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Waiting Chapter 3...

Glad to see you back to Pamela's story. But I'm still anxious waiting for her daughter awake.

The extra work shows

Well paced, well written, and part of the larger story in a way that makes me want to read the next. Also, awesome way to bring back Mike. Don’t rush the next chapter. I'll wait.


This is the best thing I've read on this site. It's really amazing.


Oh, I like this. I really want to see this continue, and where you take it. I half-imagine, half-fear a climactic *pun intended* scene where, nearly sated, the Wendigos' inner nature reasserts itself and they go all praying mantis on the girls.

But then, I'm a sick fuck.



interesting story nonetheless


Thanks so much for your stories. Your range is incredible. Sci fi, modern, history -you seem to have it all. I've read individual stories before, but ran into you again on the April Fools contest. Now I'm reading all your stories in alpha order. Some I've read before are like old friends. Some at new eye-opening treasures. Again, thanks so much!

A Very Excellent Series.

You are forgiven my son, say 20 hail Mary's and just don't let a delay
like this happen again. Just kidding, I know writers like you have real lives and sometimes life throws you a change-up instead of a fast ball. I am just glad that even with life's problems you felt compled to finish the story. You are in the 10-15% of writers who do finish their stories. You have no idea how frustrating it is for a reader to start an excellent story only to have the writer stove you under the bus by not finishing the story. I have given you 5-STARS for each chapter. Retired Army NCO P.S. I hope things are working out for you and life is better for you.


Any more chapters coming to the great story.?

So freaking Amazing!

This story had me harder than I have been in a long time! I'd love an experience like that! 5 stars all the way!

Thanks for the chapter!

Verde is so endearing. It's touching.


As long as they exercise moderation and don't start killing everyone that gets on their nerves even the tiniest bit they should get away with it. Although they do say murder will out. Seriously though for something like this to happen everything has to go off without a hitch or the slightest bit of suspicion being directed at them. Plus having the perfect place to dump bodies isn't something one can count on always being available.

5 Great story

A 5 to offset the asshole annony who hates everything.

This story sucked. Poorly written, not hot, not spooky, just crap.

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