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The Story of Joanne D'Arc Ch. 04

 — Her first "boyfriend". by JoanneDarc10/30/064.07

The Story of Joanne D'Arc Ch. 05

 — Conversation with Lisa, a Zulu girl. by JoanneDarc11/03/064.67HOT

The Story of Joanne D'Arc Ch. 06

 — Nellie and her father. by JoanneDarc11/11/064.77HOT

The Story of Mallory Ch. 01

 — First chapter of a woman discovering her sexual side. by SAWade196811/13/124.00

The Story of Mallory Ch. 02

 — A woman discovering her sexual side. by SAWade196811/18/124.00

The Story of Mallory Ch. 03

 — A woman discovering her sexual side. by SAWade196811/19/124.24

The Story of Mallory Ch. 04

 — Fourth chapter of a woman discovering her sexual side. by SAWade196811/24/124.00

The Story of Mallory Ch. 05

 — Fifth chapter of a woman discovering her sexual side. by SAWade196811/25/123.87

The Story of Mallory Ch. 06

 — Sixth Chapter of a woman exploring her submissive side. by SAWade196811/26/124.09

The Story of Mallory Ch. 07

 — Seventh Chapter of a woman exploring her submissive side. by SAWade196811/27/123.92

The Story of Mallory Ch. 08

 — Eighth chapter of a woman exploring her submissive side. by SAWade196811/30/123.85

The Story of Mallory Ch. 09

 — Ninth Chapter of a woman exploring her submissive side. by SAWade196812/01/124.50HOT

The Story of Mallory Ch. 10

 — Tenth Chapter of a woman discovering her submissive side. by SAWade196812/05/124.43

The Story of Mallory Ch. 11

 — Eleventh chapter of a woman discovering her submissive side. by SAWade196812/08/124.14

The Story of Mallory Ch. 12

 — A woman discovering a Master/slave relationship. by SAWade196812/12/124.17

The Story of Mallory Ch. 13

 — A woman discovers her submissive side. by SAWade196812/19/124.45

The Story of Mallory Ch. 14

 — A woman discovers her submissive side. by SAWade196812/25/124.25

The Story of Mallory Ch. 15

 — The story of a woman discovering her submissive side. by SAWade196801/08/134.22

The Story of Mr. Smith Ch. 01

 — A Plentiful Bounty. by Paizuri_Pascal05/31/164.49

The Story of Mr. Smith Ch. 02

 — Another Big Deal. by Paizuri_Pascal06/03/164.42

The Story of Mr. Smith Ch. 03

 — Nordic Adventure. by Paizuri_Pascal06/07/164.52HOT

The Story of Mr. Smith Ch. 04

 — A Dose of Reality. by Paizuri_Pascal06/10/164.67HOT

The Story of Mr. Smith Ch. 05

 — The Frothy Foamy Isles of Lesbos. by Paizuri_Pascal06/14/164.67HOT

The Story of Mr. Smith Ch. 06

 — Checkout. by Paizuri_Pascal06/15/164.58HOT

The Story of Mr. Smith Ch. 07

 — A new start brings a new adventure. by Paizuri_Pascal06/17/164.55HOT

The Story of Rina

 — Rina's adventures from 19 'til marriage. by black saphire06/17/054.40

The Storytellers Ch. 01

 — An alien pits two men against each other. good vs evil? by Paris Waterman06/17/124.20

The Storytellers Ch. 02

 — RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region. by Paris Waterman06/18/124.06

The Storytellers Ch. 03

 — Bill Harbidge: Not quite the good boy - Meeting Belva. by Paris Waterman06/19/124.00

The Storytellers Ch. 04

 — Belva - The Stuff of Wet Dreams. by Paris Waterman06/20/124.12

The Storytellers Ch. 05

 — The Black Dahlia. by Paris Waterman06/21/123.85

The Storytellers Ch. 06

 — Making it with Belva. by Paris Waterman06/22/124.09

The Storytellers Ch. 07

 — The alien returns. by Paris Waterman06/23/124.30

The Storytellers Ch. 08

 — The 2nd Storyteller: Bill begins his story; early baseball... by Paris Waterman06/27/124.50

