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Top Cat Ch. 05

 — Alice uses her camera to set up a threesome for TC. by mikado200503/26/094.67HOT

Top Cat Ch. 06

 — TC and Alice hit the road for some erotic adventures. by mikado200503/29/094.60HOT

Top Cat Ch. 07

 — Alice and TC continue their erotic journey. by mikado200503/30/094.54HOT

Top Cat Ch. 08

 — TC and Alice introduce the babysitter to bisexual love. by mikado200503/31/094.46

Top Cat Ch. 09

 — TC and Alice enjoy a threesome with their new friend, Renee. by mikado200504/03/094.70HOT

Top Cat Ch. 10

 — TC and Alice show off for an appreciative audience. by mikado200504/04/094.60HOT

Top Cat Ch. 11

 — TC, Alice, and their new friends go out on the town. by mikado200504/06/094.67HOT

Top Cat Ch. 12

 — TC and Alice tour the new house and almost get caught. by mikado200504/07/094.92HOT

Tormented: My First Time

 — Bella took us all and my virginity in the men's toilet. by SydJensen07/07/083.92

Torvaldsland Mysts Ch. 01

 — Karina meets the Norsemen of Torvaldsland. by simply_cyn07/30/044.11

Torvaldsland Mysts Ch. 02

 — Karina is tossed into a bondmaid circle by simply_cyn10/07/044.22

Total Woman Academy 01 Redux

 — Angelina, a Junior candidate. by bhuff11/20/144.21

Total Woman Academy 02 Redux

 — Brooke, a Junior. by bhuff11/26/144.71

Total Woman Academy 03

 — Caterina, a Sophomore candidate. by bhuff06/11/124.47

Total Woman Academy 04

 — Destiny, a graduating Senior. by bhuff06/13/124.62HOT

Total Woman Academy 05 Redux

 — Emily and the Executive Assistant Fashion Show. by bhuff12/05/144.33

Total Woman Academy 06

 — QC of Evaluation Assessments. by bhuff06/16/124.49

Total Woman Academy 07

 — Gillian: alumni guest coach and instructor. by bhuff06/17/124.26

Total Woman Academy 08

 — Holly: Time Management. by bhuff06/18/124.16

Total Woman Academy 09

 — Indira, a Senior candidate. by bhuff06/19/124.39

Total Woman Academy 10

 — Julie, a Junior Coaching Tune-up. by bhuff06/20/124.41

Total Woman Academy 11

 — Krista: Total Woman Academy alumnus. by bhuff06/21/124.24

Total Woman Academy 12

 — Lexie: the Post Graduate facility. by bhuff06/22/124.58HOT

Total Woman Academy 13 Redux

 — Maureen: Freewill Weekends and Graduate Internships. by bhuff02/05/154.40

Total Woman Academy 14

 — Nadia: a graduate. by bhuff06/25/124.56HOT

Total Woman Academy 15

 — Olivia, a sophomore. by bhuff06/26/124.46

Total Woman Academy 15a

 — Odette, a sophomore coaching tune-up. by bhuff12/09/124.64HOT

Total Woman Academy 16

 — Portia: Junior to Senior candidate. by bhuff06/27/124.59HOT

Total Woman Academy 17

 — Quinella: A Senior publicist. by bhuff06/28/124.58HOT

Total Woman Academy 18

 — Rosiya: a Freshman transferee. by bhuff06/29/124.29

Total Woman Academy 19

 — Simone: a Junior. by bhuff06/30/124.56HOT

Total Woman Academy 20

 — Tiffany: a Senior. by bhuff07/01/124.29

Total Woman Academy 21

 — Ushia: a patriotic graduate. by bhuff07/02/124.46

Total Woman Academy 22

 — Vanna and Vicki: alumni fantasies. by bhuff07/03/124.26

Total Woman Academy 23

 — Willow: a Junior by bhuff07/04/124.43

Total Woman Academy 24

 — Xalika: a graduate. by bhuff07/05/124.24

Total Woman Academy 25

