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Sticks & Stones Ch. 03

 — Deirdre tries to save priest from sinning again. by Black Tulip04/12/044.69HOT

Sticks & Stones Ch. 04

 — Deirdre comes to her senses. by Black Tulip04/13/044.67HOT

Sticks & Stones Ch. 05

 — Deirdre gets help, but it costs her. by Black Tulip04/14/044.56HOT

Sticks & Stones Ch. 06

 — Deirdre escapes, or does she find herself in a double bind? by Black Tulip04/15/044.79HOT

Sticks & Stones Ch. 07

 — The witch hunt ends at last. by Black Tulip04/19/044.66HOT

Stolen Flame

 — Vivian finds herself captive in The Chamber. by sevenchambers05/02/163.52

Stone and the Gangster's Girls

 — Stone lives dangerously. by geronimo_appleby12/21/124.55HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 01

 — New Hampshire 1971: The Age of Aquarius hits the boonies. by RoryOmore10/15/164.31

Stormont Cottage Ch. 02

 — The Californians quickly get the girls stoned and naked. by RoryOmore10/20/164.43

Stormont Cottage Ch. 03: Super Cool

 — Christina fingers herself, but it's cool man. by RoryOmore10/22/164.42

Stormont Cottage Ch. 04

 — Like mother, like daughter. by RoryOmore10/24/164.61HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 05

 — Hot bodies take a cold swim as the night comes steppin in. by RoryOmore10/28/164.57HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 06

 — Things get hot in the shower. by RoryOmore10/30/164.26

Stormont Cottage Ch. 07

 — While the mothers get stoned Tommy sees a rare sight. by RoryOmore11/03/164.57HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 08-09

 — Tommy has a busy night with Mrs Weaver and Julliette. by RoryOmore11/07/164.53HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 10

 — Tommy and Barbara have a little kinky alone time. by RoryOmore11/11/164.61HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 11-12

 — Barbara has a wicked plan to cure Bobbie Lee's anxieties. by RoryOmore11/20/164.50HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 13-14

 — Kids make out while the moms continue their depraved ritual. by RoryOmore11/27/164.80HOT

Stormont Cottage Ch. 15

 — Christina's fucking righteous night continues. by RoryOmore12/02/164.42

Stormont Cottage Ch. 16

 — The moms fuck hard while the daughters go nice and slow. by RoryOmore12/16/164.33

Stormont Cottage Ch. 17

 — End of Part One. by RoryOmore12/19/164.20

Story of April

 — Street girl slides into survival prostitution. by cowboy10910/22/103.73

Story Two Ch. 01

 — A sort of BDSM story with a whole lot more. by samdare08/11/144.45

Story Two Ch. 02

 — Sharon gets to perform in front of an audience. by samdare08/13/144.29

Story Two Ch. 03

 — I fuck Amanda, but at a price. by samdare08/14/145.00

Story Two Ch. 04

 — The club gets raided, and Amanda is fucked! by samdare08/18/144.29


 — First person description of a one night stand. by SINGODWAY7609/02/084.00

String of Beads

 — Better to have love and lost and loved again by thornapple11/13/084.83HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 01

 — Dana's Plan. by Scorpius194512/21/134.44

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 02

 — Opening Night. by Scorpius194512/22/134.44

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 03

 — Another Day at the Office. by Scorpius194512/22/134.58HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 05

 — Community Services by Scorpius194512/24/134.35

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 06

 — Sex education classes. by Scorpius194512/25/134.63HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 07

 — First BDSM Night. by Scorpius194512/26/134.58HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 08

 — The Family Gathering. by Scorpius194512/27/134.50HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 09

 — ‘Dana’s’ 25th Celebrations by Scorpius194512/28/134.46

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 10

 — Painful Sunday. by Scorpius194512/29/134.19

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 11

 — Finding Mom. by Scorpius194505/13/144.79HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 12

 — Rooms with Views by Scorpius194505/14/144.64HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 13

 — 30th anniversary open weekend. by Scorpius194506/14/144.77HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 14

 — Videoerotica Inc. by Scorpius194503/26/154.77HOT

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 15

 — 'Dana's' Fiftieth Celebrations. by Scorpius194509/04/154.50

Submission: An Erotic Journey...

