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What was that all about?

Well that was the silliest story I've read in a long while, 7 pages and it went no where. What's it even about? Even the story category 'Novel and Novellas' gives no clue.

The smart assed teenager is frustrating and gets boring after the first exchange. A recluse of an uncle completely changes his personality after a 10 min conversation.

Don't bother with this. I can't even tell you what the story is about as the author doesn't use the story description sentence effectively and reading a full chapter of repetitive smart assed teenager dribble gives no clues.

Do they allow 0 stars?

Amazing story

I just finished what I think was my fifth reading of this story, when I am in the mood for a really good story I always go to one of five authors on You are one of them. My only complaint is the story wasn't done, there was so much more to explore. I would love to see an ending that deals with all the characters finding their fulfillment. Even so it is a blast to read over and over. Just so you know, my all time favorite writer was Robert Heinlein, I own a copy of every story he wrote and most of them I have read so many times I couldn't begin to count. I always get the same enjoyment every time I reread a story. Thank you for being one of those authors.

Really excellent

Seemed like real story. No forced happy ending.

A key for every lock

Very interesting, and well written. I am also curious as to where it goes from here.


@Anonymous Re: Kneeled – Actually, either is correct.

Re: Children – There was a scene where he questioned how many children who lost parents due to his work.

Re: Sandra/Beverly – While I suppose it was technically cheating since she didn’t tell him first, she obviously wasn’t intending to hide it from him, and her explanation made s kind of weird sense! I was hoping for a more permanent threesome!

"The men involved will never fuck me more than five times and regardless of that, we will never continue a liaison with the same man for more than two weeks."

Wow, what restraint!

Actually, what a joke for a husband, and a marriage. But then, as we are constantly reminded on this website, all English husbands are cuckolds, and ALL English wives are whores.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


"I used a credit card at Molson Tire & Auto," – So he bought tires there. They don’t even know about Marissa, let alone her connection to him.

They're giving him Vincent, and all that gets them is a quick death?

amazing as usual

Yet another amazing story from her.

Great writing

My partner Vixen told me what a great writer you are and persuaded me to read the entire story from chapter one. She is right it is a great piece of work, I am surprised that you have not reworked the incest elements so that it could be published as a series of eBooks it is far better than many I have read.
Vix met you a few years ago and told me that you are a television and film scriptwriter, that certainly comes over in your style.
Keep writing the ex-pat boys and girls over in the Balearics love your stuff.



I am overwhelmed atm... as this story had so many layers

Definitely will read again.. when my mind settles


Thanks for your Time and Words

Wrong Premise

You had to have a plot device to take Sherri down. Law School was the device The fact is, however, a paper on the alternative to judicial review and Marbury v Madison would be graded on the merits of expressing the position

The position that the Supreme Court and Congress have been acting without authority since 1803 is silly and would have turned an A into a C

I did like the story

Thanks for another great story

I appreciate reading a tale that causes me to think, question, and wonder what if.


I don't understand Doug and Beverly's jealousy about Jayden and Marissa. It happened before they even met! As far as what Jayden "did to" Marissa? She jumped HIS bones!

like it so far please continue

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