The Storytellers Ch. 09

 — The Big Leagues & Brothels of the Time. by Paris Waterman06/28/124.18

The Storytellers Ch. 10

 — Recollections of Old Philadelphia. by Paris Waterman06/29/123.64

The Storytellers Ch. 11

 — How Bill met the Alien. by Paris Waterman06/30/124.29

The Storytellers Ch. 12

 — The Color Barrier as Bill saw it & a bit about Albert Spalding. by Paris Waterman07/01/124.38

The Storytellers Ch. 13

 — Some Baseball talk, and finding Nap Lajoie. by Paris Waterman07/07/124.50

The Storytellers Ch. 14

 — Enroute to the World Series they meet Beatrice. by Paris Waterman07/08/124.62

The Strangeness Within Pt. 01

 — Esther's oddities are more than skin deep. by rockchaser09/11/174.84HOT

The Strangeness Within Pt. 02

 — Esther and Javier on the run. by rockchaser09/17/174.82HOT

The Strangeness Within Pt. 03

 — Esther learns more about who she is. by rockchaser09/23/174.73HOT

The Strangeness Within Pt. 04

 — Esther learns and Javier plans. by rockchaser09/29/174.80HOT

The Strangeness Within Pt. 05

 — Esther and Javier are swept into a broader conflict. by rockchaser10/20/174.82HOT

The Strangeness Within Pt. 06

 — A reunion, and a dangerous mission. by rockchaser11/07/174.81HOT

The Strangeness Within Pt. 07

 — The conclusion: new discoveries & final confrontation. by rockchaser12/03/174.85HOT

The Stranger

 — Lilian runs into trouble in a bar. by ShalysiaJix04/04/094.56HOT

The Stranger

 — A night out on the pull. by HStar11/01/094.29

The Strip and Fuck Club Ch. 01

 — Ned: Club Owner and Family Man. by bhuff10/23/144.01

The Strip and Fuck Club Ch. 02

 — Kathy and Karen: Sisters. by bhuff10/26/144.25

The Strip and Fuck Club Ch. 03

 — Kori: Prima Noche. by bhuff10/27/144.21

The Strip and Fuck Club Ch. 04

 — Ned: Swap Meat by bhuff10/28/144.37

The Strip and Fuck Club Ch. 05

 — Ned: Extra Curricular Activity. by bhuff10/29/143.96

The Strip and Fuck Club Ch. 06

 — Ned: Hands-On Club Operator. by bhuff10/30/144.44

The Strip Ch. 01

 — Beginnings. by hal_tee06/02/094.62HOT

The Strip Ch. 02

 — Vegas awaits. by hal_tee06/03/094.73HOT

The Strip Ch. 03

 — Arrival. by hal_tee06/04/094.60HOT

The Strip Ch. 04

 — Hello and Goodbye. by hal_tee06/05/094.72HOT

The Strip Ch. 05

 — Rosie is surprised. by hal_tee06/06/094.71HOT

The Strip Ch. 06

 — Holly fulfills her contract. by hal_tee06/07/094.71HOT

The Strip Ch. 07

 — Rosie's in trouble. by hal_tee06/08/094.80HOT

The Strip Ch. 08

 — Grace becomes an angel. by hal_tee06/09/094.76HOT

The Strip Ch. 09

 — Life is good. by hal_tee06/10/094.76HOT

The Strip Ch. 10

 — An unhappy ending. by hal_tee06/11/094.74HOT

The Strip Ch. 11

 — The Party. by hal_tee06/12/094.87HOT

The Strip Ch. 12

 — Three Months Later. by hal_tee06/13/094.89HOT

The Strip Ch. 13

 — A Night Out. by hal_tee06/14/094.88HOT

The Strip Ch. 14

 — Final Table. by hal_tee06/15/094.84HOT

The Strip Ch. 15

 — One for all... all for one. by hal_tee06/16/094.83HOT

The Strip Club Diaries

 — Gentlemen's club owner keeps a journal on his experiences. by Quentin Riley03/10/044.07

