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More About the Mansion

 — The cork pops off the champagne and the party begins. by YoursSINSerely02/03/093.40

More Than a Shopping Trip

 — I was tired and went to the restaurant and there she sat... by Lady_MaDonna09/10/154.49

Morning Release

 — An ongoing recurring dream of a lover. by jenuwine7604/09/164.54HOT

Morning Sex Text

 — It all started out with a naughty text! by sitNlow08/26/103.44

Morning Surprise

 — Male guest accidentally walks in on Catherine naked. by Poorwriter09/23/104.37

Motherly Love

 — She writes her adult son a love letter. by vic_elor10/15/054.02

Mr. Rochester

 — An online exchange between two strangers. by probablyguilty11/19/09

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 01

 — Civil War era bride's sexcapades. by bbtp4109/18/144.13

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 02

 — Annabelle lends a hand to the war effort. by bbtp4109/20/144.22

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 03

 — Millicent puts her backside onto it. by bbtp4109/22/144.50HOT

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 04

 — Connie's Sister-in-Law objects. by bbtp4109/24/144.58HOT

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 05

 — Annabelle gets doctored. by bbtp4109/25/144.52HOT

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 06

 — Thomas on R&R. by bbtp4109/27/144.35

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 07

 — Thomas deflowers his sister. by bbtp4110/01/144.38

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 08

 — Gertrude is traumatized & Constance schemes to intrigue. by bbtp4110/02/144.60HOT

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 09

 — Gertrude reveals her inner slut. by bbtp4110/04/144.55HOT

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 10

 — Gertrude has a confession for Thomas. by bbtp4110/08/144.09

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 11

 — Annabelle loses her virginity. by bbtp4110/11/144.67

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 12

 — Constance succumbs to jungle fever. by bbtp4110/14/144.54HOT

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 13

 — Annabelle gets disciplined. by bbtp4110/16/144.00

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 14

 — Mama's been a bad girl. by bbtp4110/18/143.88

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 15

 — Thomas tries Millie. by bbtp4110/21/144.57

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 16

 — Thomas and Trudee share familial love. by bbtp4110/23/144.43

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 17

 — Constance tastes Simone's bayou honey. by bbtp4110/26/144.18

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 18

 — Annabelle swallows and finds an admirer. by bbtp4110/29/144.22

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 19

 — Dr. S... worships at Annabelle's feet. by bbtp4111/01/144.25

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 20

 — Mama confesses to Papa. by bbtp4111/05/144.86

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 21

 — Sarah takes one for the cause. by bbtp4111/08/144.55HOT

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 22

 — Constance on Capital Hill. by bbtp4112/07/144.20

Mrs. Constance W...'s Letters 23

 — Constance is caught between love and lust. by bbtp4112/10/144.62

Multiple Orgasms Through Fantasy

 — Lovers masturbate as they exchange fantasies online. by mzthing101/29/074.18

Musing on the Age

 — An old man's thought on the past and the present. by TxRad08/20/154.48

My Arousal: A Note

 — In a note to a crush, she describes her self-pleasure. by whimsicalrelaxed08/04/074.55HOT

My Best Friend

 — A close friend has a peculiar confession to make. by javawarrior08/30/144.35

My Best New Year's Eve Ever

 — A boring night turns passionate in an online encounter. by whoruwhoami03/19/094.83HOT

My Birthday Wishes

 — Birthday wishes of more fun with her political lover. by wtdgirl106/14/11

My Chat Today

 — An online transcript while she was at work. by rm07bs07/13/104.50

My Chat Today Ch. 02

 — Another day when I find her online at work. by rm07bs08/07/104.25

My Darling Husband

 — Letter to her soldier husband, telling what a slut she is. by geronimo_appleby05/23/053.99

My Darling Linda

 — An invitation to an evening's erotic fare. by FFGusher10/06/064.20

My Daughter's Search for a Mate

 — A father's perception of what his daughter seeks in suitors. by Erbanluv12/04/143.75

My Dear Love

 — How would he love you? by MrFalkirk07/03/044.12

My Dear Sweet Fuck Toy

 — Thank-you note for great sex. by Syndra Lynn03/05/044.29

My Dearest Betty

 — Wife's enemy tells her she is sleeping with her hubby. by Bakeboss05/02/093.24

My Dearest Doctor

 — A nurse writes a letter she will never send. by MagicaPractica12/31/084.08

My Dearest Pete...

