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The Seduction of Sylvia

 — He reached across an ocean to claim what was his. by fantasy12310/17/074.66HOTEditor's Pick

The Spencer Letters Vol. 01

 — Letters to her new lover. by Sunnie05/12/043.12

The Spencer Letters Vol. 02

 — Her next letter. by Sunnie05/13/041.75

The Storm

 — A promise of fun at his house. by Toons09/25/044.55HOT

The Text

 — A text message as foreplay. by GingerParks06/09/124.17

The Truth About Jeff

 — Letter & reply from the Baby Boy's Mommy. by LeslieBlue01/16/053.89

The Unanswered Question

 — A letter to a married woman from a married man. by anonyplay03/06/123.71

The Visit

 — Do you remember that weekend? by the_lovebunny06/18/034.40

The Way We Met

 — A letter to my latest Love. by jakeball6908/14/063.67

The Whore in Saffron

 — A cursed play filled with lust and depravity. by al_Ussa12/16/103.29

The Wind Playing With Our Pubes

 — Gigolo ponders a career change during a marital crisis. by PrinceThelo02/15/094.33

The Writer

 — Author explains to wife about writing erotica. by DG Hear10/27/054.59HOT

Things I Miss

 — Letter to Lover (Written after Wreck, in hospital). by Mjohnstone81711/28/113.71

Things That Remind Me of You...

 — Memories. by jake196906/17/145.00

Things You Don't Know

 — Confessions about the way you fuck me. by The_Maniacal_Nymph03/20/184.69HOT

Thinking of You

 — A short little fantasy written for *him*. by pnkmdr08/07/074.20

This I Vow

 — A woman writes to her husband who's away at war. by Sean Renaud05/11/144.60

This is How It Goes

 — It will start with your email; your reply to me. Or not. by PabloP04/19/183.00NEW

Thoughts Of The Sex Variety

 — An online diary entry recalling sexual experiences. by wordmad05/19/044.17

Through Time and Cyberspace

 — Young lovers have a long-distance relationship. by Svenskaflicka01/22/053.57

Throwing Caution to the Wind

 — A woman moves from her comfort level... by _depraved_08/10/123.56

Tina Ch. 01

 — Tina introduces me to the joys of rough sex by silversun8405/03/124.00

Tina Ch. 02

 — CAUTION! This lady will bite when aroused. by silversun8405/05/123.50

Tina Ch. 03

 — A helping of rough afternoon delight with Tina. by silversun8405/06/125.00

Tina Ch. 04

 — When Tina teases me, she deserves everything she gets. by silversun8405/09/12

Tina Ch. 05

 — Some farewell fun on a Friday afternoon with Tina. by silversun8405/10/124.00

Tina Ch. 06

 — Attending her first cock-sucking lesson. by silversun8405/12/123.83

Tina Ch. 07

 — Joining Tina for a birthday shower. by silversun8405/14/12

Tina Ch. 08

 — I just can't resist sweet Tina in her sexy sundress. by silversun8405/16/12

Tina Ch. 09

 — Distracting Tina from her homework. by silversun8405/17/122.00

Tina Ch. 10

 — She just has time to get naked before volleyball. by silversun8405/19/12

Tina Ch. 11

 — Teaching Tina how to be the perfect slut. by silversun8405/21/125.00

Tina Ch. 12

 — Wishing Tina a happy Thanksgiving. by silversun8405/24/125.00

Tina Ch. 13

 — Tina's skipping classes, so I get to enjoy her. by silversun8405/26/12

Tina Ch. 14

 — Turning me on with her cute painted toes. by silversun8405/28/123.50

Titillating Strawberry

 — A story about an online correspondence that turned erotic. by AnaisNinFan10/08/094.20

To Anonymous

 — A letter of masturbation. by NoahBody12/03/084.36

To Bryan

 — What I'm imagining for this December. by HornyPuppyJ11/16/064.40

To Iraq with Love

 — Newlywed wife sends her thoughts overseas to husband. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/01/063.67

To M-----

 — written in despair... by sexycharlene10/10/124.15

To Mark...

