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an amazing piece of horror. ******

Great series

Please continue this story it’s great

Great Imagery

You used excellent imagery in describing the carousel--I could visualize it as I read.
The images of Jolene's physical and emotional collapse seemed realistic.

Good Read.

Add one more Cardiophile to the list. Lifelong heart freak here. I have a special interest in blood pressure measurement, the instruments used for such and pulse palpation as well.
I would kill for a good story focused mainly on BP measurement...


This story is amazing no matter how many times I read it. Maybe no happy ending next time :))

Can’t Put It Down!

I have been completely engrossed in this story all day! Can’t wait to pick it back up again tonight!!!

Very good

it was not a tale to make me aroused sexually, but I really liked the story and the way it was told as literature.

absolutely love it

this is one of the darkest you're ever to read and it's brilliant... i love how she turns the tables :)

No comments

I usually never write comments for the stories nor do I read such long stories but this one..
I should say, one of the best I have ever read!!


Well done. That's all I can say, well done.


Reminds me a bit of the Laurell K Hamilton series about Anita Blake. Except I actually WANT to read an entire series of this person with this ability, and have this be the end of the series, or a really rough beginning, where we follow this character into the new town.

"the stewardess walked by while pushing the large tray with drinks." You're saying she was using drinks to push the tray.
"He had been checking out the hot black haired woman" Should be "hot, black-haired woman."
You keep writing that people "set" down when you mean "sit" down.
" Kyle had seen worst. Hell, Kyle had been through worst." "WORSE" Bad grammar.
" He looked around and seen the plane was motionless." "SAW" Really bad grammar.

I gave up there.

Great story

I like very much how in the end the story finish i look forward to see how eliza and kyle gone build they home


I like the sex in your stories. I was hoping this one might be about a regular woman. A bit disappointed when she turned out to be a werewolf. Dont get me wrong i like your stuff but i dont have a thing for sex with aliens.

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