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The rest of the story...

... is on its way. Chapter three is up and I am half way through chapter four right now. Thank you for commenting!


What ever happened to the rest of the story?



That Don!!! Is so blinded by his perverted lust, he can not see or hear what his wife is trying to convey to him. I have a notion that at some point she; Bridget is going to confront her own choices. Because although she imply too her husband. She had reached a crucial moment. She herself could have said enough is enuff.


Hot fun and riding in the park. Great fun had by all. Wish the story continued.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking us on a wonderful ride! I hope your stay with the doctors is a short one.

Idiotic cuckcrap!!! MINUS 5*!!!

An adult who lost his brains and thinks he is an author!!!!

Idiotic cuckcrap!!!! MINUS 5*!!!

Unbelievable how an adult can write such a bunch of crap!!!

Came in much sooner than I expected.

Still wish there was more than 5 stars available. Thanks for clearing up some of the loose ends.
I started re-reading the other stories. Taking them in order of their being written. I am 2 chapters away from starting on There Must Be Some Mistake. Still enjoyable reading them again.
Best of luck for those seven days. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Best wishes

Good luck and Best wishes looking forward to many more chapters!!!

It's always a pleasure to read a new chapter in this saga. God go with you on your visit to the clinic.

Sue suffered ... oh boo hoo!

Fucking CUNT deserved to be ass raped by 20 BBC's with AIDS!

EAT SHIT Curious2CUCK ... and die ASSHOLE!!!

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