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My damn

Well damn Rayne can I have 3 wishes?

Not horror

Wrong category

More Please!

This one was VERY entertaining, and has a story that I would love to see expanded.

The fire is back

As you wrote this I found myself really looking forward to the nest segment. As a couple of days went by, I found myself checking to see if you had written then next chapter; once it was out, it was quickly read and the wait started all over again.

Good read, keep them coming.

Perfectly horrifying.

There is no end to MST's brilliance. He is a master of erotic horror.

Comments on the comments

Thanks for the kind words. The Creek Indians also appreciate it, I'm sure. ;o)

I wasn't trying to trick nor mislead anyone, but the early part of the story did cover the eugenics material that will become more important later on, so it was in there. Then I settled into the Slender Man story, which was fun to write. Slender Man is awesome.

As to footprints... because weight would be concentrated on one smaller area, stilts should leave obvious and deeper impressions than footprints... so the fact there was nothing at all at Police Headquarters and on the Cabin deck is a mystery yet to be understood.... (*insert Bowser howling here*).

Okay, the next story is in progress, and I hope to have it out soon.

Further Writing

Has any author written any more to this story? It was a very good series and it would be a shame to let it end like this. It would be great if another author could take up the series and finish the work!

So good!!

Very imaginitive and thrilling! A great story! My only critique would be the identical scene here between Laylah and Sulilly from Akkad Burns when they are becoming Ardat-lili. It makes sense, but a more tailored experience for each would have been amaxing! Thank you for your stories regardless.


This story was cool! I agree with the other guy tho, Fort Detmerring story would be great seeing how that was my favorite part of the movie.


This is stupid and the incest is gross

Another great story!!!

Yet another terrific story from WW. I have to admit that I don't always follow all of the intricate plot schemes, but I always enjoy a great read!!

Thanks WW.

The Future

As always, fantastic descriptions creating a mood, an environment, and wonderful story. Thank you for allowing a human to live for another encounter! L

To Anonymous Troll....

"their is no emotional connection. The dialogue is a bit cliche. Readers have to fill in the emotional gap through their own thoughts, not your literary devices. After seven years of no dreams, he gets one last chance? Why? Why are they getting another chance? Why is God asking for forgiveness. The story needs editing and subtle infusions of emotion, not your clear declarative statements. The story tries to hard. The idea was good, the execution was bad. I took my time to read it and you deleted my comments because they were true and not praising, yet they weren't insulting. It's writers like you that make people not want to comment and I'm not going to make a user account just to comment. Not everyone wants their name associated with a porn site. Good luck with the rest of your half formed ideas. Consider the critique, it can only make your future endeavors a more enjoyable read."

Ok Let me take these one at a time. In your original feedback you mentioned typos. At least I know the difference between 'their', and 'there'

As for your emotional connection, that line is about as cliche as it gets with trolls. Sorry you can't make the connection that hundreds of others did, Your problem. Not mine.

Why are they getting another chance? Because that's what Gerald wanted.

Why is God asking for forgiveness? Who said he was? The story says the voice was indistinguishable but doesn't say it was god. He was dreaming. Or perhaps the voice was a demon tricking him into giving up his soul. Perhaps it was his subconscious filling in the missing pieces. It was left ambiguous because I wanted some ambiguity. That leaves the reader with something to think about when the story is done.

Editing? Yes. There are errors in the text caused by the sites software. For instance I noticed some parts of the text that were in italics originally were not when it posted here. There are some things I could change to please you, but why should I change it just for you when so many others liked and enjoyed it?

As for the execution of the story, what are your credentials to question it? Are you a famous, best selling writer? Are you an editor at a major publisher? Are you an English Literature professor? Who are you? You are Anonymous You are no one.

I considered the critique and found it lacking anything viably useful as you have no imagination, no emotion, and no credible identity.

Now go find yourself a dozen more free wireless hotspots you can vote anonymously from to to drop the rating on this story some more. If you think that hurts me or that makes you somehow a better person than me, by all means, do what makes you sleep better at night. Or maybe you can post some of your own extraordinary literary mastery and show me just how unworthy I really am.

My two cents

Stretching boundaries leads to growth
Keep it coming

Could not see the trees for the forest comes to mind.

WW you really did a good one on this, after a quick second read of all posts I noticed that we were given a 'red herring' making me think along the SB etc route. It took until page three before the twist came. Then the first clue I got was not any foot prints (really tall 8' type tall means stilts) I missed that one. The electricity up the arm and the cameras all going blank was easy to see that this guy had some form of power-pack, so had to have some form of electrical background. Once again at the cabin no footprints, so points to stilts yet also a tall person. (Try walking on stilts and the shorter the stilts the easier it is to get around). "One John Claymore and one Larry Lance." suing the IC now Lance must have push his friend Claymore thus taking Don's mind elsewhere! I missed that as well. The "And Lord willin' and the Creek don't rise... we'll put a stop to it tonight." I feel is just the saying and is in hope that the Craig/Wadell crap stays silent long enough for IC to complete the "Slender Man" case, so he can then 'circle his wagons' before they start their real attack. The one thing the IC always tries to do is stay at least half a yard ahead of his enemies. I will also bet that there are many more clues for future stories in this series as there are many road junctions crossroads (avenues to follow other tales) Yep one of the best WW and another max score. Pleased that the IC gave his ex wife and the Sheriff a pointed finger (hope warning is heeded). No one who enters into law enforcement goes into it to make friends. As you WW stated through Calli so well, they all (police officers) have family who worry at home when they go out to work, sometimes they do not return. In one way your stories raise awareness to those who serve to protect and yes as you show there are those who are bad apples as well. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Iceman ;~).

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