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Family Affairs Ch. 37

 — Ricky’s coming home to some surprises. by D.C. Roi07/18/044.53HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 38

 — Matt makes an enjoyable discovery. by D.C. Roi07/19/044.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 39

 — Ricky makes and upsetting discovery. by D.C. Roi07/20/044.57HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 40

 — Ricky has heart-to-heart talk with his mom. by D.C. Roi07/20/044.58HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 41

 — Ricky seems different. by D.C. Roi07/21/044.54HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 42

 — Dianna is surprised by the change in Ricky. by D.C. Roi07/27/044.52HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 43

 — Matt buys a building for a studio. by D.C. Roi07/27/044.57HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 44

 — Matt and Mary discover something new. by D.C. Roi07/22/044.61HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 45

 — Ricky makes another startling discovery. by D.C. Roi07/29/044.43

Family Affairs Ch. 46

 — Ricky, distraught, turns to Dianna. by D.C. Roi07/31/044.54HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 47

 — Matt and Ricky talk. by D.C. Roi07/31/044.56HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 48

 — Ricky and Dianna are alone afterward and… by D.C. Roi08/01/044.57HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 49

 — Prom night. by D.C. Roi08/02/044.62HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 50

 — At the prom. by D.C. Roi08/04/044.53HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 51

 — Rick & Dianna after the prom. by D.C. Roi08/05/044.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 52

 — Matt & Mary after the prom. by D.C. Roi08/06/044.70HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 53

 — Matt and Mary christen his new studio. by D.C. Roi08/06/044.72HOT

Family History Pt. 01

 — Fragments of a family's archives inc Incest. by oggbashan12/30/154.04

Family Indiscretions Ch. 5

 — Dorothy reveals secret to mom. Dorothy flashbacks with solo. by PistolGrip4410/26/014.53HOT

Family Indiscretions Ch. 6

 — Mom & daughter surprise. Tony at bar. by PistolGrip4410/27/014.63HOT

Family Invasion Ch. 01

 — Personal trainer pleasures mother and gay son. by walterio06/18/154.63HOT

Family Invasion Ch. 02

 — Jack bags the wife's son, nephew and daughter. by walterio06/27/154.52HOT

Family Passions Ch. 02

 — Hester's resolve to resist Billy crumbles. by Patchwork12/31/094.57HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 01

 — Blackmail, Sherri agrees to blackmail to avoid prison. by SavannahMann08/29/074.36

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 02

 — Preparations for the blackmailed slave. by SavannahMann09/04/074.46

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 03

 — Indoctrination of Sherri as a slave. by SavannahMann09/04/074.59HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 04

 — Acceptance. by SavannahMann09/08/074.70HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 05

 — Sherri begins life as Robert's blackmailed slave. by SavannahMann09/12/074.67HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 06

 — Sherri's life as a slave continues. by SavannahMann09/17/074.66HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 07

 — Truth and Accidents by SavannahMann09/24/074.68HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 08

 — Sherri's secret is discovered. by SavannahMann10/01/074.72HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 09

 — Surprises and the Corporation. by SavannahMann10/08/074.61HOT

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 10

 — Conclusions and the Tradition. by SavannahMann10/15/074.81HOT

Family Traditions Ch. 01

 — Wife punished by hubby in front of her daughter. by PolyVoyeur12/21/094.00

Family Traditions Ch. 02

 — Eric participates in the spanking session. by PolyVoyeur12/22/094.32

Family Traditions Ch. 03

 — The spankings continue and Eric brings in his friends. by PolyVoyeur12/28/094.50HOT

Family: The Forbidden Fruit

 — A mother and son discover the true meaning of love. by some1unknown2u10/04/154.37

Family: The Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

 — The temptation of a father and his daughter. by some1unknown2u01/14/164.43

Family: The Forbidden Fruit Ch. 03

 — The Aftermath. by some1unknown2u01/16/164.40

Family: The Forbidden Fruit Ch. 04

 — Maya's Nostalgia. by some1unknown2u01/11/174.27

Fantasies Abound Ch. 01

 — Laney gets a special delivery. by eroticawriter_109/28/044.32

Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Husband is seduced by 21-year-old Asian girl. by necromonkey8408/08/06

