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Omg pls no pls let Elizabeth be with Henry pls pls pls they are better together

I like this story

To repeat, I really enjoyed this story. The mechanics were good, story and character development was just right. Hell, you even gave explanations to the Japanese words you used. You wouldn't believe how many authors leave you hanging by using different languages with giving the meaning.
Again, nice job, please continue to publish on Lit.

Another fascinating chapter!

There's so much to sift through in this chapter! Who are all these families/organizations coming out of the woodwork? Is Cat's supposed grandfather a member of one of them? I'm still confused about Vanessa so I'd like to hear her story from her. I was under the impression that her husband had hurt her but then sometimes it was referred to as some sort of accident. Is she covering for him? Was it really an accident? Was his family trying to shut her up? And why are the Citali's not all over it? Or have they separated her from him and we just don't know because nobody has told Cat the truth of what happened (a very annoying trait of the men is the tables). And how is harassing Cat with lookalike Nik's to the Martino's goal? We're they hoping someone would go to the secret prison to check Nik was still there and they could follow them or try and trace a call to the facility to learn it's location? Why would some tables know that a secret prison was an available option? Both the Donatis of the table that was blown up and the Vitali fathers know of it but the head of the Martinos doesn't? I can understand they didn't know Matteo's mother was still alive until now but I don't get why they can't approach the Papillo about the location or set up some family member to have supposedly done something so horrendous that they need to be put in a secret prison for the presumed dead, contact the Papillo, and get the location while having said family member committed to the jail. It seems like that'd be a more logical plan than Nik lookalikes. I can't wait for more and to learn the answers to some of these questions!

I love the...

Zen like ideas behind this story. I think That it deserves 5 stars for the path the three “sisters” are taking together...


I am out of here, tappet/common/etc. squared. Waste of usable bandwidth. Utter crap.


No pratt or tappet..must be plain common. South side of the US? Hillbilly mentality? When does precious little sister enter the narration - sorry no mention on that issue - come on, have some balls and make this something .. else... Yuck


Decisions, decisions? Not a pratt, neither a tappet, then a one cell brain - amuba? yeah!


No, not a pratt, rather a tappet

A good addendum

This story was a capstone to Wooodmanone's original trilogy. Expanding it to encompass the forming of a new state and the political machinations of unscrupulous politicians seeking power at any cost was the context needed to fully flesh out the story of a "more civilized" society that still had roots in a violent time. The added feature of recapping the end of the mountain man way of life was skillfully interwoven through this as well. All in all, a great addition to an already appreciated work. Great job.

Reply to I don't get it

You're certainly entitled to your opinion
You seem to have missed something, at the beginning: the title.
It's only partly a story about a young teacher starting out. The real meaning has to do with the fact that Chris is inexperienced and utterly clueless about women, sex, and relationships. He is a student in a class of one.
Moe offers to be his first tutor. The irony here is that she doesn't know what she's doing with her own life.
Chris is going to make mistakes. Real people make mistakes, fail to learn from them, and make the same mistakes again.
A story like "Boy meets girl, boy makes all the right decisions, they live happily ever after" would be fairly dull - at least I think so.
Basically, I meant for this story to be a variation on the 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince(ss)'. It seems that, in your case, I failed. Sorry about that.

Reply to It's a good thing

"It seems sex is the priority in every aspect of his life"
Umm ... this IS the Literotica site, isn't it?

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