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Erotic Horror Stories

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Beyond Nocturne Ch. 07

 — Lydia, Michael and Maricel face the enemy. by bluefox0711/03/064.77HOT

Beyond the Forest

 — In the dark woods, a witch waits. by Seanathon10/17/144.83HOTContest Winner

Beyond The Grave

 — A ghost girl enlists help to save her sister. by IHateToBeRudeBut07/24/174.30

Beyond the Wall of Sleep

 — An author-curated story event based around Gothic Horror. by Literotica03/17/19

Big Night Out

 — She meets some very mean people. by bondagekitten06/29/084.00

Big Night Out Ch. 02

 — He meets a very special girl. A thematic sequel. by bondagekitten01/06/094.03

Big Top

 — Colleen and her friends learn about clowns on Halloween. by notbreckenridge10/20/144.26

Binding Contracts

 — A crooked lawyer gets his. by madengineer305/06/074.53HOT


 — Christi's erotic roadtrip ends in bloodthirsty tragedy. by SlaveMasterUK01/15/094.38

Birth and Death

 — Creative artist who uses him as a prop. by oggbashan10/11/054.28

Birth of a Killer

 — Victorian London. A boy grows up to be a killer. by sweet_katrina57911/10/054.44


 — The sequel to 'Birth and Death'. by oggbashan10/01/064.10

Bitch in Heat

 — A swamp horror story. by Eve LeRieux09/28/054.11

Bite Me

 — Vampire seduces a innocent girl. by klark42010/18/064.30

Bitter Taste

 — It's the taste, the smell of it that drives him. by jane_is_dead04/01/053.17

Black Book Diary Entry: Sue

 — Lovespell, in love with a beautiful albeit evil witchy woman by PositiveThinker12/18/093.42

Black Magic

 — Female demon gives Tim a good ride, until... by ctemple09/13/093.63

Black Mamba

 — Chaos commences when an ancient African Deity arrives. by DrSpidey05/08/154.16

Black Manor Investigation

 — University ghost hunters awaken a curse. by grecian1304/04/144.30

Black Roses

 — The tale of your last camping trip. by SilverScribe08/20/16

Black Soul with Green Eyes

 — The maid finds something she should have. by Zaane01/10/174.28

Bleak Future

 — A woman does what she must to survive a zombie world. by davion230804/10/094.12

Bless and Keep Us All Hallow's Eve

 — Just too late for the Halloween contest... by ClodiaP11/04/154.50

Blind Date

 — A man is diverted before going on a blind date. by Middleagepoet12/26/093.65


 — Sorority girl experiences retribution for her evil deeds. by Leona_James10/01/154.27

Blood & Magic Ch. 11

 — Kristin has to lie and a Christian student is tempted. by bbettyblambabam05/03/174.54HOT

Blood & Magic Ch. 12

 — Melissa finally gets humiliated. by bbettyblambabam06/10/174.71HOT

Blood & Magic Ch. 13

 — Kirstin runs into more of Melissa's friends. by bbettyblambabam08/24/174.20

Blood and Lust

 — Anita wants a night of lust but gets much more. by Sultry_Sieren02/04/094.10

Blood Ch. 01

 — Lincoln makes a mark in a club. by jarod18709/10/054.20

Blood Ch. 02

 — Linc awakens, hungry. by jarod18709/11/054.42

Blood Ch. 03

 — He fights his feelings for Alex. by jarod18709/12/054.79HOT

Blood Ch. 04

 — Linc has no choice but to do what Kara wants. by jarod18702/27/064.71HOT

Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 01

 — A Melvin and Morgan story. by 100 Angry Bananas10/03/064.52HOT

Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 02

 — Enter the Vampire Hunter. by 100 Angry Bananas10/07/064.59HOT

Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 03

 — Blood begins to spill. by 100 Angry Bananas10/16/064.64HOT

Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 04

 — Things go wrong. by 100 Angry Bananas10/21/064.54HOT

Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 05

 — The harrowing conclusion. by 100 Angry Bananas10/31/064.59HOT

Blood is Life

 — Takara relishes in the taking. by Edge2301/30/063.85

Blood Lace

 — She shared her deepest, darkest fantasy. by Decayed Angel11/07/063.12

Blood Letting

 — A vampire takes her. by MorbidAngelRen07/25/043.56

Blood Lust Ch. 03

 — The beginning of the nightmare. by CadoSanctus11/19/104.61HOT

Blood Lust Seductress

 — Vamp preys on unsuspecting woman to fulfill her needs. by FogBard12/09/064.15

Blood of a Lamb

 — A vampire finds salvation in the love of a young woman. by virusman07/05/183.94