Fantasy Life of Nigel and Nicole

 — How it all started. by naughtynige07/28/114.53HOT

Fantasy Life of Nigel and Nicole Ch. 02

 — A trip to the country house. by naughtynige08/04/113.33

Farewell to the Dancing Man

 — A grissly discovery starts a chain of events. by Cromagnonman03/27/124.32

Farewell to the Dancing Man Ch. 05-10

 — Cynthia and Rebecca make decisions. by Cromagnonman03/30/124.48

Farewell to the Dancing Man Ch. 11-20

 — The investigation continues. by Cromagnonman04/03/124.51HOT

Farewell to the Dancing Man Ch. 21-24

 — The investigation continues. by Cromagnonman04/07/124.46

Farewell to the Dancing Man Ch. 25-29

 — Brownlow's persistence pays off. by Cromagnonman04/12/124.53HOT

Farewell to the Dancing Man Ch. 30-32

 — All is revealed. by Cromagnonman04/13/124.63HOT

Farm Hands

 — Her encounter with you and your co-worker. by The_Lady_In_Red05/01/033.96

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 01

 — They Had to Carry On. by SierraSprite05/12/164.70HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 02

 — Adrian's Love Life Prospers. by SierraSprite05/19/164.72HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 03

 — Molly and the Sewing Machines. by SierraSprite05/25/164.74HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 04

 — Meeting Anne. by SierraSprite06/03/164.83HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 05

 — Helen Becomes More than a Nanny. by SierraSprite06/10/164.84HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 06

 — A new rumor about Philip. by SierraSprite06/17/164.84HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 07

 — A Weekend at Kingham. by SierraSprite06/25/164.83HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 08

 — Tense Meetings in London. by SierraSprite07/06/164.83HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 09

 — Mysteries Deepen. by SierraSprite07/19/164.86HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 10

 — More Parts of the Puzzle. by SierraSprite08/04/164.84HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 11

 — The trip takes a new direction. by SierraSprite08/17/164.80HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 12

 — Last Minute Complications. by SierraSprite08/21/164.77HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 13

 — The Road to Prague. by SierraSprite08/27/164.88HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 14

 — The Road to Prague. by SierraSprite10/10/164.76HOT

Fashion is Our Name Pt. 15

 — Escape from Zagreb. by SierraSprite10/12/164.81HOT

Fashionably Late (For My Funeral)

 — Crime writer fights for his life. by Cromagnonman12/18/124.66HOT

Fashionably Late (For My Funeral) Pt. 02

 — Things go from bad to great to worse. by Cromagnonman12/19/124.75HOT

Fashionably Late (For My Funeral) Pt. 03

 — The search for the money continues. by Cromagnonman12/23/124.66HOT

Fashionably Late (For My Funeral) Pt. 04

 — Now he's really angry. by Cromagnonman12/24/124.72HOT

Fashionably Late (For My Funeral) Pt. 05

 — The rise of the Avenger. by Cromagnonman12/25/124.76HOT

Fate and Destiny Pt. 01

 — Minister-Counselor goes astray with younger woman. by Romantic105/15/114.36

Fate and Destiny Pt. 02

 — Revelation and tragedy end the affair plus epilogue. by Romantic105/16/114.40

Father's Day

 — A story about coming-to-America and Becoming. by RedskullWhitehat09/07/074.33

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 01

 — A curvy redhead explores her filthy sexual cravings. by toocold07/04/084.31

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 02

 — Fay discovers beds are just as good for wetting as panties. by toocold07/19/084.31

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 03

 — Fay's roommate finds out what's been going on. by toocold09/02/084.36

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 04

 — More wet and painful fun with Fay and Nadia. by toocold10/07/084.29

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 05

 — Fay gets taken roughly by two strange men. by toocold10/28/084.12

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 07

 — Fay cleans up, sucks a stranger and gets ready for more. by toocold05/07/094.41

Felicity Ch. 00

 — Foreword. by jjcolejr02/13/144.43

Felicity Ch. 01

 — Janice and Ben. by jjcolejr02/13/144.83HOT

Felicity Ch. 02

 — A Conversation. by jjcolejr02/14/144.65HOT

Felicity Ch. 03

 — Helen by jjcolejr02/15/144.72HOT

Felicity Ch. 04

 — First Kiss Trouble. by jjcolejr02/16/144.78HOT

Felicity Ch. 05

 — Divorce? by jjcolejr02/17/144.67HOT

Felicity Ch. 06

 — Wendy. by jjcolejr02/18/144.86HOT

Felicity Ch. 07

 — Shawna. by jjcolejr02/19/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 08

