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I didn't touch myself until the end of the story. And when I did, fuck the gods, my cum was slipping down my asshole.



Usually a statement like "I am so much better with the written word than" anything is an exercise in hubris. Not so with this author. To quote Walter Brennan from "The Guns of Will Sonnet," "No brag, just fact." Exactamente, precisement. If you seek titillation go elsewhere, all you will find here is a story written with care, skill and heart, a reward I am happy to experience, even without erotic content of any kind. A gem of an effort!!! B R A V O, AUTHOR, AUTHOR!!!

Nice Story.....

Hot, sweet and I love that they share. Thank you for sexy and rather entrancing story.

Ended Long Ago

Since she's always allowed herself to desire other people, she was never all in with him anyway. All that changed is that now the other people aren't men any more.

>Slowly over the last two years I've stopped looking at men. Instead, I've been fascinated by other women.

therapy for both and a divorce.

Marriage is dead either way.

I want

I want a super wet erotic and filthy lesbian story addressed to anonymous girl like me. I should cum just by reading it. Will be waiting..

Ignore Anonymous

Worth reading your letter to L. Thanks for posting!

A very nice meander through personal history

Nice musings, TR, not to mention perfect for my insomniac nights. When I think about progress within my own lifespan (about 12 years less than yours) I think about the size of computers I've used - the terminals for the near room-sized behemoths back in the very early 80s to the hand-held phones and tablets of today. The first portable I ever saw, a Kaypro, wasn't - portable, that is. I might have added something about the sex I'd given as well as they as I'd gotten, had I written the piece. You didn't mention how HIV changed the sexual landscape - perhaps it really hit me that in my younger, more carefree days, we thought nothing - rather stupidly - of having sex without condoms, and getting pregnant was the biggest deal. Enjoy the great legacy of your genetics, and we'll enjoy more of your stories.


She cook his Goose from the grave!!!!


Excellent story. Anyone who posts anonymously can't have anything of value to say.

It's a porn site

On the world wide web. Full of anonymous critics. Get over it.

truly ....

my kind of woman! yes she is a psychopath, but will choose a faithful psychopath over a well adjusted cheating wife any given damn day.

Great stuff! Eagerly awaiting to see how Erin fares, and also when she finally meets up with Hannah! :-)

Being unfaithful causes infidelity?

I understand completely that you don't want to hear her excuses, but there are always reasons for actions. Not good reasons, but reasons.

Also your prologues take away from your stories.

Very good otherwise

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