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Enjoyable little cautionary tale

Enjoyed the story greatly. A cautionary tale about what can happen when everyone and their mothers have a smart phone. Nothing is private anymore. Come on, danoctober, you have to write a sequel! --JRZ

Five Stars

Definitely five stars. Not only very erotic, but very well written. Your work stands out from lots of others on Lit. I'm looking forward to reading more!


I find straightforward honesty immensely appealing!

Short and sweet.

Gets right to the point. Very hot.


Exactly right. To my wife, I add that you taste heavenly and sucking your large clit is yummy.

slow, sensual and with feeling...

This girl, slave, is very obedient, loving and, descriptive..more much more, please


I can't imagine getting a letter like this. Wonder how I would react.....

Thanks for Reading!

I'm considering doing a series of these short letters, so I hope you enjoyed the first one!


Really enjoy your writing Siena, thank you fit sharing helps fulfill many of my fantasies during those lonely nights incredible writing. Especially love to read your posts on lit threads help to bring your writing to life.

eating cake and having it to

If i was her hubby i would very gladly kick the shit to the curb. she wants it all and expects him to be accepting of it horsepucky!!!!! cheating is cheating weather gay bi lesbian or straight if my wife came to me with that letter she would be out the door quick divorced and no kids and no life after i destroyed it

Revenge is SWEET

Way to go brother,,stick it to that cheating wench good. i to am a victim of a cheating spouse,,i took out a similar act of revenge but i took mine a step further. I sent pics and surveillance videos to her company and both were terminated and i also won the lawsuit against their company ,, i truly can say revenge is sweet but destroying a cheating woman is even sweeter.

Stupid comments on other's stories

I too met YOUR wife when she was in her late thirties and I loved her promiscuous past. Almost as much as I now lover he erotically varied and will present. You too are real cute, red bra and all. Shame you cant spell either. It's not "men come". It's "men cum". Cum to your lovely wife, by the way. Your stories are so stupid.
One star to you; six to your wife!

Great visuals!

Would love to be a spectator for that. No words. No interfering, just watching.

Better off

Sounds like she is/was very spiteful. Also sounds like you dodged a huge bullet and are better off without her. I hope you find someone who will treat you better than she did in the end. Good luck to you.

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