 — Carly. by jjcolejr02/20/144.81HOT

Felicity Ch. 09

 — Edie and Allen. by jjcolejr02/21/144.85HOT

Felicity Ch. 10

 — Travels with Lucy. by jjcolejr02/22/144.85HOT

Felicity Ch. 11

 — Connie. by jjcolejr02/23/144.78HOT

Felicity Ch. 12

 — Marina. by jjcolejr02/24/144.79HOT

Felicity Ch. 13

 — George and Martha. by jjcolejr02/25/144.71HOT

Felicity Ch. 14

 — Jana and Inga. by jjcolejr02/26/144.61HOT

Felicity Ch. 15

 — Victoria and Rob. by jjcolejr02/27/144.86HOT

Felicity Ch. 16

 — Charles and Shirley. by jjcolejr02/28/144.88HOT

Felicity Ch. 17

 — A Concert Pick-up. by jjcolejr03/01/144.81HOT

Felicity Ch. 18

 — Mo and Marie. by jjcolejr03/02/144.75HOT

Felicity Ch. 19

 — Melody/Ruthie. by jjcolejr03/03/144.76HOT

Felicity Ch. 20

 — Paul and Paula. by jjcolejr03/04/144.86HOT

Felicity Ch. 21

 — The Sisters Bond. by jjcolejr03/05/144.69HOT

Felicity Ch. 22

 — Fiona. by jjcolejr03/06/144.57HOT

Felicity Ch. 23

 — Ohm. by jjcolejr03/07/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 24

 — Martina. by jjcolejr03/08/144.79HOT

Felicity Ch. 25

 — Paloma. by jjcolejr03/09/144.78HOT

Felicity Ch. 26

 — Holly and Marshall. by jjcolejr03/10/144.80HOT

Felicity Ch. 27

 — Doris and Larry. by jjcolejr03/11/144.83HOT

Felicity Ch. 28

 — A Summer Romance. by jjcolejr03/12/144.76HOT

Felicity Ch. 29

 — The Ugly Woman. by jjcolejr03/13/144.72HOT

Felicity Ch. 30

 — Laura and Barry. by jjcolejr03/15/144.84HOT

Felicity Ch. 31

 — Elena by jjcolejr03/16/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 32

 — Brenda. by jjcolejr03/18/144.78HOT

Felicity Ch. 33

 — Magda and Rita by jjcolejr03/19/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 34

 — Ruthie and Sean. by jjcolejr03/20/144.87HOT

Felicity Ch. 35

 — Justine and Justin. by jjcolejr03/23/144.78HOT

Felicity Ch. 36

 — Ellie. by jjcolejr03/24/144.81HOT

Felicity Ch. 37

 — Andrea. by jjcolejr03/25/144.86HOT

Felicity Ch. 38

 — Medic. by jjcolejr03/26/144.84HOT

Felicity Ch. 39

 — Audrey. by jjcolejr03/27/144.86HOT

Felicity Ch. 40

 — Lori. by jjcolejr03/28/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 41

 — Barbara. by jjcolejr03/29/144.85HOT

Felicity Ch. 42

 — Renee by jjcolejr03/30/144.84HOT

Felicity Ch. 43

 — Jenn. by jjcolejr03/31/144.81HOT

Felicity Ch. 44

 — Odd Couple. by jjcolejr04/01/144.79HOT

Felicity Ch. 45

 — Danielle. by jjcolejr04/02/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 46

 — Billie. by jjcolejr04/03/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 47

 — Saving Showers. by jjcolejr04/04/144.69HOT

Felicity Ch. 48

 — Hanna by jjcolejr04/05/144.86HOT

Felicity Ch. 49

 — Dear Bill. by jjcolejr04/06/144.68HOT

Felicity Ch. 50

 — Yazmin and Maryanne. by jjcolejr04/07/144.58HOT

Felicity Ch. 51

 — Camille. by jjcolejr04/08/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 52

