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Erotic Horror Stories

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The Big Trick

 — Coeds get fed up with a campus lothario. by kromen10/11/094.02

The Biggest Tits in the World

 — Two men discover the sinister secret of a Hamburg strip club. by manyeyedhydra07/12/084.18

The Billionaire's Bet

 — Bet your spouse. What's the worst that could happen? by texashorror06/30/153.70

The Bitch is Back

 — Mistress Eva returns to claim what's hers. by JukeboxEMCSA03/18/124.13

The Bite

 — A lone wanderer doesn't know who/what he's messing with. by syrath07/18/063.78

The Bite

 — Actor in a haunted house show turns out to be more than real. by snick590802/16/084.56HOT

The Black Flutter

 — Memories of a lost lover surround her in the dark waters. by illusory_transitory08/29/084.05

The Blackheart Stone

 — Beth makes a deal with a demoness to save her marriage. by EddieFuggles04/01/184.65HOT

The Blackmere Society Ch. 01

 — A group of gothic anti-heroes form against a rising evil. by RavynsLand12/03/174.69HOT

The Blackmere Society Ch. 02

 — The Society meets the evil they hunt face-to-face. by RavynsLand12/04/174.79HOT

The Bleaker House Ghost

 — Can a ghost be haunted by a dead person? by SikFuk10/01/084.21

The Blonde

 — Her vengeance for his betrayal. by not_so_innocent_flirting02/13/053.56

The Blood Slave Ch. 01

 — An unsuspecting Penny is taken as a blood slave. by lollapalooza08/07/124.40

The Blood Slave Ch. 02

 — Penny spends the night with Vicki and her toys. by lollapalooza08/11/124.36

The Blood Slave Ch. 04

 — Penny's situation takes a turn for the worse. by lollapalooza08/22/124.08

The Blood Slave Ch. 06

 — He sets her free, or does he? by lollapalooza09/25/124.40

The Bloody Meinsheen

 — A girl learns of her bloody past the hard way. by Kileka03/02/093.83

The Blue Room

 — Deep in the heart of London... by thearchduke09/18/103.61

The Body Electric

 — A sociopath grants an interview before her execution. by Mudak08/22/104.50HOT

The Boobfish

 — Picture a mermaid, replace the tail by one big (hungry) tit. by sarus06/06/084.38

The Booth

 — Sam stops by video booth. by FederalHillRay02/25/063.24

The Botanist

 — A scientist invents a novel method for writing erotica. by Carnal_Flower03/21/164.35

The Braidwood Affair

 — All Hallows’ Eve at the Braidwood House. by eidetic10/15/164.78HOT

The Breeder Vampire

 — His thirst is for pussy...not blood. by thelizzard11/09/142.51

The Bride

 — She is promised to the beast. by carolinenaught04/30/153.14

The Bride of Dagon

 — Lovecraft-inspired tentacle tale from an asylum inmate. by YANKEE DAN09/10/104.54HOT

The Brownstone

 — A tale of vampire erotica. by reymaj12/13/073.86

The Bucks Mansion

 — The bonds of sisterhood never die. by YDB9510/02/124.21

The Bunnies of the Bay Area Ch. 04

 — Bunny Nathalie finds the Bay Area’s Bunnies hard to control. by LincolnAndSunset11/25/143.50

The Cape

 — A Halloween party needs a costume, right? by Jenny_Jackson10/01/074.14

The Carrington Witch

 — A lesbian girl in love seeks the help of a witch. by AshenGirl12/15/154.49

The Cathedral

 — A visit to a Medieval cathedral gone bad. by cowboy10910/03/154.00

The Catholic School Girl

 — An innocent girl meets a dark man. by MsTeacher10/14/164.25

The Cats of Rhodes

 — A failed anniversary. by sweet_katrina57910/18/063.93

The Cellar

 — A beautiful girl has a supernatural encounter. by sfor06/12/034.07

The Cellar of Orgasmic Evil

 — Wild ghost mystery with something for everyone. by sexotics200610/09/074.47

The Cerberus Incident Ch. 01

 — Josey Binkle gives Harmony a seriously good reaming. by jallen94409/04/073.81

The Cerberus Incident Ch. 02

 — Binkle battles the evil pink poodle, then tames the pussy. by jallen94403/12/104.09