 — Two couples delve into BDSM. by vmystere02/07/014.76HOT

Subservient Ch. 01

 — Born a slave, taught to serve, and trained to kill. by BiSmiley03/30/124.32

Subservient Ch. 02

 — Carn entertains guests, things heat up. by BiSmiley04/04/124.70HOT

Substitute Twins Ch. 01

 — Courtney finds herself pleasuring a substitute teacher. by Goddess_71704/27/124.22

Substitute Twins Ch. 02

 — Courtney finally seduces Mr. Jacobs. by Goddess_71704/27/124.27


 — Save one, get another free. by Nakod Apa03/30/104.23

Sue Ch. 01-04

 — Sue tells of her early sexual encounters. by TonyDowse10/23/064.67HOT

Sue Ch. 05-08

 — Sue and Brian get a week-end away - she wears tight shorts. by TonyDowse10/24/064.65HOT

Sue Ch. 09-12

 — Sharing the bathroom and dreams. by TonyDowse10/25/064.67HOT

Sue Ch. 13-16

 — Brian recounts his earliest experiences. by TonyDowse10/31/064.67HOT

Sue Ch. 17-20

 — Brian's education continues; they part; Sue meets John. by TonyDowse11/01/064.46

Sue Ch. 21-24

 — Sue spreads her wings; meets Vicki; a threesome. by TonyDowse11/02/064.65HOT

Suits in Sweaters

 — Stef meets Tuck. by drielle06/19/154.25

Sully Ch. 01

 — James returns to his hometown, meets an old friend, Sammy. by Paris Waterman07/29/134.22

Sultry Summer Ch. 01

 — What happened after Bobby's graduation? by D.C. Roi12/06/024.57HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 02

 — Carol Davidson asks Stacey to help with "chores." by D.C. Roi12/06/024.57HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 03

 — Lois and Dennis continue to enjoy hot time together. by D.C. Roi12/07/024.35

Sultry Summer Ch. 04

 — Lori Salter reminisces about her upsetting past. by D.C. Roi12/09/024.25

Sultry Summer Ch. 05

 — Stacey Dixon has fun with Rita and Carol. by D.C. Roi12/10/024.66HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 06

 — Lori Salter recalls what her brother did to her. by D.C. Roi12/11/024.16

Sultry Summer Ch. 07

 — Lois tries to tell Doreen she can't see her any more, but... by D.C. Roi12/12/024.35

Sultry Summer Ch. 08

 — Lori tries to escape from her abusive husband. by D.C. Roi12/13/024.55HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 09

 — Stacey Dixon meets a hot lady lawyer. by D.C. Roi12/13/024.72HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 10

 — Lori does escape from her cruel husband. by D.C. Roi12/15/024.63HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 11

 — Miss Arlington's relationship with her secretary heats up. by D.C. Roi12/15/024.51HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 12

 — Lois and Dennis have another torrid visit. by D.C. Roi12/17/024.71HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 13

 — Stacey joins in fun with Carlotta & Miss Arlington. by D.C. Roi12/17/024.67HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 14

 — Lori is taken by the cable man. by D.C. Roi12/18/024.46

Sultry Summer Ch. 15

 — Lois and Dennis just can't stop. by D.C. Roi12/20/024.72HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 16

 — Stacey has a great time with Nicole Everett. by D.C. Roi12/21/024.72HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 17

 — Lois and Dennis are still going at it. by D.C. Roi12/22/024.66HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 18

 — Lori gets an interesting invitation from a handsome client. by D.C. Roi12/23/024.52HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 19

 — Stacey enjoys Samantha. by D.C. Roi12/24/024.68HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 20

 — Lois finally manages to break up with Doreen. by D.C. Roi12/25/024.56HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 21

 — Lori's affair with Ray heats up. by D.C. Roi12/25/024.53HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 22

