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Dates don't work.

If you are 40 something, and your first blow job was in 1983 (33 years ago), then the oldest you could have been was 16. Your next story was in college 8 years later....either you took a long break in between hs and college or you were sucking cock at a very young age.

That being said, i liked it anyway.


....I cannot figure out what I´ve been reading here. An attempt, perhaps, to reduce the idea of a story to a mere description of their adultery? I don´t mean to be blunt here, and it may be on me why I can´t see a proper (and satisfying) story here, but do you think, leaving your reader with a feeling of dissatisfaction, of having read just a quarter of what might have been, is appealing? Sorry...no rate possible as far as I am concerned.

To offer a comment...

would be unbearably presumptuous.


Same old amyWHORE shit. amyWHORE writes crap with the sole purpose of annoying men. She hates all men who aren't wimpy fags like her cuck husband!!! Rate accordingly!

I'm still laughing ...

my ass off about him yanking the tampon out and throwing it on the floor!

She's looking for FORGIVENESS because she LOVES HIM??? She wants another CHANCE to fuck him over?? Her mother must have slammed the bedroom door on her head... HARD.

Speaking of idiots/aka/assholes.... (Anonymous 02/05/16 The story of a poor idiot.) This is aimed specifically at you.
Anonymous 03/10/16 had you right in the cross hairs. It’s YOU who’s the idiot and a first class asshole. The cheating cunt was repeatedly sending him emails... coming after HIM to reconcile and he finally opened the bomb=bay doors on her with logic that’s clearly beyond your ability to comprehend for why he’ll never respect her, believe her, trust her or have a fucking thing to do with her in this lifetime. In good faith, he gave her a lifetime free ride ONCE and, when it was nearing time to reap the benefits, he found out that she’d been shitting on him and their marriage as an expression of her now professed “love” and thanks.

We know you fucking Liberals intentionally bury your heads deep in your assholes in order to avoid having to see or hear reality and truth but don’t expect to get away with spewing your Liberal PC bullshit at those of us who are NOT BRAIN DEAD or VISUALLY IMPAIRED. All you PC nitwits can keep your bullshit and EAT it.

Please, tell us what you're really thinking

Don't beat around the bush. Make sure there is no ambiguity in your letter that may lead to false hope. Oh, you already did! Good for you! Gave it the five it deserves.
Thanks for the offering, loved it.....

Good story

Very well written

Saw part of this coming...

Leo and Denise are in deep doo-doo - but probably better in Singapore than Mali. Harsh consequences for sure!


Most of the People leaving Comment's. I thought it was an Excellent Revenge. Taking his Money,Power,and Everything he beileved made him untouchable was an Excellent idea. The fact that it took 5 years was the way some thing like this would need. You need to know your advisary better then he knew him self. to get him to sign things over for Charity. Some thing he would likely never do. Was most excellent. But How did the first guy his friend make out just the Revenge or did he find another woman?

Fun to read

Enjoyed your script and style very much, but I think it helps if the reader has actually listened to this type of radio broadcasts before. As I was reading, my imagination translated the words into the sounds of a broadcast, and since it is well written, I had no problem doing so. (In the U.S., I'm a rarity, being only 32 yr old, but having a great appreciation for the old radio classics. I worked a graveyard shift while in college and listened to many different genres, but the scary ones were always my favorite.)

Thanks for the entertainment!

Seems like more time and effort than she was worth

But then again, with today's speech recognition software, maybe all he had to do was rant into the microphone and let the computer do the work.

Loved it

Loved a realistic and hot encounter


Ummmm are you really married because you're perfect and I want a husband like that.

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