The Chamber

 — Once a sultry MILF, now pleasured beyond her will, encased. by jasonbrody2203/22/183.88

The Change

 — Werewolves, Love, Sex, Humor and Action in modern day. by Lycandope10/03/124.76HOT

The Chase

 — She runs from her life after tryst with a doctor. by LadyTigeress09/27/053.97

The Cherry Tree

 — A mild-mannered writer turns out to be much more. by Cinner06/19/123.92

The Choosing

 — Talia submits to The Choosing and finds her true self. by darcysweet01/18/104.68HOT

The Choosing Ch. 02

 — Now Chosen what lies ahead for Talia? by darcysweet03/17/104.69HOT

The Choosing Ch. 03

 — Roth returns - will Talia submit? by darcysweet04/14/104.73HOT

The Choosing Ch. 04

 — how can answers lead to so many more questions? by darcysweet04/26/104.70HOT

The Choosing Ch. 05

 — Fleeing the Palace to find the Sarran Coven. by darcysweet05/08/104.70HOT

The Choosing Ch. 06

 — Talia meets the Sarran Council. by darcysweet07/08/104.64HOT

The Choosing Ch. 07

 — Another betrayal. A nightmare returns. Fight or submit? by darcysweet07/09/104.73HOT

The Choosing Ch. 08

 — The return of Roth...and Nadar. She is caught once more. by darcysweet07/10/104.70HOT

The Choosing Ch. 09

 — Love, jealousy, blood and betrayal... by darcysweet07/14/104.77HOT

The Choosing Ch. 10

 — Chosen - make your choice. by darcysweet07/15/104.80HOT

The Choosing Ch. 11

 — The final chapter. by darcysweet07/18/104.79HOT

The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 01

 — A mission to rescue Goddesses from captivity. by SlaveNano11/21/083.85

The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 02

 — A mission to rescue novice Goddess from temple. by SlaveNano11/25/083.00

The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 03

 — A mission to rescue Goddess Rhiannon. by SlaveNano09/01/094.20

The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 04

 — Failed mission to rescue Goddess Eostra's magical talismans. by SlaveNano05/13/104.67

The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 05

 — Successful mission to rescue Goddess Eostra's talismans by SlaveNano05/14/104.17

The Chronicles of Slave Nano No. 06

 — The Proclamation of Goddess Freya. by SlaveNano09/12/103.75

The Cinder Box

 — Femdom horror story. by ProfessorPlums05/21/134.42

The Circle

 — A strange virus is spreading through the city. by BrainVamp06/19/144.06

The Clay Witch

 — Every small town needs a helpful witch. by Seurat10/27/124.41

The Club

 — Girl out finds a surprise. by rexhame31704/29/123.00

The Club At The End Of The World

 — A man claims back his life by risking it. by clampit4510/09/164.43

The Cocoon

 — Trapped in latex. by Big_Kahuna_6904/23/154.36

The Coils of Aenictia

 — Former solder is taken to the pleasures of their queen. by manyeyedhydra01/15/084.42

The Coin

 — A shy woman transforms into a sexual beast. by Lycandope07/05/134.51HOT

The Cold Lover

 — A chilling night on a faeries' dun. by Gethelred10/12/093.87

The Collector

 — Parent teacher conference changes her forever. by DedeM10/13/084.15

The Compton Witch

 — An old story comes horribly alive. by Julie2009/03/113.52

The Contest

 — Andrea faces strange contest on the other side. by Colleen Thomas01/23/044.36

The Corner of H & L

 — The road to hell is a Brazilian wax. by 4ofSwords12/25/063.92

The Coronation

 — A human mage experiences the erotic coronation of the new queen. by PDXDave03/21/173.78

The Crap Monster

 — One day Axel, a hardworking father births something sinister. by DrSpidey03/30/153.20

The Craving

 — Young virgin seeks man during a full moon. by Ezekiel_Coles08/27/063.27

The Creature and Jessica

 — Jessica finds herself at the mercy of a lustful creature. by wolftribe200907/04/113.87

