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waiting for more...

please reduce the time between the posts... its a great story... waiting to read more

The Wait Continues..

How I yearn for Chapter 301.

Without doubt, the most riveting read I've come across on Literotica.
You should continue Phils story in an Ebook. You'd have my purchase for sure.


I am about four paragraphs into this turd, and already, the grammar and word usage is maybe fourth grade level.

Good story...

weak writing. Or at least it needs polishing.


Please finish this story it's one of the most erotic stories that I have read in a long time.

Incredible story

Absolutely awesome story! Could not stop reading it!


Typically, not my cup of tea, but I needed an escape tonight. Ann Rice is trying for me as well. I like the flow of the story, well written and presented in a logical fashion, and clear. You are to be commended as a writer.

The Twins

I was loving the story until the twins appeared. I was so happy for Adriana and her pregnancy, and I was worried the twins were going to ruin it somehow. One minute Adriana was adamantly against the twins coming between her and Ulfr, the next minute she's all for it. I know this is normal in stories where the main character receives a vague warning about someone or something, but Ulfr full on warned her not to trust the twins and she didn't listen. Nothing vague about it.7/10

Loved it !

I don't usually read fantasy themes but I liked this a lot. Well written and very absorbing. More please ...

Reread and Proofread

The story itself is proceeding well but it unfortunately has incorrect word usages and simple gender mistakes as well as awkward sentence structure. I would strongly suggest that you both reread your writing to detect the small mistakes and then have another person proofread it. Mistakes are like potholes in a roadway; both can be nuisances and even destructive.

I liked it until

The puppies. It was just weird and uncomfortable to read. never sexualize birth or breast feeding, lol. And it would have been much better if she'd have either just escaped or he'd have taken her for his own. The weird barely described orgy just felt rushed and lazy. . It started out awesome but the ending really disappointed

I mean

I knew I should have stopped reading when you described insects with dog dicks...but I didn't and so now I can never get those 5 mins of my life back. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Good to see the old cthulhu mythos getting an erotic workout. Very nicely written and edited as well.

Well hell...

I just about never comment on stories, but this was just so twistedly, wonderfully weird and awful that I really was about to hack up a lung laughing.
Yeah, OK it was wrong and sick - and hilarious - but then dark humor is like food in Stalinist Russia: not everyone gets it.

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