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Thank you for reading

Hi, Ron here. What the hell happened in the last comments section, right? Anyway, this one may seem short but from my perspective it's five pages of A4 or 2900 words. Chapter 22 is already queued up, waiting for moderator approval.

You can get the full story now and/or sign up to my mailing list. There's a sequel to this but it's not coming to this site because of their guidelines. It will be out soon.

Check my bio (click my name) for more info.

Oh, I could use some help with the cover. I bought a stock photo and put a title on it, but it lacks a certain... je ne sais quoi. What's the word... talent! I lack talent. Or maybe you've been drawing sexy portraits of Kate and Melody. Or funny ones, of Martin and Rose chasing away a reporter.

Tell you what, if you send in halfway decent fan-art, I'll send you the sequel for free. And if I use it in the book, I'll pay you for it. Contact form is in my bio.


PS Fair warning, I'm going to kill off Ron Weasley. He's not working as a character

I give up

This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder, with totally unbelievable characters. So chapter seven is as far as I am going to read.


Let the Sex commence. Nice dream sequence.

Perverted drivel !

As is norm for British degenerates. 1* !!


months and months to finish this crap?


with all the possibilities offered by a 18-year-old who KNOWS THE FUTURE you went with fucking gods drama. bravo.


fuck this shit. I'm done. if you want to read a good doover story there are many on storiesonline. this one sucks. big time!

Please finnish

I hope this guy is still alive. He said he had lung cancer in one of the chapter prefaces. King key if u are still around please finnished


way to RUIN a good story! wish I had stopped at ch3 so I'd have avoided this nonsense. stupid fucking gods? and it took you MONTHS to come up with this crap?


vegas? what the fuck is this idiocy? what happened to high school?

and why the hell is he such a whiny pussy when he's been given the best gift EVER?


liked this one until the mythology bullshit.


I share your belief about the 'wonderful' Mr./Ms. Anonymous. If a person has a valid comment to add they should be willing to sign their name to it. If, not, it is almost always signed Anonymous.

I am very glad that you were inspired to continue the story and hope that you will still have the time and are willing to make the effort to continue with additional chapters that you will post FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I have tried to write some items for this site and I therefore appreciate the time and effort involved in trying to provide not just some sexy situation, but one that makes at least some sense and doesn't have a huge amount of spelling and grammatical errors in it.

Please do accept the appreciation of those of us who do recognize the effort required and continue with your endeavors. THANK YOU very much for your dedication ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The English is a bit awkward, but the meaning comes through, I think.

Your main character, Patrick, has serious character and personality issues. He should not have sired children with a woman he was not dedicated to for the rest of his life. Patrick is very selfish and I have no sympathy for him. He has not grown up, and is not capable of acting like a responsible adult. Anna was wise to leave so she can be free to find a good man who is honest and will be dedicated to her.

This is a very sad story. I hope Patrick learns to love his children and their mother, and be content with how lucky he is to have healthy children and a loyal woman who wants to be his mate. Very many men would wish to have what Patrick was trying to throw away!

Interesting plot

The implications of having all men on earth die off are enormous.

I'm surprised there isn't more competition among the women for the remaining few men. After three years, nearly every adult female would be horny, wanting to spend time with a man since they no longer have mates.

There's going to be a lot of pressure on every guy to repopulate the earth, but I'm sure they will be up for it.

One more comment

This story could best be classed as a comedy.

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