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Good story.

I'm sure you were somewhat nervous watching him seduce her, and her giving-into his carnal passions.

You enjoy hearing the sounds of their fucking.

I love this part:
"...With a grunt, you ejaculate into her, sending copious amounts of your thick, viscous semen, teeming with your seed, into the depths of my wife's unprotected womanhood.."

That's especially erotic, knowing his spermy cum is conquering her pussy. She craves his cum in her..

Groveling NOT Driveling!

This unbelievable crap still got 3 stars from me due to the fact that hansbwl is only a 3 star author anyway.

Love it!

This was so genuine and adorable definitely going in my faves

Good morning, I love you

Anyone fortunate enough to wake up to those words spoken sincerely every day would certainly feel a strong bond of love. This was a beautiful tribute, yes, tribute, to your lucky lady. I hope that she appreciates and returns the depth of your love.

Valiant effort ""

Nice try. But this type of story is severely limited and anemic.

Wake up !!!!!

We only get one life and we waste it. We waste our time with our loved ones. We bicker and fight and argue about little things.
Maybe one or two people will read this and see themselves. Maybe they'll get help.
God have mercy on us.

sometimes the great ending is the sad unexpected one. Thats where art and life differ.

in tears. the ending out blue has real punch if you've got invested in Bella finding herself.
i doubt i will read anything that makes me cry like this this year.
keep up with your writing, pls...
again, gutted. i'm off to reccover before moving on the rest the Bella stories.


Sweet Tooth and Your Enemies Closer is there if anyone still want to check it out.

I re-read Trifecta

Lilah was a terrible friend. She is selfish. She knew Alex loved Marley and went ahead and date her and bring her home acting she's all innocent. I don't know why that story was a winner. Alex is really noble. I like her character the most. Sweet Tooth should be Winner instead. girl21hey has Sweet Tooth and Her Enemies Closer, Not sure how she get to divide the chapter up without the author's permission or maybe she knows her?

When she's published...

I hope she gives us a heads up. She was certainly my fav, and I'd read her books no matter the content. She's very talented and its easy to get caught up in her characters.


Please write more... please... I want a place like this to exist... I want to be touched and toyed with by multiple men but with limits intact... I came so hard reading your story. :) Very sexy.

❤️ Kitten

This Story

Is crying out for another chapter. Start off with Brians point of view. Will they ever get back together.

What of her dumb assed so called friends.

I'd love to know. But please don't go down the RAAC route. Let her see what an idiot she was. And how stupid things can have huge repercussions.


Not sure this was a confession that surprised Lisa’s husband very much. More a teaser of a story to enhance their sex life further. A hot, erotic, beautiful tale of female sex. Excellent!


What an outstanding piece of work. The way this is written makes it stand out from the rest. This piece finds me wondering how exciting the exsperience would be . fantastic job. Keep writing!

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