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Its a very well put together beginning.
Wonder what your IQ is?

Fixed version of this chapter

Chapter 12 originally also contained chapter 13 and some double sections as well, due to a copy/paste error. This has now been fixed. Expect 13 shortly and then we are back on track. Any comments posted under chapter 12 were lost, I'm afraid. Please see my profile to claim your compensation. If you were affected by the events depicted in chapter 12 and the copy paste error, and would like to speak to a human being, please call the Nestlé consumer hotline. Thank you.

I hope the rest of the story is better.

Sorry but the plot is pretty obvious so far. I will not post it for those that have not figured it out already but I know if she will go undercover or not, who one of the bad cops are and a pretty good idea what will happen.


Gipsy: if you don't like it, don't read it. Haremgirl: that was a well written engaging story that had me hooked from the start. Admittedly some parts were hard to read but congrats on writing a great story 5/5

Just started this story at the last episode. It is really hot. Will now go back and start again at the beginning.

New and interesting protagonist

Read this story through twice as it was so different to this authors normal style, far more powerful and controversial.
Great storyline, excellent characterization, and so well composed.
It would be great to see more of Lucky Jack in the future.

Super Story

What an absolutely super erotic-romance story this has been so well written with real feeling. Your descriptive powers are amazing the reader feels as if he is really there with the protagonist. The chapters set in Austria are obviously drawn from personal knowledge of the region and the sailing sections likewise.
I was introduced to your writing and to Literotica by my girlfriend who has followed your stories for a long time and have now also become a faithful follower.

Gordon M


Good to see another story from Chuck, one of my favorite authors on another site.... This was a fun start, good build with lead, can't wait for more..... 5*****

Oh hell yes, MORE!

Great story, great opening, great potential. Please don't stop :)

Bless You

God be with you and again another great addition to this story. Stay well and prayers are with you.

Please continue with the story

Nice capture

Nice capture of the attitude and emotions. Very nice delivery of the humor, when appropriate.
MST, you could very well turn this into a long series in multiple genres. You could also very easily turn this into a novel and sell it for a huge profit. If you do please let us know, I know I will buy it!
At any rate please consider this my vote for you to continue the story. Of course I gave it five stars, I'd give it more if they allowed.

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