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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

 — Romance began with friendship. by bordeaux04/28/044.81HOT

Crude (Oil) Revenge

 — Tiger gets his pussy tanked & takes his revenge. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/09/073.78

Cyber Delicious

 — Jeremy and Evelyn start off a fun night online. by sexynightshade06/11/103.57

Cyber Quickie

 — A brief encounter with an anonymous stranger. by VFucci07/21/094.00

Cyber Sex 2/19/2007

 — A quick cyber anal fuck. by AnalGlory02/26/074.18

Cyber Sex on Valentines Day

 — A real conversation by _AGirl_02/29/08

Cyber Sitter

 — A babysitter runs into her boyfriend online after work. by sexysitter02/13/052.79

Cyber The First Time

 — Mike learns how to chat. by botrytis09/02/033.78

Cyber Tie Up

 — He talks hot bondage on IM. by Footballboy06/30/043.75

Cybersex, Woman Centric

 — Chat log; my effort to please Her; fun starts 1/3rd way down. by draviddr05/17/143.83

Daddy Takes a Side Trip Home

 — 18-year-old daughter becomes his plaything. by claimdenied10/15/054.26

Daring Dancers

 — Lovers sneak their passion in a Victorian ballroom. by CrimsonCaptain01/19/093.85

Day Dreams

 — Diary entry. by minnie17911/26/033.69

Day's End

 — She gives him much to anticipate at day's end. by celticlass02/24/064.17


 — A letter to my lover telling him what I've been thinking. by Lindalucious06/05/114.71HOT

Days End

 — What a way to end the day. by D Ray07/19/033.46

Dazed Dreaming

 — A letter to Her about a fantasy of rough fucking. by otaku7212/28/054.31

Dear Agony Aunt

 — Advice column letter goes awry. by doormouse02/08/054.36

Dear Alex

 — A letter of reflection after a love lost by simply_cyn08/10/044.18

Dear Alexis

 — A home visit by young virgin girlfriend. by RogerK08/03/034.33

Dear Anonymous

 — One writer of stories on Literotica appeals for patience. by Cinner11/15/124.91HOT

Dear Anthony

 — Catching up with old friends. by encountersxxx12/13/123.75

Dear Aunt Flabby

 — Advice for perverts in love. by Bakeboss02/12/103.35

Dear Charlie, Love Gina xx

 — A letter to her sweetheart. by TrueAdventures02/24/103.73

Dear Christina

 — Letter to a cheating wife. by al_Ussa07/23/103.94

Dear Clair....

 — A young man's short journal while away from home. by Remec02/26/043.45

Dear Cosmo

 — A girl gives the best BJ she has ever given. by janehart00008/22/144.04

Dear Customer Service

 — Instructions for the dildo & vibrator are written in Spanish. by PositiveThinker12/31/094.14

Dear Daddy

 — A tribute to her departed father. by lindiana02/19/054.17

Dear Daddy

 — A letter to Daddy. by Bludolphin09/10/064.58HOT

Dear Darling

 —  by Redwind00706/19/144.00

Dear Denise

 — A letter to his wife. by SunrockSin10/07/083.80

Dear Diary

 — A peek into a coed's diary. by Bedtime Storyteller06/08/064.37

Dear Diary

 — Why do naughty things happen to me? by rachlou01/18/074.21

Dear Diary

 — A diary entry from a cheating wife. by Sean Renaud01/07/093.37

Dear Diary

 — Wendy commits her most private thoughts to her diary. by Boxlicker10108/06/093.72

Dear Diary

 — A college co-ed reveals her secret passions. by wife2hotblk01/17/103.73

Dear Diary

 — A look into the frustration of a young woman by elphaba6901/28/134.00

Dear Diary

 — A purchase makes for masturbatory bliss. by atenai07/09/134.33

Dear Diary

 — A continuation of my submission with the Dear Master letters. by alicelooking54108/22/144.71

Dear Diary

 — Staying over at a friend's for NYE has some perks! by thirstygirlll12/14/162.67

