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Wall of Trust Ch. 2

 — She looks for him. by Ishmael-N-Blue01/20/024.62HOT

Walls of Trust Ch. 1

 — She encounters a stranger. by Ishmael-N-Blue01/19/024.32

Wally's Pool

 — The pool was just an excuse. by Scorpio44a01/12/104.60HOT

Walther's Whore Ch. 01

 — New commanding officer takes control of government brothel. by chris 4405/05/064.39

Wanda's Story, Enhanced Ch. 01

 — The retelling of the lives and loves of Wanda Catron. by rpwilbur02/29/084.55HOT

Wanda's Story, Enhanced Ch. 02

 — Wanda gets a surprising offer from Anne. by rpwilbur03/04/084.75

Wanda's Story, Enhanced Ch. 03

 — Wanda's first night as a slave. by rpwilbur03/11/083.88

Wanda's Story, Enhanced Ch. 04

 — The rest of Wanda's first weekend as a slave. by rpwilbur03/19/084.18

Wandering Ch. 04

 — The continuing adventures of Lee Stephenson. by oldviking4003/23/084.69HOT

Wandering Ch. 05

 — The continuing journey of Lee Stephenson. by oldviking4009/07/084.70HOT

Wandering Ch. 06

 — Lee meets Charlie at the Ghost Town Lodge. by oldviking4011/22/084.66HOT

Wanderlust Pt. 01

 — A chance encounter leads Alec to cross all his boundaries. by AlecBannon09/26/143.91

Wanting Sex more Than Boyfriend

 — Spending the day preparing for sex, she gets her large cock. by oral_massagelover07/31/133.62

War Ch. 01

 — A lesbian and a chauvinist complete in the corporate world. by JLennon12/08/03

War Torn Ch. 01

 — Two lonely hearts find each other in the midst of war. by mjblythe01/06/164.41

War Torn Ch. 02

 — Two lonely hearts find each other in the midst of war. by mjblythe01/07/164.60HOT

War Torn Ch. 03

 — Two lonely hearts find each other in the midst of war. by mjblythe01/08/164.61HOT

War Torn Ch. 04

 — Two lonely hearts find each other in the midst of war. by mjblythe01/12/164.64HOT

War Torn Ch. 05

 — Two lonely hearts find each other in the midst of war. by mjblythe01/13/164.53HOT

War Torn Ch. 06

 — Two lonely hearts find each other in the midst of war. by mjblythe01/14/164.62HOT

War Torn Ch. 07

 — Two lonely hearts find each other in the midst of war. by mjblythe01/15/164.58HOT

Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 01

 — A repressed accountant finds danger, intrigue, and Love. by J-Stroke06/18/074.76HOT

Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 02

 — A repressed accountant finds danger, intrigue, and love. by J-Stroke06/27/074.87HOT

Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 03

 — A repressed accountant finds danger, intrigue, and Love. by J-Stroke07/05/074.84HOT

Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 04

 — Repressed accountant finds danger, intrigue, and love. by J-Stroke07/14/074.87HOT

Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 05

 — Repressed accountant finds danger, intrigue, & love. by J-Stroke07/15/074.85HOT

Warmth of a Mid Autumn Night Ch. 23-32

 — Romance novel Ch.1-22 under Romance. Ch. 23-32 under Novel. by Romantic_Intellectual09/24/11

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 01

 — Three ways to break the laws of love. by theeink06/30/144.10

Wednesday Nite Widows

 — Ladies card club spanks losers. by 80niner11/04/034.82HOT

Wednesday Nite Widows Ch. 02

 — Lady spanking partners pair off. by 80niner11/05/034.78HOT

Wednesday Nite Widows Ch. 03

 — Card club spanks ass. by 80niner11/18/034.74HOT

Wednesday Nite Widows Ch. 04

 — Spankers get a damn good licking. by 80niner11/22/034.83HOT

Week 1, Class 1

 — Dr. Green's first lecture in a college level sex-ed class. by FunDareGuy01/19/034.29

Week 1, Class 2

 — The course starts to get interesting. by FunDareGuy01/28/034.42

Week 1, Trip 1

 — The class takes a field trip to a nude beach. by FunDareGuy02/02/034.20

Week 2, Class 1 Pt. 01

 — The Sex-ED class gets into some new stripping fun. by FunDareGuy02/07/034.40

Week 2, Class 1 Pt. 02

 — Class explores sexual stimulation of all five senses. by FunDareGuy02/12/034.42

