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Brilliant ... thought provoking...

I just love your style and story lines - I never know what you're going to write next... keep 'em coming!

Thank you for your kind words...

...and rest assured, chapter 3 is being written right now. The action will be a little slower, but it lays the foundation for some hotter stuff to come, as well as providing some insights into both Galatea and Sir Stephen.

i love this story

5 stars. hopefully you'll add a few more chapters!!!!


After a break to deal with other stories that need an ending, Alec and his brilliant women will return!

What HDK said

You missed one here, Friday Football would have been as important as their party.


Just can't wait for the next episode in Sir Stephen's total power. Enormous turn-on!


It started Out good and it's got a lot better
Keep up the great work


Just superb, no other word will do. And complete; in spite of all the loose ends, the story is a complete stand-alone, as is. To fill it in would be to upset the wonderful balance. Ausfet's characters are always complex, frequently flawed, and struggling for something, just like real people. Some of the best writing I've seen on this site, ever.

Great chapter👍

Now we know why Sue broke up with Tom but when will they get back together? It seems John and Tom may be heading for an alteration before this is over. Not to mention the bombshell between Jimmy and Sue! Look forward to next chapter!

Wow, that's hot!

Sue and Mary Ann shared some steamy, erotic stories in this chapter. Looking forward to the next one.

Totally absorbed....

I think I read the whole eleven pages without breathing; just a wonderful story with great characters. Hope to hear more of them, but I'm not sure anything could top this.

thank you so much


Eleven and half hours

Hand job for over 11 hours, and did not cum. Wow.

Well written

Fascinating story premise...well executed so far. Nicely paced for this category. I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter.

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