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Great plot

Really like the setting and the story so far. Looking forward to more chapters!


After multiple rejections due to bad grammar and one, arguably, unnecessary rewrite, I finally managed to get this next chapter done.
Now...ready to wait another month or two for the last one? :P

Why you finish in the most interesing moment?

Great start!

Can’t wait to see what is going on! On to Ch 02!

Three more episodes left

I can definitely understand where you are coming from. I wasn't sure I enjoyed where I was taking the story either. I had bounced back and forth from one conclusion to a completely opposite one but inevitably came to the one that will be finished in episode 12. I didn't want to continue down the original path that I had laid out. By the very end, you will see the compromise that I made with myself. It may not be ideal but it allows me a sense of conclusion with the prospects of part 3 eventually if I decided to do so (or if there is really any demand for one at all)


I loved the premis. Freaking awesome. But you spent so much time on details that weren’t really necessary, and not nearly enough time on the erotic side. You could have dragged it out and gone really dark if you wanted, or kept it light. But you kind of skimmed over the sex.

Yes, I'm writing

I have no idea what I'm writing yet, but it's going to be filthy and probably disturbing.
I'm really hoping to upgrade my "Sick Puppy" badge to "The Sick Puppy Princess".

Very cold

Look at some Wendigo art before you read this story. Your skin will get goosebumps and just crawl. Definitely grabs you.



I absolutely love this, may be the best story I've read on here♥♥


Great twist. She didn't see that coming. ;)


Their are a lot of amazing authors on this list

There are also some I don't know. I'm glad there are links so I can look into them.

Best story ever

This story was the first story that I decided was worth commenting on. The plot and sex enraptured me to no ends, causing me to finish the story in a mad rush. The characters were so well-constructed and realistic that I feel as if Mary was sitting with me as I am reading. Definitely the best I ever read. Thank you!!! ;)

Great twist ending!

I was as surprised as the vampire. I think the reason I liked it was that you'll often hear about successful criminals done in by the most random and stupid mistakes.

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