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Summer Fling

 — A Dear-John letter to end a summer affair. by wife2hotblk08/07/092.86

Summer with Sister

 — Conversation about sex with my sister. by gowllxx06/05/113.56

Sunday's Letter

 — Another letter to her on line friend. by marleywasone10/13/034.33


 — Susyli Chats with Harold. by Taunus06/17/152.00


 — Is sweat really that bad? by Grey_Dragon07/17/083.00

Sweet Dreams

 — No one can take away your dreams. by LucineAchar02/03/114.50

Sweet Dreams

 — Long distance romance spiced up by emails. by Minnie_minx06/11/164.38

Tacitus Salutem

 — Reporting a barbarian ritual on spring equinox. by Black Tulip06/30/044.61HOT

Take Control of Me

 — Her fantasy for him. by AngelFace9610/21/054.42

Take Your Medicine

 — Sapphire goes to the doctor to find a cure for her problem. by Sapphire_Mail05/25/074.03

Talking Dirty (BDSM)

 — Two (fictional!) dialogues, one sub, one domme by Dr_Vril04/30/152.40


 — This is the transcript of an online sex session. by Nikk0teeN01/10/083.29

Teasing You

 — A letter to her lover. by Panacheiam08/15/054.16

Tell Me Something BDSM Related

 — A Master gives his slave an online story. by WFEATHER05/12/064.50

Tell Me Your Fantasy

 — What she imagines while she plays. by KarennaC05/02/084.19

Telling It As It Is

 — I finally speak the truth. by kittenkuhn06/08/174.00


 — Chris means to win her, but she sees only fun by Chicklet07/24/034.23

Ten Days: A Long Night

 — IM-assisted masturbation. by KokopelliRises02/23/074.67

Ten-Year Reunion

 — Old friends reconnect. by KarennaC05/14/083.88

Teri Learns The Convent Rules

 — A little BDSM, MSN chat between two close friends. by Captain_Corelli_201011/12/093.67

Texting Our Love

 — Actual conversation with a former girlfriend. by runningtears05/04/103.00

Texting Threeway

 — My wife keeps posted me about her date via text messaging. by BuckyDuckman01/01/154.48Contest Winner

Texting While Riding

 — Two people flirt heavily by written word after first date. by dirtymindpureheart10/22/114.17

Texts to My Love: Boutique Love

 — Shopping for dresses with a little play. by Xehsu09/03/104.62

Texts to My Love: By the Fire

 — Gently my hand slides along your sex to rest upon your entry. by Xehsu09/03/103.83

Texts to My Love: Forget The Dishes

 — Each touch stokes your smoldering fire, we grow hotter. by Xehsu09/03/103.67

Texts to My Love: Picnic Love

 — A secluded picnic spot grants us an opportunity to play. by Xehsu09/13/104.75

Texts to My Love: Picnic Love Ch. 02

 — We just can't keep our hands off eachother on the ferry. by Xehsu09/14/102.83

Texts to My Love: Tumble and Kiss

 — Curled up on the couch we watch the fire. by Xehsu09/03/104.00

Textual Healing

 — Married couple get kinky by SMS. by FloggingMolly05/06/103.25

Thank You

 — Note to a former lover by obg01/18/054.58HOT

Thank You for a Wonderful Weekend

 — Will thanks Lynn for her hospitality. by willandlynn07/23/123.50


 — Gratitude to everyone. by elphaba6903/26/133.75

Thanks for Being My Wife

 — Lette of appreciation to his lovely wife. by meatmywife05/01/053.95

Thanks For Your Support

 — A thank you note to my friends and family by elphaba6902/10/142.00

Thanks to my Beloved

 — A letter from a submissive to her lover thanking him for all. by NymphoQueen11/22/09

That Sound

 — Thinking of you, Sir. by ViciousTease08/15/164.54HOT

The "Spa" at 10th and Main

 — Katherine's therapist suggests an unusual intervention. by Kittyscave01/26/184.73HOT

The Amateur

 — Female grad student decides on rate for her services. by russeltrust11/16/044.35

The Audience We've Always Wanted

 — We had an audience for our perfect day at the beach. by owned112/07/113.83

The Beginning

 — Two cyber friends write their first story together. by seduzione03/06/064.25

The Beginning

 — A letter to my older crush. by ForJohn5110/24/14

The Best Kiss

 — A sweet letter that ends with a bent-over gasping fuck. by Jim_and_Sarah10/29/124.38

The Blowjob Chronicles Ep. 01

 — Rochelle the stripper. by SyzslakXXX12/07/064.27

The Blowjob Chronicles Ep. 02

 — Trisha the coworker. by SyzslakXXX12/08/064.30

The Blowjob Chronicles Ep. 03

 — Diana the white trash. by SyzslakXXX12/09/064.19

The Captain's Reply

 — Lord Cadmus replies to his Queen's love letter. by SEVERUSMAX04/17/064.64HOT

The Chair

 — A simulated "cyber chat" where she is tied to the chair by centaur mare02/13/033.33

The Chair

 — Young woman takes care of her man after a long week. by WickedFabulous12/15/074.21

The Chronicles Of Tyrone; Good Bad

 — Sicilian man with an unconventional life. by AngelSCC03/17/104.00

The Club

 — Middle-aged lawyer finds her niche. by millieteases06/06/064.04

The Club

 — A sexy letter of complaint to a politician. by exiledmaster06/04/074.20

The Consequences Of Falling

 — A letter offers Cassie a new life. by velvetpie01/16/054.25

The Deal

 — Boss and secretary agree to act out each others' fantasies. by KingBunny12/19/124.41

