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i like

Oh yeah I like where this is going and hope you are not done yet

Excellent read!

Can't wait to read the next one.


I like the possibility of this story and look forward to seeing where it goes. Please don't take too long with the next submission.

was hoping for more mother-daughter play

a unique opportunity for some incesty threesome action...but none to be had.

Good but Confusing

I like the story but there are some inconsistencies with the characters last names. Sometimes Monroe becomes Moore, and Thomison becomes Morrison. That can be very confusing and frustrating as you continue to read. Also the relationship between Shane and Angela was a little unbelievable in some places because it was moving so fast. They said I love you after what two days. But If you can ignore some of those things it's a pretty good story.

wonderful grown up sci-fi

I have loved reading this tale, it's so compelling and well constructed.

Only criticism is that it could do with a bit of proof reading as there are a few spelling mistakes and incorrect words here and there, however, this doesn't detract from the quality of the story.

Please consider completing the tale, I'd love to know if he makes it back to Falkirk and Takanli or if he decides to stay on earth with Gemma, or does he manage to wangle both?

Thank you

getting bored with the asshole bank guy, as well as the rest of the story. all we are reading over and over again is the little mouse wants to be a slut for the woman she saw as nothing more then a whore that came in and took the job she should have got by virtue of actually knowing the fucking job to someone that cant even spell the word bank.

This is a great tale

It's been something like 5 years since the author wrote this chapter. So far I have seen all the earmarks of a successful saga albeit perhaps just half finished.

I am certain others would agree with me. I do wish this tale would continue to a point where Ran's and Paul's fate is determined, Paul's future connection to the dojo / cultural center is completed,and to seejust how many women wind up being attached / married to him. You cannot have a harem otherwise.

This has been a good read to this point... let's continue forward please.


Closure! You did a masterful job with this chapter! Thank you!

Another gem

Chapter after still hook me.

Shes a callow cunt Unworthy of him

Acts like a HS soc chic cheerleader.

What the heck?

What is this? "
(Yo dat Kingdom Hearts/Utada Hikaru reference dog!!!!! Smash that m-f'in like button if you mad hyped for KH3 bitch!)"

Too much more of that will alienate the older folks. Knock it off!


As a dominant woman, with a male slave... I found this paragraph to be timely...

"I look to him, and realize that perhaps...respect isn't just about showing reverence. Maybe respect...maybe respect is also fighting with someone when you're trying to teach them something. Maybe a lot more flexible than I originally thought."

While reverence is a wonderful thing. Struggling through the learning part of D/s isn't always addressed from the D's side. Most stories are of the submissives' education, but in real life, we learn from each other. It is nice to have that pointed out in a fantasy story.

Nice job!

Thank you all

Thank you for reading me and enjoying. I will be working on new chapters for this tale soon and I hope you stay to enjoy. You're all lovely! Mmmmmmwah xoxo ♡♡♡

So glad to have found this!

I'm getting more and more impressed as the story moves on. I hope this story goes for a very long time.

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