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i came quickly

Liked it very much.

As far as this type of story goes, you nailed my response. I don't see the problem with this letter, I know that some of the annonies had a problem with it, and you, but that's not something to worry about. Hell, it might be the same annony sending every negative response. Wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened I bet. Well written and well played. Happy Trails indeed.

5 and just wanted to say to the ashloe of LIT

So you cried to LIt and banned Bonnie. You a fucking coward Annony! And The owners of LIt are fucking crazy for letting you cry and ban her. What a sissy coward you are dear anolny!!

The wife?

She was a bitch from hell and she is going right back there, lol! She forgot that her husband was out bowling when she killed his lover so he has 50 witnesses for his alibi.


...never watched a single episode.

However, I do like your writing, and agree that this place is about much more than merely just sex/eroticism. It is about the human condition. ...ALL of it.

Sorry to hear that you have a child with health issues/"situations". If you read my few meagre stories you will know a good bit about our son's story too.


Great tension building, Very easy to project your imagination in to the continuity. More please.


Actually to set the record straight asshole of LIT I only hate you. But then you're not really a man hiding behind that dear annony name. I love men how else could I be the whore you say I am dumbass? You really are a retarded asshole aren't you fat ass? Why not walk into traffic and die>.


to offset the old fat ugly old fag dear annony. This asshole always votes 1 so I'm offsetting his dumbass vote with a 5

a very creative concept

there are no limits to the articles, columns, contributors, or future ideas that can be incorporated under the all encompassing umbrella known as Parasol.

More Bobby and Valerie

I know it's not for everybody, but the way you write those two together makes me wonder how they don't have something going on between them. It's pretty obvios how smitten Bobby is with his older sister, and she totally loves teasing him. I would love it if they somehow ended up together.


with a way of turning the oink into a useful meal. TK U MLJ LV NV

Reading this gave me a new cavity!

JB4, I'm loving these 'Parasol' stories. Good cooking and good loving go hand in hand...or whatever body part is handy.


One of your most creative stories yet (and that's saying a lot given your uber creative imagination)! Loved it, JimBob, *****


I'm reall confused abou he ending. who are doug and ellen? wha happened o luke?

sorr for missing leers, a couple leers do no work on m computer.

In Joyce's wake

Why not try and develop your own style and characters rather than writing under the shadow of another author?

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