 — Ode to the soul mate that I let go and regret to this day. by Tara_Neale12/10/124.52HOT

My Diary Pg. 107

 — Wherein we're in Justin's mom. by WyldKarde_08/07/104.49

My Dream About You

 — She had to tell him of his dream. by Stoneygirl11/22/034.24

My First Letter To EmmaP

 — Alluring memories of our meeting. by Antics08/22/045.00

My First Time

 — First time cybersex encounter is hotter than expected. by Exakta6607/08/094.00

My Gift to You

 — Julie shares a quiet evening at home. by Julie2011/22/104.43

My Letter To You

 — A letter to my best friend telling them how I feel. by wtdgirl103/07/074.00

My Letter to You

 — You asked me to tell you what I want. by sugarclash12/05/134.25

My Love,

 — Just a simple love letter. by Lady Lay05/04/044.48

My Lover Consoles My Bad Mood

 — A cyber fuck with my lover always helps me cheer up. by brkmrevrgn05/21/094.50

My Moment of Weakness

 — Confessing sins to a friend. by RebeccaBrowning04/12/064.38

My Muse

 — A fictitious letter from a man to his lover. by Lord_Poseidon03/25/144.33

My Perfect Valentine's Day

 — She's living in a story book. by YoursSINSerely02/02/094.20

My Sexual Fantasies

 — A brief summary of my Sexual Fantasies. by Submissive Timmy09/15/033.52

My Wife's Gangbang

 — A husband's letter home. by BeyondPleasure08/25/093.36


 — To the one I should want to keep. by javawarrior11/26/124.43

Naked Email

 — An erotic short story. by sc43dpr06/06/083.50

Naming A Town

 — Letters tell the tale of how DeGarde and Bender got their name. by JimBob4404/21/134.30

Nancy's Confession

 — Fiancée confesses and sets the rules. by brian_maggie03/18/063.33

Nasty Thoughts

 — A letter to a nasty lover. by MISTRESSDESIRES01/10/073.80

Naughty Email at Work

 — Couple takes a break from work to write a naughty story. by happycouple2411/25/083.92

Naughty Email to Husband

 — Wife sends naughty email after getting turned on. by Chantilyvamp07/02/064.30

Need to be Loved

 — She tells him how she really feels. by KarennaC04/10/083.77

Nerd Fun

 — A cyberchat between a nerd and a cheerleader. by gunner303/16/10

Never Too Old for Love and Sex

 — Elderly couple finds true love at the nursing home by SusanJillParker01/17/124.33

New Again

 — A new friend makes her wish for something more. by DeeVoted08/04/093.75

New Roomer

 — A sexy chat goes from tease to fuck. by Lucifia09/26/094.09

New Start

 — Kathryn pens a powerful letter to her lover. by ClaudetteLauzon10/15/094.50HOT

New Years Sex

 — He starts off his blog with incredible sex. by Rabbit754301/14/053.80

Next Time We Meet...

 — Letter to secret lover. by sissy_missy11/02/034.21

Nice N' Tight

 — A "cyber anal sex" fantasy. by secret_lover_studios12/23/074.17

Night Is Coming Ch. 01

 — His first letter to the One he was created for. by velvetpie02/07/055.00

Night Is Coming Ch. 02

 — Wendie responds to Night. by velvetpie02/09/054.00

Night Is Coming Ch. 03

 — Night replies. by velvetpie02/09/055.00

Night Is Coming Ch. 04

 — Night and Wendie meet. by velvetpie02/11/053.75

Night with Star

 — Second life chat log, of a surreal night between 2 subs. by rbooth06/09/115.00

No Shyness Pt. A

 — He lets his lover know what's waiting for her. by epicurious10/02/044.33

No Shyness Pt. B

 — B is for Bondage - He explains how she will submit to him. by epicurious10/12/044.33

No Shyness Pt. C

 — C is for Cum. by epicurious10/26/044.38

No Time

 — A lesbian morning love letter. by Slick6706/20/034.24

Now and Forever Ch. 01

 — Love and lust communication between husband and wife. by angelicminx11/20/064.59HOT