Blood On The Moon

 — What happens when the monsters are real, and real close? by madam_noe10/09/144.38

Blood Red Curtains

 — Ever find yourself living with regrets? This is dark. by nekaper09/15/043.70

Blood Red Stripes

 — An evening at a BDSM convention. by NotWhatSheSeems02/07/064.04

Blood Red Stripes Ch. 02

 — Unwanted company leads to a feast. by NotWhatSheSeems02/08/063.96

Blood Rose Ch. 01

 — Vampire tales, past: Elizabeth's story. by icehead09/11/054.49

Blood Rose Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth explores Annabelle's world and her own. by icehead02/09/064.43

Blood Rose Ch. 03

 — Dorian's team infiltrates Electra's club. by icehead04/28/064.71HOT

Blood Rose Ch. 04

 — Elizabeth makes a new friend. by icehead07/16/064.69HOT

Blood Rose Ch. 05

 — Kaeli takes an interest in Annabelle's world. by icehead03/08/074.62HOT

Blood Rose Ch. 06

 — Kaeli crosses the threshold, and Dorian faces his enemy. by icehead10/08/074.83HOT

Blood Rose Ch. 07

 — Kaeli's worst nightmare and Elizabeth's dream come true. by icehead06/10/084.69HOT

Blood Rose Ch. 08

 — Conclusion: Abandon hope, all ye who cross Electra Rose. by icehead09/04/084.78HOT

Blood Temperature

 — A female vampire offers her lover immortality. by ALandRF01/25/104.00


 — A switch reveals a dangerous lust. by Orionangel09/09/114.18


 — A young woman's acceptance. by Pain_Jane01/09/074.15


 — A vampire story with a twist. by litteacher12/22/073.88


 — Melanie was a whore. by ranger5410/21/083.60


 — Female vampire has her way on a one night stand. by cyberftm09/10/134.18

Bloody Consummation

 — Fantasy - vampirism, human sacrifice, dark magic, threesome. by Felix92109/18/124.23

Bloody Mary

 — Distorted through the Looking Glass. by NecroDraft04/11/034.23

Bloody Mary

 — Lonely Mary just wants Phil... but Phil is picky. by QueenXXXena03/07/112.91

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 01

 — The sexy vampire next door needs a favour. by GeorgeTasker02/05/124.43

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 02

 — Motel stop gives him a chance to enjoy her remarkable talent. by GeorgeTasker02/25/124.46

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 03

 — Danny meets the other vampires. by GeorgeTasker04/03/124.45

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 04

 — Danny and Sylvia celebrate with sucking. by GeorgeTasker04/09/124.54HOT

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 05

 — He investigates the vampire's lair with his buxom companion. by GeorgeTasker07/04/124.55HOT

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 06

 — He sees more of the mansion's secrets and Anita gets to play. by GeorgeTasker11/11/124.47

Bloody Wet Dreams

 — Sometimes, dreams do come true. God help us, your lovers. by diabulous08/10/103.94

Blue Eyes

 — One woman's last night of pleasure. by Wolfsister10/31/074.19


 — A legendary story revamped by KoreGoddess09/29/134.33

Blurred Lines

 — A savior may be found in any guise. by Nimrods Son10/19/034.21

Bob Visits

 — Part 2 of "The Stranger"; Josie tries to decide. by frustratedpoodle05/21/044.26

Bond of Blood

 — A vampire LARP goes way too far. by DJ_Smack05/17/033.60

Bonded by Blood

 — I’d never get those bloodstains out. by missfangbanger01/22/123.94


 — The mist seeks out Claire and Lucifer is introduced. by Kindasortacrazy08/27/124.65HOT


 — Hush, hush, hush, here comes the Boogeyman. by TamLin0102/07/153.87


 — Laura's descent into terror begins. by Michael14210/07/153.82

Book of the Whore

 — Upon receiving a book, Lori spirals into madness. by LilithHerald02/03/154.32

Born Evil Ch. 01

 — The roots of a murderess. by smudgebucket05/01/044.32

Born Evil Ch. 02

 — Her taste for murder grows. by smudgebucket05/16/044.36

Born Evil Ch. 03

 — Her murder spree hits home. by smudgebucket06/09/044.27

Born Evil Ch. 04

 — Murder is her favorite pastime. by smudgebucket06/29/054.37

Born Evil Ch. 05

 — Her Story Concludes: she explains her capture and pays the price. by smudgebucket11/05/134.20

