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That's the way to do it!

Absolutely wonderful, from start to finish!
Hat's off to you man!


Same old amyWHORE shit. amyWHORE writes crap with the sole purpose of annoying men. She hates all men who aren't wimpy fags like her cuck husband!!! Rate accordingly!

PS. Let's pray her AIDS kills her off soon. Her retarded inbred kids (all cucks and whores to be) will be better off that way.


just say thanks and split, TK U MLJ LV NV


Past, Present and Future, TK U MLJ LV NV

So would love to meet you both


I want that so badly!
It is 35 years since l last sucked my friends gorgeous big civk and still l miss it.


but the boasts have a way of biting back. TK U MLJ LV NV


whether it satifys one is debatable. TK U MLJ LV NV

Semi-weekly reading

This has become semi-weekly reading for this married bi-guy. I am going to have my wife read it too.

Good Job!

I relate to the way this guy thinks. While I have never cheated nor been cheated upon, I would like to think that this is the way I would behave, were I to find out that my wife had been cheating for fourteen months. No need for details, no effort expended on revenge (at least not per the limited information provided here), but definitely remove her from my life and spread the truth about her so no one could damn me or try to talk me into staying with her. And spreading the truth would, as it did here, involve informing the other guy's wife. This letter says it all very well and wraps it up in a neat bow: no need for further contact, counseling, or extended arguing through lawyers. IT'S OVER, period! Time to start a new life!


He is man with heavy steel balls, btb.

My Reply

Dear Jane,

You're a lying cheat. My ego is not at play here. I don't want to share my wife with someone else. How hard is that to fathom? If I ever come home and see that BMW in the driveway before the divorce proceedings start you won't like what happens next.

I'm going to use this letter as proof of your infidelity and make sure you don't get a dime bitch!

Appreciate your heartfelt letter.

My desires would be for erotic and fully explicit sexual stories about families that teach their children about sex... A key component for me would be generations of families and where the mothers ensure they are marrying a man who absolutely WILL have sex with their daughters, and actively support the wife having sex with their sons (and all of them with others, too).

I would love as part of that to see the emotions, sexuality, and history of generations of sexual families. A daughter that goes back home to visit with her parents and is seduced/fucked again by her father with a loving supportive mother... one who happily shares her own daughters vagina with her husband, and who just as happily licks her daughter clean... and keeping that 'tradition' as part of the family love.

Another idea I've thought about is a woman who has children just about ready to learn about family sex/incest... when her husband dies... and now she's on the hunt to find the right man who'll be a proper father for their children.

very exciting!!!

I can't tell you how much I loved this story. My wife actually found it first and gave it to me to read while she watched for my reaction. When I finished it, my cock was hard as steel. My wife has a boyfriend who fucks her in our home about twice a week. Now she says she wants me to suck her boyfriends cock just like the story. But she wants to add one thing---she wants me to wear a little babydoll nightie with matching panties while I suck him. It hasn't happened yet but I am secretly looking forward to it---both the nightie and the sucking cock. Thanks for this story. It inspired my wife. PLEASE write more.


it was good and very interesting , until the this page . that is just disturbing. the ending turned me off

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