Dear Diary

 — Memory of a café. by DarkJez04/06/173.25

Dear Diary 7_20

 — A dream, a fantasy. by solitary108/07/103.50

Dear Diary 7_21

 — A dream, a fantasy by solitary108/08/102.67

Dear Diary Ch. 01

 — The writings of an innocent looking for a sexual education. by Goldeniangel03/22/064.32

Dear Diary Ch. 01

 — A first-time poly's diary entry. by Jewel_Siren_91101/20/104.00

Dear Diary Ch. 02

 — She watches as her drunk roommate has sex. by Goldeniangel03/27/064.41

Dear Diary Ch. 02

 — A night of cards and other naughty things. by rachlou01/27/074.34

Dear Diary Ch. 02

 — Master and slave adventures continue. by alicelooking54109/02/145.00

Dear Diary Ch. 03

 — She meets a guy she REALLY likes. by Goldeniangel03/31/064.49

Dear Diary Ch. 03

 — A run in with the lecturer and an exciting girly encounter. by rachlou08/17/074.38

Dear Diary Ch. 03

 — Master/sub games continue. by alicelooking54110/28/144.83

Dear Diary Ch. 04

 — Kristen gives her first blow job. by Goldeniangel03/31/064.52HOT

Dear Diary Ch. 04

 — My friend gives me a massage. by rachlou12/16/084.07

Dear Diary Ch. 04

 — The submission continues... by alicelooking54101/23/153.80

Dear Diary Ch. 05

 — She finally loses her virginity. by Goldeniangel04/09/064.50HOT

Dear Diary Ch. 05

 — The games continue... by alicelooking54101/28/154.00

Dear Diary Ch. 06

 — Things get more complicated. by Goldeniangel04/12/064.31

Dear Diary Ch. 06

 — His perspective about her submission. by alicelooking54102/06/154.20

Dear Diary Ch. 07

 — Things work themselves out. by Goldeniangel04/18/064.46

Dear Diary Ch. 07

 — She experiences something new... by alicelooking54103/26/153.88

Dear Diary Ch. 08

 — Luke delivers something kinky, himself in handcuffs. by Goldeniangel05/01/064.59HOT

Dear Diary Ch. 08

 — her obsession with her master grows.... by alicelooking54105/26/153.78

Dear Diary Ch. 09

 — The last entry in her Diary. by Goldeniangel05/02/064.61HOT

Dear Diary Wednesday June 5, 2014

 — Lascivious Lavendar's Fuck Buddy Diary by butterflygurl06/08/144.40

Dear Diary: Jealousy

 — I imagine he... by CaseyMcCoy07/18/134.43

Dear Diary: The Coworker

 — It's intoxicating in a way. by CaseyMcCoy07/19/134.69HOT

Dear Dick

 — Reminiscent letter to a former lover. by DreamerKitty02/17/154.62

Dear Dildo Maker

 — The hotty needs the tools and instructions to use the toy. by SweetPrettyAss09/05/144.25

Dear Doctor Dan

 — Her last hope was to write Dr. Dan. Couples Consular. by danoctober11/16/174.14

Dear Eric: Letters from Two Lovers

 — A complicated situation for everyone involved. by JamesSD05/17/053.97

Dear Erica

 — Husband's response to "Torn" gay wife's letter. by Captain Midnight09/22/04

Dear Fairy Godmother

 — A letter asking the fairy godmother for her Master and pets. by Hecksithia01/08/113.50

Dear Father

 — A letter to her father. by Miasorrow03/06/144.28

Dear Future Lover

 — My plea- the plea of a lonely virgin waiting for someone. by virgin_sexpert01/06/114.29

Dear Glenda

 — He has a confession to make. by enriquespappa11/02/074.04

Dear God...

 — Why did you take him away? by OnlyByMoonlight01/26/104.13

Dear Honey...

