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Great story

I really liked this story and appreciate that you took the time to write it and share it with us.
It was absolutely excellent and interesting.
I really liked the whole premise of the story.
My only complaint is that I want more.
Your story ended and I feel like it could have continued.
Anyway, thank you for writing it.


This triggered my anxiety in the best way. It feels almost drug induced - however, I see I could be wrong, per the previous comment. I'll have to go read your other stuff. Looking forward to it!

SMOKING HOT, but be careful what you wish for...

Delicious hot reading, well said, described, and enthralling.
Some have almost wished for this type of change, and this describes the double edge consequences well. The lead-in enticement, the trapping, and the resulting consequences...WELL DONE, I LOVE IT!

Nice work

Nice story, I
However I found the spider's gender switched a couple of times. First it was male, then it was female?

Holy hell

Five stars for sure, though the blood bath in the end was a bit of a turn off.. but I do want more

I like the story, been waiting for the next chapter. I hope to see it soon.

Very good.

Hot... so hot.
But the end was kinda predictable.
Great story though.

Dark fun as always, MEH. And the pseudoscience was a blast.

But what did the denizens of H-space feed on before we foolishly started sending them piping hot masculine soul food from our side of the Bleed?

Good stuff.

I liked it.
Looking forward to the next part.

To the person below me.

You do realize it’s just a story, right?

Warning, bad pun incoming...

Well that was some ruff action haha. Great story m8 r8 8/8 :))))


But this story has hardly started.. :-(


More Mistress....pleeaaassse!!

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