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Really loving these interviews. As a newbie author it is interesting to see the responses from authors I have followed for some time.

I'm not into BDSM or S&M or what you may call it. However, I have no problem with those who are and don't mind reading about it. It can turn me on up to a point. But this?

"I wanted you to cut me, deep down my back, or just under my breasts. Didn't you want to feel the my blood flow"

Oh, hell no. Jesus... that's insane. Aside from that, this needs some proof reading.

Oh dear.

Just me, OK? Any forced fucking is a turn-off.

Not Ready

I don't think I want to read this yet. Already feel sad from its description. Can't imagine how it would feel to lose a Daddy/Mommy as a little..


Short but a good pleasure filled read...Hope there's more to cum from you...


I'm gonna copy this for the man I love getting freaky with


Stop saying good morning to my Muse. I'm the original author of the Good morning, My Muse poems. Glad I could inspire your writing but it's not original.

And they all lived happily ever after

Unleashing those powerful feelings will undoubtedly lead to some real pain for at least two of the three. You might as well have have called her Pandora. When she opened her box, evil was unleashed into their world.


Okay, I liked this a lot, liked the openness of it.

It addressed one of my beefs with ANY partner who has an issue: Bring it out in the open, don't go behind the partner's back.

One point of confusion - I get that she prefers doggie so that she can pretend it's a woman with a strap-on. But I don't understand how she can then give him blow jobs!

Another thought, and I DON'T mean this in a snide way; why not find a bi lover, so that her husband can have a more or less normal sex life? Especially if she really wants to stay married! As she herself says, she can't expect him to sit at home, patiently waiting for her to satisfy her lesbian urges, knowing that any satisfaction she gives him will be mercy fucks.

an excellent seduction

her secret could be anything, and he seduced her into talking. fill it in with your own secret if you like. mine is that....

Still Alive?

So, uh, is this the end? This was your last story so I assumed it is but I still wonder. Can you like get me a heads up on what happened to you, if you're still here.

I see all thes author's in Bob's interviews are female. Bob are you jerking off to them while reading this? Is this how you get someone online PUUUSSAAYYY?

Ref: asdfe567drgsgsa

It's a shame you had to read at least 12 of this authors works (that is the number of comments shown on feedback portal) to find out you didn't like the stories. Damn, you must be a bear for punishing yourself.

You would think after reading one or two stories you would know you didn't like this author's work.


@annony 8/27/2017..... wrong about the Adultery claim in Law.

He never lost the right to file under Adultery and under the law it does matter who acts first. Her actions in the first place resulted in the de facto termination of the marriage contract by violating one or more of the core provisions of said contract thus rendering it null and void in spirit if not fact. Given that, his subsequent actions could be shown as the inevitable consequences of her violations and fall under the headings of mitigating factors or extenuating circumstances through extreme provocation when the violations were discovered. He has nothing to be sorry for as he did nothing wrong. She was the cause and he was the devastating effect of that cause.

Good story!

He lost his right to file for adultery when he wrote in his letter that he paid for escourts. He was stupid to say that in the letter. In law it doesn't matter who did it first. He had sex outside the marriage. Note that the wife had not signed the divorce papers at the time of the writing of this letter!

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