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Taming the Duchess de Montfort Ch. 03

 — Therese meets the crew of "The Fortune Hunter." by Hamilton_g06/08/044.73HOT

Taming the Duchess de Montfort Ch. 04

 — Pirates raid the convent. by Hamilton_g08/03/044.71HOT

Taming the Duchess de Montfort Ch. 05

 — Therese is sold and the story concludes. by Hamilton_g11/16/044.60HOT

Tammy Joins the Mob

 — Sex in strip club and with teens. by TammyTrueheart08/26/094.27

Tangled Passions Pt. 01 Ch. 01-03

 — Disquiet starts couple on journey. by Jazz E.11/09/034.26

Tangled Passions Pt. 01 Ch. 04-06

 — Matt begins an affair with a fascinating siren. by Jazz E.11/09/034.55HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 01 Ch. 07-09

 — Matt is initiated into an intriguing sex-club. by Jazz E.11/10/034.54HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 01 Ch. 10-12

 — Matt becomes more involved. by Jazz E.11/12/034.35

Tangled Passions Pt. 01 Ch. 13-16

 — Plunging deeper, Matt is employed as a sub. by Jazz E.11/17/033.78

Tangled Passions Pt. 02 Ch. 17-19

 — Jenn's transition begins. by Jazz E.11/19/034.56HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 02 Ch. 20-22

 — Jenn eagerly follows Lisa deeper into sensuality. by Jazz E.11/19/034.73HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 02 Ch. 23-25

 — Lisa cultivates Jenn's submissiveness. by Jazz E.11/21/034.65HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 02 Ch. 26-28

 — Jenn & Matt end up as willing sex-slaves. by Jazz E.11/21/034.73HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 02 Ch. 29-31

 — Jenn & Matt compare their parallel transitions. by Jazz E.11/23/034.67HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 03 Ch. 32-34

 — Matt & Jenn's lives converge in slavery. by Jazz E.11/23/034.74HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 03 Ch. 35-37

 — Jenn & Matt lose themselves in submission. by Jazz E.11/24/034.59HOT

Tangled Passions Pt. 03 Ch. 38-39

 — Matt & Jenn surrender together to sexual serfdom. by Jazz E.11/26/034.69HOT

Tania's Heart Ch. 01

 — Remembering how it all began. by heatedreveries03/16/084.60

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 01

 — A teacher falls for one of her students (no sex yet). by IceBluePhoenix08/26/084.53HOT

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 02

 — Zack unknowingly drives teacher crazy with Blowpop (no sex). by IceBluePhoenix08/27/084.35

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 03

 — Zack wakes teacher up; he teases her more (no sex). by IceBluePhoenix08/31/084.52HOT

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 04

 — Prom provides a final temptation. (no sex yet) by IceBluePhoenix09/04/084.37

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 05

 — Zack finds out about his teacher's crush. by IceBluePhoenix09/05/084.72HOT

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 06

 — Zack shows up at his teacher's house. by IceBluePhoenix09/06/084.67HOT

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 07

 — Zack at Miss Martin's house. by IceBluePhoenix09/10/084.61HOT

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 08

 — Zack/Miss Martin go for a ride & define relationship. by IceBluePhoenix10/18/084.74HOT

Tantalus in Chains Ch. 09

 — A Halloween story about Miss Martin. by IceBluePhoenix10/21/084.74HOT

Tanya & Bo

 — Bo & Tanya aren't allowed to touch one another. by bodaciousbob07/24/014.71HOT

Tanya Ch. 01

 — Tanya is punished for her lewd behavior by the town court. by PendragonPrime08/17/114.38

Tapestry Ch. 01

 — After the death of her true love, Amberle's life goes on. by HLD03/31/124.86HOT

Tara under the Banyan Tree

 — A journey of sexual awakening. by Tarainspace11/13/114.33

Taste of Crimson

 — Vampire hunter gets ravished by her prey. by aNDREALee12/11/134.47

Tattered Spirits Ch. 01

 — A sequel to 'Because of the Night'. by cawastedyouth11/30/063.80

Tattered Spirits Ch. 02

 — Sir Colin comes in a fury & Sir Glen intervenes. by cawastedyouth12/01/064.78

Tattered Spirits Ch. 03

 — Sir Glen does something drastic & Jean remembers. by cawastedyouth12/02/064.67

Tattered Spirits Ch. 04

 — Lady Daire saves Jean & where Sir Dylan is. by cawastedyouth12/03/064.25

Tattered Spirits Ch. 05

 — Lady Daire finds some happiness & a dark horizon. by cawastedyouth12/04/064.57

Tattered Spirits Ch. 06

 — Sir Dylan and Jean share a moment; Sir Glen's admission. by cawastedyouth12/05/064.71

