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Petition for Exchange of Sex

 — A legal document for exchange of sexual congress. by Decayed Angel04/15/064.00

Phone Phuck

 — Man-on-man flash of a hot phone conversation. by 4degrees01/21/064.05

Phone Sex

 — It can be so, so good. by salaciouswit08/11/064.58HOT

Phone Sex

 — I give my girlfriend a phone call she'll never forget. by PoeticAvarice12/31/123.50

Phone Sex Goddess is a Real Killer

 — Man calling for phone sex makes the phone call of his life. by SusanJillParker04/17/144.08

Phone Sex: Third Date

 — Such a useful tool for getting her in the mood for a visit. by PoeticAvarice02/28/133.00

Phone Transcript 1303.1

 — A random phone trace is found on Snowden's laptop. by B_John_Birk12/30/133.83


 — She couldn't sleep, so she wrote for him. by subtle prawn09/03/053.38

Picture This, Baby

 — When he is away, I give him something to look forward to. by Artismypassion07/29/15

Pictures Of You

 — Send me a picture of you. by lustybard05/03/044.42

Play Around

 — It can be dangerous to cheat on your spouse. by amyyum01/21/143.91

Play-Time No. 02

 — A single word ignites a fantasy. by Uniqus_Freakus07/15/074.29

Please Wait

 — A soldier writes a letter to his beloved. by Sean Renaud05/12/143.71

Pleasure In Your Hands

 — A letter to a cyber lover. by redhot_o05/30/044.43


 — Pure fantasy at the grocery store. by SpiraLCA05/09/043.19

Post-Modern Love: 01

 — Look at this tangle of thorns. by TonyZee09/13/064.60

Post-Modern Love: 02

 — The ill-tempered identity. by TonyZee09/20/064.50

Postcards from Paris

 — What she did on her vacation. by KarennaC05/27/083.92

Precious Cargo

 — I meditate on our friendship. by Walk8611/25/174.00


 — She dreams of you. by lindiana03/31/053.50

Private Room

 — She has a fantasy for you. by SpiraLCA03/17/044.03

Problematic Pirate Pants

 — An old friend overcomes her fear to reveal a hidden crush. by stlgoddessfreya02/09/154.20


 — Should we? by KMRoberts02/02/074.67

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 09

 — Naughty asian spankee must write a letter to Penthouse. by asianspankee09/16/064.15

Purple Passion

 — Daughter takes control of Daddy for a surprise. by MrBeagle06/22/054.24

Queen's Chat

 — An erotic chat between two online lovers. by sweetalmondbrown02/21/103.71

Questioning Everything

 — One lover's sexual philosophy through questions. by Cherona08/22/054.51HOT

Quick Start

 — Hot quickie in a hotel. by dshawn2107/22/043.78


 — Enjoying the company of a more mature lady. by silversun8405/20/123.29


 — Letter sent to her lover. by puttylover972603/13/064.00

Rape Me

 — Yeah, well... by Mr.Tommy11/19/032.86

Read This to Me

 — Letter by Him written from her P.O.V. by seventy206/14/054.14

Reader, I Went Even Further ...

 — Mature woman tries a lesbian threesome and loves it. by silverslacker6209/03/134.35

Recipe for Wickedness

 — Pleasures of the tongue: desserts & lovemaking. by Sappholovers04/20/044.00

Reflections of a Love Slave Ch. 05

 — She vocalizes a desperate desire. by simply_cyn01/13/055.00

Regina (Letter to Babette)

 — Ted writes to Babette about his fling. by seeingvirgil10/09/113.60

Remember When

 — Long lost lovers. by OTOOLD08/13/094.17

Rio's Romance

 — Her first letter to her political lover after that night. by wtdgirl106/14/112.50


 — A letter to my husband on our wedding anniversary. by Selena_Kitt08/02/064.57HOT

