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Absolutely worth the wait .

A wonderful story

very exciting and well written. I enjoyed it very much

AJ Cronin

I remember a very similar plot in an AJC book, the title escapes me.
Very well written though the differences between "its & it's" should be corrected (A common mistake, made between possessive and abbreviation). Otherwise, very good!

What is she doing?

Why is she getting married to some boring stupid guy? Seriously? Love the story though. :)

Not related

Damn, I read 5 pages just to find out they weren't related. What the fuck.

Oh My God

Pun intended.
I am totally blown away, what a story.
Sheer perfection.
Thank you so much.

Holy moly!

I must say that this is an awesome piece of work here! Over the past few days I've read most of your stories and they all have been very very interesting. Keep doing what you are doing! Yes many of them may end abruptly or have an open ending for continuation, but that is entirely up to you and I cannot fault you for it. You may or may not choose to write a follow up for any the stories you have written and I applaud you for what you have done. So many different types! You are now on my favorite list along with this story. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Toaden


Strunk and White

Amazing Series!

Well thought out. Sensitive to the issues concerning the Paris attacks. Heart felt sentiments. Great action and interesting characters. I really love this story.

I was wrong


I've been bitching about the lack of a story arc. I've realised that I'm wrong & you're right. This is not a novel, it's a soap opera. There is no end point & no need for one.

I love it & I'm sorry for making unnecessary waves (though I agree with the comment about Naomi & self-defense classes - surely she wouldn't need them).

Well done

it is up to your standards

just finished, and now i will go fix a turkey meal.
like how you are bringing things together back on earth.
and life on the ship.
you do write a great story.
the only thing wrong is now i have to wait aprox. another 3 weeks.
thanks for the sheer enjoyment.


I wouldn't be surprised to discover that half of the government officials are involved with the plot. As long as business owners are involved in government, the best interest of the people will always lose.

just saw this posting

O M G was getting ready to go to the kitchen to start cooking my smoked turkey legs, but to heck with that. i am going to have a special thanksgiving treat right here and just read. i will leave my comment when done with this chapter. but thanks for this thanksgiving feast.

Great story, but

From a story perspective, this is complex and gripping, and the close of part 2 brings me to tears. I am waiting for the next installment, and wanting it yesterday.

From a technical perspective, your sentence structure needs a lot of work. You are using qualifying asides as whole sentences, using periods where there should be commas. The grammar errors interrupt the flow and creates a reading process that feels fragmented.

But from a creative standpoint, your story is fantastic.

Nice teaser

Looking forward to seeing her take that step and why is she with that hopeless guy?

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