Tattered Spirits Ch. 07

 — A ceremony and a gauntlet. by cawastedyouth12/06/064.40

Teaching Patti Ch. 1

 — High school play director falls for young actress. by Dixon Carter Lee06/20/004.23Editor's Pick

Teaching Patti Ch. 2

 — Young girl is watched while undressing in closet. by Dixon Carter Lee06/20/004.52HOT

Teaching Patti Ch. 3

 — He finally gets close to sexy high school girl. by Dixon Carter Lee06/20/004.74HOT

Teaching Patti Ch. 4

 — Sexy high school girl gives oral for the first time. by Dixon Carter Lee06/23/004.65HOT

Teaching Patti Ch. 5

 — Teacher gives young high school lover a spanking. by Dixon Carter Lee06/23/004.64HOT

Teaching Patti Ch. 6

 — High school girl tries phone sex for first time. by Dixon Carter Lee06/20/004.64HOT

Teaching Patti Ch. 7

 — High school Patti loses her virginity. by Dixon Carter Lee06/20/004.76HOT

Tease Me

 — Two guys, one girl and an unexpected ending. by adeleknight02/21/183.71

Teddy and Greg Tour Europe Ch. 01

 — Stop 1 of 6 - Erotic Strip Show Behind the Glass. by call_me_dana08/25/134.08

Teen Slut in 2070

 — New York City, a wonderful place for a slut to get her fix. by Mistersausage10/23/144.03

Teen Slut in 2070 Pt. 02

 — Tisha loses her innocence. by Mistersausage11/17/144.00

Teflon Ch. 01

 — An intro into a twisted story. by ThadeusMinor06/30/03

Telepath King Ch. 04

 — Tom meets the Telepath Council. by LustinTranslation07/09/114.69HOT

Telepath King Ch. 05

 — Seeing with new Eyes. by LustinTranslation07/25/114.72HOT

Telepath King Ch. 06

 — Telling the Truth. by LustinTranslation07/11/114.69HOT

Telepath King Ch. 07

 — New Slaves? by LustinTranslation07/19/114.66HOT

Telepath King Ch. 08

 — A Queen for the Telepath King? by LustinTranslation07/20/114.76HOT

Telepath King Ch. 09

 — Starting his Reign by LustinTranslation07/21/114.70HOT

Telepath King Ch. 10

 — Tom meets another Telepath - a kindred spirit. by LustinTranslation07/22/114.66HOT

Telepath King Ch. 11

 — One leaves, one stays. by LustinTranslation08/23/114.64HOT

Telepath King Ch. 12

 — Meeting the FBI. by LustinTranslation08/24/114.73HOT

Telepath King Ch. 13

 — FBI Agent and Irish Maidens. by LustinTranslation08/25/114.68HOT

Telepath King Ch. 14

 — Betrayed. by LustinTranslation08/26/114.71HOT

Telepath King Ch. 15

 — Punishment, Forgiveness, Betrayal. by LustinTranslation08/27/114.75HOT

Telepath King Ch. 16

 — A new start? by LustinTranslation10/11/114.71HOT

Telepath King Ch. 17

 — New Friends. by LustinTranslation10/12/114.76HOT

Telepath King Ch. 18

 — New Friends and Slaves? by LustinTranslation10/13/114.73HOT

Telepath King Ch. 19

 — Sculpting, Truth. by LustinTranslation10/14/114.76HOT

Telepath King Ch. 20

 — Old meets New. by LustinTranslation10/15/114.76HOT

Telepath King Ch. 21

 — New Home and Retribution. by LustinTranslation10/16/114.74HOT

Telepath King Ch. 22

 — Finishing the Ceremony. by LustinTranslation04/01/124.73HOT

Tell'em Willie Whoremaker Was Here

 — Convict returns to town looking for trouble? by silliesam07/25/144.26

Temple Priestess Ch. 04

 — The novices's lessons diversify. by Urban Goddess05/20/034.16

Temple Slave

 — Kate is a slave, but a temple priest has special duties. by mcerotic12/07/034.44

Temporary Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — Coffee leads to an unusual job and great sex. by Romantic111/13/084.70HOT

Temporary Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — The Mile High Club and the sisters share adventures. by Romantic111/14/084.74HOT