The Strippers Secret Ch. 01

 — A stripper's tale. by schreckdog07/04/144.18

The Strippers Secret Ch. 02

 — A stripper's tale. by schreckdog07/12/144.36

The Strippers Secret Ch. 03

 — A stripper's tale of sex, power and control. by schreckdog07/24/144.35

The Submission of Sister Sunshine Ch. 01

 — She battles with her desires to sin. by meko03/22/042.89

The Suburbs Ch. 04

 — The party gets wild. by mryogibear03/27/064.17

The Summer Child

 — A retelling of a Greek Myth. by leesavino01/23/154.92HOT

The Surprising Road Home

 — Retiring from USAF left him on the road to a new home. by Scorpio44a09/13/094.85HOT

The Sweetest Sin Ch. 03-04

 — Two women's continuing seduction. by swampjuice09/19/064.25

The Sweetest Sin Ch. 05-06

 — They experience wet sex. by swampjuice09/20/064.58HOT

The Sweetest Sin Ch. 07-08

 — The plot thickens. by swampjuice09/21/065.00

The Sweetest Sin Ch. 09

 — Their wild ride's conclusion. by swampjuice09/22/064.86

The Swinging Door

 — New neighbor gives Mike a hard time. by LiffShannon11/15/064.03

The Swinging Door Ch. 02

 — Lovers on display at exclusive costume party. by LiffShannon11/16/064.37

The Swinging Door Ch. 03

 — The temperature rises - the party swings. by LiffShannon12/01/064.58HOT

The Swinging Door Ch. 04

 — Little red devil leads Jenny into Hell. by LiffShannon02/05/074.42

The Switch

 — Val's a kinkster who's ready to settle down. by ausfet05/25/174.00

The Switch Ch. 02

 — Val's a kinkster who's ready to settle down. by ausfet06/01/174.61HOT

The Switch Ch. 03

 — Val's a kinkster who's ready to settle down. by ausfet06/03/174.72HOT

The Switch Ch. 04

 — Aimee has doubts. by ausfet06/09/174.50HOT

The Switch Ch. 05

 — Aimee meets Samara's boy. by ausfet06/14/174.65HOT

The Switch Ch. 06

 — The arrangement nears an end. by ausfet06/23/174.65HOT

The Switch Ch. 07

 — Valery decides to go Vanilla. by ausfet06/30/174.71HOT

The Switch Ch. 08

 — Bad news, and Oliver teaches Aimee. by ausfet07/15/174.48

The Switch Ch. 09

 — Some people are meant to be together. by ausfet07/24/174.75HOT

The Tamar Scroll

 — A love story on a gigantic scale. by miskeivitch04/22/084.84HOT

The Tavern Ch. 1

 — She wasn't a simple waitress, just a lonely one. by Lauranathias02/19/024.07

The Tavern Ch. 2

 — Two wounded women: one in mind, other in body. by Lauranathias02/20/024.56HOT

The Tavern Ch. 3

 — Fires of passion are stoked by music of the heart. by Lauranathias04/23/024.22

The Telling of Our Lifetime

 — My daughter doesn’t belong here with him. by markelly02/13/144.86HOT

The Temple Priestess Ch. 01

 — Anouk's initiation as a temple priestess. by Urban Goddess05/11/034.23

The Temple Priestess Ch. 02

 — Anouk receives more lessons in the art of love. by Urban Goddess05/13/034.55HOT

The Temple Priestess Ch. 03

 — Anouk's quick learning pays off. by Urban Goddess05/14/034.50HOT

The Terror of The Inferno

 — A dystopian adventure. by riqtermagx02/26/114.63HOT

The Text Message Ch. 01

 — Man reluctantly becomes the Dom of a submissive woman. by Kojak0102/22/184.84HOT

