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Letter for G. F.

 — Remembering being with you. by sobstory11/13/114.25

Letter for My Lover

 — A new outfit makes for an adventure. by sinkitt3n08/24/074.45

Letter from a Homewrecker

 — She eases your fears about your first affair. by livelaughlove1207/23/143.94

Letter From The Grave

 — Dying wife will get her twisted revenge from the grave. by radk06/14/114.29

Letter from the Headmistress

 — Headmistress feels her student requires disciplining. by truly_madly_ohhhh09/20/053.31

Letter of Love and Yearning

 — Awaiting the return of a lover. by Cathrin04/08/064.38

Letter Regarding Deepening Lusts

 — Letter details heightened sexual dream states. by jameschristopher01/04/054.17

Letter to a Cherished Cunnilinguist

 — A Prudish Victorian Woman needs oral sex. by Erbanluv12/02/144.60HOT

Letter to a Cherished Cunnilinguist - Letter 02

 — Letter no. 2 from a Victorian Lady to her cunnilingus giver. by Erbanluv12/04/144.48

Letter to a Cuckold

 — This was a letter I received from my wife's new lover. by Hunter_C12/17/132.70

Letter to a dirty lil slut

 — A Master sends a letter to a dirty lil slut. by Dark_Thirst12/20/104.20

Letter to a Lover

 — He writes to Tracy. by Master_Vassago04/28/034.25

Letter to a Lover

 — Oh, what she's dreaming of doing to you. by Lovepotion6905/23/034.46

Letter to a Lover

 — She writes him a letter to answer his question. by Brandii11/15/064.56

Letter to a Super Stud

 — A story of revenge and punishment. by hansbwl01/19/074.22

Letter to an Old Friend

 — He describes the way he masturbates. by stilltrying05/07/034.23

Letter to Charlotte

 — A love letter on a day devoted to love. by WFEATHER01/22/084.14

Letter to Iraq

 — A new bride sends her Marine a letter. by Nellskitchen07/28/084.43

Letter to Kara

 — He reminisce about his girlfriend. by PDumbledore02/01/044.46

Letter to Lauren

 — He describes a night together. by gotitbad4ul04/23/042.33

Letter to Lover

 — She shares a fantasy with her lover. by Sassypoo08/13/044.38

Letter to Master

 — Dominance/Submission/Romance. by Manjaro_Eve10/23/174.40

Letter to Mistress

 — An errant submissive writes. by mummys dirty angel01/14/054.46

Letter to Mistress No. 02

 — Submissive shows dominance in face of rejection. by mummys dirty angel01/22/054.65HOT

Letter To My Anal Black Master

 — Pampered MWF secretly writes to her nasty black lover. by CrazedMWF07/31/104.16

Letter to My Ex

 — A letter to my ex-husband. by pussynbloome12/08/084.15

Letter to My Husband

 — Missing you, she wrote all night. by BellaBestia08/24/054.50HOT

Letter to My Love

 — S. writes a letter to her beloved D. at work. by MayhemLass12/23/054.50HOT

Letter To My Love

 — My lust and passion, all for you. by inuus08/09/114.36

Letter to My Mistress

 — A husband writes his Wife/Goddess. by Wifesboy08/07/063.96

Letter to My Sailor

 — The things I want him to do to me... by milwife07/15/084.44

Letter to My Wife

 — Reply to his wife's letter. by BellaBestia08/24/054.43

Letter To My Wife

 — A letter to my wife on our anniversary. by dahog01/27/084.22

Letter to My Wife's Lover

 — Cuckold hubby looks for male or female lovers for hotwife. by pduro10/02/143.73

Letter to Myself

 — An exercise in self-appreciation. by Selena_Kitt12/13/084.67HOT

Letter to Sheridan

 — Keep the peace and all of that. by magmaman08/01/104.54HOT

Letter to the Ex

 — The title says it all. by Muffmuncher5904/27/114.37

Letter To The Family

 — A daughter's plea to her family. by elphaba6904/15/133.10

Letter to Wife: Am I Bisexual?