 — Finally realising the truth about unrequited love. by BabyBell11/18/104.88HOT

To My "Baby Sister"

 — Why he's only had eyes for you. by WFEATHER03/17/054.46

To My Dearest Friend

 — An erotic love letter. by living_in_fantasies06/07/113.44

To My Husband

 — She loves & adores you. by Fairywand01/01/054.20

To My Little Fish

 — For a time, we were in love. by FictionWriter056607/13/134.38

To my Marissa

 — Letter to my Love. by JonMHoll9204/14/173.33

To My Mysterious Emily

 — To the woman who inspired Jacob's imagination. by Karyn Gardenia02/22/064.00

To My Prince

 — A declaration of love. by His Special12/05/034.31

To My Readers

 — A letter to you, darling fans. by jmbasquiat_fan11/16/044.82HOT

To My Sexy Friend

 — A letter to a very sexy friend. by lonelyinny510/07/094.17

To Nicole

 — Two Internet flirts finally meet. by spence596901/16/054.55HOT

To The Love of My Life

 — A letter from a wife to eulogize her husband. by dirtyjoe6912/26/064.58HOT

To Victoria, the Slut

 — A wife sends a letter to her husband's lover. by Bakeboss08/18/094.03

To Wendy S

 — He remembers a lost romance. by oldjoey06/27/053.50

To Whom It May Not Concern

 — He gets told off. by fungetter04/09/123.00

To You

 — My desires of an enquiring submissive. by FluteMaster01/10/074.60HOT


 — Sexy women and sexy men. by sexy_nimph10/27/034.60

Too Late: An Undelivered Letter

 — The final letter. I have finally let him go from me... by Dragonfly21307/19/172.80


 — She pours out her anguish to her husband. by patricia5109/04/044.26


 — Author's half of a very stimulating cyber session. by Jonesinforsugar07/04/073.60

Transcript Of 'Pleasing Pleasure'

 — Comedy hour with hot blonde babe. by Erotica_Writings06/19/042.75

Transcript: Snoot v Snoot

 — Wife testifies "Anal ain't cheating". by Bakeboss12/20/093.02

Transcripts from the Jack Walker Show

 — A talk show host transcript. by Erotica_Writings06/14/044.22

Transit Guy 4 U Ch. 01 Story 1

 — Journal entries of a transit worker's sexual experiences. by TCMAVERICK09/21/114.25

Trash Talk

 —  by Everettcb01/26/111.00

Travels To Bliss Of G-Spot Orgasm

 — Internet lover offers erotic map. by Sappholovers06/14/044.56HOT

Tropical Dream

 — Too long since our lips last met. by Joseph_Grand07/26/08

True Confessions

 — A love letter from her to him. by RedHairedandFriendly07/03/054.55HOT

Trying To Make Sense

 — She writes him about what happened. by jack3034102/21/084.50HOT

Trying To Make Sense: His Response

 — He writes her back. by jack3034102/23/084.24

Turned Inside Out

 — Letter from the son of a French fetish professional. by Learningfast10/07/084.23

Twice In Two Minutes

 — Two long-distance lovers have steamy phone sex. by papaya_lynne10/31/033.54

Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Pr. 02

 — Mike meets Marie. by married40scouple08/03/074.30

Two Middle Finger Solute

 — Response to a Hook Up site Email. by StevenMonel40007/27/143.55

Two Strangers Cyber

 — Two ladies' cyber sex session. by angel_and_demon11/03/064.72HOT

UK Calling Ch. 01

 — Internet meeting proves to be a launch pad. by silk_18107/30/034.20

Unbridled Passion

 — Illicit cybersex relationship begins. by FuzzyDuk03/01/074.29


 — I need to understand, so that I won't be afraid by Chicklet06/25/033.95


 — Despair prompts a Halloween suicide. by Anonymous Author10/01/064.48


 — Letters to a teacher... by HeyItsQuorra12/01/133.25


 — Letter of confession that she'll never read. by EndlessLover02/21/044.43

Unspoken Promise

 — Horniness leads to Physical Education. by Mistress_Pheonix05/09/062.00

Until Then

 — One woman's love, captured in letters. by lucky-E-leven02/23/054.68HOT

Until Then

 — I just want you to know... by mary91504/23/143.66

Val Pt. 01

 — A story of change and acceptance. by callmejack06/06/143.50

Val Pt. 02: A Story of Change and Acceptance

 — The conversion. by callmejack06/10/143.57

Valentine's Dilemma Buying Online

 — Buying an online Valentine's Day surprise, the last one. by SuperHeroRalph01/25/113.56

