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great story all the way to the end

this was a well written story. The love for each other built and strengthened all the way to the end. Especially liked the twins added to the family - what guy wouldn't. PS: just a laugh that you cant shave a vagina - but you can a vulva but few authors use that word. Poetic license I guess. Tongues, fingers and cocks find home in a hot, warm, wet vagina! Wouldn't have it any other way. Keep writing you are a great author.


I liked it except for the unexplained bits. Random game turns real, without even an attempt at making a reason for it. Kinda lame.
Amusing to read though, at least for the first half. Second half was pretty rushed and impersonal.

Go on

I like it so far. Disappointed it isn't longer!

Great story

Great story hope for a next chapter

Pretty good on how you blended different stories together

Enjoyed it!

Can't wait for the next part


You are back I hope it will be more

Better late than never!

Fantastic continuation of a rather abrupt story. The development of the world is unique, the growth of the central characters appreciated, a well written and well paced sequel. I appreciate how the details were filled in, with care towards the budding romance and the changing. It may be another many years for a continuation, but hopefully one is in the works?

Superfluous Reply to Anonymous

Author here.
Thank you for your feedback, it is was both helpful and hilarious.

I am sorry that you seemed to find this exaggerated masculine portrayal insulting. The protagonist was not meant to be a reflection on men as a whole.
In fact I have been trying to imply with subtext that he was in a severely compromised mental/emotional state to begin with, even before the sexual frustration.

I mean, I can make excuses for his behavior, but at the end of the day, this dude is exactly as you describe: "ridiculously dumb."

How fucking stupid do you think men are?

Are you unable to control yourself that after not getting laid for a time, you'll fuck some homicidal bitch? Does the sight of a beautiful woman immediately cause you to drop all moral and self preservation? Are you so insanely sick that you would choose to enjoy being stabbed?

This was ridiculously dumb, thanks for wasting my time.

Why wouldn't Aaron go to the cops? Why didn't fag boy show the video showing the actual rape?

The author is a fucking idiot who is a piss poor excuse for a writer. Go back to your parents basement, you fuck wit.


Please let Alex be turned

Great twist...

On the succubus. Couple of spelling and grammar errors, but well done none the less.

I would love another chapter to this story and the other two as well. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you.

part 3?

do you think you'll post the next part soon? I really love this story so far!

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