Week 2, Class 2, Pt. 01

 — Our sex-ed class continues their education. by FunDareGuy03/10/034.48

Week 2, Class 2, Pt. 02

 — The sex-ed class is back. by FunDareGuy05/08/034.50HOT

Week 3, Class 1

 — The class experiments in shaving, tattooing, & piercing. by FunDareGuy05/11/034.33

Week 3, Class 2

 — The sex ed class is back. by FunDareGuy07/17/044.36

Week 4, Class 1

 — The day before. by FunDareGuy08/25/044.67HOT

Week 4, Class 1 Pt. 01

 — The classes resume. by FunDareGuy08/08/074.63HOT

Weekend at Sleepy Creek

 — Michael had not been to Sleepy Creek Cabins. by AEPoe09/05/114.29

Weeping Violet

 — Brinley, free from The Chamber, is not the same. by sevenchambers05/02/164.40

Welcome Home Ch. 01

 — Lauren comes home and is greeted by her long time crush. by AlisonBanks09/22/134.33

Welcome Home Johnny

 — A one night stand turns into more. by Luckie_Duckie05/10/064.49

Wendy Ch. 01

 — Meeting Wendy. by Fable07/30/034.32

Wendy Ch. 02

 — Ellen. by Fable08/01/034.50HOT

Wendy Ch. 03

 — The Re-enactment. by Fable08/10/034.47

Wendy Ch. 04

 — She dug her heels into his hips. by Fable08/30/034.13

Wendy Ch. 05

 — Next time we'll put it on spin dry. by Fable08/31/034.29

Wendy Ch. 06

 — Saturday night with Mrs. P. by Fable09/05/034.24

Wendy Ch. 07

 — Are we going to fuck or hold hands? by Fable09/16/034.64HOT

Wendy Ch. 08

 — She did not lock the door behind them. by Fable10/04/034.57HOT

Wendy Ch. 09

 — "Since we're fucking," by Fable12/21/034.62HOT

Wendy Ch. 10

 — It's check mate. by Fable02/29/044.56

Wendy Ch. 11

 — Brenda. by Fable03/04/044.73HOT

Wendy's Weekend

 — Wife takes desperate measures to save her husband's job. by JennyGently02/15/164.72HOT

Werewolf Girl

 — A fierce young werewolf prowls the nightime streets. by Teurastaja02/22/154.38

Werewolf Girl Ch. 02

 — Vera gets to know her new human friend. by Teurastaja03/01/154.45

Werewolf Girl Ch. 03

 — Vera meets her other roommate. by Teurastaja03/09/154.48

Werewolf Girl Ch. 04

 — Vera struggles with the feelings she has about Lucien. by Teurastaja03/15/154.65HOT

Werewolf Girl Ch. 05

 — Lucien and Vera take it to the next level. by Teurastaja03/22/154.55HOT

Werewolf Girl Ch. 06

 — Vera and Lucien spend the evening together. by Teurastaja03/29/154.40

Werewolf Girl Ch. 07

 — Tension and a breakup. by Teurastaja04/05/154.43

Werewolf Girl Ch. 08

 — Full moon. by Teurastaja04/28/154.24

West Virgina Ball

 — Jim and friends select a dates for the formal dinner & ball. by BlackHat09/07/024.66HOT

Wet T Shirt Contest

 — magic TG story. Brad needs money for college; Daniel assists by ChrisYohn10/07/134.58HOT

What a Week!

 — Falling in love, between major crimes. by HansTrimble11/08/144.84HOT

What He Hoped For?

 — Was this really his submissive fantasy...or something else? by EdgarJames3403/02/13

What Sandy Was Not Told Ch. 01

 — Sandy's friend and Rick meet four Aussie girls. by leBonhomme10/09/124.29

What Sandy Was Not Told Ch. 02

 — With the four Aussie girls in their tent. by leBonhomme10/10/124.58HOT

What Sandy Was Not Told Ch. 03

 — 4 girls and 2 boys get very inventive. by leBonhomme10/11/124.10

What Sandy Was Not Told Ch. 04

 — Am I going to more than lick Mary with his cock in her?! by leBonhomme10/12/123.70

What Was I Thinking?

 — First date turns out better than expected. by KarennaC01/19/084.54HOT

What Was I Thinking? Ch. 02

 — Kelly and Charles's second date is better than the first. by KarennaC02/10/084.43

What Was I Thinking? Ch. 03

 — Kelly and Charles begin to build a relationship. by KarennaC03/16/084.73HOT

What Was I Thinking? Ch. 04

 — Kelly and Charles get ready for a party. by KarennaC04/01/084.29

What Was I Thinking? Ch. 05

 — Kelly and Charles have another date. by KarennaC04/13/083.95

What We Once Were Ch. 01

 — Iris is captured by demon army. by vampedvixen10/14/064.24

What's Her Name? I Can't Tell You!

