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I was hoping he would show some balls in the story, but you had already cut them off
If he won't stand up for himself, he deserves every thing he gets.
One the other hand I think you might be describing yourself, you sorry sick fly turd.

Wow, What A Conversation

I couldn't stop reading, I kept reading to find out what was going to happen next. Then I got to the end, and it was like................... What????? Where is the rest of the conversation????? I so want to find out what happens next!!!!!

I came while reading it. Fabulous letter.

Loved it.

As I read more and more of your work, it becomes apparent to me that these letters are your strong point. Keep them coming!

What I find ironic is that the only other comment on this one comes from a person who has been a member of lit for ten years but has yet to submit anything for publication. Don't let the trolls discourage you from honing your craft. At least this one didn't hide behind anonymity......

There will no follow up on this story.

This story came about from a conversation I overheard in a restaurant a few weeks ago between a couple of young women. The only part that is true is one of the girls was dancing with a co-worker at a club while she was waiting for her boyfriend. He saw her dancing with a black guy who had his hand on her bum, walked up to her and asked her if she was having a good time. Basically they broke up over the incident. I took that conversation and made a story out of it.

As for a follow-up to this letter? I don't have a clue how someone could fix this. I originally was going to post this in the L/W's section, but they weren't married and I made this story in the form of a letter. Like a 'Dear Abby' letter. And though I won't do a follow-up to this letter, I could see this as a beginning to a Dear Doctor Dan series.

If you check out my profile, please check out my favourites. I have mostly L/W's authors but also to Sci-fi authors too. I believe these are some of the finest writers on this Literotica. I cannot praise these very talented people enough who have shared their talent as story tellers.

@ anon re:Ha

She is better off without that stupid guy. They were together for years and he wouldn't even give her a chance to explain? That is so petty. Even when a group of friends explained what happened? Her boyfriend was an immature asshole. So what if it was posted on Facebook? Both the boyfriend and her parents really showed they are nothing more than racist.


With what he saw posted on Facebook, I would have done the same thing as the boyfriend. Her father and mother could even see it. If she was engaged, why was she out letting some guy play grab ass with her? Everything is perception. Doesn't matter if you're innocent.


What is Dr. Dan's advice? Is there going to be a follow-up to this letter?

A connection

My biggest regret is the first letter, followed by what if.

Where did she go?

I went looking for one of my favorite stories by her, Sweet Tooth, and found that it and all the rest of her stories have vanished. Her profile seems to be gone, too. This interview is all I could find that references her user name and the link to her profile goes to an error page.

Anyone know what happened?

05/31/17 Anonymous is a dummy!

The wife got rid of the bat. She said he never missed. Also the wife didn't state that she used gloves so her finger prints are on the bat. Guess what it's his bat so obviously his finger prints would also be on the bat under normal conditions. The husband wasn't home when his wife killed the slut. He was bowling which she hated.

Add me


Sorry, for the confusion

This is the answer to a letter that a mother wrote her son, as she was going into a hospital.

The first letter was later published, this was the second letter, his answer to his mother.
I hope this helps understand the letter.


Did anyone understand these ramblings?

Write to me like that!

OMG! She gives good letter!!
I loved it - very hot!

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