 — A descriptive letter to his love. by smithm1005/28/074.00

Dear Husband 01

 — A frustrated wife takes things in her own hands. by LostAngel197912/19/123.77

Dear Isaac

 — A lonely traveler reminisces on love lost. by Venereae06/23/17

Dear Jerry

 — Letter of intent. by oldwritr01/05/094.60

Dear Jessica

 — Tawndie's letter to Jessica about Josh. by TawndieWahengle02/11/105.00

Dear Jessica Ch. 02

 — Josh's cum reminds Tawndie of her 18th birthday. by TawndieWahengle02/12/104.62

Dear John

 — Julia tells John that she has a new lover. by Lesly Sloan05/27/053.49

Dear John

 — A different kind of Dear John letter. by Belle_Ringer08/17/054.50HOT

Dear John

 — Wife informs hubby he's a cuckold by letter. by Bakeboss11/10/093.25

Dear John

 — A cowardly way to say Goodbye, but it is what it is. by RedHairedandFriendly06/07/124.01

Dear John (I Love It)

 — Love letter to my sweetheart. by Svenskaflicka04/12/044.58HOT

Dear Jonathon

 — Why she left. by BlackSnake04/18/063.75

Dear Jos

 — Celyste writes a letter to her dear but absent partner. by Joserlin10/07/052.00

Dear Lady, I Love Your...

 — A paean to Pussy. by Johnny Largo11/15/044.50HOT

Dear Linda

 — An erotic love letter to my wife. by mumblegooseegg05/05/094.20

Dear Lost Lover Lost No More!

 — A memory of distance past, of many memories. by sexygodess0606/20/083.50

Dear Lover

 — My every thought tastes of you. by MissBri06/15/063.60

Dear Lover

 — A erotic letter. by destoni07/01/073.50

Dear Master

 — A slave tells her story. by lindiana04/04/054.17

Dear Master

 — I've touched myself for you. by ticklechambers05/02/134.17

Dear Master

 — A submissive imagining meeting her master in a past life. by alicelooking54112/13/133.95

Dear Master

 — Letter from Kate written to her Master Alex. by puffyswabs01/03/152.67

Dear Master 01: Wednesday

 — A diary entry to her Master. by MalenaLynn12/24/174.75

Dear Master 02: Thursday

 — Master is away, and his hungry little pet must play. by MalenaLynn01/04/184.75

Dear Master 03: Friday

 — Master has rewarded his good girl with an exciting request. by MalenaLynn01/28/184.80

Dear Master 04: Saturday Snacks

 — Master's Pet has plans for a sweet evening snack. by MalenaLynn02/06/185.00

Dear Master Ch. 02

 — Part two of the series of a submissive writing to her master. by alicelooking54101/07/144.54HOT

Dear Master Ch. 03

 — Part three in a submissive's journey. by alicelooking54102/01/144.00

Dear Master Ch. 04

 — The Last Submission. by alicelooking54102/24/144.22

Dear Matthew

 — Wife sends a letter to Husband about her affair. by nyjints200409/12/142.41

Dear Michael

 — Denise responds to Michael's letter. by SunrockSin10/09/083.40

Dear Minxy

 — A letter from the outside to an inmate. by Sean Renaud01/15/093.25

Dear Mistress Janet

 — A slave's letter to his smoking Mistress. by Fairiegodmommie10/05/074.44

Dear Mr. President

 — A note to the president. by dirtyjoe6912/26/063.06

Dear New Member

 — I wanted to thank you for your transfer into our church. by SunrockSin11/29/084.11

Dear Paige, It's Okay

 — Wife's husband writes to her friend after threesome. by ChaseQ09/09/054.27

Dear Pastor

 — A letter to his new pastor includes the truth. by SunrockSin11/28/084.00

Dear Professor

 — A letter I'll never have the guts to send... by petite_cassandre05/14/144.28

Dear Professor...

 — What he was really thinking about in class. by college_boy8702/04/104.08

Dear Rose

 — Time can't be bottled. by HenryDavidThoreau10/27/04

Dear Sam

 — Jo writes home after her first week at university. by silversword08/03/033.68

Dear Santa

 — An adult letter to Santa. by dirtyjoe6912/25/064.22

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