Road to Euphoria

 — An erotic game for two. by InsatiableNeoSoul08/13/034.33

Rocking Your World My Style

 — A special thank you. by Rogueslady09/11/134.58HOT

Roleplay Chat

 — Kim and Bob fantasize about group sex. by youngneighbor01/24/074.29

Room Service

 — His letter details the hot times they'll share. by gotwood4903/09/054.80HOT


 — Stranger knocks on the door; innuendo ensues. by nightbefore05/10/064.00

Rosemary's Letter to Hilda

 — Rosy tells Hilda what's happened over the last 30 years. by Erbanluv12/13/142.83

Round One

 — We cyber for the very first time. by Dynamitochondria06/19/134.17

Round Two

 — We cyber once more. by Dynamitochondria07/06/134.00

Roxy's First Time

 — I convice Roxy to try cyber sex. by CalX02/18/073.79

Sacred Union

 — A letter from Mariam to Yeshua upon his tomb. by Selena_Kitt02/09/064.75HOT

Sailor's Blues

 — A sailor's letter to his wife. by dirtyjoe6907/04/063.92

Salt and Sea

 — A short erotic story of sexual awakening as a letter. by loladirga07/22/074.47

Sam and Ally Ch. 01

 — Two Lit writers appreciate each other's work. by allychris410/11/124.75

Sam and Ally Ch. 03

 — He wants a blowjob? Sure! After all, he's taught me well! by allychris410/23/124.20

Santa, All I Want For Xmas is a Job

 — A letter from the unemployed to Santa Claus hoping for a job. by andtheend11/29/104.02

Saturday's Letter

 — Another letter to a friend. by marleywasone10/11/033.43

Scamming the Scammer

 — I am targeted by a scammer. by Cromagnonman03/14/154.29

Scary Old Sex

 — 74-year old discusses her debut short-story collection... by Sexyframez09/01/164.00

School Spankings

 — Adult subs talk about meeting old teachers. by Joseki Ko07/27/043.38

Scottish Doctor

 — She got more than she bargained for. by blzeebub09/07/044.11

ScoutMasters Paradise

 — A Boy Scout Master stumbles across a Girl Scout Leader. by Jabeebee07/20/044.33


 — Chronicles of a Hooker. by Goldscuttle03/31/153.92

Secret Agent Valdez Flirts Online

 — A fictional online dialogue between potential lovers. by cowgirlblues01/19/134.80

Secret Chat

 — It's just a little ity bity secret. by BearCella05/25/173.25

Seducing My Lover's Wife

 — Seduction via email with her lover. by Sassy Susan10/01/054.51HOT


 — A letter to my virgin internet boy toy. by Dani Meadows10/23/034.60HOT

Seduction Accomplished

 — A casual IM becomes her first experience as a top. by PandoraSpox06/13/082.00

Seduction Letters of Desires

 — Erotic letters between lovers. by EroticWhizpers07/17/044.08

Separate States

 — Far apart, two lovers help each other find peace. by Escentual07/31/10

Series of Letters Found Waiting for

 — Instructions for a series of degrading public tasks. by Parthenokinesis01/31/134.24

Seriously, Just Give In!

 — Student's notes change teacher's mind. by nbaren09/22/094.29

Sex Diary Entry #01

 — My first entry into my new sex diary. by asciencegirl04/12/104.08

Sex Diary Entry #02

 — My second entry in my sex diary. by asciencegirl04/23/103.69

Sex Diary Entry #03

 — My third entry in my new sex diary. by asciencegirl04/30/104.30

Sex on the Roof

 — A prisoner writes about a misleading ad getting him arrested. by Middleagepoet12/31/094.29

Sex Text Fantasy

 — Role playing can also happen while texting dirty. by Sonwayjofe02/11/102.86


 — I describe how we'd fuck. by ukesnot506/17/163.68


 — True friends with benefits sub dom. by pedro5504/19/143.29

Sext Ch. 02

 — Friends with benefits sub dom. by pedro5504/20/143.40


 — Lost cell phone contains exchange of erotic stories. by Bluepen45112/25/134.52HOT


 — When you can't be with the one you want - text them! by bustylibrarian05/05/184.62

