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nice, but Halloween, not summer.

I suspect the man's cane has more to do with affectation (and possibly a hidden sword blade) than blindness.



Awsome love story.


Spike should have turned Katie. That way he could be sexually sated and become Katie's sexual teacher. He wouldn't be lonely and together they could have hunted.

A good tale

The sex was a bit strange, but the tale was well told.
PS. An arrow is "nocked" (where the string is engaged in the 'nock' of the arrow".
It is not KNOCKED.

It was a great story but still not all things was clear

I really enjoyed the story you done a great job. There was two things that was not clear, one all the succubus in the story always said it was their victims fault because of their choice but in the story once the victims really realized the price of such pleasure they changed their minds which would indicate a uninformed choice. and two Verdie told Phil the souls are burned up and destroyed but yet there are areas in the story that say otherwise specifically with Nurse Honey which suggested an eternal burning torment. Perhaps you can write me back and give me your take on this.

Interesting story

I liked the story, it had arousing moments indeed. But merely for the sake of biggest point of the story from the succubus view. They said often through the story that their victims choose their fate. I dont agree, knowone in a well informed decision would choose such a fate, to be burned up in a succubuses stomach, and from the encounters I read with nurse honey, it seemed that burning up takes a while. If even she was telling the truth about that, because there are is at lease several points in the story that gave the impression that the victims burned for eternity.

Whorelip and Phil

I enjoyed your story about Phils experience with the succubus and his encounters in the garden. But what most interest me was the whore, the one phil almost got trapped in. I want to learn more about these, what did Verde mean when she said that intruders that get caught by them are the lucky ones? I read another story with similar creatures in it but those weren't that interesting cuz they didn't let the poor guy cum. Please write a story about these creatures even if it's a short story about where they come from and what they do to their victims. It seem like that victims are trapped in them forever but yet they are forever in pleasurable Blitz unlike with the succubus which there is an end to it.

Five stars is not even close to being sufficient!

Keep on writing and turning your hand to different genres. You just hit one home run after another. This is the first EH story I have ever bothered with. Now I will have try some others to see if there are any other gems hidden in there.

will there be more?

no idea when this was posted but i would love to see a second part to this. its amasing.:) was wondering if there will ever be more.

What a wonderfully eerie tale. Well written, as always, with the impossible made possible. I totally enjoyed this.


Truly, that story is deserving of being published. That was the best story I have read all week. Bravo!

Roz if I weren't so old I'd propose!

A thoroughly balanced and compelling read! Where did you get the idea's and plot? Not that I really care as I rate this in the top 3 I have ever read.
Simply put LOVED every page. Please do not stop writing.....ever !


dear God when is the next chapter! im loosing my mind, this is a good story

Oh. My. God.

It's almost 2 am. I have to get up to go to work in like 3 hours. I could not stop reading. This is just so freaking awesome. I am Lily. Well, except for the whole spirit thing. So many times, abuse just kind of gets the "oh, your love totally fixed everything, and one set down was enough to make it stop" while your writing... That's the sick, painful reality.
I love the hell out of this story, and I cannot wait for more.

For real doe

Okay. I'm just some random reader.. and I'm not going to specify how I found this website... but dude. For real. This is like, publish-worthy. I'm not just saying that as a fake compliment. For real, this has an alluring story, freaking amaze characters- it's realistic with all her flaws and insecurities, but like a fantasy because of the spirit... omgIcan'tevenproperlyexpresshowmuchIlovethis. I'm not even here for the action anymore, I just straight up can't wait to see your next post :D (Hope I didn't say anything confusing, I just wanna give you the creds you clearly deserve)

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