 — Lois doesn't want anyone but Dennis. by D.C. Roi12/26/024.65HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 23

 — Samantha and Stacey have even more fun. by D.C. Roi12/28/024.66HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 24

 — Lori's relationship with Ray turns ugly. by D.C. Roi12/29/024.33

Sultry Summer Ch. 25

 — The relationship between Lois and Dennis grows stronger. by D.C. Roi12/29/024.62HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 26

 — Stacey introduces Carol to Samantha. by D.C. Roi12/30/024.69HOT

Sultry Summer Ch. 27

 — Lori finds happiness at last. by D.C. Roi01/01/034.75HOT

Summer Camp: Once a Scout, Always a Scout

 — Bill get more than a merit badge at Scout Camp. by anonymousbosch06/26/124.43

Summer Vacation Ch. 01

 — Tommy Jackson will be living with his aunt for the summer. by D.C. Roi12/22/034.17

Summer Vacation Ch. 02

 — Tommy gets settled in his aunt's house. by D.C. Roi12/24/034.25

Summer Vacation Ch. 03

 — Tommy discovers his aunt's secret. by D.C. Roi12/24/034.32

Summer Vacation Ch. 04

 — Hot cousin Kim comes home from school. by D.C. Roi12/26/034.53HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 05

 — Tommy gets to watch another "pastoral" visit. by D.C. Roi12/27/034.61HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 06

 — Tommy takes over for the pastor. by D.C. Roi12/27/034.66HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 07

 — Aunt Karen tucks Tommy in. by D.C. Roi12/28/034.60HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 08

 — Cousin Kim tucks Tommy in. by D.C. Roi12/30/034.64HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 09

 — Tommy and his aunt enjoy a pleasing afternoon. by D.C. Roi12/31/034.61HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 10

 — Tommy gets disappointing news from Tina. by D.C. Roi01/01/044.46

Summer Vacation Ch. 11

 — Tommy babysits while Tina's on a date. by D.C. Roi01/01/044.59HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 12

 — Aunt Karen "rouses" Tommy in the morning. by D.C. Roi01/02/044.56HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 13

 — Kim & Donna take Tommy for a wild ride. by D.C. Roi01/02/044.66HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 14

 — Tommy has another encounter with Tina's ex. by D.C. Roi01/04/044.50HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 15

 — Tommy spends day with Tina & Bobby. by D.C. Roi01/05/044.50HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 16

 — Tommy has great day with Tina & her son. by D.C. Roi01/05/044.52HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 17

 — Cousin Kim tempts Tommy. by D.C. Roi01/07/044.55HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 18

 — Tommy experiences a traumatic loss. by D.C. Roi01/09/044.54HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 19

 — Tina's ex-husband gets a big surprise. by D.C. Roi01/09/044.55HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 20

 — Another startling development in Tommy's life. by D.C. Roi01/11/044.58HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 21

 — Tommy and his aunt enjoy lunch. by D.C. Roi01/12/044.63HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 22

 — This time, Tommy wakes up Aunt Karen. by D.C. Roi01/13/044.54HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 23

 — Donna & Tommy get together for some one on one fun. by D.C. Roi01/12/044.68HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 24

 — Tommy gets back in his aunt's good graces. by D.C. Roi01/14/044.62HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 25

 — Tommy asks Donna to go out with him. by D.C. Roi01/14/044.64HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 26

 — Karen remembers her date with Bud Murtagh. by D.C. Roi01/15/044.54HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 27

 — Cousin Kim pays Tommy another visit. by D.C. Roi01/17/044.69HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 28

 — One of Tommy's female students surprises him. by D.C. Roi01/17/044.62HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 29

 — Tommy buys a new 4X4 pickup. by D.C. Roi01/19/044.53HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 30

 — Tommy and Donna go four wheeling and have a picnic. by D.C. Roi01/19/044.67HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 31

 — Tommy takes Tina and Bobby to a theme park. by D.C. Roi01/21/044.56HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 32

 — Tommy's day starts great but turns frightening. by D.C. Roi01/21/044.63HOT

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