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Great story

You should write more, you seems full of great stories

mmm yummy

Wow, this is full of promise and need, exhibitionism and obedience.
Very juicy indeed, I can almost taste her nectar as it drips from her engorged labia,
Her fingers are slick with her foam and I slowly lick it off each digit, taking my time with each morsel (showing her how much care and time I will take with her sex) as she spasms in the after-shock of her third climax, soon to be many more.
My hands on her cheeks, gently (or roughly only if she wants) spreading them to inhale more of her aroused scent.
As she feels warm noonday air on her exposed genitals, she eagerly pushes back to get more of my face and tongue around her. On her. IN her.
I coat my tongue and face with her syrup as I press between her wide-open thighs and her head falls forwards as she groans her unfettered pleasure into the flooring and into the ears of the watchers: Might they be our neighbours? Our friends or co-workers who we have always wanted to fuck? Our own partners who are themselves intertwined in a 69 only just out of reach? Or perhaps they are complete strangers and anybody who is passing and heard her orgasms?
Whoever they are, they are eager for more and we are even more impatient to prove to them just how deep our lusts go.

reminds me of a chiropractor who fucked me in front of three of his students

under my fingers as
they stairstep down
your vertebrae to
rest upon your

yo, dis poem

is boss
just one quest
if lisa blowed deez guys
afterwards did she floss

I love Hummingbirds!

They appear so fearless as they dance side to side, tiny bodies drooping when they hover for a moment, looking from this angle, then from that. My mom and myself are frozen with excitement, barely able to breathe as we watch this tiniest of dancers, intense inspection. So fearless they'd seem at first, as they came to check me out. Darting back and forth never taking their eye from the prize.

First from a distance they'd dance with each other, but after the first gave up, the rest came one by one, as if saying, "I need to see this with my own eyes, and are you sure they're not real?" After a little less than a minute, they'd suddenly zip away without a backwards glance. After all, there were only so many angles from which they could view the flowers painted on my shirt! (insert laughing face)

My white shirt said Bali- Beverly Hills, but the reason I'd gotten it were the mysterious eyes, and two red, showy flowers that were painted on the front. My mom and I were on her back porch in Santee, SC. I was visiting and we were talking about the Hummingbird feeders, and how many insects they consume. (very much, bottomless pits, as its their only source of protein). Flowers of course are their energy drink!

A little known fact, but only because it's rare people research them, is Hummingbirds can only see the red spectrum, and sadly will go right past yellow and white flowers. I apologize for my school lesson, but I love the species. Actually birds of all types, though I'm thoroughly fed op with the European Raven that is decimating so many birds in my area! SF, Bay Area. They raid the nests for no other reason than to kill the young, they don't even eat them, they just do it for spite! I've watched them with my own eyes. Grrrrr! They are devious 1st graders! And I'm meaning the intelligence of a 1st grader. Hmmm, possibly the deviousness too, in some cases anyways!

If you've never seen the video 2 cats and 2 crows, you should really take a gander at it! It's quite the eye opener of just how malicious of a bird they are!! There are a couple of videos that will come up when you Bing search it, and you want the one on black tarmac, with the Heckle and Jeckle crows that are grey and black! They definitely named them correctly in that animation. It fits the two in this video, certainly.

Well, I've babbled over my allotted time, so what's new? (Insert sheepish smile, that morphs into a laugh) What would babbling be in text? Scribbling maybe?

Oh, I almost forgot, I like your poem! (insert red face)


Thank you

Thank you for your feedback, Visioneer. :)

Great stuff

Wish life treated me so well

A very beautiful poem.


I liked this very much. its many years since I visited this site. I used to contribute at one time. But I was drawn, almost by accident toward this piece, and very happy that I was. Its profoundly unpretentious. Simple but evocative. Truthful but imaginative. Humorous but very sexy. The notion of great passion in a sterile environment sets up a very productive tension which feeds the readers expectations. Theres also an underlying sense that this might be part of a real experience, a kind of biographical poem, and this makes it all the more intriguing. Thank you Guilty Pleasure. You really had my attention. Cx


For some who likes to attack others who write, I expected you to be a pro.... This was about as bad as it gets.... Sad...

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