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Great news and writing

Glad to hear about remission and the start of a new adventure!! Looking forward to many more chapters!!

So Happy to Hear You Are in Remission!

I know what you are going through because I went through it with my wife (as I have stated many times previously). We were so happy to hear the "r" word and now my wife has been cancer-free for a long enough time that the odds of it ever returning have grown considerably. I wish the same for you, my friend.

I liked the beginning of this story. I'm sorry that Gordon has a tumor (this seems to be happening at an alarming rate in this story, I must say) but it could very well explain why his behavior is sometimes a bit off (although being human could just as easily be the culprit). I hope the operation is successful once Dr. Schiff is prepared for it. I'm just surprised that the vote for allowing stasis was so close--I guess Jack Daniels' argument was more powerful than expected.

I am so enamored with what you are doing with Teddy. It's amazing what she knows and how important she has become to the people around her and, yet, she is still a little girl and can act like one. She seems to be damn-near omniscient but it hasn't taken away her humanity. I appreciate that.

Did someone tamper with the water line as they did by placing the bomb? But, then, I would think that they would have tampered with the radioactive side instead. I guess bad material can get past inspectors no matter how strict the rules are (I worked in Quality Assurance when I was in the Navy and, believe me, you can't be perfect every time). Chalk one up for the quick thinking of the plumber (he deserves a medal!).

A good start to this story, Bob. I think I might hang around for awhile longer.



I must say I am over joyed with the news of your health. In my opinion you are the greatest writer on this site and must say you do not write fast enough to keep me happy.
However I must ask do not remove any of the quality for speed. I will live with waiting for your next installment.


I have been checking here twice a day since you said that you were starting this set of the story line.

and i will continue to do so.

so glad you are healthy and getting your strength back.

thanks again,


I'm glad for the news about your health, I hope we will have the pleasure to meet your stories here on Lit. long time .

A good read

Yes exceptionally well written. I could feel the emotion. Can't wait to see how this story develops

good news for you and yours.i am glad to see you following the intrepid idiots into space,but also hope you keep us updated on the boys here on earth as well.


Glad to hear you are in remission!!! I really enjoy reading your stories.

Paul in Texas

Any chance of any more?

I see its been a few years since you last posted any of this but I for one want to read more as it just came to an abrupt halt!
If you did write more but dont want to publish it maybe you could email me it?


I'm glad to hear that you are in remission and I hope that it stays that way. Love your stories please keep them coming.

Thank you

In answer to your rhetorical question myself and every one who reads your work care! I am delighted for you and on a selfish note pleased to see you writing again please keep going I wait with little or no patience for each submission please keep up the great work and keep well we are all with you

Welcome back

First I'm glad to hear that you are in remission. And second I can't wait for the next chapter, but of course I have no other option than to wait for it. And keep write I love your stories.

So Glad to have you back

I have not read it yet but I am looking forward to more of your stories. Keep on with life and the story as well.


I appreciate any and all feedback but it's the constructive ones that keep me going.


I am glad you are in remission and back writing again if this story is as good as the first part of it it will be brilliant.

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