Born from a Wish

 — Man receives letter from deceased wife. by SmithPortinoi02/08/083.77

Bottled Wine

 — One drink to many. by NecroDraft05/02/033.65

Bound For Horror

 — Eric's indiscretion leads to kinky fun and horror. by neonhaus12/10/123.91

Bound in the Afterglow

 — Crossing the boundaries between obsession and desire. by KristWebb01/04/113.78


 — Jonathan breaks in his new toy. by Nimil11/05/033.39

Breaking Obsession

 — Woman finally breaks away from her obsession. by oOScarletWingsOo01/15/084.43

Breaking Patterns

 — An unusual man follows a woman home. by XicotencatlSmith06/28/034.59HOT

Breaking The Stare

 — Desperate man seeks love beyond death...& life. by James G 507/13/024.54HOT


 — A sadistic merman takes Lucy under the sea. by Raisa_Greywood07/04/184.25

Brendan's Last Lay

 — On Halloween, Brendan finds his past catching up with him. by EesomeBeastie10/20/124.40

Bridal Spirits

 — Female ghosts take what they missed out on in life. by castawaydave10/05/063.74

Bride of the Colossus

 — Elsa makes the perfect lover. by TamLin0103/19/143.91


 — Think Dracula is bad? Wait till you meet his wives. by wyldechylde12/06/074.41

Brides Pt. 01

 — A student unleashes an ancient evil. by OneWithDCompose04/18/154.61HOT

Brides Pt. 02

 — Corruption tests her boundaries while evil spreads. by OneWithDCompose10/24/164.66HOT

Bringing an Old Woman to Bed

 — My never ending lust for older women. by trishotoy9909/26/173.58

Bruce's Last Night

 — A Carter brothers' victim developed a lust for blood. by Abdulbenthere10/08/083.85

Brush Strokes Ch. 01

 — Dark fantasy with a vampire artist and his companion. by adrianalalaurie08/24/084.43

Brush Strokes Ch. 02

 — Parisian artist loosing her innocence by adrianalalaurie08/25/084.32

Bubble Bath

 — Robert tries out a sample of magical bubble bath. by manyeyedhydra12/23/074.52HOT

Busted Bankster

 — A city trader is forced to cage fight. by manyeyedhydra02/14/144.18

Cabernet Franc 1887

 — Holy God she wore no panty. by Nyxeros01/21/144.27

Cabin in the Woods

 — The tables are turned on a serial killer rapist. by CatherineAnna08/31/093.84


 — A mommy tries to pimp out her too well-endowed son. by oneiria03/30/182.73

Call of the She-Wolfe

 — Night encounter changes his life. by systergrymm03/10/084.22

Call of the Wolf Ch. 01

 — He meets a mysterious stranger who changes his life. by Purpleguy181208/08/104.45

Call of the Wolf Ch. 02

 — Alex and Nikole embrace their fate. by Purpleguy181208/13/104.59HOT

Call of the Wolf Ch. 03

 — Ahead of schedule, the Change comes... by Purpleguy181208/19/104.58HOT

Call of the Wolf Ch. 04

 — An encounter in the woods leads to a foursome. by Purpleguy181208/20/104.64HOT

Call of the Wolf Ch. 05

 — Tradegy strikes the pack. by Purpleguy181208/21/104.62HOT

Call of the Wolf Ch. 06

 — Escape and a new member. by Purpleguy181208/24/104.67HOT

Call of the Wolf Ch. 07

 — Their first full moon leads to trouble. by Purpleguy181209/05/104.65HOT

Call of the Wolf Ch. 08

 — The Final Chapter. by Purpleguy181209/15/104.69HOT

Called by the Coven

 — Amnesiac in the woods on Halloween. by Acktion10/10/134.44

Canadian Horror Story

 — Filming a horror show on Hollow's Eve, in Toronto. by gilrenard11/02/164.08

Candlelight and Blood

 — A night within the walls of a vampire's bedroom. by chinadoll6905/05/053.61

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