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Great story

Not just for the sex, the story was great as well. Thank you for such a great read.

Incredible, well written, sensual and touching at the same time! 10/10

Justice but.....

After setting it up, he should have been sitting with his house under surveillance until he saw Bernard's approach then called her on his cell to let her know that he'd been in the house and seen her cheating.... and kept her on the phone while Bernard went in to do his duty and signed off, saying, "You broke my heart. I hope it was worth it because you're about to pay the price and I want you to know it's from me. Good bye."

Lmfao NaNoWriMyAss

It happens to the best of writers. NaNoWriMo is more of a stress than a motivator to write but deadass November 30th is in 3 days and I'm hoping you'll drop a chapter with a real sex scene of some sort. For an erotica story, there hasn't been much at all so far... I still really like the story but waiting sucks.


I already knew you were an awesome writer who writes beautiful (inside and outside) characters, but I still wasn't ready for this. I'm often "that guy" who skips past longish nonsexual descriptions in erotica, but I loved reading about the house restoration or dinners here as much as I loved the sexual parts.

Two critiques from me: 1. the last chapter felt a bit forced and abrupt in its change of tone, from a romance-drama to something like horror, especially given that 2. the rest of the story was filled with saccharine; this was a good thing for the most part, good human beings being good human beings feels nice to read, but even given that, the suspension-of-disbelief is stretched when that extends to every single person including Andrew (that dialogue at chap13's end was painful to read.)

It's definitely a 5-star read despite all these minor issues though, and I'm happy I still have a few more stories of yours to read!

Just read all 3 chapters and I love it. Please make more chapters as I am desperately waiting.

now there's. a Holiday Story!

I so wanted her to stay with the necklace from her Dad and of course the aunt had to defile her also. BAH HIMBUG! Take your @&&+#! Elsewhere!

Paint it black.

Filled for all eternity.
Jane Kessler will we hear from her.

could there be more?

i know you wrote this for the comtest but im sorta hoping you might continue it? im more interested to see what the town cult ( or cult town?) is all about!

Still Waiting...

Are you going to wait until the last day of November to submit a story? You are just too cruel.

I wish

Permanent sensory isolation would replace painless, lethal injection.


Written from a dark place?

I don't write from dark places. I simply have an extremely vivid imagination. Do I know what it feels like to be immobilized in plastic? No, but I imagine it and I feel it then. I guess it's something like an actor getting into his role.

I can visit dark places, but I don't like to stay there. I had thought that my user name should have been "StefanRoi" (Stephen King). He visits darkness regularly. I would love to share a beer with him.

A Clue

Jennie said she was meeting with others and that she was trying to free the inmates. She also said that this was dangerous.

The 1984 analogy is appropriate. Or, since that date is passed, Huxley's Brave New World (with a twist)?

sinfully distubing...

Sinfully disturbing, with a sickening, yet sexy twist at the end!

Come Back To Literotica Spell....

Yeah, that's the Spell I've cast upon you. And Beware, it's highly Potent. :-)

I'm sure there are lots of your fans here, crossing their fingers , for its success.

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