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Ho C

Sure, feel free to link!

Don't know if you received my message

But I'm building an anthology of erotic stories about corruption and was wondering if you'd like to be featured on my website:
D on't hesitate to send me a message if you're interrested!

Ho C

I know.

When I first submitted this, I was new.
So I didn't really see the humor and satire category until later.

I do that there is more to this story than this. She seems like such an interesting character that needs to be furthered explored.
I cant wait for more.

Wrong Category

Definitely started out with some horror potential but pretty clear after ZBL shows up it's a comedy.. humor and satire seems more appropriate.

unbelievable impressive..

First start this story for a mere time middle it got me stuck to it..and in the end I learn that this type of imagination offently place in high notch novel's not thanks for sharing your beautiful masterpiece with dought 7 stars... Oops only 5 I can give..:-D

One of my favorite stories!!!!

You are very talented. They way you spin your tales about the succubus!!! Brilliant!

Standing Ovation

I have managed to complete this series over a long weekend. Your combining of Christian, Pagan and sexuality is a true tour de force!


Loved this story and so wish something similar could be brought here. Thank You this thing on?

Wow! I just stumbled across your page this morning. I know you have a life (I really do) but...I really need you to finish/update Mountain Retreat and Quincy & Tia. I'm especially anxious to see how/if you can manage a HEA for Tia considering her 'activities'. Thank you.

Absolutely Stunning

Beautifully written, thanks


Nicely written.Few words but max. impact.
But, from where did all this venom come from . You sure have a solid platform to further the story.
BTW, you ought to know I 'sacrificed ' 5 stars for your effort. lol.


It's not trying too hard, high-falutin, or insecure, It's beautifully and intelligently written; really a pleasure. I can see every frame of the graphic novel. Love, love, love it. Please continue.

Great story

I enjoyed this very, very much. Thank you!

That was different

Original, different, kinda hot in a odd way. I like it!!

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