The Text Message Ch. 02

 — Dealing with her former Master. by Kojak0102/24/184.84HOT

The Text Message Ch. 03

 — Meeting another Dom. by Kojak0102/28/184.88HOT

The Text Message Ch. 04

 — Alicia gets her first reward. by Kojak0103/02/184.85HOT

The Text Message Ch. 05

 — The showdown and an addition. by Kojak0103/05/184.85HOT

The Text Message Ch. 06

 — Dolores' recovery. by Kojak0103/07/184.86HOT

The Thief of Brindisi

 — Period Noir. by brodes01/22/054.17

The Things in the Closet

 — Woman's mental masturbation leads to a revelation. by CherBaby04/09/014.35

The Three Dark Angels

 — The World Known As Magicka. by Ozma1253307/26/134.82HOT

The Three Graces Ch. 1

 — The hostages were free from Tehran. by Kozure Okami12/03/014.63HOT

The Three Graces Ch. 2

 — An expedition in Brazil encounters... by Kozure Okami12/04/014.54HOT

The Three Graces Ch. 3

 — The nightmares had receded... by Kozure Okami12/05/014.44

The Three Graces Ch. 4

 — The sex party begins. by Kozure Okami12/06/014.12

The Three Graces Ch. 5

 — The chase begins. by Kozure Okami09/01/034.14

The Three Sides of a Triangle

 — Indian cousins and their sister-in-law indulge in incest sex. by rahuldg08/22/144.57HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 01

 — Part 1. by RobinLane02/28/154.70HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 04

 — Part 4. by RobinLane02/19/154.82HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 05

 — Part 5. by RobinLane02/27/154.82HOTContest Winner

The Tides Of War Pt. 05.5

 — Part 5.5. by RobinLane03/27/154.88HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 06

 — Part 6. by RobinLane03/06/154.86HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 07

 — Part 7 by RobinLane04/07/154.82HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 09

 — Part 9 by RobinLane04/12/154.74HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 09.5

 — Part 9.5 by RobinLane04/19/154.82HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 10

 — Part 10 by RobinLane04/13/154.81HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 10.5

 — Part 10.5 by RobinLane04/17/154.81HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 11

 — Part 11. by RobinLane04/14/154.77HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 12

 — Part 12. by RobinLane04/18/154.85HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 13

 — Part 13. by RobinLane04/23/154.83HOT

The Tides Of War Pt. 14

 — Part 14. by RobinLane04/24/154.88HOT

The Time of My Life

 — An eco-journalist's experience at work. by NickyFaulkes03/28/094.67HOTContest Winner

The Timefull Cruise

 — This isn't H. G. Well's The Time Machine! by nicecthulhu01/04/124.73HOT

The Touch Ch. 01

 — Jamie's Story (Revised). by GreenFingers201502/09/124.67HOT

The Touch Ch. 02

 — Alfresco with Sharon. by GreenFingers201502/08/124.63HOT

The Touch Ch. 03

 — Dating Debbie. by GreenFingers201502/09/124.68HOT

The Touch Ch. 04

 — A Ride Home for Annabelle. by GreenFingers201502/10/124.68HOT

The Touch Ch. 05

 — Cold Days and Hot Nights. by GreenFingers201502/12/124.64HOT

The Touch Ch. 06

 — A Shag for Christmas (Revised) by GreenFingers201502/13/124.63HOT

The Touch Ch. 07

 — Close encounters of a family kind. by GreenFingers201502/14/124.71HOT

The Touch Ch. 08

 — Turning Things On For Debbie. by GreenFingers201502/15/124.68HOT

The Touch Ch. 09

 — A Visit to Joanna. by GreenFingers201502/16/124.70HOT

The Touch Ch. 10

 — Helping a friend's mother gets an unexpected reward. by GreenFingers201502/16/124.69HOT

