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Erotic Horror Stories

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The Haunted

 — He was a mysterious man, but so captivating. by needteachin10/23/034.16

The Haunted House Club

 — With vampires, girls can lose more than their panties. by Five_Eight10/19/074.41Contest Winner

The Haunting Kind

 — She got what she wished for and it changed her forever. by raphy10/15/033.75

The Haunting of the Third Wheel

 — Wife's best friend is possessed and seduces her husband. by Wannabeboytoy04/05/064.56HOT

The Haven Stories: The Beginning

 — Andre finds Haven & makes her one of his kind. by Kawaii Anime08/15/054.42

The Hive of Asgard

 — Viking deities just want to have fun. by oneiria01/19/16

The Hobb's Place

 — What happened there back in 1803? by Colleen Thomas10/05/044.49

The Hole

 — Short story about a masturbating serial killer. by Talemaster09/09/124.30

The Horny Thorny Tree Ch. 01

 — Mis-matched magic creates a chaotic demon. by Chaotye03/24/133.75

The Horror Beneath Ch. 01

 — Jessica & her mother are taken by tentacles. by daniellesadvisor08/24/044.43

The Horror Beneath Ch. 02 V. 02

 — Sister Corina shows Jessica & mom a new world. by daniellesadvisor09/17/044.61HOT

The Horror Beneath Ch. 03

 — Jessica and mom get taught a lesson. by daniellesadvisor10/14/044.60HOT

The Horror Beneath Ch. 04

 — Jessica helps rescue a busty girl from the tentacles. by daniellesadvisor01/10/054.45

The Horror Beneath Ch. 05

 — Jessica and Holly are in danger. by daniellesadvisor02/23/054.61HOT

The Horror Beneath Ch. 06

 — Jessica & Holly's ordeal in Blackhold Keep. by daniellesadvisor04/23/054.59HOT

The Horror Beneath II Ch. 01

 — Morenna plots while Jessica fucks. by daniellesadvisor05/06/064.46

The Horror Beneath II Ch. 02

 — Morenna's free, school's in and Jessica changes. by daniellesadvisor12/11/064.63HOT

The Horror From Under Lake Memphrem

 — She just wanted to wach the sunset. by Ilkay08/23/113.54

The House on Whore Hill

 — Never pee in a haunted house! by leaky_one10/23/063.56

The House Party

 — Was it real, or a dream? by PepperM11/02/044.20

The Hunger

 — The taste of human flesh is an insatiable aphrodisiac. by nicholai_volchenko05/04/073.90

The Hunt

 — Not all hunts involve woodland creatures. by wyldechylde03/10/064.14

The Huntress

 — In a dark underworld, a slave takes a victim to her masters by Krypt_Mistress04/23/033.59

The Ice Princess

 — Krulak breaks the rule of his people and pays the price. by Sean Renaud09/24/133.30

The Incubator's Tale

 — A young gay man falls for a transsexual creature. by Parthenokinesis03/22/133.37

The Initiation of Constance Ch. 01

 — Witchcraft & lust in 17th century America. by Thewickerman02/25/054.39

The Innocent

 — Only the Hunters can stop the Velvet Nocturne. by jmbasquiat_fan03/03/064.42

The Invisible Man

 — Quiet Justice given in an effective manner. by madengineer304/03/094.47

The Invite

 — Man discovers a new life. by curious2c10/24/044.27

The Island

 — Will Rachel discover why the island was calling to her? by lgreenwood06/17/134.28

The Ith

 — Demon Minion is trained. by Dingus Guy01/24/044.28

The Kindness Of Strangers

 — When buxom women confide in tall dark strangers. by UnknownPleasures04/09/054.00

The King in Yellow

 — Have you found the Yellow Sign? by TamLin0107/22/114.78HOT

The Knight at the Lockdown

 — A modern Day Witch Hunter hunts in a top notch strip club. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/24/124.16

The Knight at the Lockdown Ch. 02

 — Conclusion to The Knight at the Lockdown. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/29/124.62

The Lady And The Tramp

 — Beauty and the beast. by Shoshi04/10/054.14

The Lady in Blue Ch. 01

 — Historical value behind the ghost story is revealed. by LuciousBi-Writes4U07/19/054.42

The Lady in Blue Ch. 02

 — Ghostly blowjob proves pleasurable. by LuciousBi-Writes4U07/20/054.39

The Lady in Blue Ch. 03

 — Ghostly encounter leads to phenomenal sex. by LuciousBi-Writes4U07/25/054.36

The Lady In The Castle

 — And then All, and then there was none. by fluidline106/27/044.39

The Lady in White

 — A twist on the 'lady in white' stories. by SilverCatEyes10/19/074.12

The Lady Wakes

 — A beatuiful woman's encounter in her old castle. by Xowie03/09/073.75

The Lady Wore Red Ch. 01

 — Unassuming, shy woman transforms into succubus. by Lycandope11/11/124.36

The Lady Wore Red Ch. 02

 — Unassuming, shy woman transforms into succubus. by Lycandope11/24/124.60HOT

The Lady Wore Red Ch. 03

 — Unassuming, shy woman transforms into succubus. by Lycandope03/27/134.23

The Lady Wore Red Ch. 04

 — The changes accelerate as she takes her first victim. by Lycandope12/14/134.41

The Lamia

 — Lovecraftian Femdom. by MissClearmont10/04/114.72HOT

The Last Coven

 — An erotic tale of the last coven of the great goddess. by jesteinman10/03/084.27

The Last Halloween

 — A final bash for all the ghost and goblins of the world. by TamLin0110/01/154.66HOT

The Last Piece of Ass

 — "Caveman style of seduction" will often cause problems. by Boxlicker10110/01/054.11

The Last Trick-or-Treater on Earth

 — Evil Grown-up gets a visitor. by Taylor_Wasabi10/22/073.80

The Late Bus

 — Late night twisted passion. by CuddlyAl01/03/11

The Legacy

 — A twisted end for a pair of twisted criminals. by madengineer305/07/074.42

The Legend

 — How the werewolf came to be in Northern Michigan. by luv2flirtamswf3405/05/063.96

The Legend of Princess Julie

 — A dark ancient myth. by Julie2003/20/114.32

The Legendary C.P. Swallows

 — Horrific, horrible; potayto, potahto. by MarshAlien10/10/074.64HOT

The Leprechaun

 — Don't sleep late, it could be your fate. by doormouse06/18/043.94

The Leprechaun Returns

 — Aye, but ye best be sleepin' with one eye open. by doormouse06/22/044.00

The Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 01-03

 — A chilling tale of blood and war among the Gothic Undead. by Fatwa_Morgana12/18/104.28

The Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 04-08

 — War with the Feeders becomes inevitable! by Fatwa_Morgana12/22/104.39

The Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 09-11

 — The Feeders plot, while Vanessa and Quinn investigate. by Fatwa_Morgana12/27/104.71HOT

The Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 12-13

 — The siege begins; Sybil has a secret. by Fatwa_Morgana12/30/104.80HOT

The Letter Opener

 — Her lover is leaving her, but she cannot live without her. by Fatwa_Morgana01/26/084.13

The Light Side of Death

 — Two woman fall in love while in a war with the walking dead. by WilBeLes01/29/154.78HOT

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