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I love it


Please don't keep us waiting

Well, seven years and I'm still waiting. Where's the erotic horror? Some soldier has the hots for a beautiful enemy? That's it?! Where's the descending? Her childhood memory? I know missmetalhead is trying to set a mood, but more demons, more descending, more Eros, please.

-- Kevin Fox

Couldn't stop reading till the end


The endding kind of felt like a clifhanger

Pretty good but...

I havent been reading these types of stories for that long, but try going a little longer, and having the victim get some hits in. If he was prepared, then there would have been at least some fight. I always find an underdog story worth it, erotic fiction accepts such stories as well.


I rather thought she might not kill him - after all, he was innocent of the crime she was summoned to deal with. Interesting how one of the group was a misogynistic asshole, though.

Sexy, dark and sweet.

I enjoyed this story. It has the right mix of darkness and sexiness that appeals. A very clever ending too.

I'm alive.

Been very busy. I am working on the next chapter. I'm going to be using for updates, including daily writing work counts and previews of future chapters. Keep an eye out there the next few days for the first couple of pages of the next chapter.

Where's this going?

I agree - good if it is going to be risky consensual fun
bad if it is leading to torture etc.

This is just amazing

I wish for you to continue honestly this is going places if you do

simply perfect

You should seriously think about submitting this story to someone who would be in a position to have it turned into a movie. I am a heavy reader of books that were made into movies and this one is by far one of the best i have ever had the pleasure of reading.


What an amazing story. I loved the detail, the way the corruption of each sister was drawn out with fantastic detail (so many vampire stories have the victim succumbing to death within seconds of being taken). And the level of eroticism is mind-blowing. I will certainly be rereading multiple times

Yes. Started a new job, been very busy. I am working on the next chapter.

Are you alive?

Where's the next chapter of falling snow?

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