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Hello my name is Aimee I want a passionate man =) a meeting on a neutral territory write in username Aimee23)Phone number is listed in the pros!

Good Story

Surprising there's no comments on it. Might even make a good follow-up if Zana were to be forced to help seduce other hunters or travelers.

Great story

I really like this story. It's unique on here and I have enjoyed reading it so far.

thank you so much, maninconn,

you make me blush. i do hope you don't
go breathless for too long. would hate to lose a fan.

Loved It

At first I thought it was going to be a muscle futa rape scene but instead it ended up rather pleasant. Also holy shit no one died, 10/10 would jack off again.

When will the next storie be

A decent story ruined

Proofreading; one of the hallmarks of good writing

Dear angiquesophie

You are so good, you take my breath away with every story.

Your fan,

well this was a cool seris i mean i got confused at the end but still cool but whos Avonaris? is rak-sasha evil ( most likly)? and let hope erica and jake are alright after that enidng and most of all epic nod to liliths shop who knew there in the same unvorise that how i found this from there so hyped to see more

succubus mother

I like the story hurry and write some more please


this story was sooo predictable when the weird stuff happen like her head turning and the dog acting frightening of course and he sees all this he thanks she sleep walking?every body knows his going to get killed but at list you should have let readers have a hint about who and what the thing was and why she hated her husband because she's feeding him to it.

So glad you’re back

I am so glad you’re back, you’re stories are so hot. I hope you’ll be putting out Succubus Summoning 3 soon. Please please pleeeaaassseee


john didn't have much in the way of having brains or a personality he sounded more like a puppy that wants to be dominated it was a dumb story and dumb story line you should have him behave like a real person

The plot thickens

Good to see this continue after a while (not that I don't like the shorts). Hope to see the next part soon

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