 — Husband outs himself to his wife. by Letterstomywife07/07/114.35

Letter to You

 — Woman confesses her desire. by IrishRose121506/18/054.12

Letter Unsent

 — Wrote to someone she's crazy, for but never sent. by mystic_rose04/05/054.14

Letterotica 02

 — From Elle to Him. by lui-elle04/17/064.33

Letterotica 04

 — On longing and velvet black holes of passion. by lui-elle05/02/064.18


 — Rebecca & Chad's love survives incarceration. by lilith7909/07/034.40

Letters Found by a Widow

 — She discovers her late husband's long affair with his sister. by leBonhomme01/24/144.02

Letters from a Flapper

 — A young girl in New York in the roaring twenties. by OneSilky12/30/154.31

Letters from Larae

 — Letters from an Ex-slave posted for the world to see. by Ashe7406/21/134.00

Letters from Long Ago

 — The letters written between my lover and me in '99. by StarryEyz08/21/113.00

Letters from New England Pt. 01

 — New Hampshire welcomes me back to the east. by MissBri08/02/063.50

Letters from New England Pt. 02

 — Members are added and subtracted from the family. by MissBri08/05/063.00

Letters from Nikki

 — Love letters from a former lover. by Bakeboss05/09/103.25

Letters from the Brujo

 — Misdirected mail. by Malinov05/23/124.17

Letters from the Front

 — Letters between a female soldier and her husband. by Bakeboss06/30/102.21

Letters from the World Ch. 01

 — "Loving Wife's" letter describes becoming "Three of Seven". by SunrockSin02/18/084.61HOT

Letters from the World Ch. 02

 — A Loving Wife visits Mexico to claim her "One of Seven." by SunrockSin02/20/083.47

Letters from the World Ch. 03

 — Loving Wife goes to Istanbul for "Two of Seven." by SunrockSin02/21/083.60

Letters from the World Ch. 04

 — Reconsidering her plight she tells of the folly of the flesh. by SunrockSin03/10/082.00

Letters from the World Ch. 05

 — Christine's adventure in Asia goes bad. by SunrockSin04/06/084.20

Letters Home: After the Party

 — Seperated by the miles, he helps her celebrate. by Coeur de Dragon12/09/033.92

Letters of a Dying Man

 — Man on his deathbed sends his last letter to his lost love. by moonlitmorning04/02/084.08

Letters to "F*#% Me" Magazine Pt. 01

 — Editor Carley U. Nes' Tremous answers letters about sex. by SXY_Hot_Mamma02/07/06