 — Yvette: Bondage Fantasy Training. by bhuff07/06/124.27

Total Woman Academy 26

 — Zena: new Graduate Facility Housemother. by bhuff07/07/124.65HOT

Total Woman Clinic 01

 — Monday: Mandy, Tandem Cycling. by bhuff07/02/124.49

Total Woman Clinic 02

 — Tuesday: Juanita, Upper Body Workout. by bhuff07/03/124.44

Total Woman Clinic 03

 — Wednesday: Wandah, Core Strength Aquatics. by bhuff07/04/124.42

Total Woman Clinic 04

 — Thursday: Fujiko, Aerobic Action. by bhuff07/05/124.43

Total Woman Clinic 05

 — Friday: Frieda, Deep Massage. by bhuff07/06/124.50HOT

Total Woman Clinic 06

 — Saturday: Sati, Mediation Multiples. by bhuff07/07/124.56HOT

Total Woman Clinic 07

 — Sunday: Group Therapy. by bhuff07/08/124.52HOT

Total Woman Excursions 01

 — Winter Wonderland: New Year’s Day, Janice. by bhuff07/23/124.32

Total Woman Excursions 02

 — Winter Wonderland: St. Valentine’s Day, Feebie. by bhuff07/24/124.59HOT

Total Woman Excursions 03

 — Winter Wonderland: St Patricks Day, Marcy by bhuff07/25/124.67HOT

Total Woman Excursions 04

 — Winter Wonderland: A Sweet Farewell. by bhuff07/26/124.62HOT

Total Woman Excursions 05

 — Spring Fever: Spring Break, Ariel. by bhuff08/08/124.33

Total Woman Excursions 06

 — Spring Fever: May Day, Mai Mai. by bhuff08/09/124.10

Total Woman Excursions 07

 — Spring Fever: Summer Solstice, Joan. by bhuff08/10/124.55HOT

Total Woman Excursions 08

 — Spring Fever: Tantric Training by bhuff08/11/124.47

Total Woman Excursions 09

 — Summer Camp: Fourth of July, Julie. by bhuff08/20/124.44

Total Woman Excursions 10

 — Summer Camp: Dog Days, Agnes. by bhuff08/21/124.22

Total Woman Excursions 11

 — Summer Camp: Back To School, Stephanie. by bhuff08/21/124.20

Total Woman Excursions 12

 — Summer Camp: Water Sports. by bhuff08/23/124.46

Total Woman Excursions 13

 — Fall Festival: Hunter’s Moon, Oksana by bhuff08/24/124.45

Total Woman Excursions 14

 — Fall Festival: Lingerie Football, Noreen. by bhuff08/25/124.45

Total Woman Excursions 15

 — Fall Festival: Xmas Shopping, Debra. by bhuff08/26/123.80

Total Woman Excursions 16

 — Fall Festival: A Hard Day's Night, New Year's Eve. by bhuff08/27/124.55HOT

Total Woman Industries 01

 — Angelina: Rare Earth Minerals, Argentina Andes Plateau. by bhuff07/31/124.45

Total Woman Industries 02

 — Francine: Product Promotion, Cannes Auto Show. by bhuff08/01/124.58HOT

Total Woman Industries 03

 — Indira: Programming, Mumbai by bhuff08/02/124.32

Total Woman Industries 04

 — Greta: Manufacturing Robots, Munich. by bhuff08/03/124.29

Total Woman Industries 05

 — Aiesha: Financial Investment, UAE. by bhuff08/04/124.26

Total Woman Industries 06

 — Svetlana: Fabrication Facility, Stockholm. by bhuff08/05/124.52HOT

Total Woman Journal 01

 — Monday - Living Room - Jolie by bhuff01/04/164.56

Total Woman Journal 02

 — Tuesday - Bedroom Eyes - Belinda by bhuff01/05/164.80

Total Woman Journal 03

 — Wednesday - Strip Club - Farrah by bhuff01/06/164.00

Total Woman Journal 04

 — Thursday - Garage - Augustina by bhuff01/07/164.50

Total Woman Journal 05

 — Friday - Telethon - Paula by bhuff01/08/164.67

Total Woman Journal 06

 — Epilogue: Departures by bhuff01/09/164.00

