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Wonderful, love it!
Can’t get enough of this story.
Every time there are elements in there that surprise me.
Thanks for writing AND sharing this story with us.

To: MM###:

Have you read "Little Sister" by the same author? It would not have been so confusing if you had.


got some great belly laughs from page 4

am gueesing the previous anon commentator has lost their giant anal speculum
coz i can't think of any other reason for them having their Head stuck so far up their Ass


keep up the good work
another 5 stars from me

Difficult to follow

I found it hard to follow. I had to reread the opening paragraphs three times to understand it and I am still not sure I do.

While a lack of speech is not automatically bad it does allow you to work through each concept.

The first paragraph should have mentioned that she was on a date. This was mentioned in paragraph 2 but still left me wondering why this woman was intruding on their date and not being told to go away.


As I understand it your working with the thought that the Roman empire never fell curious where this will go also the sex scene was refreshingly real


N.B. This is neither prequel nor sequel to LCTF, rather an exploration of the same characters and themes in a parallel timeline of sorts.

Another fucking quiter. If I had known I would never had started this dam story


Oh the memories you brought back. Thank you for this story. I'd really like to know how the future turned out for the young lovers.

Peri's plans.

She tries to make the triangular marriage work. I hope things go to plan.

I love this

For one it's a great story and the second thing is and my most favorite thing is that you used my name Alan. Like omg thank you that just makes the story soooo much hotter.

Love it
But I need MORE please

Prolific Anonymous!

This Anonymous Arsehole is the most prolific writer of pedantic codswallop it has ever been my misfortune to encounter. I only wish that I could meet him / her face to face in order to discuss the mental aberration which results in the overproduction of such puerile Claptrap! 😁 Cheers Jb7, keep up the good work. Den

Why arn't they married?

They have graduated from high school and college, have money, what's the hold up on marriage? Starting to look immoral. It's one thing in high school, it's another after college. Need to man up and uphold social standards, make a commitment.

Lewd, hot, and varied

A typical Walterio masterpiece of memory and imagination.

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