Temptation Ch. 01

 — Sharon battles with her past in more ways than one. by AllNightScreamer01/04/084.47

Temptation Ch. 02

 — Sharon and Jack continue their "relationship." by AllNightScreamer01/22/084.25

Tempting Desire Ch. 01

 — Sasha succumbs to her inner cravings. by MikaylaMaySquirt06/17/153.89

Tempus Fugitives

 — Two people take on the world . by Cromagnonman08/06/134.57HOT

Ten Days in the Country Ch. 01

 — A new face arrives in town. by TrueNorth196907/22/074.51HOT

Ten Days in the Country Ch. 02

 — Nicola chooses her man. by TrueNorth196903/18/084.51HOT

Tender Mercies

 — Young woman's loss of innocence. by Phineas09/29/024.60HOTEditor's Pick

Tennis Club Swingers

 — More than raquets swing at this club by walterio12/29/084.67HOT

Terone Test 05 Pt. 01

 — The past of Tina and her military secrets affect now her son. by Neradark04/24/164.33

Terone Test 05 Pt. 02

 — The serum starts to make effect on Chris and Tina's lives. by Neradark09/03/164.45

Terone Test 05 Pt. 03

 — Chris has become a weapon, but the danger still exists. by Neradark12/04/173.40

TerraCom Inception

 — Solarstorm 2191- Chapter 9 by martincain07/28/034.71HOT

Tesoro Mio Ch. 01

 — Sofia makes a decision. by ontheedge1308/22/174.71

Tessie Ch. 01

 — It happened in Paris. by velvet hammer04/13/054.39

Tessie Ch. 02

 — Tessie pulled the scarf from around her neck. by velvet hammer04/14/054.18

Tessie Ch. 03

 — I was studying at the Sorbonne... by velvet hammer04/15/054.09

Tessie Ch. 04

 — Mon professeur helps her find her first job. by velvet hammer04/16/054.33

Tessie Ch. 05

 — The weird norms of Gallic relationship etiquette. by velvet hammer04/28/054.23

Tessie Ch. 06

 — And then one day Mister Right came along. by velvet hammer04/28/054.48

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 01

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/08/054.36

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 02

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/09/054.43

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 03

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/10/054.57HOT

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 04

 — Dave's Story. by GaryAPB10/11/054.50HOT

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 05

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/12/054.48

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 06

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/13/054.56HOT

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 07

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/14/054.47

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 08

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/15/054.52HOT

TGI Chronicles Pt. 2 Ch. 09

 — Dave's story. by GaryAPB10/16/054.36


 — A Thanksgiving weekend to be thankful for. by PuckIt12/07/174.76HOT

That Questioning Look

 — My fantasy fulfilled as his possession. by T_Elle04/17/124.50HOT

That Questioning Look Ch. 02

 — Two former strangers go deeper into the forbidden. by T_Elle05/15/124.53HOT

The 18th Floor Ch. 01

 — A boss confronts his secretary about her current workload. by charliepevensie07/06/114.49

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 01-02

 — Friday Night and Sunday Night. by TexasFarmBoy05/27/134.59HOT

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 03-04

 — The Scavenger Hunt & Aftermath. by TexasFarmBoy05/31/134.70HOT

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 05-06

 — The Plot and The Plan. by TexasFarmBoy06/07/134.77HOT

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 07-08

 — Alone at last and a weekend away. by TexasFarmBoy06/19/134.72HOT

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 09-10

 — The Adjustment Meeting & The Moment. by TexasFarmBoy06/25/134.76HOT

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 11-12

 — The Realignment and New Lives, New Growth. by TexasFarmBoy07/04/134.64HOT

The 80/20 Solution Ch. 13-14

 — The big date & the complex world of Sandra, Emily, & Jay. by TexasFarmBoy07/11/134.82HOT

The Accident Ch. 01

 — Husband discovers wife's secret after wreck. by curious2c03/28/054.42

The Accident Ch. 02

 — Husband talks about his life since the accident. by curious2c04/01/054.38

The Accident Ch. 03

 — Susan's version of what happened. by curious2c04/03/054.38

The Accident Ch. 04

 — John and Sue talk. by curious2c04/05/054.44

The Accident Ch. 05

 — Things start heading towards revenge. by curious2c04/05/054.47

The Acolyte Pt. 01

 — An 18 year old man joins an obscure college group. by dumuzitron12/02/103.83

The Adventure Ch. 01

 — A young couple embark on an alternative lifestyle. by fantasymr07/28/174.71HOT

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