 — Offline sexual IM banter. by WFEATHER08/06/083.60

Old Flame Finally Kindled

 — 16 years later, an affair is consummated. by sexandtell11/22/074.14

Oli: A Letter

 — Commanded to corrupt a friend. by Surrey Gal03/09/054.60HOT

On Dommes and Submissives

 — One Domme's journals her frustration with her sub. by darkgoddess247811/29/053.25

One Day at Band Camp

 — It's not as good as she hoped, but it's better than nothing. by Boxlicker10108/26/103.33

One Day I'll Never Forget

 — I want to love you. by mary91505/15/143.38

One Hot Night In New Orleans

 — Kincaid shares a fantasy about a woman too hot, even for him. by Deckard Kincaid10/24/063.92

One Hundred Days

 — Letter to deployed husband. by tediebear_7412/17/034.53HOT

Online Affair

 — A real conversation between two online lovers. by pirate179111/01/09

Online Conversation Ch. 01

 — Their first encounter on an adult chat site. by captainnoone11/11/104.09

Online Erotic Romance

 — Dave and Jody find each other for email exchanges. by davekoko200504/24/064.83

Online Lovers Dabble In Sub/Dom

 — Lesbian lovers get hot and heavy. by papaya_lynne02/22/044.22

Online Romance

 — Guy and gal meet via online emails. by davekoko200509/25/154.62

Open Letter to a Strong Woman

 — A letter left -- a stong woman pleasured. by fathom702/04/104.75

Opening Attachments

 — Be careful opening your emails! by DaftBrit01/24/093.30

Opening Up

 — A sub's first "explicit" conversation with her dom. by Lady_PhoenixIce08/22/044.50

Oral Exchange At School

 — Custodian trades oral with teacher. by culo_hombre6904/18/11

Orally Yours: Do You Remember?

 — Remembering enjoying her mouth and ass? by ~hellbaby~05/22/054.49

Orally Yours: LetterHead

 — Email tells how she sucks. by ~hellbaby~05/07/054.24

Orgasm Therapist

 — If you help, they will cum. by Hentai_Sonic_CH09/25/061.00

Our Bedtime Story

 — For her lover. by christinaNZ04/27/034.42

Our Internet Romance

 — Cyber Erotica by bigpapabare07/28/074.25

Our Sexy Shower

 — A letter to Mistress about a sexy shower. by lemmethink09/15/054.19


 — A letter to an occasional play partner. by WFEATHER07/10/083.50

Over the Rainbow Ch. 03

 — Tara gets a mentor. by Tara_Neale08/22/144.57HOT

Owning Bella Ch. 10

 — Letters to help her heal. by xelliebabex09/06/134.31

Paper Lies

 — A letter that might destroy three lives. by Irish_Steve03/21/044.33

Party for Me

 — IM me. by bi_cherrypie11/24/064.43

Passionate Thoughts

 — Reliving a night of passion. by justjohn101312/10/034.30

Paul and Paula

 — Letters between two old high school friends after years. by elphaba6911/29/123.43

Pen Pal Letters Ch. 02

 — Her first blowjob and her first girl. by Cybotic10/09/034.32

Pen Pal Letters Ch. 03

 — Bound and helpless in an elevator. by Cybotic10/09/033.91

PenPal Ch. 01

 — Letter One. by velvetpie07/03/044.33

PenPal Ch. 02

 — Letter Two. by velvetpie07/04/044.80HOT

PenPal Ch. 03

 — Letter Three. by velvetpie07/05/044.62

PenPal Ch. 04

 — Letter Four. by velvetpie07/07/044.58HOT

PenPal Ch. 05

 — Letter Five. by velvetpie07/08/044.30

PenPal Ch. 06

 — Letter Six. by velvetpie07/08/044.54HOT

PenPal Ch. 07

 — Letter Seven. by velvetpie07/09/044.38

PenPal Ch. 08

 — Letter Eight. by velvetpie07/11/044.06

PenPal Ch. 09

 — Letter Nine. (FINAL) by velvetpie07/11/044.39

Performance Appraisal

 — Initiating a new hiree. by armandeaddante11/26/093.80

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