Total Woman Mentors 01

 — Brandi and Mr. Walden. by bhuff03/25/134.27

Total Woman Mentors 02

 — Evelyn and Mr. Rubin by bhuff03/26/134.43

Total Woman Mentors 03

 — Karina and Mr. Moore. by bhuff03/27/134.50HOT

Total Woman Mentors 04

 — Maureen and Mr. Ingram. by bhuff03/28/134.25

Total Woman Mentors 05

 — Suzy and Mr. Clark. by bhuff03/29/134.00

Total Woman Mentors 06

 — Zuki, Zoey and Mr. Arnold. by bhuff03/30/134.40

Total Woman Pageants 01

 — South America: Miss Brazil, Bianca. by bhuff09/04/124.20

Total Woman Pageants 02

 — Pacifica: Miss Fiji, Fiona. by bhuff09/05/124.00

Total Woman Pageants 03

 — Caribbean: Miss Jamaica, Jamie. by bhuff09/06/124.42

Total Woman Pageants 04

 — Africa: Moryha, the Royal Consort. by bhuff09/07/124.75HOT

Total Woman Pageants 05

 — Europe: Miss Romania, Romysha. by bhuff09/08/124.19

Total Woman Pageants 06

 — North America: Mrs Texas, Tricia. by bhuff09/09/124.75HOT

Total Woman Requests 01

 — New York City: Gretchen. by bhuff01/02/134.62HOT

Total Woman Requests 02

 — South Beach Miami: Fabianna. by bhuff01/03/134.42

Total Woman Requests 03

 — Rocky Mountains: Erin, Irene. by bhuff01/04/134.40

Total Woman Requests 04

 — Las Vegas: Dorothy. by bhuff01/05/134.38

Total Woman Requests 05

 — Freewill Weekend: Coaching. by bhuff01/06/134.33

Total Woman Requests 06

 — Caribbean Sea: Bevin by bhuff01/07/134.00

Total Woman Requests 07

 — The World: Human Resources. by bhuff01/08/134.70HOT

Total Woman Security 01

 — Headquarters. by bhuff05/16/134.39

Total Woman Security 02

 — Atlantic City: Human Trafficking. by bhuff05/17/134.31

Total Woman Security 03

 — Nairobi: Ivory Poaching. by bhuff05/18/134.31

Total Woman Security 04

 — Amarillo: Industrial Secrets. by bhuff05/21/134.60HOT

Total Woman Security 05

 — Miami: Illegal Immigration. by bhuff05/22/134.12

Total Woman Security 06

 — Panama City: Money Laundering. by bhuff05/23/134.33

Total Woman Vignettes 01

 — Total Woman Academy. by bhuff09/05/134.53HOT

Total Woman Vignettes 02

 — Total Woman Clinic. by bhuff09/12/134.75

Total Woman Vignettes 03

 — Total Woman Excursions. by bhuff09/19/134.50

Total Woman Vignettes 04

 — Total Woman Industries. by bhuff09/27/134.20

Total Woman Vignettes 05

 — Total Woman Mentors. by bhuff10/03/134.67

Total Woman Vignettes 05A

 — Total Woman Mentors – The Beach House. by bhuff02/14/144.00

Total Woman Vignettes 06

 — Total Woman Pageants. by bhuff10/11/134.50

Total Woman Vignettes 07

 — Total Woman Requests by bhuff10/24/134.75

Total Woman Vignettes 08

 — Total Woman Security. by bhuff11/16/134.60

Total Woman Zodiac 01

 — Aries, the Ram: Coffee Shop Barista, Florida: Ariel by bhuff04/24/143.50

Total Woman Zodiac 02

 — Taurus, the Bull: South Beach, Miami: Tori by bhuff04/25/144.00

Total Woman Zodiac 03

 — Gemini, the Twins: Boutique Hotel Staff: Gina and Jenny by bhuff04/26/144.14

Total Woman Zodiac 04

 — Cancer, The Crab: Massage Therapist, San Antonio: Candice by bhuff04/27/144.33

Total Woman Zodiac 05

 — Leo, the Lion: Middle Eastern Belly Dancer, Houston: Leila by bhuff04/28/144.38

Total Woman Zodiac 06

 — Virgo, the Virgin: TWA Transfer Candidate, Phoenix: Vivienne by bhuff04/29/144.20