The Crime Scene Has Been Tainted

 — A vampire of lust. by MORfiction06/06/093.20

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 01

 — A man is abducted, and his soul taken. by Gethelred09/12/094.36

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 02

 — Mark awakens. by Gethelred09/13/094.40

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 03

 — The mission is revealed- cliche much? by Gethelred09/17/094.46

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 04

 — Mark meets with his lawyer, and finds something familiar. by Gethelred09/18/094.40

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 05

 — Mark interrogates a cultist. by Gethelred09/27/094.32

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 06

 — The Nameless Day; Mark finds a candidate. by Gethelred09/28/094.36

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 07

 — The morning after... by Gethelred10/02/094.19

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 08

 — Michelle's turn. by Gethelred10/06/094.32

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 09

 — Michelle is kidnapped. by Gethelred10/16/094.48

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 10

 — Michelle's ordeal. by Gethelred10/17/094.58HOT

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 11

 — Mark makes a deal with the devil. by Gethelred10/20/094.58HOT

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 12

 — Mark runs rampant. by Gethelred12/07/094.52HOT

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 13

 — An unlucky number- and Mark finds his feet again. by Gethelred05/20/104.25

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 14

 — The Stain. by Gethelred12/11/104.53HOT

The Curse of Arnford Manor

 — Four witches and a warrior investigate the birth of a demon. by mythtrav1610/21/104.76HOT

The Curse of Bromwyn Marsh

 — Lady Anne sucks vampires. by craigool01/19/154.50HOT

The Curse of Saint Valentine

 — Sin and secrets beneath the streets of Rome. by TamLin0101/27/144.26

The Curse of the de Wren Witch

 — Horror in Massachusetts Colony Oct. 31, 1692. by LilaBlossom10/21/074.43

The Curse of the Succubus

 — A succubus returns to have her wicked vengeance. by EddieFuggles02/05/184.64HOT

The Cursed House of Crow

 — A witch is awoken, and she's hungry for dick. by TheTalkMan12/30/124.64HOT

The Dance

 — Vampires in Quebec city. by HotMaddie09/28/034.36

The Dark

 — An erotic horror story. by rkm1003/21/084.16

The Dark God Ch. 01

 — Satan takes a lover and tells his true story. by chthonic123907/15/053.85

The Dark God Ch. 02

 — Satan takes a lover and tells his story. by chthonic123907/16/054.58HOT

The Dark God Ch. 03

 — Satan takes a lover and tells his true story. by chthonic123907/18/054.19

The Dark Moon Coven

 — Witch tries to seduce art student into her coven. by ctemple10/14/094.09

The Dark One Calls

 — Sometimes the best thing is your worst nightmare. by sweetdarkness05/29/084.10

The Dark Stranger

 — Vampire with a "taste" for pain as well as blood. by jasrinrose06/06/064.10

The Dark Window

 — Taylor learns that some things are better left to rest. by the_lost_one10/20/113.90

The Daughters of Bloodwine

 — The lost children of a decadent and murderous royal family. by gypsyblackthorne10/20/113.08

The Day the Sun Turned Red

 — Erin wakes to a new world. by BrainVamp06/21/144.11

The Dead World Ch. 01

 — It's not the dead you have to worry about.. it's the living. by seraph_nocturne12/21/174.37

The Dead World Ch. 02

 — Charlie's plans are canceled, she's now an unwilling host. by seraph_nocturne12/24/174.46

The Dead World Ch. 03

 — Oz and Skully clash, Charlie gets to know the boys better. by seraph_nocturne01/24/184.69HOT

The Dead World Ch. 04

 — The group decides, Dog feels indebted for 'saving' Charlie. by seraph_nocturne02/15/184.64HOT

The Deadworld Chronicles: DOR 01

 — This is the first chapter of Dawn Of The Rising. by Roukley09/16/124.10

The Demon

 — She stumbles upon a demon who proceeds to take her. by deathlynx07/04/063.96

The Demon Inside

 — Meeting up to eat and fuck, but who is on the menu? by ForbiddenLust1805/06/153.73

The Demon's Mirror

 — A Demon spreads his seed. by Paul4404/24/043.96

The Deviant of the Dark Ages Ch. 01

 — A supernatural tale of sexual depravity in the medieval era. by MsNotSleeping07/07/154.13