Valentines Letter

 — Valentines Day letter left in her husband's briefcase. by iaffectyou02/02/074.74HOT

Velma's Diary

 — The ramblings of a lovesick women. by elphaba6901/01/133.00

Video Sex With The Wife

 — Video sex with the wife. by tomc32703/10/133.48

Vince Catches Me At Work

 — I fall victim to Tickle Master Vince while at work. by timy08/05/133.25

Vince Gets In My Head

 — Late night on-line session with Tickle Master Vince. by timy08/06/132.50

Virgin Brother With Sister & Boyfriend

 — A roleplay chat. by raj2johnson03/04/134.20

Virginity Roleplay

 — A simulated "cyber chat" where her virginity is taken by centaur mare02/13/033.76

Virtual Encounter

 — A hot bout of cybersex starts with a picture. by VFucci09/06/074.67

Viva Las Vegas

 — Two Internet friends meet in Vegas. by outta_control_again12/13/074.71HOT

Voices in the Night

 — A women hears unexplained voices in the night. by CrimeDogMcGruff05/08/113.50

Waiting for Her Lover

 — Debbie is waiting to cum in more ways than one. by misskittyclitty01/12/044.49

Wanted: Good Paying Job w/Benefits

 — Kris Kringle comes to the rescue by offering Bob a good job. by SusanJillParker11/12/133.73


 — Some wanton words from your distant lover. by GwenAndWendell04/07/054.30


 — Missives sent about the qar for the SeaWolf. by Joseki Ko12/29/04

We Should Have Coffee

 — You share an erotic story over coffee. by IntimateSpirit10/02/054.60HOT

Web Of Deceit (haha)

 — Second hand story of criminal activity. by anglosextantyen4u02/09/114.00

Weekend Retreat

 — A couples first sexual retreat. by kokoleona07/07/064.04

Weekend Slave Contract

 — A sub longs to relinquish control. by One_Two_Nine01/13/133.00

Weekend Visit

 — A fantasy emailed to a girlfriend. by jonmartin2205/28/084.29

Welcome Home: A Chat Transcript

 — A story taken directly from a chat transcript. by mr_somebody_200601/09/064.11


 — A lil story I sent my boyfriend. Do you think he likes it? by snfl_grl07/02/103.66

Wet & Waiting

 — Audrey requests a special gift for her eighteenth birthday. by Stormer09/27/094.29

What A Girl Wants

 — Letter to a secret lover. by SweetestDistraction10/24/074.49

What a Shoe Shine

 — I saw him a few times before and he always smiled, but... by Lady_MaDonna09/11/154.10

What Becomes of the Past?

 — In a letter, a lonely wife goes down a sexual memory lane. by Kikishoes02/21/143.44

What Can I Do?

 — Coaxing oodles of pre-cum. by Fishalicious03/20/074.07

What Ever Happened To Clara & Kelly

 — Ethan discusses his crush and her best friend. by mary91505/19/141.43

What I Did During Summer Vacation

 — Most have barbeques & pool paries while others write letters. by SusanJillParker08/26/134.18

What I Want

 — A message to his lover from across the miles. by jack_straw07/26/064.10

What I Want To Do

 — She wants you. by blissfulmom08/24/034.11

What I Would Do

 — A snippet of a letter. by mrp_elo10/28/063.86

When Cyber Was Young

 — Passion in early cyberspace. by Molly Magee01/08/073.00

When I'm Not Around

 — A story to keep you warm... much more than warm. by ForMoroMou05/16/174.33

When Love Calls

 — He and his wife have kinky phone sex. by danielblue08/16/093.90

When the Phone Rings

 — An impromptu dirty phonecall. by XyJonah01/26/074.36

Where Do We Go From Here?

 — Open letter to my Literotica family on the ending of an era. by Tara_Neale12/30/144.68HOT

Where is Heaven Anyway?

 — A Tribute to the Love of My Life by Sensuous Swan01/24/054.67HOT

While He's Away

 — Couple share a hot IM while he's away. by KarennaC02/18/083.12

While You Were Out

 — Love letter to a hot wife. by paukenator12/27/083.39

While You Were Sleeping

 — He wakes lover from dreams to make them come true. by seventy204/17/054.78HOT

While You're Away

 — My secretary is filling in nicely. by Febr08/04/113.40

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