Total Woman Zodiac 07

 — Libra, the Balance: Balance of Life Restoration: Libby by bhuff04/30/143.80

Total Woman Zodiac 08

 — Scorpio, the Scorpion. Fetish Fashion Show, Sophie by bhuff05/01/144.00

Total Woman Zodiac 09

 — Sagittarius, the Archer: Paintball Game, Las Vegas: Sarah by bhuff05/02/143.71

Total Woman Zodiac 10

 — Capricorn, the Goat: Airport Layover, Chicago: Caprice by bhuff05/03/144.00

Total Woman Zodiac 11

 — Aquarius, the Water Bearer: Debt Settlement Cruise: Aquinia by bhuff05/04/143.42

Total Woman Zodiac 12

 — Pisces, the Fishes: Group Evaluation Assessment: Aquila by bhuff05/05/144.25

Tower Of Lust Ch. 01

 — Young stripper is given a proposal. by slavetara10/03/024.26

Tower Of Lust Ch. 02

 — Sandy takes the tour of the towers. by slavetara10/06/024.17

Toy Stories Pt. 01

 — it's strapped to my face... now I'm the urinal! by 1077ad01/09/144.80HOT


 — People in Southern California are so free and easy... by velvet hammer08/26/144.24

Tradition and Triumph

 — Winning an Indian Beauty. by Timthe10/28/084.38

Tradition and Triumph Again

 — An Indian beauty who begs to be won twice! by Timthe08/27/154.54HOT

Trailers West

 — A young man is hired to take a trailer, and it's owner. by The_old_man02/15/044.52HOT

Trailing Home

 — Liam meets an intriguing woman. by haremgirl12/19/054.73HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 02

 — Selena learns more about her escort. by haremgirl12/20/054.77HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 03

 — Selena and Liam adjust to married life. by haremgirl12/21/054.76HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 04

 — Selena confesses her darkest secret. by haremgirl12/22/054.82HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 05

 — Liam and Selena embark on their journey. by haremgirl12/23/054.79HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 06

 — Liam is ready to make a commitment by haremgirl12/24/054.86HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 07

 — Selena puts herself in danger. by haremgirl12/25/054.77HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 08

 — Selena takes her punishment. by haremgirl12/26/054.76HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 09

 — Selena learns life is fragile. by haremgirl12/27/054.80HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 10

 — Liam makes a grueling recovery. by haremgirl12/28/054.86HOTContest Winner

Trailing Home Ch. 11

 — Selena closes a chapter. by haremgirl12/29/054.80HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 12

 — Liam brings his bride home. by haremgirl12/30/054.83HOT

Trailing Home Ch. 13

 — The conclusion. by haremgirl12/31/054.86HOT

Training Tanya Ch. 01

 — Formerly innocent girl is seduced into kink by another girl. by BrettJ02/06/104.47

Training Tanya Ch. 02

 — Tanya enjoys her first lez 3-way with Raquel & CJ. by BrettJ02/08/104.50HOT

Training Tanya Ch. 03

 — Raquel accompanies Daddy on a ... business trip. by BrettJ02/10/104.63HOT


 — Centered around a Bed and Breakfast Inn and Family. by Allen5156602/15/113.75

Transformation by Trials

 — Tethered to Tradition and Drawn by Desire. by Timthe11/29/154.45

Transformation Ch. 01

 — A lonely woman finds her life changing in unexpected ways. by stilltrying05/11/033.75

Transterran Gambit

 — Solarstorm 2191- Chapter 10 by martincain07/30/034.80HOT


 — Sadly that night neither of us got our wish. by markelly05/14/144.79HOT

Travelling with Odette

 — A midlife crisis and teenage delights. by peterpecker11/02/074.59HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 01

 — Tre finds trouble at a casino. by Skidder06/30/054.47

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 02

 — Dinner, fun and an invite to dinner. by Skidder09/17/054.58HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 03

 — Dinner and an offer. by Skidder09/25/054.61HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 04

 — A dream & a warning. by Skidder10/04/054.61HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 05

 — Info, a dancer & an encounter. by Skidder10/30/054.52HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 06

 — Dinner and a surprise. by Skidder12/08/054.44

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 07

 — Visitors to the Villa and some explanations. by Skidder09/25/064.62HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 08

 — An unexpected summons from the Order. by Skidder10/16/064.71HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 09