 — The one time he believed in himself... by YDB9503/02/154.72HOT

Wheals of Fortune Ch. 01

 — Julie seeks money and finds her true self. by Calandria10/30/074.68HOT

Wheals of Fortune Ch. 02

 — Julie settles in as Mistress Rosa's slave. by Calandria11/08/074.62HOT

Wheals of Fortune Ch. 03

 — Julie helps prepare Pilar for slavery. by Calandria11/28/074.52HOT

Wheals of Fortune Ch. 04

 — Julie goes on holiday and recruits a maid. by Calandria01/13/084.82HOT

Wheals of Fortune Ch. 05

 — Julie is called upon to punish her Mistress. by Calandria01/29/084.62HOT

When Aunty Visited

 — Dennis finds his life with Aunty Renata. by Moondrift01/25/054.70HOT

When Galaxies Collide Ch. 1

 — Federation Officer & his lover are caught in civil-war. by VikingLass02/22/014.65HOT

When Life Gets Dull, Spice It Up

 — She gets together with a couple. by rubysen11/07/044.58HOT

When One Door Closes...

 — Pat slammed one door, not knowing what would happen. by Scorpio44a07/11/104.47

When One Door Closes... Ch. 02

 — When a quad family discovers what's missing. by Scorpio44a03/21/114.38

Where Did I Put The Sex?

 — I write erotica. Nobody knows, right? by oggbashan01/29/044.62HOT

Where Witches Walk

 — The end of the war is only the beginning of their journey. by Catalingus200502/24/084.37

Where's the Turkey Baster?

 — Family pitches in to help Sis have a child. by regularguy1301/31/154.48

Whip's Tenderness

 — A mysterious stranger that becomes an eternal memory. by bunnypoeta10/28/13HOT

Whispers of Erotica Ch. 01

 — First time encounter between lovers. by sensualwhispers6907/24/034.83

White Lightning Ch. 03

 — Brandon's forces former teacher to tease him. by IceBluePhoenix08/18/084.27

White Lightning Ch. 04

 — Brandon uses another woman to torment Miss Parker. by IceBluePhoenix09/05/084.57HOT

White Lightning Ch. 05

 — Brandon takes Miss Parker to the mall. by IceBluePhoenix09/10/084.51HOT

White Slaves of the Caribbean

 — Old Jim enslaves his fiancée & other tourists on vacation. by JimGrinsted06/27/143.90

Whitney's Naughty Relatives Ch. 02

 — Whitney and aunt Ophelia go to Sherri's lingerie shop. by BrettJ04/16/124.48

Who Am I This Time

 — He has a confrontation with his past life. by PenanceS04/29/034.75

Who Is Ch. 01

 — After being cheated on, Alicia resolves to start a new life. by CatRun10/02/154.05

Who Is Ch. 02

 — Alicia finds a new friend and new reasons to stay in college. by CatRun10/05/154.69HOT

Who Is Ch. 03

 — Alicia finally loses her virginity. by CatRun10/15/154.44

Who Is Ch. 04

 — Alicia finds herself in a threesome. by CatRun01/03/164.46

Who's Vanilla Now? Ch. 01

 — Co-workers begin a weekend of discovery. by sirhugs12/16/054.58HOT

Who's Vanilla Now? Ch. 02

 — Rachel and Mitch continue their adventures in a hotel. by sirhugs12/17/054.55HOT

Who's Vanilla Now? Ch. 03

 — More perversions on the path to Gwen's party. by sirhugs12/18/054.41

Who's Vanilla Now? Ch. 04

 — Weekend finishes with Gwen's perverse party. by sirhugs12/19/054.51HOT

Whoring Her Mother

 — To get out of debt, Lucia works in daughter Sandy's Bordello. by BrettJ08/26/114.42

Whoring Her Mother Ch. 02

 — To help out Sandy, Simone & Monique entertain Lenny. by BrettJ08/27/114.53HOT

Whoring Her Mother Ch. 03

 — Lucia's hired to help educate Christina's daughter Kimberly. by BrettJ08/28/114.53HOT

Whoring Her Mother Ch. 04

 — Learning Sandy's backstory - how DID she get where she is? by BrettJ08/29/114.52HOT

Whoring Her Mother Ch. 05

 — Sexy Lois is Lana's anniversary gift to her husband Frank. by BrettJ09/01/114.59HOT

Why Do I Write Incestuous Erotica?

 — I write incestuous erotica because I was bitten by a vampire. by SusanJillParker11/17/12HOT

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