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Here's my comment for Pt. 1, since you wouldn't allow comments there!

Juvenile, virgin male junior high school male fantasy. 44 year old male suddenly becomes a sex good, boinking four different women 10 times in 36 hours?

Fantasy was the proper category for this long-winded absurdity. 1 Star for all the chapters, since I can't give negative numbers! (I do admit I only skimmed 2-6, and still had to wash my hands and eyes from skimming your horseshit!



This is a good story. However, if you're just starting,

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!! You'll invest your time and attention for 5 chapters and he just leaves it unfinished.

Here's how it works...

...when you lead me on for 5 damn chapters only to leave it unfinished? You get the lowest score possible, for the lowest behavior possible.

Score Card

Been enjoying the story for a good long time. However, the many, many people involved can be confusing. Could you add a brief listing of the characters at the beginning of each chapter? Something really simple like: Linda - wife, Sophia - neighbor, mother of x and y, etc. I recall a relative with two daughters, but can't remember their names, and would like to see them featured a bit. Thanks!

Not Cool Dude!

Seriously? You can't leave us on a cliffhanger like that and preface your story saying you don't know if you'll ever finish this trilogy. This and The Archer are fantastic, and I hope you get around to the next one. Do you have a rough estimate of when it might be up?


HDK, your foresight is uncanny. You have to get Gwen, Steve, and Kate back to Washington. The trash is piling up and really needs to be carried out and dumped. At least I look forward to it happening in your story. Too bad, not much hope in actuality.

Great story wish you would add more to it

4-Way Wanted

Now its getting somewhere, has been a lot of talk and not much sex.
How about he gets it on with all three, Auntie, Mom and twin Sis for some real action.


Alright, so I'm slightly ashamed of this, but after reading stories on Literotica for three years, I'm only getting an account to tell you one thing: PLEASE do not stop writing this story. Somehow, I have fallen in love with it, and I want more. Your writing is phenomenal, your characters feel real and beautiful, and I spent all of today thinking about where this story might go. I'm not sure what sorts of comments you're supposed to leave here, and I hope I'm not weirding you out, but to me, this is more than some porn story. This is something I would buy at a fucking bookstore. So keep writing.

Superb account of a young mans first love.
Looking forward to the next chapter


interesting. Rich people just don't get it. Thanks for sharing.

Not bad

You keep saying i hit her cervix yikes!!!!! let up on the cervix hitting. Not that i ever could hit one but its very painful to the woman. We got it in chaper 1 massive cock that hits the cervix.

Keep on with new chapters please

Great stories keep them coming.
Love Kristen... stairway to paradise eh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Like this story so much must have read it six times from the start. Lulu is one of my favourite people, he should get with her as his partner

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