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Very well done

The depth of your characters made the story more than good. It reminds me of some of the old time western novels or movies. This is the first of you works that I've read but it won't be the last.

Thank you for the hard work. Not an easy task keeping everything together with a story this long.


So I didn't read the story but felt the need to mention that I think that the Twelve Vitali would make a fantastic band name.

Well structured start

Native Americans, Gold Rush, Railroad, Ranching, Cattle, spuds, this could go anywhere. Lead On.

Bad even by porn movie writing standards

Spiking drinks is a thing, but roofies are more of the tranquilizer, depressant type. Certainly not with stimulants, which would make someone more difficult to control.

Couldn't read the whole thing; it was just written to implausibly to get into. Not erotic or believable.

Thank You Joe

Great, Great, Great Story....I prefer the longer stories. Randi brought in the C/W theme and you smoked it. IMH&HO (humble & honest opinion)....the best of the best.
Thank You......ALL

Ahh, literotica

If someone isn't whipping their eyes they are wiping utensils out because no one proofreads.

It Is About Time

I had to tease you, Mr. Qhml1.
Glad to know your ticker is still wound up, young man. *LoL* If you need an editor, feel free to drop me a line. Info is in my profile or look me up on that FaceBook dohickey.
~Uncle Bozzin


I've always been a fan, but this is the best I've seen. I wanted to save this until last, but I couldn't wait. What a story!

I also want to say to Blackrandl1958, you made quite a splash. I had read your novels and noticed when you won some contests. You are a great writer, but doing the events you have been doing is, by far, the best thing that has happened on this site in the years I've been reading here. I've never seen so many five star stories posted on this site in one day. It's going to take me weeks to read them all, but I'll get to it. The three I've read are just exceptional. Thanks from a grateful reader. RPL

great read!

i always loved the western stories. this was very good

Keep up your great story!

Please keep your story going. I can't wait to read more chapter's in this story. Keep them coming.


She and my brother Samuel's *(wife)* were twins.

Great story

One of the best stories written! I wish you had divided it up into multiple parts.

Boyd Percy


As a soldier this really spoke to me!

Nicely done. Not a bad coming of age/first time story.

Great start

Shit...absolutely no willpower. Knew I should have waited to start this I have to relive the nightmare of DQS's WWWM daily checks for updates :) Can't wait for the next chapters though.

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