The Touch Ch. 11

 — Wet and Dry with Debbie. by GreenFingers201502/18/124.72HOT

The Touch Ch. 12

 — Family Business. by GreenFingers201502/19/124.76HOT

The Touch Ch. 13

 — Concerts and Gigs. by GreenFingers201502/20/124.71HOT

The Touch Ch. 14

 — Saturday with Lulu. by GreenFingers201502/19/124.75HOT

The Touch Ch. 15

 — Three in a bed. by GreenFingers201502/20/124.76HOT

The Touch Ch. 16

 — Partings, panties and punch-ups. by GreenFingers201502/22/124.72HOT

The Touch Ch. 17

 — The Secret Desires of Schoolgirls. by GreenFingers201502/29/124.74HOT

The Touch Ch. 18

 — Of Horses and Hand-jobs. by GreenFingers201503/01/124.70HOT

The Touch Ch. 19

 — Of fathers, feelings and friends. by GreenFingers201503/04/124.73HOT

The Touch Ch. 20

 — A Brief Encounter and Breaking the Taboo. by GreenFingers201503/07/124.79HOT

The Touch Ch. 21

 — Of Commitments and Consequences. by GreenFingers201503/16/124.71HOT

The Touch Ch. 22

 — The Bed, The Bath and The Ballet. by GreenFingers201503/26/124.75HOT

The Touch Ch. 23

 — Successes and Surprises. by GreenFingers201504/09/124.74HOT

The Touch Ch. 24

 — Tales of the Unexpected. by GreenFingers201504/10/124.76HOT

The Touch Ch. 25

 — A Damsel in Distress. by GreenFingers201504/14/124.73HOT

The Touch Ch. 26

 — Of sandwiches and steaks. by GreenFingers201504/18/124.76HOT

The Touch Ch. 27

 — The things that dreams are made of. by GreenFingers201505/03/124.76HOT

The Touch Ch. 28

 — Love in the Afternoon. by GreenFingers201505/09/124.78HOT

The Touch Ch. 29

 — Stormy Weather and April Showers. by GreenFingers201505/15/124.74HOT

The Touch Ch. 30

 — Of Pony Tails and Haircuts. by GreenFingers201506/29/124.79HOT

The Touch Ch. 31

 — Experiences with Customer Relations. by GreenFingers201507/07/124.76HOT

The Touch Ch. 32

 — The Only One. by GreenFingers201507/13/124.71HOT

The Touch Ch. 33

 — Getting Rat-Arsed. by GreenFingers201507/20/124.74HOT

The Touch Ch. 34

 — Brothers and their Sisters – Sisters and their Brothers. by GreenFingers201507/27/124.74HOT

The Touch Ch. 35

 — A present from France. by GreenFingers201509/26/124.77HOT

The Touch Ch. 36

 — Of Aunts and Cousins. by GreenFingers201510/02/124.79HOT

The Touch Ch. 37

 — King of the Castle. by GreenFingers201510/06/124.82HOT

The Touch Ch. 38

 — Late Nights and Early Mornings. by GreenFingers201510/14/124.79HOT

The Touch Ch. 39

 — Finding Vera. by GreenFingers201501/05/174.82HOT

The Touch Ch. 40

 — The best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men. by GreenFingers201501/10/174.84HOT

The Touch Ch. 41

 — Get A Room! by GreenFingers201501/28/174.82HOT

The Touch Ch. 42

 — Sisterly Love. by GreenFingers201502/07/174.83HOT

The Touch Ch. 43

 — Baby Love. by GreenFingers201502/09/174.85HOT

The Touch Ch. 44

 — Down in the Dell. by GreenFingers201502/15/174.80HOT

The Touch Ch. 45

 — Morning, Noon and Night. by GreenFingers201503/13/174.85HOT

The Toy Box Ch. 01

 — Prologue: Initiation, fetishism and pizza in Ten Acts by Lothario the Great08/03/034.14

The Toy Box Ch. 02

 — Ben and Karen debauch themselves by Lothario the Great08/04/034.76HOT

The Toy Box Ch. 03

 — The Boxers have their way with Karen & Ben. by Lothario the Great08/06/034.61HOT

The Toy Box Ch. 04

 — Ben and Karen swallow hard, brace for impact. by Lothario the Great08/10/034.47

