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Not sure what happened...

When I last read this series Oliver and Lindsey were getting back together. I don't really think this new ending does the story justice. I have to agree with some of the other comments. The whole story line is based on Oliver and Lindsey's relationship which I really enjoyed. I really wanted a happily ever after for these two.

a sensuous tale

Very nice story. A truly erotic story on LE... sometimes hard to find amongst the 15 inch cocks and cheating BBC sluts and gelded wimp husbands. Keep it real.

Salute from long time fan

Thanks so much for coming back to post this finale. Have often wondered how you were doing and whether you were continuing to write. I saw in your bio that you may not have any new stories planned, but who knows. I hope this chapter brings you many new readers and fans. Bravo!

Do please continue

DfG As others have stated far better than I can, please keep going with this series. It is one of the best on here and I only wish I did not have to wait as long for the next post as I have for this one, yet you are the one who is writing and I could not complete one post in the time you have taken for the entire series so far, so who am I to ask so much from you. A full 5+ for you. Keep the good work coming. Thank you

Very good story. Thank you

Please continue this story

It is one of my favorite stories on Literotica and I await each new chapter to see the next developments.

truly disturbing.

What happened?

Last I read Oliver and Lindsey got back together? Did I imagine that chapter? No oliver had gotten off waaaaay too easy with Lindsey as I recall, but they were getting together again. Lindsey is who we all thought he belonged with. I hate to say it, but I hate this ending and it ruined the whole series for me. Everyone else ends up with the person the story is about,except this book? It ruins the whole series, the beat of the books is off now

Enjoyable read. Well done!

please continue please !!!!! been waiting for ages for this . thanks so much


I am so glad you are back, and finished up this story.

I don't know how I feel about this ending and I am definitely conflicted, but ending does make sense since it is entitled "Other People's Hearts." It is well written. I hope you continue on with stories for the rest of the family (i.e. Lucas, and Adrian).

note from GfG

I have plenty more in store for our hard up hero, but would like feedback on whether to continue. I am also considering going back to the start and re-writing the early parts. I would appreciate any constructive comments.
I will be working on a new story in a different category in the meantime. This other story has been echoing around in my head for some time and needs to come out.

Good story, you're an accomplished writer...

However, this story left me feeling unsatisfied. Much ventured, nothing gained. I'm still more than a little concerned that the finish was a knee-jerk reaction to grieving for his Grandpa, guess we'll never know. I don't understand his reasoning behind leaving Jasmine, but he sold her on the idea so who am I to argue. Still, a good story I enjoyed reading, but you should have extended the story to include the Grammy awards or something. Something cheerful and with promise. Ha!

Great! First time reading, love it so far...

Great writing as usual. Not sure how I missed this one, but it looks like a winner.

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