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An Unknown Letter to My Husband

 — Things she can't say. by Alexis66104/27/064.41

An Unsent Letter

 — A letter to a lover I never send. by marleywasone08/16/043.94

Andy and Christine Start to Talk

 — Two college friends start a steamy conversation. by thirstygirlll05/19/163.77

Angel's Erotic E-Mail Ch. 01

 — Angel receives first in long line of erotic emails. by Angel Love01/13/054.27

Angela the librarian and Anon9es.

 — Angela is a sexy librarian with a dungeon in the basement. by coconut_eater09/14/163.18


 — He's not good at these. by Mr.Tommy11/07/032.33

Another Day, Another Sex Fantasy

 — Letter to my wife that she will probably never read. by greggmis11/03/113.59

Another Fantasy

 — Will's expression of love for Lynn. by willandlynn08/17/123.25

Anticipation: Letter 1

 — Anticipation of becoming your lover more completely. by Drsdrtygrl05/03/064.36

Arranged Meeting

 — Exchange of emails with a woman who was just what he needed. by Boxlicker10107/05/094.45

Art and Desire

 — A tale of Paint and Passion. by PnkOcelot05/23/084.25

Art Lovers

 — Letters between parted lovers. by rufriter08/09/114.46

Art Lovers Ch. 02

 — Charlotte's Diary: Constance's cousin fills in and gets filled up. by rufriter08/10/114.36


 — A romantic couple has been missing each other all day by silversun8401/23/134.00

Ask Abbie...

 — Abbie answers your questions. by wabbit_season01/16/144.72HOT

At the Laundromat

 — I read a memo posted on the bulletin board. by Zrnko_Pisku01/01/134.04

Au Naturel Ch. 03

 — Emails with Stacey. by leto42305/09/114.64HOT

Autumn, Across The Miles

 — She indulges her soldier husband in a letter of her fantasies. by wedgewoodblue02/27/074.14

Awaiting Your Arrival

 — Where Lynn fantasizes about making love to Will. by willandlynn06/15/125.00

Baby Come Back Ch. 01

 — He is desperate to get his lover to come back to him. by lindiana07/09/084.00

Baby Come Back Ch. 02

 — Now she has her say... by lindiana09/08/083.33

Bad Boy/Switch Roleplay

 — A simulated "cyber chat" where she teaches him a lesson by centaur mare02/13/033.97

Bad Girl Roleplay

 — A simulated "cyber chat" where she gets nicely punished. by centaur mare02/13/033.72

Battle Of The Dominants

 — Two dominant partners battle for control. by Emmanuelle_Dreams09/15/044.89

Be My Valentine, Baby

 — Valentine's letters between author & his online love. by bunny337403/04/083.40

Beautiful Day Email Follow Up

 — After the beautiful and magical day he writes to his lover. by PeoriaDan08/31/113.62

Beauty Treatment With A Difference

 — She finds a beauty parlour devoted to sexual fulfilment. by virusman08/21/164.53HOT

Because I Love Him

 — That makes it okay, right? by mary91505/10/142.93

Becoming Abigail

 — Can his love survive the truth? by Nakod Apa02/18/064.21

Becoming Friends

 — Two strangers on Literotica become acquainted. by Cinner05/19/124.50HOT

Bee Mine

 — She turns to friend for comfort & finds something more. by EmeliaBell01/30/074.54HOT

Before Our Visit - Birthday Wishes

 — A birthday letter to my lover in jail. by Leesamarie11/22/083.50

Begging Letter

 — A writes a letter of love, lust and deviant devotion to B. by Posy_Churchgate11/09/173.89

Beginnings Ch. 01

 — The beginnings of our sexy lives. by KGFC10/10/114.00

Bellway Ch. 01: Thieves in the Woods

 — Masked men stop the carriage and take their virginities. by AlinaX09/15/184.30

Bellway Ch. 02: Devices of Pleasure

 — They find a room full of toys, and are found in turn. by AlinaX09/16/184.70HOT

Bellway Ch. 03: Heads and Tails

 — Lady Grey sits on the throne and gets a licking. by AlinaX09/18/184.37

Bellway Ch. 04: Dinner

 — Susan takes Charlotte's place beneath the table. by AlinaX09/19/184.59HOT

Bellway Ch. 05: Misery

 — Trials and tribulations for Miss Susan. by AlinaX09/21/184.82HOT

Bellway Ch. 06: The Apothecary

 — She is bound in a box and pleasured. by AlinaX12/23/184.40

Bellway Ch. 07: Abducted

 — They are abducted and used by gang of robbers. by AlinaX12/27/184.50

Bellway Ch. 08: All Virtue Gone

 — Her back door is open to all. by AlinaX01/03/194.78


 — Two women with a common thread. by 1littlegreymouse10/15/134.10

Birthday in the Mansion

 — Tom gets his birthday blowjob in a Rumson mansion. by YoursSINSerely02/03/094.23