The Toy Box Ch. 05

 — Ben and Karen exchange harsh words. by Lothario the Great08/12/034.58HOT

The Toy Box Ch. 06

 — Can Karen and Ben's love survive the harness? by Lothario the Great08/12/034.63HOT

The Trail to Perdition

 — Marshal Tom Boone travels from one hell to another. by woodmanone09/06/114.81HOT

The Trail West Ch. 01

 — A young man's journey far from home. by woodmanone07/02/104.70HOT

The Trail West Ch. 02

 — A young man's journey far from home, continues. by woodmanone07/03/104.78HOT

The Trail West Ch. 03

 — A young man's journey far from home, continues. by woodmanone07/04/104.80HOT

The Trail West Ch. 04

 — Young man forced from his home by war continues journey. by woodmanone07/05/104.82HOT

The Trail West Ch. 05

 — Josh's continues on his journey. by woodmanone07/07/104.85HOTContest Winner

The Trail West Ch. 06

 — A young man's adventures continues. by woodmanone07/09/104.84HOT

The Trail West Ch. 07

 — Josh's continues on his journey. by woodmanone07/10/104.81HOT

The Trail West Ch. 08

 — Josh comes to the end of the trail. by woodmanone07/13/104.87HOT

The Training of a Slave Ch. 01

 — The Business Arrangement. by darkknight030708/15/10

The Traveller

 — Taxi driver to slaver. by theniteliner11/20/074.64HOT

The Trials of Dara Firebird Ch. 03

 — Dara escapes from Castle Olafson. by Wulfwinter06/07/094.31

The Trials of Dara Firebird Ch. 04

 — Captured again, this time by a forest rogue of ill repute. by Wulfwinter06/12/094.38

The Trident

 — Love, sex, and death in Imperial Rome. by Willailla06/12/094.52HOT

The Trinket Ch. 01

 — Jane's dream; Following the Owl and feather. by My Erotic Tale07/17/054.53HOT

The Trinket Ch. 02

 — Lynn stops at the Indian Reservation Station. by My Erotic Tale07/18/054.43

The Trinket Ch. 03

 — Lynn's trinket, the Dream Catcher. by My Erotic Tale07/19/054.79HOT

The Trinket Ch. 04

 — Lynn's Dream, facing her fears. (Wish #01) by My Erotic Tale07/24/054.33

The Trinket Ch. 05

 — Little Breeze, the Indian Medicine woman. by My Erotic Tale07/25/054.60HOT

The Trinket Ch. 06

 — She has died and gone to Heaven! by My Erotic Tale07/28/054.59HOT

The Trinket Ch. 07

 — "I wish I 'Had' a Million Dollars." by My Erotic Tale07/29/054.40

The Trinket Ch. 08

 — The million-dollar hand. by My Erotic Tale08/11/054.55HOT

The Trinket Ch. 09

 — Little Breeze and the fireside chat. by My Erotic Tale08/12/054.59HOT

The Trinket Ch. 10

 — Jane's dream come to life, feather chasing. by My Erotic Tale08/13/054.40

The Trip

 — A woman and her friend's grown up son takes a trip. by mumba_34s02/24/113.84

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 02

 — Caleb's mystery ghost continues to tease him. by bourbononice08/16/174.71HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 03

 — Caleb meets a girl that helps him. by bourbononice08/17/174.70HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 04

 — The girls visit gets interesting. by bourbononice08/18/174.81HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 05

 — The large book is finally explored. by bourbononice08/21/174.80HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 06

 — Jan likes to have her picture taken. by bourbononice08/22/174.79HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 07

 — Jan needs answers. First threesome with Etta. by bourbononice08/23/174.77HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 08

 — Marie James comes to visit. Caleb gets a present from her. by bourbononice08/24/174.74HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 09

 — Jan has problems, they find Helen. by bourbononice08/25/174.74HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 10

 — Jan returns for holiday fun. by bourbononice08/27/174.73HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 11

