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Steve, where the hell were you 30 years ago? I could have used your letter, with only a couple of name changes. Wonderful letter, I gave it one of the few 5* ratings.
I will finish my day with a smile on my homely face.


Love this. Pirate pants can indeed be a problem, but this little tale takes the reader in wonderful, unexpected, playful directions. Lovely descriptions, very engaging. Well done.

Great Clarity

I enjoyed this story for the total clarity this guy has in his horrible situation. Instead of caving into emotional turmoil, he has held it together and is doing the right thing. In both the short run and definitely in the long run he will be better off.

Dear silly girlfriend

Grab someone and fuck them. I know I am. If you thought I was going to wait for you during the height of my sexual prowess, you were dreaming. Have a nice life. I've already moved on.


and then a guess what happens. TK U MLJ LV NV

great story 5 *

first off, yes the wife was a bitch. but just from reading the story i cant blame her. all i have to go on is the story though. it is from her perspective so take it with a grain of salt. i did love her revenge. it was something i would think of. oh and from reading the comments. reading comprehension isnt very strong on this site. sometime i do it also. if i dont like where the story is going i will skim ahead.still i try to reread if i am gonna post a comment.

More stories?

Is there any way to have more stories emailed to me? derek@theparentteam.com Thanks.

Sweetly told

Engaging. Cannot decide whether I crave more detail or that the immense "white space" around the story, and the mystery, is what makes it work.
Well done.


Have the guts to tell him face to face,instead of slinking away.

And the next day?

The bottle was back on the beach. Because that's the way the tides work. Kinda ruins the whole thing , doesn't it!

It is good that you know what you want and need

I personally don't understand him, maybe if he were doing this from a place of love but his actions have an ugly corrosive feeling. You should be able to find another master who would treat you better! an anonymous response is unacceptable anyone could have posted it. Good luck I hope you become happy someday

She admitted she wanted a divorce with that email communication.

He needs to use that against her in court as an admittance of adultery and go for the maximum benefit his way. Screw the bitch before she sticks him!

Well.... it may sound stupid but is this a fact or fiction or something in between ?
I gave it a 4.


Seriously classic.


day-dreams memories of the past. TK U MLJ LV NV

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