The Depth of My Love

 — She deserves to know how much I love her. by JonMHoll9205/15/184.33

The Diary of Mark Jones Pt. 01

 — Read the thoughts of Mark Jones. by NeoBard10/10/143.44

The Diary of Mark Jones Pt. 02

 — More thoughts from Mark. by NeoBard10/11/143.25

The Diary of Mark Jones Pt. 03

 — More thoughts from Mark. by NeoBard10/12/142.50

The Diary of Mark Jones Pt. 04

 — Marks' marriage challenges continue. by NeoBard10/14/143.25

The Diary of Rebecca Smudge

 — A girl's thoughts. by Regulator200509/11/074.11

The Diner

 — Fantasy of meeting an ex-lover for coffee. by MaggieHow02/26/114.10

The Dream

 — I had a dream about my love last night. by takeovertori12/22/113.20

The Education of Darla

 — Darla will do anything to get her Master's degree. by Deckard Kincaid04/08/074.00

The End

 — The end of six years. by kittenkuhn07/09/173.82

The End of Innocence

 — Experienced dyke Domme initiates young man. by Omegas_Game05/09/074.48

The Erotic Diary of Samuel Pepys Ch. 01

 — Uncensored extracts from the secret diary of Pepys. by slickstroker09/28/104.47

The Erotic Tales of Chris and Bettie Pt. 11

 — A "Hard" Day at Work. by TETOCAB09/01/094.29

The Exchange

 — Trade of e-mails between lesbian lovers. by jenyes10/27/054.10

The Fantasies Series Ch. 01

 — When reality isn't possible, there's always the mind. by BadGirlWithin03/17/064.58HOT

The First Time I Met Tricia

 — Letters from lovers. by monkeyjoe311/23/034.44

The Garden

 — A summer project leads to sex. by lindiana12/24/054.00

The Good Morning Kiss

 — A love letter for her lover by cheeryorchid08/03/044.60HOT

The Grand Tour

 — Young man's holiday trip, 1727 style. by Paul4406/21/054.35

The Grand Tour Ch. 02

 — Enjoying the tailor's wife in Amiens. by Paul4408/21/054.89

The Grand Tour Ch. 03

 — An older woman takes him in hand. by Paul4401/18/064.58HOT

The Great Game

 — Brit & Russian compete for Central Asian lovers in 1800s. by al_Ussa01/01/104.39

The Helldesk - Author's Note - 07/18

 — An update on why it's been a year & how I plan to finish it. by HiddenHelix07/19/18

The IM Chat

 — An IM at work turns into a story of bondage. by klmw1140401/23/082.00

The Interview

 — Amy gets education when she interviews porn star. by Amy_D01/10/043.69

The Interview Project Pt. 01

 — 'It's not love I'm looking for.' by Barnaby08/23/034.31

The Interview Project Pt. 02

 — 'Sometimes my body just takes over...' by Barnaby08/30/034.42

The Interview Project Pt. 03

 — 'My passions control me...' by Barnaby08/30/034.40

The Interview Project Pt. 04

 — 'I like to tease guys!' by Barnaby11/07/034.53HOT

The Interview Project Pt. 05

 — "I'm not comfortable being still a virgin." by Barnaby11/09/034.00

The Interview Project: Introduction

 — Sex with girls in three parts. by Barnaby08/29/03

The Inversion of the Spheres

 — Toy confronts Faustus on his new discovery. by Taunus03/10/11

The Joy of Eating You Out

 — This man is so hungry for you. by Yourfriendsfriend02/09/104.49

The Kindness of Stranger

 — A transcription of a real cybersex session. by VFucci05/30/093.25

The Letter

 — He writes to his wife before his departure. by Erotica_Writings06/16/044.50HOT

The Letter

 — He writes a letter to woman he can't have. by LoveMD04/04/074.38

The Letter

 — She writes to her beau. by DreamerKitty11/02/084.60

The Letter

 — He reads a letter about a loving wife. by Zrnko_Pisku12/24/122.69

The Letter, a Renegotiation of Love

 — Never satisfied, a spoiled wife wants more but gets less. by SusanJillParker05/11/124.28

The Letters

 — Two cousins re-enact their grandparents' love letters. by Conversations07/20/164.87HOT

The List

 — 101 Things In 1001 Days. by Angel_12911/08/123.00

The Love Letter

 — She writes a love letter to the man of her dreams. by brwneyedwitch7002/05/044.38

The Love Letter

 — Valentine's dream depicted in letter to a forbidden love. by tragicmagic02/04/064.45

The McDonald's Truce

 — Two disabled teens discuss The Incident. by toetyper01/28/183.00

The Melting

 — Seduction smolders like a volcano. by Lalenya Love03/15/044.11

The Method to Her Madness Pt. 01

 — Big Girl, Big Cock, Dick Diary Entry. by WayFairinStranger07/17/184.00

The Most Important Thing

 — A prisoner writes to a friend. by Sean Renaud10/12/133.33

The Perfect Job Ch. 04

 — Temptation of teasing gets the best of the rich bitch. by papaya_lynne11/18/064.66HOT

The Personal Trainer

 — A letter written to my wife. by oursexymarriage03/18/103.18

The Queen's Letter

 — A twentysomething Queen writes to her lover. by SEVERUSMAX03/01/064.83

The Ride

 — She tries to lure older man on the subway. by RedHeadedVixen12/19/063.60

The Right Wrong Number

 — A wrong number turns into an affair to remember. by mightyquinnj704/04/134.43

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