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it's good to have a motivated instructor

A willing and eager participant.

It can be wonderful for both parties.

@ anonymous. Nope! The world record for cheesiness would go to moogplayer :D

Quotation Marks et al

In response to Anonymous and Ezeerider, I can only say you both need to read more widely if having no punctuation marks stops you in your tracks. Booker and Miles Franklin award winning authors such as Roddy Doyle and Tim Winton respectively use techniques such as this as do many other published authors.

As to the caustic remarks re the need for editing, I can assure readers this piece has undergone a professional manuscript assessment. In addition I have a Masters in Creative Writing under my belt as well as published work in book form. Thank you for reading.

Categorisation of Story

I am new to this site and I so I checked what you have said Anonymous. I went to new stories and under each story it clear states how each piece is categorised with a description without me having to open any of them. MY description clearly states "gay and straight romance". Anyone specifically looking for gay stories no doubt uses search words as well, which will also find it. And anyone who doesn't want a gay story can avoid it. Pretty simple. The novel and novella category is there for a reason.

Double standards - an interesting thought?

So - it's OK for a man to visit a sleazy strip joint, but it's not OK for his wife to perform there?
This illustrates the hypocrisy of many people, surely?
If we, as a Western society, really believe in gender equality, this application of "moral outrage", dependant on the sex of the individual, cannot be right.

Second best story ever!

This is the second best ever story that i have read over on the site. And that is really something.

Excellent excellent writing. Incredible story.

they need to include Fran

Even if it means all 3 of them cuddle together.

what ever happened about

his stolen car?
Was it recovered?

the heart knows better than the brain

Fran might not be stimulated by male penetration
But she might have enjoyed oral?


doesn't follow rules

It is who it is

Read where?

I think I've read this before too, just don't remember where and that it was a very good story.


There goes another box of Kleenex.


Sort of unlikely though that Tom Folsom drew so many people into the company but
still did close out the IT network.

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