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Dump the piece of shit twat! Yesterday!

Well done! Exquisite!!

Ms caramelcream this is very erotic.

Better than the score

Frankly, I liked it. It's a creative take on the genre with a little slight twist at the end. Though it would have been nicer to have some of the sex extended, it obviously would have been complicated and less realistic in the narrative. Well done.


Sure it might turn her on but it's rude to call her a whore and a fucking filthy slut

great story

I really liked this story, it is humiliating to the husband and as much as he may think he hates the new arrangement, I think he is greatly aroused and this overrides his dislike of the new rules. My wife cuckolded me, and I hated it but I was so aroused I did nothing and she new I wouldn't do anything about it because she new I was aroused by it and she continues to get fucked by her lover. I thought I was a real masculine man but now I'm a emasculated sissy cuckold.


That was just confusing. And silly. And I'm not sure what else but it didn't make for a good or interesting read.

Point - Set - Match!

When everything needed to be said has been. Great letter!

The way

A letter ought to be written...this, rhsc

Steve, where the hell were you 30 years ago? I could have used your letter, with only a couple of name changes. Wonderful letter, I gave it one of the few 5* ratings.
I will finish my day with a smile on my homely face.


Love this. Pirate pants can indeed be a problem, but this little tale takes the reader in wonderful, unexpected, playful directions. Lovely descriptions, very engaging. Well done.

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