 — Lacy. by jjcolejr04/09/144.75HOT

Felicity Ch. 53

 — An Unexplainable Event. by jjcolejr04/10/144.72HOT

Felicity Ch. 54

 — A Reconciliation. by jjcolejr04/11/144.65HOT

Felicity Ch. 55

 — Ivy. by jjcolejr04/12/144.75HOT

Felicity Ch. 56

 — Daphne and Fred. by jjcolejr04/13/144.79HOT

Felicity Ch. 57

 — Brenda. by jjcolejr04/14/144.73HOT

Felicity Ch. 58

 — Olivia by jjcolejr04/15/144.69HOT

Felicity Ch. 59

 — Gracie. by jjcolejr04/16/144.63HOT

Felicity Ch. 60

 — Southern Decadence. by jjcolejr04/17/144.83HOT

Felicity Ch. 61

 — Rebecca. by jjcolejr04/18/144.72HOT

Felicity Ch. 62

 — The Cat. by jjcolejr04/19/144.77HOT

Felicity Ch. 63

 — Clara and the Aliens. by jjcolejr04/20/144.49

Felicity Ch. 64

 — Felicity moves. by jjcolejr04/21/144.52HOT

Felicity Ch. 65

 — The Mur. by jjcolejr04/22/144.65HOT

Felicity Ch. 66

 — The Captives. by jjcolejr04/23/144.41

Felicity Ch. 67

 — The Azulians. by jjcolejr04/24/144.55HOT

Felicity Ch. 68

 — The First Mur Leader. by jjcolejr04/25/144.73HOT

Felicity Ch. 69

 — Tex. by jjcolejr04/26/144.70HOT

Felicity Ch. 70

 — Children. by jjcolejr04/27/144.60HOT

Felicity Ch. 71

 — Encounters. by jjcolejr04/28/144.74HOT

Felicity Ch. 72

 — Primates. by jjcolejr04/29/144.70HOT

Felicity Ch. 73

 — Sea People. by jjcolejr04/30/144.73HOT

Felicity Ch. 74

 — The Great Wars. by jjcolejr05/01/144.64HOT

Felicity Ch. 75

 — Coda. by jjcolejr05/02/144.71HOT

Feline Affinity

 — She went to the zoo to watch the animals. by Vitalsigns10/25/04

Fever 01

 — How people come together in a zombie apocalypse. by Kimtacular11/28/114.50HOT

Fever: The Aftermath

 — Kirk and his friends take on the invaders. by julybear704/05/124.73HOT

Fi Just Can't Get Enough

 — She wants more cock! by BusterGonad06/26/113.82

Fi Pt. 01

 — Fi (Fiona) appears mixed up so is sent away for find herself. by Egmont040905/16/094.50HOT

Fi Pt. 02

 — Scott plans to drop his girlfriend to have a crack at Fi. by Egmont040905/17/094.73HOT

Fi Pt. 03

 — Scott drops his girlfriend and Fi's sister from Texas visits. by Egmont040905/22/094.70HOT

Fi Pt. 04

 — Life in Australia unfolds for young American Fi Burke. by Egmont040905/23/094.76HOT

Field Trip Follies Ch. 01

 — Student blackmails pretty teacher for sex on the bus. by cbsummers01/07/124.58HOT

Field Trip Follies Ch. 03

 — High school teacher tries to save her job with sex. by cbsummers01/16/124.69HOT

Field Trip Follies Ch. 04

 — High school teacher digs herself deeper into a hole of sin. by cbsummers02/04/124.76HOT

Field Trip Follies Ch. 06

 — A pair of dorky nerds get it on for the first time! by cbsummers03/21/124.71HOT

Field Trip Follies Ch. 08

 — High School Teacher seduces an 18-year-old Muscle Builder. by cbsummers03/27/124.75HOT

Field Trip Follies Ch. 09

 — A sexy high school teacher is caught in a web of sin. by cbsummers05/14/124.77HOT

Fighting Tempation...And Losing Ch. 01

 — The Problem. by TryAnything11/20/083.80

Fighting Tempation...And Losing Ch. 02

 — Sheamus & Rosaria by TryAnything11/21/084.26

Fighting Tempation...And Losing Ch. 03

 — Special Counseling. by TryAnything11/22/084.49

Fighting Tempation...And Losing Ch. 04

 — Special Counseling, Part II by TryAnything11/23/084.47

Fighting Tempation...And Losing Ch. 05

 — Michael & Faith. by TryAnything11/24/084.50HOT

Finally a Slut

 — Jo wants a sexy birthday present; Julie gives it to her. by BrettJ12/11/084.54HOT

Finally a Slut Ch. 03

 — Jo's naughty journeys continue. by BrettJ06/01/114.47

Finch Luxury Apartments Ch. 01

 — A young man living in a strange old apartment building. by WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs05/09/164.33

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