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Emma Ch. 05

 — Emma & Harriett extend their love to other women. by bradley_stoke05/28/024.47

Emma Ch. 06

 — Charlotte starts work in a Naturist office. by bradley_stoke05/30/024.35

Emma Ch. 07

 — Charlotte has night out in nudist bar with Clarissa. by bradley_stoke06/03/024.00

Emma Ch. 08

 — Charlotte makes do with Penelope. by bradley_stoke06/07/024.12

Emma Ch. 09

 — Charlotte meets Josephine at work, & true love blooms. by bradley_stoke06/10/024.52HOT

Emma Ch. 1

 — Emma is a naturist who works on sex television. by bradley_stoke05/04/024.08

Emma Ch. 10

 — Emma falls for Maisie. by bradley_stoke06/12/024.11

Emma Ch. 11

 — Charlotte loves Emma & Josephine, but Emma loves Maisie. by bradley_stoke06/16/024.36

Emma Ch. 12

 — Emma makes love to Dorothy & her daughter. by bradley_stoke06/26/023.73

Emma Ch. 13

 — Emma makes love to boss & her secretary. by bradley_stoke06/29/024.06

Emma Ch. 14

 — Charlotte loves Josephine & Emma. by bradley_stoke07/01/024.83HOT

Emma Ch. 15

 — Dorothy & Emma argue over their love for Maisie. by bradley_stoke07/03/024.83HOT

Emma Ch. 16

 — Emma introduces Maisie to her friends. by bradley_stoke07/08/024.86HOT

Emma Ch. 17

 — Emma reads up about practical incest. by bradley_stoke07/11/024.00

Emma Ch. 18

 — Maisie makes love with Josephine & Susan. by bradley_stoke07/15/024.67HOT

Emma Ch. 19

 — Charlotte & Becky work together in naturist office. by bradley_stoke07/19/024.30

Emma Ch. 2

 — Emma hangs out at home with her flatmates. by bradley_stoke05/08/024.18

Emma Ch. 20

 — Emma's boss shows her to things she'd rather not know. by bradley_stoke07/22/024.57HOT

Emma Ch. 21

 — Maisie makes a proposal & loses her virginity. by bradley_stoke07/25/024.58HOT

Emma Ch. 22

 — Harriett & Isabel make sex television abroad. by bradley_stoke07/29/024.20

Emma Ch. 23

 — Susan introduces Amna to the profession of sex film actress. by bradley_stoke08/03/024.12

Emma Ch. 24

 — Amelia makes Emma a proposal by bradley_stoke08/06/024.75HOT

Emma Ch. 25

 — Amna moves in with her aunt. by bradley_stoke08/07/023.65

Emma Ch. 26

 — Emma and Maisie film an incestuous family for sex TV. by bradley_stoke08/10/023.86

Emma Ch. 27

 — Amna's very first sex film. by bradley_stoke08/10/024.50HOT

Emma Ch. 28

 — Amna makes more sex films and makes love to her aunt. by bradley_stoke08/11/024.18

Emma Ch. 29

 — Charlotte proposes to Josephine and Salim loves Susan. by bradley_stoke08/12/024.44

Emma Ch. 30

 — Fatima represents Amna in the sex film industry. by bradley_stoke08/13/024.31

Emma Ch. 31

 — Maisie goes to a Naturist College. by bradley_stoke08/14/024.50HOT

Emma Ch. 32

 — Amna has breast enhancement and Susan seduces Fatima. by bradley_stoke08/16/024.82HOT

Emma Ch. 33

 — Charlotte is pregnant and Josephine is the father. by bradley_stoke08/17/024.00

Emma Ch. 34

 — Fatima instructs Amna in sexual techniques. by bradley_stoke08/19/024.90HOT

Emma Ch. 35

 — Salim is jealous of Amna's love for Fluff. by bradley_stoke08/21/024.00

Emma Ch. 36

 — Charlotte introduces Enid to love and Hyacinth to theatre. by bradley_stoke08/23/024.88

Emma Ch. 37

 — Salim loves Fatima and Amna loves Fluff. by bradley_stoke08/25/024.88

Emma Ch. 38

 — Amna finds out that Fatima fucks Susan and is not pleased. by bradley_stoke08/26/024.42

