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Glad you liked it!

If I write a chapter that is a little tamer and lighter on the action, I do try to follow it up with some fun (I still have it in my head that people will be disappointed with an installment lacking in explicit sex...maybe that's just an irrational fear on my part). I hope I struck a good balance with the threesome; I was nervous as to how it would be received.

Anyway, thanks for reading! We're in the middle innings now so I hope you enjoy what is still to come!

Look it was a good story, but way way way disportionate in too much detail.

You spent 2 pages just selling the daughter a car.

Then you give the retribution of the scumbags a couple paragraphs?!!

The end gets "chopped off" yet it seemed we had every word of every conversation ever had!

It is almost like you were a bit sorry that you had to have the vengeance in the story. So you made it as quick as possible to the point of so little detail that we only know how one of the scum was killed.

Meh, coulda been a very good story, but this really let it down big time.

A question:

Are you the same anon that made this suggestion (and same accompanying 1-star rating) on the last chapter? If so (or if not) can you give me a little more detail? Typos? Grammar? I've never planned on bothering anyone with the task of editing my work. I know I miss a few errors here and there but I also try to get it pretty clean before I post. If you could enlighten me a little as to my mortal writing sins, it might be helpful.

Not bad at all

I would not mind seeing more of the ladventures of this d-merc with liquid green eyes

Nothing like a bad ending

To go out with a "thud" rather than a "bang". What a waste of time.

Get an editor

This was poorly written.

100-megaton no less

TRC, as usual you delivered A BOMB for us.
"I'm here now."... dude, I swear you're gonna be the death of me. I couldn't even begin to describe what I felt when I read that.
Congratulations and please please please keep it up.

Thank you

Thank you. I have enjoyed every minute of your wonderful story. Who says that humour does not fit with erotica. I laughed until i cried at many points but particularly on the parachute descent. .

Great work

Not your best , but damn close to it. I wish that you'd start publishing again. You were consistently one of the best authors on this site.

My memory

is the designation of the '60s era Volvo was PV544. Had a '60. Never could find a mechanic who could keep it reliable.

Very nice story.

You miquoted Clinton

It was "did not have sexual relations". It is a term which means coitus, not oral sex.

A poignant narrative

This is one of the most moving accounts of a dedicated employee I've ever read. Thank You. Don't be discouraged by the moonbrains.

thanks for a beautiful love story

in the tradition of old time stories ending this series was a platform for the message being shared with the reader. mutual love and respect and a desire to make sure your partner has a pleasant and fulfilling experience could be the moral of the story.

well done.

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