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Well this was another unexpected plot twist. I had assumed that the Dr would have to find a way to deal with Aiya's defiance. It seems I was right. I am not sure what this "bitch breaking" will entail but I imagine it won't be what Aiya is expecting. Her member will probably not get much use for a bit. Only a guess, but another exciting installment.

Good job !

Let the story continue to follow to conclusion, please.

Excellent as always!

What would a comment be without a few quibbles.
The leasing company is variously TS, MS and ML.
Det Sgt Norris makes two references to the criminal Smith father and sons. The father died penniless and there is nothing about the brothers' criminal activities.
No explanation as to what Ned had against his brother so as to want to murder his wife. There is no prior link between Ned and Toby.
Amos, Clarence and Scott were unnecessary padding.

Love the story!

The end of this chapter has me more on the edge of my seat than ever. I can’t wait for chapter 9. Thank you for not only the story but the journey you are taking us on. If you need any help editing this story, i would be glad to help out in any way i can via email. Great job AuroraIncident!


WOW!!!!! Barry's still an ass-wipe and the "good doctor" is still a manipulating fuck wad! Poor Carol has a serious problem that is not being helped and hubby has way tooooo much trust int he old doc! In the end, Barry will be responsible for his wife's collapse because, basically, because he won't take any responsibility here! He knows his wife has a problem but only goes to some ass-wipe pshyco for any kind of answers! HE IS SO LAME!


REALLY?????!!!!!! Barry becomes VP, then acting Pres. and he can't see how he's being manipulated????? PLEASE!!!!! Simply, he's an ass-wipe!
The "good doctor" is a conniving slime-ball interested ONLY in proving his theory, no matter what the cost to his "patients"! Ironically enough, Carol is is the only one here with any true character!

To Anonymous

I appreciate the comment, but wish I had a chance to respond to you personally, which I can't because you're anonymous. I have every intent of finishing the story. I'm about ¾ finished with the next chapter, and a little more than ¾ finished with the entire novel. I have seriously thought of creating a regular book out of it, but I suspect if I do, I'm going to have to lose the sharing of Ailene with the brothers, make it more mainstream. It can still be sexy, but that's more for the Literotica audience than the world at large in my opinion.

If I should do something this long in the future, I'm thinking of having the whole thing written out in advance, then releasing the whole thing a chapter every few days so there isn't as long a wait for the next installment. I've got an idea kicking around right now which might receive that type of treatment. I'm still thinking about it. The story will definitely be written, I'm just not sure of the format.

I'm glad you like it. I'm putting a lot of work into it so it's always good to get feedback. I don't even mind negative feedback as long as it's in a constructive way. "You could improve this by ....." I may not always follow the suggestions, because it's still my story to be told, but I'm always willing to listen.

Oh, to be young....

....and invincible. What a difference a few years make.What a difference sobriety makes. *****


Tender and sweet sex scene with Roberto

I Fell In

Love with USA and many of the People! Mr Author Sir! Please the rest of the world think the United States is made of Sandwich People (inbred) Because of what you and your Media say about your own people! Please do you hate your own Country! Because it bloody looks like it! Fucks Sake just say their from another country just living in the USA! Thanks for sharing this Fantastic/incessant weird story ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WOOF!

Neither sorrow nor joy

Feels like purgatory for Melissa. Interesting ping-ponging story structure from pre to post fall. *****

Oh my G...!

I absolutely love this story so far! I can’t help but wonder if you’ve tried getting it published, because in my opinion, it is that good. I believe I would definitely buy a copy; especially if it continues as it has begun.

I gave you four stars out of five. The only reason I didn’t give you all five is because the story is not finished. If you continue and finish it as well as you’ve begun it, I will definitely give you all five stars at the conclusion.

Please continue!
Please finish!

My hope is that Blackthorne is killed (hopefully in a slow and painful manner) and that there winds up being three couples, each with their own property somewhat near each other. First, Stuart and Ailene could stay at Cameron Keep, since Stuart basically already runs it. Then, Frang and Isobel could continue running McTavish’ former property, which they renamed Lady Luck Farm, because Frang simply got lucky to win it in a poker game in the first place. Before, finally, Thorburn and Teárlag wind up together, running Blackthorne’s former property, which they would of course rename.

I would love it if you could continue this for a while and finish with a “happily-ever-after” ending.


Perfect! A Fucken Male Fantisy!!

Hallo blackbel2003!

Let me see if I have this story plot right.... This male prick Rodrigo, is telling your Amazons what to do, as he is fucking everyone, females and males..... Including the Amazons? Is that really your idea of a Amazon Warrior?? .... Or could it be that you just have a problem with strong women? .... Because your not describing Strong Lesbian Amazon Warriors, no just weak willed women!!!!

Now my Amazons, would have had that little male prick tied spread eagle between two trees, as the Amazon Warriors, sat with arms and legs wrapped around their lesbian lovers watching him and waiting for the public entertainment to start.... Two of the Amazons, one on each side of him, is holding up pieces of tree branches, one a foot long as big around as a finger and the other as long and big around as an arm.... The Amazon with the small branch holds it up to the laughing and cheers of the other Amazons, and smiling she shows him the branch as she takes his cock in her other hand and she forces it into the small hole twisting and turning the branch until it can go no further, then she waits as the other Amazon with the large branch holds it up for all to see, before moving to his ass and pushing one end of the branch up against his asshole and holding it in one hand she uses a stone in the other hand to pound the branch up his ass.... Then both Amazons step back to fully enjoy his screaming, as they listen to all the sounds of orgasms coming from the other Amazons watching.... And after a few orgasms the two Amazons go back to him for a little more fun, the first Amazon. Smiling she takes hold of his cock and startes fucking the branch in and out of it, as fast as she can until she has blood all over her hand and he is screaming again.... The other Amazon takes hold of the large branch hanging out of his asshole, and startes pulling and pushing it, in and out of his bloody asshole in a slow fucking motion.... Until he dies, or they get bored with him!.... And if he survives, he will spend the rest of his days as a human toilet, eating the shit and drinking the piss, of Superior Lesbian Amazons!

Look! blackbel2003! You have my name and email so, if you disagree with me you know what to do!

Gay Kat.

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