Letters to "F*#% Me" Magazine Pt. 02

 — Carley U. Nes' Tremous answers letters from readers. by SXY_Hot_Mamma02/08/06

Letters to Caroline Number 01

 — Sex via the Royal Mail. by MCPW02/06/054.50

Letters to Caroline Number 02

 — Another erotic epistle to a beautiful woman. by MCPW02/11/055.00

Letters to Daddy #01

 — The first time was a mistake. by Jade1Tiger711/25/11

Letters To Daddy #4

 — An unsatisfying mini-adventure. by Jade1Tiger711/21/11

Letters to Lacy

 — Letters to a cheating wife. by Bakeboss01/21/102.20

Letters to Margaret

 — Are the skeletons in your closet really safe? by scorpiosting08/22/044.29

Letters to Milena 01

 — Letters to a desired and adored woman. by N8Dreams05/12/054.00

Letters to Milena 02

 — Letters to a desired and adored woman. by N8Dreams05/18/055.00

Letters to my Friend

 — What I'm doing while you're away by Ellafun04/02/104.39

Letters to My Love

 — A lifetime of memories shared. by lindiana04/13/064.00

Letters To My Lover

 — She made her lover mad. by trulyenlightened12/12/043.94

Letters to My Mistress Ch. 01

 — submissive man writes to his Domme girlfriend. by Vanhorton07/13/054.60HOT

Letters to Richard

 — A woman's ordeal over her ex-lover's return. by nikkie05/25/054.15

Letters to S Ch. 01

 — Her thoughts on your ex, and your family. by fieryjen02/24/074.75

Letters to S Ch. 02

 — Her thoughts on being with other men. by fieryjen02/25/074.50HOT

Letters to S Ch. 03

 — Her thoughts on submitting to you. by fieryjen03/08/074.50

Letters to the Editor

 — Outraged by the antics of scantily clad college girls. by Bakeboss08/24/104.20

Lexy and Angelo in Cyberspace

 — They meet online. by alexandria_lee07/03/124.57

Li-Wen's Email Ch. 01

 — A Chinese girl losing her virginity. by redtoad07/28/03

Li-Wen's Email Ch. 02

 — Li-Wen describes her marriage & subsequent divorce. by redtoad08/03/03HOT

Li-Wen's Email Ch. 03

 — Li-Wen described her first extra-marital affair. by redtoad08/04/03HOT

Li-Wen'S Email Ch. 04

 — She develops an intimate affair with her father-in-law. by redtoad08/10/03HOT

Li-Wen's Email Ch. 05

 — :i-Wen discovers her bisexual interest with her auntie. by redtoad08/12/03HOT


 — My life has changed a lot so I'm exploring my perversions. by Wrench0506/29/162.85

Life With My Grandma

 — Dealing with caring for a person with early dementia. by elphaba6906/14/143.37

Lincoln's Confession

 — A fictional letter found post mortem. by Bakeboss03/24/101.75

Linda Ch. 01

 — The night I learned how dirty girls can be online. by silversun8405/16/123.54

Linda Ch. 02

 — Even after a night of sex she's still hungry for more. by silversun8405/18/124.20

Lingering Love

 — Where are you right now? by Silentwriter901/21/054.00

Lisa Sweet Lips Ch. 02

 — Cocksucker Extraordinaire talks about guys' appendages. by yowser01/23/154.64HOT

Lisa Sweet Lips: College Cocksucker

 — College girl with a fondness for oral pleasures. by yowser01/13/154.54HOT

Lisa's Diary: An Excerpt

 — Lisa recalls a night of delight. by Taltos166704/23/055.00

Listening in on Hot Sex

 — Secretary transcribes secret sexual recordings. by sugarisnice08/04/093.20

Literotica Authors 01: Milene

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #1: Milene. by Bob_Aganoush06/08/174.73HOT

Literotica Authors 02: silkstockingslover

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #2: silkstockingslover. by Bob_Aganoush06/09/174.74HOT

Literotica Authors 03: soppingwetpanties

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #3: soppingwetpanties. by Bob_Aganoush06/20/174.79HOT

Literotica Authors 04: HeyAll

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #4: HeyAll. by Bob_Aganoush06/23/174.60HOT

Literotica Authors 05: Goldeniangel

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #5: Goldeniangel. by Bob_Aganoush07/28/174.67HOT

Literotica Authors 06: Blondsubles

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #6: blondsubles by Bob_Aganoush08/07/174.61HOT

Literotica Authors 07: KennaColrite

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #7: KennaColrite. by Bob_Aganoush08/08/173.95

Literotica Authors 08: Ann Douglas

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #8: Ann Douglas. by Bob_Aganoush12/15/174.73HOT

Literotica Chat

 — A snippet of roleplay from the chat rooms... by JaneDoe3110/11/114.05

Literotica Horoscopes for Sunday

 — It’s what the stars are demanding of you. by Middleagepoet12/06/094.58HOT

Lizzie Meets The Wolf

 — An online game romance enjoys a threesome. by Greenfox01/21/114.60

Logging Gorean Style

 — Wenches and wood. by Joseki Ko11/02/043.00

Logging Gorean Style Ch. 02

 — Girls make good loggers. by Joseki Ko11/20/043.50

Logging Gorean Style Ch. 03

 — Wenches and wood. by Joseki Ko12/02/041.00

Logging Gorean Style Ch. 04

 — Wenches and wood. by Joseki Ko12/09/04

Logging Gorean Style Ch. 05

 — Wenches and wood. by Joseki Ko12/14/044.50

Logging Gorean Style Ch. 06

 — Wenches and wood. by Joseki Ko12/15/041.00

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