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You Always Knew

 —  by Viscountess01/28/024.00

You amaze me

 —  by Goldiloxxx12/27/025.00

You and I

 —  by E-Nymph06/13/024.25

You and I

 —  by AaronsAngel12/30/023.50

You and I

 —  by Black_Kitten07/03/094.00

You and I

 —  by ailsylvan09/24/10

You and I

 —  by Hitman706/17/135.00

You and I

 —  by riahluso06/14/154.50

You and me

 —  by Deprived_in_AZ10/17/123.67

You and Me

 —  by vicky20010/02/164.00

You and Your kitten

 —  by PlayfulLittle101/23/134.43

You are a Feast for Me

 —  by leBonhomme07/27/135.00

You Are a Sensual Orchestra

 —  by Lord Wolf08/04/015.00

You are bliss unequaled

 —  by E-Nymph10/01/035.00

You are Daddy AF and I want you!

 — My tribute to the sexy DNA lab chief by true_crime_fangirl06/22/185.00

You are E C S T A S Y

 —  by Savannah Skye05/01/014.75

You are Fantasy

 —  by Syndra Lynn06/20/044.33

You Are Gone

 —  by cymbidia04/25/014.44Contest Winner

You Are Mine

 —  by leahsgirl8412/05/112.33

you are Mine Now Girl

 —  by Strict_Gorean11/24/034.43

You Are My Favourite Thing

 —  by J_Dodd02/13/094.00

You Are My Freedom

 —  by exquisitelifetime07/26/124.50

You are my Light

 —  by christcat6903/09/024.75

You are my Master

 —  by halslittlelolita07/16/054.00

You Are My Sunshine!

 —  by Uncle Pervey05/11/043.67

You Are the Dream

 —  by Sippi08/04/024.00

You are the Sun

 —  by satchmo6106/20/02

You Are What I Desire

 —  by bethalicious03/20/063.00

You are Wrong

 —  by Sinamynlee05/17/014.50

you bring me closer

 —  by painful_rapture01/23/145.00

You Bring Out the Tramp in Me

 —  by MissBri03/20/064.50

You call me Daddy

 —  by Currahee_Gent08/04/145.00

You called

 —  by sensanin05/21/123.00

you called the rain

 —  by EriAliSaa02/15/094.75

You Came

 —  by SweetFreak02/03/044.00

You Came To Me

 —  by TheChameleon09/05/134.50

You Can...

 —  by Mako-Chan07/10/034.80

You Chose Him

 —  by BubbaRednek05/12/015.00

You Could Say

 —  by Knee_1309/01/001.00

you deplete me

 —  by lawrobbur12/04/09

you didn't hear the song

 —  by Liar02/08/054.83HOT

you do me wrong

 —  by Drowning Toy07/13/035.00

You Do That Well

 —  by mitchawa10/04/154.33

You Don't Need Love to Make Love

 — Well, my first poem here. by thesexweaver01/13/185.00

You Dont Want to Know

 —  by Mediastar04/29/143.00

You Ever Try Thai?

 —  by Calvin Hanes03/30/044.25

You Feel Me?

 —  by susansnow12/16/144.00

You feel so right

 —  by SoftPanda_200102/18/024.00

You Fill His Dreams

 —  by exquisitelifetime12/26/124.50

You fill me up

 —  by angel999002/09/064.50

You For Me For You

 —  by Toward A Word04/26/043.33

You Fucked Me

 —  by teppictoo06/03/14

You Get What You Par for

 —  by Boxlicker10112/23/064.83

You Get What You Pay for

 —  by Boxlicker10112/23/064.17

You Give Good Words

 —  by stacistatas01/15/054.75

You Give It, I Take

 —  by decadence31606/18/071.00

You got one?

 —  by seranade02/16/055.00

You Got'a Pay for Pussy

 —  by erectus12304/11/135.00

You have done well

 —  by gardengirl122310/25/084.00

You have no idea

 —  by CafeLatte09/03/094.67

You Have No Right.

 — No Love by Redanja10/03/185.00

You heal me

 —  by Jayderayn02/15/074.00

You hold the Key

 —  by mysty_one09/15/034.00

You In That Peasant Blouse

 —  by pseudolus03/24/014.33

You Inside

 —  by LadySong12/31/04

You Just Can't Stop a Great Mind

 — A body can be denied, but the mind can be unstoppable by AttentiveLover05/20/18

you killed me

 — push me down by Kimikimidoll02/11/175.00

You Knew

 —  by Miyelo Ina12/02/004.27

you know

 —  by lauraC04/20/034.25

You Know How It Is

 — It hasn't been long. by LorenzoAbajos08/20/164.50

You Know Not

 —  by Subtle Submissive12/02/032.67

You Know Who You Are

 —  by teknight12/01/104.00

You Know You Wanna

 —  by FantasySlut02/08/124.00

You know you want to

 —  by ListenHere11/13/064.33

you laughed at me

 —  by Redanja04/24/164.50

You Left Your Socks

 —  by spin0spin0suga06/13/081.00

You Let Me Love You

 —  by prerafaelite03/30/015.00

You Liquefy Me

 —  by 7thsonoferos06/03/03

You little bitch

 —  by The8thMelody05/09/043.00

you look so damn submissive

 —  by WriterDom11/18/034.75

You Love This

 —  by LorenzoAbajos07/26/153.33

You made me a man

 —  by Mikeyd6007/04/155.00

You made me Swoon

 —  by DeniseNoe06/16/085.00

You Make Me

 —  by Mediastar07/07/14

You Make Me Smaile

 —  by Beautiful61308/16/113.00

You make me want you

 —  by satchmo6105/02/024.67

You May Not Expect This

 —  by Otzchiim06/25/014.00

You Mean

 —  by Shadow Angel07/31/054.00

You Move Me

 — I will move you, set your body moving, move you. by LorenzoAbajos06/24/165.00

You moved from my mind to where!!

 — A try to pen down the erotic mess that goes in one's mind by dareit04/23/184.50

You Must Love

 —  by SunrockSin01/05/085.00

You Must Remember

 —  by LorenzoAbajos04/26/154.67

You must...yes, Master!

 —  by bignipple12305/18/032.00

You On My Brass Bed

 —  by TLBurton10/18/12

You Play Me

 —  by theoncomingstorm09/10/144.00

You pleasure (haiku set)

 —  by todski2806/03/135.00

You Pretty Blonde

 —  by Shakatak6903/16/123.25

You said "Everything"

 —  by CremeBrule11/03/045.00

You Said What?

 —  by P40eBu506/10/054.67

You satisfy

 —  by odette-odile10/15/053.20

You Say

 —  by TheChameleon12/20/135.00

you sexy bitch

 —  by thedumb106/24/054.60

You Sexy Bitch!

 —  by darkrealm107/13/034.00

You Should Be Here

 —  by Awesomejoe07/30/034.88

You Show Me

 —  by swallowedscream09/29/07

you sparked it

 —  by sandd_bound04/06/065.00

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