Sexual Confession

 — A dirty confession to a former coworker. by KittenFcker09/16/143.50

Sexy Pics

 — What he would do to her. by HarleyDavidsonBiotch07/29/062.62

Shameful Affair

 — Diary hears story of birthday party aftermath. by gorgeousgypsygirl07/13/03HOT

Sharon Einstein

 — Sharon confronts Faustus in the year 2555. by Taunus01/12/112.00

She Caught Me Looking

 — Boss dominates an Intern. by RedguyTx10/27/103.43

Shopping Fun

 — Naughty email to long distance lover. by sophia jane06/10/054.55HOT


 — He recalls an autumn evening spent on the beach. by JamesCiriaco05/18/095.00


 — She craves a shower for two. by Lovepotion6912/19/033.95

Silk Roads

 — A Babydoll Studios Production. by Wissard05/16/114.50

Simply and Forever, Yours

 — A true and heartfelt letter to a lost love. by EMiamiRiverRat04/26/123.73

Sincere Feelings

 — Man's truthful answer. by JamesWalters11/09/092.50

Singapore Hotties Ch. 07

 — A letter to my horny Hasheena. by johara12/16/034.75

Sir’s Open Letter

 — SirCarl's Open Letter to slaves and subs. by SirCarl12/25/094.18

Sister Likes To Chat

 — A found chat: brother interrupts his sister chatting. by PapaOoMowMow08/12/133.91

Sleeping and Spooning

 — MSN transcript of my view on spooning to a female friend. by Tarvold10/24/094.12

Slow Learner

 — Telling him off & sucking him off. by The_Maniacal_Nymph03/26/183.81

Smile Muscles

 — Love letter and poem combined talking about smile muscles by Hookmeistr12/28/095.00

SMS 3: Texting Fiona

 — Fiona has some fun ideas. by Will Scarlet06/23/033.91

So Long Gamer Girl

 — Jason bids farewell to a gaming addict. by JagFarlane01/29/134.14

So Much to Regret My Loving Husband

 — Regretful wife's thoughts about her dying husband. by Walk8604/04/183.78

Solstices Obscurity "Dusk" Ch. 01

 — Let the Bastard speak. by Unrequited_Evil01/20/154.17

Some Texts 01

 — Just a series of texts we looked back on and decided to save. by twopeopleonephone12/28/123.40

Someone to Screw

 — Letter to a competing colleague from snowy Oslo. by sr71plt03/07/154.20

Sorority Fundraiser

 — Sorority's fundraiser for beer money. by JagFarlane02/16/144.17

Sorta Kinda Love Letter

 — She gets a love letter of the erotic kind. by pagangirl07/18/064.67HOT

Sounds Like Fun

 — Wife responds to hubby's letter. by dirtyjoe6912/27/064.00

Squeaky Clean Phone Sex Line

 — Charlie calls the phone sex line, again. by SusanJillParker10/01/143.89

Stangers in the Night, Sexy Call

 — Christine gets an obscene phone call but doesn't disconnect. by SusanJillParker09/16/14HOT

Steamy Online Encounter

 — This is one of my online chat transcripts with a stranger. by AlexaStevens32103/28/144.18

Stories & Seductions

 — Her musings on the object of her desire. by vixennevictorienne10/15/034.29

Stories from the Past

 — Letters from long ago reveal a passionate relationship. by TonyDowse12/02/064.72HOT


 — A story told over chat. by WantonWench04/16/044.12

Stress Relief

 — I came home after a long day at work... by AmericanSexFantasy07/18/143.38

Subconscious Dream Or Fantasy?

 — Divulging desires to an absent partner. by jameschristopher12/28/044.71

Suck Him for Me

 — Wife makes her case using powerfully suggestive persuasion. by whitetiger42007/18/164.50HOTContest Winner

Summer Camp Letters #01

 — Jordan and Taylor's summer at camp. by PrincessErin05/09/084.05

Summer Camp Letters #02

 — Jordan and Taylor's summer at camp. by PrincessErin05/10/084.00

Summer Camp Letters #03

 — Jordan and Taylor's summer at camp. by PrincessErin05/11/083.72

Summer Camp Letters #04

 — Jordan and Taylor's summer at camp. by PrincessErin05/12/083.56

Summer Camp Letters #05

 — Jordan and Taylor's summer at camp. by PrincessErin05/13/084.42

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