 — Tre learns more and undergoes a test. by Skidder10/17/064.62HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 10

 — The Villa is attacked. by Skidder11/16/064.64HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 11

 — Tre learns still more and gains a new skill. by Skidder04/14/074.65HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 12

 — Tre gets an unwelcome surprise from the Order. by Skidder12/08/074.60HOT

Tre Lloyd Adventures Ch. 13

 — Tre meets his new apprentice. by Skidder01/01/084.45

Trial by Fire Pt. 01 Ch. 01-03

 — Two families struggle to survive after a worldwide disaster. by blackrandl195802/16/164.69HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 02 Ch. 04-07

 — The struggle to survive continues. by blackrandl195802/19/164.79HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 03 Ch. 08-10

 — Journey down the river. by blackrandl195802/26/164.79HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 04 Ch. 11-13

 — Journey down the river continues. by blackrandl195803/04/164.78HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 05 Ch. 14-15

 — Journey toward a new life begins. by blackrandl195803/11/164.79HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 06 Ch. 16-18

 — Building a new life after the volcano. by blackrandl195803/18/164.79HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 07 Ch. 19-20

 — Starting a new life after the volcano. by blackrandl195803/26/164.68HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 08 Ch. 21-23

 — Finding love in the ashes. by blackrandl195804/01/164.64HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 09 Ch. 24-26

 — An old nemesis returns. by blackrandl195804/09/164.74HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 10 Ch. 27-29

 — The aftermath of the Senator's attack. by blackrandl195804/13/164.66HOT

Trial by Fire Pt. 11: Conclusion

 — Resolution and new beginnings. by blackrandl195804/14/164.81HOT

Tribute to a Great Sex Partner

 — Final story submission highlights a five year affair. by walterio06/24/144.76HOT

Triple Threat Ch. 01

 — Nate's a draft pick, Rochelle tries to make him dependent. by markedas08/06/104.43

Triple Threat Ch. 02

 — Camp continues; Nate gets picked up at a club. by markedas08/07/104.50HOT

Triple Threat Ch. 03

 — Nate returns home as Rochelle's true character is revealed. by markedas09/10/104.43

Tropical Paradise, Foreign Ventures

 — The sixth installment in the Lance Sheldon Chronicles. by Worknhard4fun03/15/124.71

Trouble's Familiar Face

 — An FBI thriller with love and BDSM. by Hollenengel11/02/083.73

True Devotions

 — Alice looks back at different points in her life. by ClumsyKitten08/08/055.00

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 01

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya09/02/094.42

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 02-04

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya09/03/094.47

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 05-08

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya09/05/094.45

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 09-11

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya09/20/094.70HOT

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 12-13

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya09/21/094.57HOT

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 14-15

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya09/22/094.57HOT

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 16-17

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya09/23/094.61HOT

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 18-19

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya03/08/104.74HOT

True Love Never Goes Away Ch. 20

 — Did he really leave her? by AshiraDatya01/05/114.55HOT

True Match Ch. 01

 — April learns to live on her own after divorce. by KarennaC03/05/094.00

Truly Perverted Mommy Ch. 04

 — Tracey goes to meet an old friend ... and her daughter. by BrettJ06/13/114.45

Trust Fall Ch. 01

 — Tess Quince, a single-mom, meets Ben Sheppard. by tessquince02/21/144.15

Trust Fall Ch. 02

 — Tess looks to cancel her date with Ben Sheppard. Does she? by tessquince02/22/144.19

Trust Fall Ch. 03

 — Ben Sheppard picks Tess Quince up for their first date. by tessquince02/25/144.22

Trust Fall Ch. 04

 — Ben and Tess have a nice dinner out. by tessquince02/26/144.26

Trust Fall Ch. 05

 — The end of their first date. Tess Quince's world is opened. by tessquince02/27/144.36

Trust Fall Ch. 06

 — They day after...the best sex of Tess Quince's life by tessquince02/28/144.14

Trust Fall Ch. 07

 — Ben Sheppard finds something embarrassin in Tess' nightstand by tessquince03/01/144.43

Trust Fall Ch. 08

 — The intimacy of a shower and new uses for a Ford F-150 by tessquince03/02/144.38

