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Fuck Yea!!!

Preach on Brother!!!!!!!!


I would love to have my wife or girlfriend take a cup to catch my cum then make me drink my cum then suck the other guys balls, then the next time we do it make me wear panties and have her lover fuck my ass

I enjoyed that!

It's a bit outlandish, but was fun to read!

"relevant details ", "these bits"??


Helen Keller or Johnny Belinda should be able to un-cipher the bottom line, TK U MLJ LV NV

Oh he was automatically racist..

TImriv shut up you fucking spineless wimp seriously . She was fucking around , maybe she didn't fuck the guy but its close enough that most would call it off. Kinda funny how he gets called racist, but in my experience those who claim racism are more racist themselves.

So classy!

Wow! Literotica has been blessed with the classiest of writers! How refreshing, exciting and fun your writing is! I could not get the grin off my face during the entire story! You are excellent! THANKS!

A Remarkable Tale

So well told in literate, allusive and oh so sensual words and sentences. Well done!


Great jib your story; since it's all first person, have you considered recording a reading?

Two way street

I am the Woman you are looking for...because it's always in the eyes...and yes, I swallow , BUT know that I expect the same from you...lift me up and suck, nibble, tease then plunge in and fuck me till the neighbors know your name

Heartfelt and Heartrending

A wonderful tribute to what was a wonderful relationship, it seems.


I enjoyed reading it ..is there a part 2?

Could read this everyday

I've read this story so many times and it just gets hotter and hotter. Well done. Hope you write more like this.

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