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Wow, that is...

An amazing letter. I'm a bit in awe of the openness as you tell what happened. The physical description is good. You trying to reassure Will that everything is okay is good. Will can read that there is no emotional connection in the sex, also reassuring him. I am genuinely curious if this is just a story, something based on real events, or an actual real open letter to Will. I don't expect to know or you to say, but it has been very interesting to me. Thank you for your work.



That was both hot and poetic

Whether its cheating is immaterial...this may be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for you and your husband. While it may be fiction, you have thought about it, thought through it, and most likely would like it to happen. Use that as the prelude ot ask your husband if he would like to hear a story that may or may not actually have happened...nice work. I loved it.

Dear SJP, I read your diatribe and now see where Donald Trump found his platform points! I too. although much older than you, am fed up with the way this countries' politicians have royally XXXX-up this country and its citizens. I personally am so tired
of hearing that my Medicare benefits are now referred to as "entitlements". That is bullshit in my humbled opinion since I paid into that program from 1960 until 2007. If I had had that money to invest, I might have the quality of healthcare the government employees have and take for granted. Unfortunately, I am running out of time and soon, my voice will be lost as are the voices of most of my generation. You did a very good job of encapsulating the true aspects of life for a majority of our citizens. Good job, a five and a pat on your back for the persistence in dealing with the elected idiot. Thank you. jntiques


I wish she had not used this word. There has to be some idea of respect.He may well have a small penis but the better way would be for her to cuddle and comfort him while at the same time allowing him to see clearly that there is a space in her life that he can never occupy.She has decided to confront all this in a white light
He,because of her careful precious nurturing is really ready for this letter.She could praise once again his skill with his tongue etc and let him know that she will really miss his obedience when he has been locked in chastity for 10 days or more-and,as a matter of fact,had bought a spiked chastity cage for him and had it at home-but he had left home.

Discharge !

Now that was way tooo horny ... 😉


Plan and simple, since you don't, have the balls, tell you wife, and lover boys sister, I am coming for them, to take them to slavery.


but I still love you. TK U MLJ LV NV

It's done

. She worries about losing him. But her desire to consume her lesbianism, means she , in spite of what she writes, has already left him. It's time to move out and make her own way. And, in truth, she already knew this.


it is posted like Movie and TV scripts are given to actors to learn their lines TK U MLJ LV NV



A really interesting idea

I have no idea how it would feel to do what 'Lisa' did in this story and could never do it myself, (too hetero for that sort of thing) but the letter to her husband telling him what she has done raises all sorts of questions in my mind as reader.

For example, what fantasies have they shared and how good are the chances that he will see this as an exciting extension of those fantasies?

What do she and her husband see as "cheating". A couple of comments have insisted that it was cheating. The usual Loving Wives story has a penis entering a vagina as cheating absolute. In that category I have had discussions about cheating being an emotional thing rather than physical. Has Lisa's actions here reduced her emotional commitment to her marriage and to Will? I think not. This letter wouldn't exist if she saw herself as cheating.

And finally, as Author, Lisa, please ignore requests for a follow-up story. Write for yourself, not for the commentariat. If you really want to write a further episode, go for it. But I was encouraged to write a follow-up for a story that was supposed to pose a dilemma and writing the subsequent episodes was painful.


What comes next...

I thought it was a great story. It also raised lots of opportunities for follow-up. You and your hubby reliving and talking about the incident, whether this opens up more such explorations, etc. Keep writing for sure.

In my own case, I'd LOVE to get my wife to tell me more about her imagination, fantasies, former lovers, experiences. She was always very reluctant. I love getting to see to the sexiest part of a woman....her mind.


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