 — Caleb solves a mystery, Jan and Etta get together. by bourbononice08/28/174.82HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 12.1

 — Marie gets a visit from Abigail. by bourbononice09/01/174.71HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 13

 — Marie takes Caleb again. by bourbononice09/04/174.72HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 14

 — Marie is free of Abigail. by bourbononice09/07/174.79HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 15

 — Caleb and Jan play matchmaker. by bourbononice09/13/174.76HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 16

 — A wedding, a honeymoon, a party Hot damn!! by bourbononice09/15/174.68HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 17

 — Ms Lucinda visits. by bourbononice09/16/174.69HOT

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 18

 — Lucinda returns with guest. by bourbononice09/17/174.73HOT

The Truth Mirror

 — Young "Old Man" finds one, then two, then three girlfriends. by LaPatitMort04/14/104.83HOT

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 01

 — Thomas meets someone to re-light his fire. by BrettJ12/20/054.58HOT

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 02

 — Thomas & Cherie have some fun in a cabin. by BrettJ12/28/054.71HOT

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 03

 — Irina's sudden appearance at the cabin changes circumstances. by BrettJ01/05/064.65HOT

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 04

 — Thomas and Cherie share dessert. by BrettJ01/13/074.68HOT

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 05

 — Cherie introduces Brandi to roommate Irina. by BrettJ12/24/074.53HOT

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 06

 — Cherie recalls her past life with the Swans. by BrettJ12/19/084.55HOT

The Twelve Lays of Christmas Ch. 07

 — The Final Fates of Thomas, Cherie and others. by BrettJ12/23/084.69HOT

The Twelve Sluts of Christmas

 — A wife gives her husband the best present ever. by Powerofthepen12/03/124.46

The Twelve Tables

 — Her introduction to a whole new world. by xelliebabex01/18/134.70HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 02

 — Falling in love and lust. by xelliebabex02/20/134.79HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 04

 — New beginnings and Expectations. by xelliebabex07/01/134.79HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 05

 — Nik causes problems. by xelliebabex01/25/144.82HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 06

 — Nik's deception back fires. by xelliebabex02/08/164.78HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 07

 — Nik goes too far. by xelliebabex02/16/164.78HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 09

 — Christmas at the farm. by xelliebabex02/29/164.75HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 13

 — Her day in court. by xelliebabex04/02/164.75HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 14

 — Lucia's story and Peri panics. by xelliebabex04/10/164.81HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 16

 — Surprises for everyone. by xelliebabex05/25/164.80HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 17

 — The Family Gathering. by xelliebabex06/03/164.77HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 18

 — Peri's baby Journal. by xelliebabex06/11/164.87HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 22

 — Christmas at the farm. by xelliebabex07/08/164.84HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 24

 — Old Year - New Year. by xelliebabex08/19/164.87HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 25

 — Heroes and Heroines. by xelliebabex08/24/164.83HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 30

 — Devastation from within. by xelliebabex09/21/164.86HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 00

 — Prologue: The Vitali Men. by xelliebabex10/15/174.72HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 02

 — Ricco Vitali. by xelliebabex10/31/174.80HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 03

 — Ricco and Cat. by xelliebabex11/07/174.83HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 04

 — Catrione meets Matteo. by xelliebabex11/14/174.86HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 05

 — New Year's Eve. by xelliebabex11/21/174.83HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 06

 — New Year's Resolutions. by xelliebabex11/28/174.86HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 07

 — A real date. by xelliebabex12/05/174.84HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 08

 — Fight or flight. by xelliebabex12/12/174.84HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 09

 — Secrets and Lies. by xelliebabex12/13/174.89HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 10

 — Can he win her back? by xelliebabex12/19/174.88HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 18

 — Cinerella Moments by xelliebabex02/05/184.93HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 24

 — Ghosts of the past. by xelliebabex03/20/184.84HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 26

 — Mamas and Papas. by xelliebabex04/08/184.87HOT

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 28

 — Little big secrets. by xelliebabex04/17/184.88HOTNEW

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