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I Blame You

 —  by The Gentle Man0601/01/065.00

I breathe

 — A glimpse, a tease into foreplay - her perspective by Princess_Red03/12/184.62

I burn~

 —  by LilithRR10/27/09

i bury

 —  by lobomao12/11/05

I C Piles!

 —  by Uncle Pervey09/26/042.00

I Call For A Lover

 —  by Jennifer C08/07/054.65HOT

I Call Him Sire

 — My wife breeds Black. by CumSlurpingCuckold12/28/164.60HOT

I Called Eleni

 —  by pelegrino06/03/14

I called you Master

 —  by Willow Rain05/26/065.00

I Came. I Saw. I Redeemed Myself.

 — How FLR is enhanced by semen retention/edging (opinion). by soothsayerofsexuality04/27/185.00

I Can Be Anything

 —  by AutumnLover10/13/06

I Can Do That

 —  by Loche06/18/15

I Can Dream Too...

 —  by Ancient11733105/22/124.00

i can fly

 —  by muzammilqayyum06/13/065.00

I Can Imagine

 —  by AnaisNinFan03/04/104.50

I can love you...

 —  by Lauren Hynde07/29/04HOTEditor's Pick

I Can See You

 —  by TroubleZ4u04/02/01

I Can Still Feel You

 —  by azaleababe02/02/024.14

I can't have an orgasm

 —  by kittygopurr09/19/023.80

I Can't Sleep Again

 —  by lilywhite3102/05/064.81HOT

I Cannot Describe...

 —  by NeoQuaid03/30/034.00

I close my eyes

 —  by Anthonybthomas11/07/073.50

I Close My Eyes

 —  by TheChameleon09/25/144.00

I come

 —  by JWren09/11/144.71

I Come Undone

 —  by BourbonInTheBlood01/26/054.50

i come undone

 —  by Crystal_Gem01/10/094.00

I Could Look At You Forever

 —  by JOE DICK03/30/014.40

I Could No More

 —  by Momstheboss09/28/134.31

I couldn't help...

 —  by YourLoveSlave05/21/132.00

I Crave

 —  by Enchantress_207/05/043.86

I Crave For You

 —  by Mahir03/05/123.75

I Crave Me

 —  by Toward A Word02/01/044.33

I Crave You

 —  by thedogman7700406/07/064.00

I crave...

 —  by Texan Missy Jean02/13/054.45

I crawl to you

 — the crave by Dee_Luscious06/20/175.00

I cum when you go.

 — I love her ass. I just wanna fuck it so hard. by EverythingAlan11/26/182.00

I Dare You

 —  by MissDXX05/10/154.00

I Diddle My Way (song)

 —  by qevan08/28/08

I Didn't Understand

 —  by fuzzyregions04/01/024.50

I Do

 —  by Blackbirdbluedew11/14/035.00

i do

 —  by lawrobbur12/26/09

I do

 —  by eroticslut02/10/125.00

I do

 —  by Robbin_Young04/03/13HOT

I Don't Care...

 —  by Mako-Chan07/06/034.14

I Don't Do This!

 —  by 7thsonoferos05/27/034.67

I Don't Know Why

 —  by pelegrino02/22/14

I don't want

 —  by SavgeWolf10/29/03

I don't want to kiss you

 —  by Randi Grail06/22/044.56

I Don't...

 — I Don't... by HeavyBalls01/11/184.50

I Dream

 —  by angel_in_disguise07/09/055.00

I Dream

 —  by rufriter07/21/123.50

I Dream

 —  by dreams_master121602/24/074.67

I Dream of You

 —  by LovngStrength12/13/034.20

I Dream Of YOU!

 —  by one4me03/31/044.60

I dreamed a dream

 —  by CinnaMac02/27/085.00

I Dreamed Last Night

 —  by Peter Duncan02/13/074.60

I Dreamed of a Fucking

 —  by SexplorN06/23/014.38

I Dreamed You Came to My Bed

 —  by foehn01/29/054.69HOT

I dreamt of You

 —  by Jayderayn02/15/074.50

I Dress Like A Girl

 —  by literotica18230712/22/084.17

I Enjoyed...But,

 —  by Dana Gallagher09/21/034.60HOT

I entreat

 —  by zannica06/29/115.00

i fall in lust with you

 —  by lilamisakh11/19/144.50

I Feel

 —  by Itz_Fine_White_Wine05/25/045.00

I Feel

 —  by kiwichyck02/27/064.50

I Feel

 —  by bulltlr12/05/10

I Feel

 — I feel by HeavyBalls01/03/184.33

I Feel

 —  by knotts2go07/26/082.67

I feel the kiss

 —  by kokshur03/01/135.00

I Feel You

 —  by Slide into your skin09/04/014.00

I Feel You

 —  by apathykiss05/31/06

I feel your hands on me

 —  by SexiLexi04/10/055.00

I Feel.

 —  by zephyr2204/06/013.00

I Felt So Bad ....

 — Irregular Ode style poem. Read from the woman's POV. by astrosleuth06/06/175.00

I Filled Her With Heat!

 —  by Uncle Pervey07/08/042.00

I find you Sexy

 — Talking, dreaming of you, sexy by girlsweet4200605/19/174.00

I fly free

 —  by catecolbert07/11/044.50

I Found God!

 —  by ForMySaniT04/30/023.75

I Found You

 —  by just pet03/17/025.00

I Gaze

 —  by Brilliant_mistake09/10/065.00

I gently praise

 — Sexy, sexy poetry! by AAAtheist02/24/184.33

I Get Paid To Get Laid

 —  by ramonathompson07/14/063.00

i get...

 —  by gonedee12303/14/113.33

I Give Good Head

 —  by MissFreeSpirit08/30/045.00

I Give Myself

 —  by yrcatrin05/11/085.00

I give you me.

 — The giving and receiving of one another by M21802/08/184.00

I Glimpsed a Goddess

 —  by Brigid_Mo_Chroi07/08/124.00

I Got An Itch

 —  by MRWIGGLEWORM07/24/053.67

I Got Off

 —  by guy_erotique05/09/13

I Guess I'm Just A Bad Boy

 —  by Jdk4402/10/094.00

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