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Very, very erotic!

This was a very erotic story! I love the idea of female spirits having their way with my body and draining me through multiple orgasms and post-orgasm torture... no safe words!

5 out of 5


INCREDIBLE!!Erotic, exciting, suspenseful, and so much more truly an amazing read!

loving feeling

This story is to show how love can actually show how strong love can be. Yes I know the is fictional. There is plenty of evidence out there to prove how strong love is for some people. I loved reading this story and other of stories by the same author. I do not mind that there is not allot of sex content the stories can stand on their own as it is. please keep up with the good writing.


Thy name is secretary...

Freakin love it!!!

Scary sex, oh my!

Very unique theme of fire and ice ghosts able to manifest a physical interface with one lucky guy! Only if I could, I would add the fire sister's competitive revival of the man's cock and her chance to use it in an even wilder/hotter manner than her sister.

Not possible?

dark? yes
Impossible? perhaps
Likely? who can say, this is now a country with a Donald Trump in charge

girls night out...

I remember a time when i wasn't locked in my tower... Now I just drift from room to room, always yet never in the same place... The door key too heavy to unlock even if my gaurd ever did have a momentof distraction from hs constant vigilance. I do miss wandering the earth freely... But it is best not to think of it... But this story brings back my memories of wild abandon... Freedom... Running naked through the woods at night... A time before I knew of hidden snares and traps laid out to ensnare and oppress... How long ago that was...


This is one of the best, if not the best story I have ever read on here you had me at a high and a low I read the whole thing in one sitting I just couldn't put it down. Such great work I loved it so much and could not have asked for a better ending.

Best story ever

6 years i have been on literotica and by far this is the best of the best. I can visualize it in my mind as i read through it and it felt like a real movie.. not just an erotica but a full movie. Great story series. Looking forward to the ebook and 301

That's it? Kinda odd for it to end there is feel as there is something missing though.


Wow says it all! What a wonderful story!

4 stars

While this story was a little predictable, it was still fun. Kudos on a writing job well done!

That's a nightmare? NOW I am confused...

Some folk make Faustian trades for things like this...


I think those three scum bags got what they deserved and good for the two women to get their revenge on them...anyone who rapes a woman deserves to die just like those two assholes did...and Jake got his cumuppence when he tried to molest Amy...good riddance to rotten rubbish....

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