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 — An Instant Message BDSM fantasy. by SensualOne7007/19/043.76

Why I Love To Eat You

 — A husband's essay about how he loves to eat you. by MrKitty07/14/084.66HOT

Wicked Game Ch. 21

 — The doctor's notes. by velvetpie06/21/044.57HOT

Wife's Letter To Her Husband

 — A wife tells her far away husband to get a woman. by Deerwoodforest09/21/093.57

Will and Lynn's Present

 — Their spouses tell them to express their love physically. by willandlynn11/26/124.00

Wishful Thinking

 — Fantasies of you. by candycurious04/20/113.92

With But Without You, A Letter

 — Fantasizing about cheating on your husband with a hot ex. by femalefire06/24/143.62

With Izabelle

 — Just a day between Tasha and her online lover. by PrincessRayvine01/31/121.00

Words of Pleasure

 — She writes to reveal intimate details. by welshman05/15/054.32

Writing from Phoenix

 — Hot story about a cool business trip. by RonnyJane06/16/093.93

Writting to My Lover

 — An erotic letter to her man. by MorbidAngelRen10/21/033.59

XXX Marks The Spot

 — Hoping the clues lead you with an open mind. by beathoven12/19/163.50

Y is for You

 — What it means to love someone. by Many Feathers07/16/054.41


 — What makes me say Yes every morning. by First_time_bi11/26/15

Yes, Headmaster

 — A college girl has called her University's Headmaster. by Literalist10/15/114.05

You are Like a Brother

 — Feelings to a best friend. by Walk8612/04/173.50

You Asked for It

 — She writes to him about her playtime. by KarennaC04/19/083.64

You Got Mail

 — You got sexy email at work. by TrySexual8412/18/043.64

You May Share Me

 — Last night's adventures relived. by jezzie200612/23/064.00

You Never Know

 — Amanda waits for Julie but meets Lorna (or does she?) by Shady_Lady03/11/074.52HOT

You Oughta Know

 — Letters based on the popular song. by loganforester02/26/094.22

You Started Something!

 — Email to his sister, while his wife is under the table. by leBonhomme10/03/124.10

Your Blowjob

 — Letter telling how much I miss your blowjobs. by mr_sexybeast05/28/134.17

Your Letter was So Hot

 — Sailor sends final letter. by dirtyjoe6912/29/063.93

Your Mail

 — Slow masturbation while reading erotica. by elrod08/28/054.40

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