Some Sexual Side Effects May Occur

 — One woman must survive something that is broken. by JinkiesFarie10/16/113.42

Some Strange

 — She wanted him inside her. by PollyPerv07/08/083.70

Something Else

 — An end...or a beginning? by klingongal11/13/083.93

Something Horrid

 — This story has a very scary Halloween trick. by Erotica_Writings10/11/062.81

Something Wicked

 — She hates feeling controlled. by Mrs.Kitty05/19/064.47

Something Wicked

 — Her crush on Derek leads her into death's hands. by Erotica_Writings10/11/063.42

Something Wicked This Way Came

 — Is the masked man a dream come true...or a living nightmare? by madam_noe10/06/124.56HOT

Sons of the Dragon

 — The Nosferatu return to feed on Halloween. by sarahhh10/11/034.54HOT

Sons of the Evening Star

 — Woman is kidnapped by warring Vampire factions. by QueenOfValhalla06/26/144.43

Soon, My Sweet

 — A dark encounter in the woods. by SavannahReardon08/16/074.23

Soul Lake

 — Anna tries to relax in a lake, but discovers something odd. by YorkPeppermint08/27/124.00

Soul Mate

 — A satanic occult student is caught between love and lust by TwystedDzyre05/25/134.15


 — A man gets tricked. by nikkie10/13/044.08


 — Claire's relationship with Darrow grows. by Kindasortacrazy07/03/124.69HOT


 — A cooking adventure. by WFEATHER06/24/063.57

Sparkling Death

 — She came out of nothing, sending him to nothing. by harley2307/13/043.91

Spawn Slave

 — She's thrown into a erotic and unique slavery. by eroticlain08/06/093.57

Spectral Ecstasy

 — Andrea finds comfort and passion in her spectral admirer. by eidos186510/22/154.20

Spell Failure

 — A young witch goes in way over her head. by Monocle08/08/034.47


 — A horror-erotic story by the_voyager12/10/123.00

Spider's Mistress

 — A giant spider lays his eggs inside of a female warrior. by Madam_X11/05/114.04


 — A Silky Adventure. by OneSilky11/07/104.26

Spin the Bottle

 — Welcome to the Erotic Twighlight Zone. by Delauno01/20/094.10

Spirit Sisters Second Cumming

 — The Sisters find another attraction. by AlexaWriter12/28/164.20


 — With apologies to Miyazaki and the Native Americans. by Krosis05/07/194.13

Spoils of War

 — Triumphant warlock is deceived by his rival's daughter. by AJ_Watson07/28/084.45

Spookshow Baby

 — A look into the sin of a bloodthirsty monster. by MacabelyYours11/29/084.00

Squab Tonight

 — Pushed over the edge by ecstasy. by 4glory607/15/124.07


 — Super-Hero comes to a sticky end. by manyeyedhydra10/27/074.40


 — Two doctors end infertility - with horrible repercussions. by 100 Angry Bananas10/25/074.15

Stalking Your Prey

 — A succubus finds and stalks her prey. by Southernman1506/19/193.95

Stalking Your Prey Ch. 02

 — Brooke starts to haunt Jeff's dreams. by Southernman1506/22/194.41NEW

Stalking Your Prey Ch. 03

 — Brooke gets a small snack. by Southernman1506/23/194.11NEW

Stalking Your Prey Ch. 04

 — Jeff finally gives in to Brooke. by Southernman1506/25/194.00NEW

Stalking Your Prey Ch. 05

 — Brooke revisits Jeff. by Southernman1506/26/193.67NEW

Star's Dark Stranger Ch. 01

 — Star is enraptured by a dark, mysterious stranger. by Jayderayn02/19/074.24

Stars in Her Mouth

 — A sexy threesome holds a dark and brutal secret. by BlackDionysus3608/06/143.72

Starving For Affection

 — Male prostitute Amal wants love, and ought to know better. by LE_Bryce10/23/083.56

Statuary Rape

 — The things you find in a cemetery... by TE99910/05/064.29


 — A gift brings more than a pleasant memory. by WFEATHER08/24/074.12

Stay Out of New York

 — A tryst turns into a nightmare. by Scottish_Lust03/09/084.27

Stein's Girl Ch. 06

 — It all goes right and then wrong. by Orfeo03/08/074.33

Step Into My Parlor

 — There's a witch trial in Salem. by tRafe10/12/034.25

Still Life

 — Inspiration can be a scary thing. by TamLin0107/21/114.63HOTEditor's Pick

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