Birthday RSVP

 — An RSVP to a party/after party. by tbabyhot12/26/094.43

Birthday Spanking

 — And a very happy IM spanking it was. by Lux Argentum10/31/033.35

Black Cave's Chat

 — A fiancee's PM chat with her fantasy black man. by wife2hotblk02/26/093.85

Blast from the Past

 — Things aren't always what they seem. by KarennaC04/14/083.63

Blind Date Ch. 03

 — She smiles over a sexy email from her lover. by Lady Starlight09/06/063.50


 — Letter to a lover requesting and begging for submission. by serendipity_lost01/24/074.49

Blondegirl85 - Fun in the Rain

 — Addicted to cybersex, Blondegirl85 plays in the rain. by PrincessErin07/02/084.05

Blondegirl85 - Pregnancy Fetish

 — Blondegirl85 plays out a pregnancy fetish. by PrincessErin07/09/084.14

Blondegirl85 - The Wake Up Call

 — Blondegirl85 plays out a hot wake up scene. by PrincessErin07/02/084.33

Blondegirl85 – First Meeting

 — Blondegirl85 meets her addicting cybersex partner. by PrincessErin07/06/084.67HOT


 — 1000 miles away yet still blushing! by WFEATHER09/30/072.88

Bored and Horny On Travel

 — One of many emails sent to my wife while on travel. by 65rebel11/07/124.50

Brenner's Lake Ch. 01

 — Sandy's fantasy about her cousin. by MemberX04/11/114.19

Brygida Ch. 01

 — The trip from Albuquerque to Vienna. by MissBri10/12/063.33

Brygida Ch. 02

 — Getting a taste for Hungary. by MissBri10/14/063.00

Brygida Ch. 03

 — A sour night and a new country. by MissBri10/15/063.00

BtB: The Dance

 — He logs on and gets something new. by Edge2311/09/053.53

Building Ships

 — The building of four ships. by Joseki Ko01/02/053.00


 — She wakes up, burning for you. by honeyanddeath06/07/083.33


 — Scores set to be settled. by TitsFlannagen07/22/164.50

By the Way

 — Husband and wife email about their day. by KarennaC04/23/084.03

Cam Girl "MO" Chat in PM

 — My chats with cam girl "MO" in pm. by YourNewboyFriend06/06/183.00

Cam Girl Chat in PM

 — MY CHATS in Private Message with a cam girl. by YourNewboyFriend06/08/181.00

Camille Ch. 01

 — The first online encounter with the gorgeous French Camille. by silversun8405/22/124.50

Camille Ch. 02

 — She's working alone and in need of some special company. by silversun8405/24/125.00

Camlann, A. D. 539

 — A last letter from King Arthur by BlackShanglan08/06/044.44

Camping With Steff

 — Catherine camps with Roger and Steff and flashes them both. by Poorwriter11/14/104.27

Can't Get You Out Of My Head

 — Addictive memories keep going through my head. by urgoodgirl04/29/114.50HOT

Can't Wait Till You Cum Home

 — She misses her hubby's cock. by MsTits03/28/064.30

Caressing the Veil

 — Young widow writes a letter to her love. by logophile10/05/044.67HOT

Casual Encounter

 — A girl meets a man over the internet. by davion230812/24/094.13

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 11: Final

 — Epilogue. by dresbach11/14/144.54HOT

Celebrating National Nude Day Ch. 03

 — Perverted Men's Symposium, PMS, Duncan's letter. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/02/083.91

Cell Phone Text Messages

 — She sent him details of her masturbation. by try life crisis10/07/034.26

Chance Meeting

 — About a frustrated wife and mother just wanting a weekend. by pawsx2407/23/163.37

