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March of the Cambreath

So many good stories use that song :-D

About this 2 posts a month thing, will this start happening soon? I'm literally having withdrawal symptoms lol.

The previous version felt more natural.


I absolutely loved this. Please continue!

Have Mercy, Please!

Don't leave Abigail's fans in suspense; give us more so we may savor Abigail's cleansing of Chicago's gene pool as she destroys this scum.


i hope you continue with this story. you have intrigued me


A good read. Would be interesting to see if you take this story further.


Just a bit on the odd side. Not bad kinda expected the ending. Hillbilly love, cannibalism, back woods ohh my.


I rarely ever leave comments, but I just had to for this story. Please, please, please continue the Corruption series. You now have me hooked. This is so well written it sends shivers up my spine. This is also the first story I've read from the Erotic Horror genre and now I wanna read more.


Are you gonna update anytime soon? I am dying, I need it

One more thing

I'm still awaiting SWB Sins of the Past part 3. Any chance it's coming soon?

So good!

This was a complex & intriguing story. I loved getting to know Abigail's backstory, as I remember her from SWB Halloween story. Would love you to continue with this. Great job & thanks for a great read!

Great to see you back

Great story and really great to see you back, I have missed your style of writing, hope you post another story asap.

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