Emma Ch. 39

 — Emma helps with Maisie's education. by bradley_stoke08/28/024.67

Emma Ch. 40

 — Hyacinth introduces Charlotte to Edward. by bradley_stoke08/31/024.25

Emma Ch. 41

 — Rosemary shares Susan's apartment by bradley_stoke09/01/024.62HOT

Emma Ch. 42

 — Tanya seduces Emma, but Emma teaches Tanya. by bradley_stoke09/04/024.64HOT

Emma Ch. 43

 — Charlotte and Josephine get married. by bradley_stoke09/05/024.78

Emma Ch. 44

 — Amna introduces her sister to a life of sexual satisfaction. by bradley_stoke09/07/024.07

Emma Ch. 45

 — Emma is used and abused by Tanya. by bradley_stoke09/09/024.78

Emma Ch. 46

 — Charlotte gives birth, & Josephine is the father. by bradley_stoke09/11/024.82HOT

Emma Ch. 47

 — Emma misses Maisie. by bradley_stoke09/14/024.00

Emma Ch. 48

 — Emma moves to the naturist resort of Sunbury. by bradley_stoke09/17/024.55HOT

Emma Ch. 49

 — Masie regrets leaving Emma for Tanya. by bradley_stoke09/20/024.89

Emma Ch. 50

 — Emma: the end. by bradley_stoke09/24/024.64HOT

Employees Only! Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old starts his new job. by DyingGunslinger01/06/064.28

Encounters Pt. 01

 — The story of a young were gaining mates. by Thane6303/01/174.38

End of a Era Pt. 01

 — Times are a changing in the west. by woodmanone03/01/114.76HOT

End of a Era Pt. 02

 — The life and times of a real by God mountain man. by woodmanone03/02/114.79HOT

End of a Era Pt. 03

 — Justice of a mountain man. by woodmanone03/03/114.81HOT

End of a Era Pt. 04

 — Conclusion: the mountain man finds a home. by woodmanone03/04/114.87HOT

End of Time

 — End of time ..has come ..who was right? by ladysilverhorn05/04/153.67

End of Time Ch. 02

 — The end continues. by ladysilverhorn05/12/153.57

Enemy in the Shadows

 — Lesbian nasty threatens two nice heterosexual couples. by coalisland03/19/114.53HOT


 — Husband and wife taking care of a young man's needs. by CervanServidor12/23/122.89

Enrique Ch. 02

 — Enrique's beauty and potency. by CervanServidor01/21/133.00

Entertaining at Large Ch. 10

 — Phone sex helps work pressure; full on bonking is best. by Touch_type07/21/164.97HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 01

 — Widower struggles with grief, and the future. by steveh1107/03/064.46

Equal Shares Ch. 02

 — Widower struggles with grief, and the future. by steveh1107/04/064.62HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 03

 — Widower struggles with grief, and the future. by steveh1107/05/064.58HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 04

 — The barbeque and after. by steveh1107/06/064.62HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 05

 — Denise makes a decision. by steveh1107/09/064.55HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 06

 — Shall we dance? by steveh1107/15/064.63HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 07

 — Denise goes away; a second lesson. by steveh1107/22/064.64HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 08

 — A problem, a solution, and a dinner. by steveh1107/29/064.71HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 09

 — Stan makes arrangements. by steveh1108/05/064.61HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 10

 — Stan and Anne go Dancing for the 1st time. by steveh1108/06/064.67HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 11

 — Anne's birthday present. by steveh1108/12/064.70HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 12

 — Stan takes Anne on another date, and after... by steveh1108/22/064.67HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 13

 — Another Date passes... by steveh1108/27/064.65HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 14

 — Who said anything about coffee? by steveh1109/07/064.75HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 15

 — Ibiza. by steveh1109/11/064.48

Equal Shares Ch. 16

 — More of Denise in Ibiza. by steveh1109/16/064.51HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 17

 — Anne takes Stan for a ride. by steveh1109/24/064.66HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 18

 — Those three little words. by steveh1110/02/064.69HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 19

 — Denise is back. by steveh1110/08/064.66HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 20

 — More tangled relationships, more problems, more dancing. by steveh1110/16/064.64HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 21

 — Elizabeth thaws the Deniseberg. by steveh1110/21/064.67HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 22

 — Dresses, Dances and Rivalries. by steveh1110/29/064.68HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 23

 — Susan & Elaine make up. So do Anne & Stan. by steveh1111/06/064.71HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 24

 — Waltzing into Trouble. by steveh1111/13/064.66HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 25

 — Stan wakes up on the sofa. by steveh1111/21/064.67HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 26

 — Anne and Stan; Denise and Tom. by steveh1111/26/064.65HOT

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