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 07

 — Charlotte's journal. by mcfbridge11/26/044.44

Chat Confession

 — A true confession in a chat room. by danielx303/22/063.05

Chat Gone Wild

 — A hot encounter with a sexy lady I never met. by Keyy00202/27/13

Chat Hypnosis

 — Man gets over his head and changed. by luckyLove12/07/124.41

Chat of a Soccer Mom

 — Late night confession to a stranger. by libraryguy05/14/143.81

Chat Protocol [Mar 27 2008]

 — Just some cyber-sex. by child_of_man06/20/084.00

Chat Transcript 01

 — A delicious though brief conversation. by BrazenFellow01/30/104.09

Chat with a Girl

 — Chat with a girl where she got turned on. by bemybetch03/01/113.75

Chat With My Husband Ch. 01

 — We chatted about my sexy long legs. by leggykathy08/27/124.47

Chatroom Sex

 — He brings her to orgasm. by KneeLing11/24/043.24

Chats with Anna 01

 — Intro, chat and webcam transcript. by smutfather06/25/134.00

Cheating Slutwife

 — Anne Marie emails hubby her latest sexcapade. by R Taylor06/09/063.92


 — Punishment chores. by Joseki Ko12/29/042.86

Chuck's Vacation

 — This is so not my typical style. by DireLilith03/28/074.08

CIA Operative in Foreign Service

 — Entrenched as CIA spies, Mr. & Mrs. Smith want a divorce. by SusanJillParker12/14/144.41

Cindy's Joy

 — A lesbian's blog diary. by Paul4405/07/074.53HOT

Close Encounters of Virtual Kind

 — Attached guy & girl chatroom encounter. by tommyboy10103/15/114.40


 — Donna explains the reasons for the break-up. by PrincessErin03/19/083.30


 — A letter from a true cock. by Algonquin Twit07/24/103.83

Cock Tail

 — Cocktail party rendezvous. by Ladylito10/14/103.60

Coffee Table, Rope, Ice, Clamps

 — Giving a college friend a focus for her masturbation. by WFEATHER03/26/063.48

Coffee Talk

 — He reveals almost all to his office crush by StephenWolfe6006/09/134.00

Cold Winter Day

 — A loving GF recalls a loving fuck session. by LovingGF08/03/184.29

Come Quick

 — There's a limit to even the best of sessions by Nakod Apa02/14/114.00

Come to Me

 — A letter she sent to her lover. by rosebuds08/03/044.12


 — A command following the encounter. by WFEATHER03/25/094.22

Confession to a Lost Love

 — Confession of guilt, apology long overdue. by Chicklet06/09/033.83

Confession to My Husband

 — Mutual masturbation on a hen weekend. by LisaKelroy12/05/164.30


 — A woman's letter of confession. by tommanors12/31/13

Confessions of a Real Life Whore

 — A story exploring the life of a prositute. by manneredmild09/20/094.24

Confessions Of A School Nurse

 — Older woman teaches young cocks. by silverslacker6206/19/134.15

Confessions of an Erotic Nature

 — Follow Hank and Stella on their journey of sexual pleasure. by Stellaandhank11/07/113.67

Confessions of an Erotic Nature Ch. 02

 — Follow Hank and Stella on their journey of sexual pleasure. by Stellaandhank11/15/113.71

Confessions of an Erotic Nature Ch. 03

 — Follow Hank and Stella on their journey of sexual pleasure by Stellaandhank11/28/113.50

Confessions of an Erotic Nature Ch. 04

 — Stella and Hank's confessions. by Stellaandhank01/27/124.50

Confessions of Bad Simon 01

 — Tale of an unfaithful husband. by SimonTheLover02/27/143.25

Confidential Confessions

 — Claire writes a letter to her ex-husband. by simply_cyn07/07/043.46


 — Chatting can lead to complications. by Icecubez01/17/074.20

Conversations In Cyberspace

 — Older guy hooks up with younger gal. by bigdaddydan05/24/102.86


 — Gorean cooking. by Joseki Ko12/29/042.00


 — Erotic email correspondence & fling with a Literotica fan. by Jack_Love05/07/124.46

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 02

 — Faustus Again Is Called a Crackpot Spammer. by Taunus06/09/11

Craig's Fantasy

 — An e-mail about his fantasy.. by jessy1903/25/044.28

Craigs List or Lust?

 — Written for fun for my fiancee after he added a CL listing. by jennica7607/26/104.83

Craving You

 — What a cunning linguist thirsts for most. by ian3709/25/104.62HOT

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