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This was perfect. Noncon can be fun as a fantasy, but this is an incredible way of depicting actual rape.


Rare 5

I normally only award a 5 for stories to which I got off. But this story was just so well written, entrancing and gripping that it deserves a top rating, even though I hurt so much for poor Ted I didn't even get a hard on.

Delightful, as always

You really do have an incredible talent... I'm a huge fan of yours.

I wish you had finished Phil's story.

Thrilling, romantic, humorous

LOVED this story. Very well written, GREAT dialogue, believable romance. There simply must be more of this story, and soon.

Love it

While I love the pinwheel universe. I hope Snek continues on with his other amazing story settings as well. I love a good werewolf story, and this was one of the best.

What a strange yet beautiful tale.

Very unusual, but captivating. Excellent prose, too. 5 stars.


Despite many proof-readings, I missed at least two spelling errors in this one. Sorry!


Yes Nyte for the win!!!

I cried

And came twice

got me so fuckin hard!

this story is so fuckin hot. you gotta make more baby.

Love it

You are without a doubt one ofnmy all time top 3 authors. Do you know how many times I’ve tried to create my own world with my own characters and I’m subpar compared to angreat writer such as yourself. I have to ask though... Succubus Summoning? Its in my top three fics, but are you in the works creating chapters 301- ?

Need a part two!

Your story ended far too quickly! You just gave us a taste of this enjoyable story!

Loved it until...

...the twins. Sorry. D: I didn't want to agree with the comments but I feel Ulfr and Adrianna were very 3D characters, and the twins were just omg twins and scandal. Love love loved the first half of the story. But then it went SPOILER "and then all 3 were pregnant". Idk. Didn't feel right. Especially since he went from being utterly exasperated by the twins to being ok fine, I'll knock them up.

Loved Ulfr though, great hunk of a man.

You got it all wrong

You're not a wannabe writer, you're a writer. A good writer. Thought I'd fix that for you.

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