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re: Walla the fuck was this?

Something beyond your comprehension perhaps?

Walla the fuck was this?

Really, really bad.

Oh Boy/!

Great stunt; got my attention and other readers also I'm sure.

Absolute Horseshit

What a crapola story! ~ Even flies would be repelled by the stink coming off of this pile!

And again something to write home about

Had to laugh out loud in several places. e.g. Channel your inner dude..... priceless.
Loved it all. Thanks loads

Good experiment

Worked for me. Quietly amusing throughout. Interesting to compare with "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" which is a classic. Hope you keep up with these "out of the box" ideas B.

Blin, your creativity knows no bounds

The old-style radio plays (When a Girl Marries etc) died out over the years after TV took over the soap opera genre. A few really creative plays (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe) have come along over the years. Single-handers like your Tech Support can be brilliant.

One I recall from the 1980s was of a bloke in bed after a long bender. Talking through waking up with a hangover was superb -- he had put the canary in a sock to stop it singing and it was speeding around the floor. (For Australian readers, it was a single hander by Graham Kennedy).

Thanks, Blin, keep up the good work.

"Can you hear me now?"

A damn clever inagineering of Radioerotica. The Cardiff Giant would be more believable than a call center! Think of all the fun the SFX person could have creating the sex noises.


Devastating and very well-written, Mia.

CUNT Gets What's Coming to Her!

GREAT to see an EX-husband who doesn't wimp out and shoves it up her figuritive ass! What a twat!

Why is he married to this shrew?

Time for a divorce. And THEN lose the weight. Never do anything for her. Except divorce her. And send the video of her masturbating and the letter she wrote to you to everyone she knows, including her family and all of her friends. Might as well let everyone know what a complete bitch she is. Ugly story. Unfinished really. Do they divorce? Does he lose the weight? Does he kill her?


That was great. I can't decide if it was real or your imagination. Either way it was HOT.

Nailed it

Exactly to the point. The only thing I wonder about in all these stories is why the cheating wife wants to get back together? For the most part, the cheating women I have heard about are ready to jump ship when the cheat. In fact, cheating is part of the process of getting out of the marriage. They want to do something so bad, that their husband can't forgive them and stay married. They want out. Often, it is because they do not want to do the work of being a wife, mother, whatever anymore. They are quitting. Great piece!

Wait! He put this all in writing?

Tragically, super stud will probably take him apart in court. The guy picturing himself as the equalizer will lose everything and probably end up doing some serious time.

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