The Deviant of the Dark Ages Ch. 02

 — A supernatural tale of sexual depravity in the medieval era. by MsNotSleeping07/08/154.44

The Deviant of the Dark Ages Ch. 03

 — A supernatural tale of sexual depravity in the medieval era. by MsNotSleeping07/09/154.30

The Deviant of the Dark Ages Ch. 04

 — A supernatural tale of sexual depravity in the medieval era. by MsNotSleeping07/10/154.53HOT

The Deviant of the Dark Ages Ch. 05

 — A supernatural tale of sexual depravity in the medieval era. by MsNotSleeping07/11/154.29

The Deviant of the Dark Ages Ch. 06

 — A supernatural tale of sexual depravity in the medieval era. by MsNotSleeping07/12/154.33

The Deviant of the Dark Ages Ch. 07

 — A supernatural tale of sexual depravity in the medieval era. by MsNotSleeping07/14/154.51HOT

The Devil & Mrs. Jones

 — Mrs. Jones makes an erotic Faustian deal. by Sweet_Candi09/06/034.35Contest Winner

The Devil & Mrs. Jones Ch. 02

 — Amanda Jones attends first Sex Addicts Anon. meeting. by Sweet_Candi11/29/034.28

The Devil & Mrs. Jones Ch. 03

 — Third part in the series. by Sweet_Candi12/26/114.44

The Devil in Paris

 — 18th century Devils in Paris with camel. by Teela10010/03/082.33

The Devil's Ambrosia

 — Always in the last place you look - even for Lucifer. by AmbrosiaBlood09/15/084.21

The Devil's Mark

 — Darlene ends up as a part of a scary movie on Halloween. by The_Technician10/07/114.31

The Devilish Flame

 — Halloween hater meets an evil but sexy horror. by girlwithadirtymind10/20/102.75

The Diamond Choker

 — Mysterious woman discovers supernatural talent. by agezinder10/23/034.23

The Difference Between Homeless and Helpless

 — A homeless lady and a serial killer. by mikey2much08/02/074.60HOT

The Disciple of Jagen

 — Vampire Bride falls for Vampires mad disciple. by craziebabie02/04/114.67HOT

The Discovery Ch. 01

 — May shows him a new path to pleasure. by Edge2302/07/063.25

The Discovery Ch. 02

 — They start working on their vengeance. by Edge2302/11/063.40

The Discovery Ch. 03

 — Things finally come to a head. by Edge2302/15/063.43

The Donor

 — A blood meal for a real vampress by dr_mabeuse04/28/034.39

The Dragon

 — A redheaded goth unwillingly meets a strange man. by VixenVampiress12/21/104.17

The Dream City Film Club

 — Sex and death in a London porn cinema. by noisymother03/01/083.54

The Dream Lovers

 — A Hell of a good time. by Naughty_Witch08/20/154.42

The Drifter's Swan Song

 — The vampires have messed again with the Drifter. Bad move. by BrainVamp09/03/143.95

The Drinker of Souls

 — A supernatural predator feeds his hungers. by phalcomb11/19/084.08

The Drive

 — A grateful hitchhiker isn't what she seems. by Gyrefalkyn10/08/064.51HOT

The Edge of Darkness

 — Shapechanger is blackmailed by a perverse vampire. by vanak2312/28/054.07

The Edge of Darkness Ch. 02

 — Continued story of Werewolf in a dark, sexual world. by vanak2310/26/064.04

The Education of Lisa Ch. 05

 — Dead Man's Cock. by Christian Black12/01/044.36

The Embrace of Uvulu'ai

 — An explorer searches for the secret behind the Embraced. by manyeyedhydra12/10/074.40

The Emperor's Retreat

 — Crystal enters the forbidden palace in an erotic competition. by sweet_lusciousdesire05/17/124.12

The Empty Chairs

 — Woman traveller meets vampires on their night. by LenNeal10/18/114.41

The Empty House

 — Female vampire continues... by LenNeal09/12/134.14

The End is What You Fear

 — Erotica Horror Short Story. by Kitten_x_Tigresa08/30/163.75

The End of an Affair

 — A husband discovers his wife's infidelity and talks with her. by Middleagepoet09/07/094.16

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