Trust Fall Ch. 09

 — "....take off your panties right now and send them to me." by tessquince03/03/144.37

Trust Fall Ch. 10

 — Tess and Ben shop at a sex shop/A limo ride to remember by tessquince03/04/144.53HOT

Trust Fall Ch. 11

 — I'm thinking about love. by tessquince03/05/144.23

Trust Fall Ch. 12

 — Tess and her 'friend' from her nightstand, Randall by tessquince03/06/144.11

Trust Fall Ch. 13

 — Tess & Ben have 'the talk'. Ben takes complete control. by tessquince03/07/144.53HOT

Trust Fall Epilogue

 — "Jack, I've got one of the most toned asses in Cincinnati." by tessquince03/08/144.31

Trusting Ch. 01

 — Fantasies do come true for a bi couple. by Kitslit08/14/054.75HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 01

 — They meet, but it’s not the best start. by shandal11/01/094.61HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 02

 — The sparks fly between them. by shandal11/02/094.70HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 03

 — The sexual tension between them intensifies by shandal11/03/094.70HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 04

 — Making love, they finally get it together. by shandal11/04/094.77HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 05

 — Mitch has sex with the redheaded make up girl. by shandal11/05/094.55HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 06

 — Making up with Lisa. by shandal11/06/094.36

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 07

 — The one place they seem to be compatible, the bed. by shandal11/07/094.63HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 08

 — Realising he needs her, fun in the bath. by shandal11/08/094.53HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 09

 — First real date, going public by shandal11/09/094.68HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 10

 — The tables turned: he needs her & she's in control. by shandal11/11/094.67HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 11

 — She tells him about the baby. by shandal11/13/094.62HOT

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 12

 — Some relationships are just meant to be. by shandal11/17/094.74HOT

Twelve Days of Hrive 'Isia Ch. 01

 — Betrothed elven folk meet as celebration of Winter begins. by RedHairedandFriendly11/24/114.73HOT

Twelve Days of Hrive 'Isia Ch. 02

 — A virgin learns a lesson from a Priest and a whore. by RedHairedandFriendly11/27/114.67HOT

Twelve Days of Hrive 'Isia Ch. 03

 — Daughters reunited with their father; Secrets revealed. by RedHairedandFriendly12/01/114.79HOT

Twelve Days of Hrive 'Isia Ch. 04

 — A mother's revenge begins. by RedHairedandFriendly12/05/114.58HOT

Twelve Days of Hrive 'Isia Ch. 05

 — On the ninth day of Hrive 'Isia by RedHairedandFriendly12/08/114.87HOT

Twelve Days of Hrive 'Isia Ch. 06

 — The day before wedded bliss, and the conclusion. by RedHairedandFriendly12/11/114.86HOT

Twelve Hearts Ch. 3

 — He finds interracial porn on racist Cora's computer. by Svenskaflicka08/02/024.20

Twelve Hearts Ch. 5

 — Pony tells Amber his secret bi fantasy. by Svenskaflicka10/01/024.44

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 01

 — Some Xmas presents are harder to organise than others. by PaulUK01/13/034.56HOT

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 02

 — Two Turtle Doves. by PaulUK01/18/034.62HOT

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 03

 — Jessica's present reaches Day Three by PaulUK01/26/034.52HOT

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 04

 — Answering the door isn't always convenient by PaulUK02/01/034.78HOT

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 05

 — Five Gold Rings. by PaulUK06/13/034.65HOT

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 06

 — Six Geese A'Laying. by PaulUK08/05/044.79HOT

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 07

 — Seven Swans A'Swimming. by PaulUK08/10/044.75

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 08

 — Eight Maids A'Milking. by PaulUK08/08/044.67HOT

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 09

 — Nine Ladies Dancing. by PaulUK08/11/044.56

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 10

 — Ten Lords A'Leaping. by PaulUK08/12/044.71HOT

Twenty Years to Life Ch. 01

 — Friends try to plot the course of their lives. by Evil Alpaca03/10/054.72HOT

Twenty Years to Life Ch. 02

 — Isabel was Torrie's mistress. by Evil Alpaca03/23/054.80HOT

Twenty Years to Life Ch. 03

 — Torrie's "recovery" takes a turn for the better. by Evil Alpaca04/10/054.81HOT

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