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Well done, lorencino! Your vibrant words capture the beauty and intensity of lovemaking. I like the creative spacing you employed as well.

Concise Glimpse of a Whole World of Sexual Interactions

You conveyed so much in such a few stanzas, that is remarkable writing. My mind is captured with what had happened, what might have happened, what will be to come. Very well done, thanks!


It's a perpetual machine : perpetuating the

Quest in every generashun' , 'gain 'n again, Bro!!!


I find poetry hard to write. I can get the rhyming words almost to an 85% finished state, then the last little bit just gets so hard. But the nice thing about poetry is the way it exposes the core essence of our soul...what we truly feel and think. This is what I read in your poem too... ;)


is the great one!

For Future Refrence....

Just for future reference it would have been better if you chosen to use "Kneeling" instead of "Kneeled" although both are correct "Kneeling" just seems a little more natural to read well for me at least.
But about your poem it is pretty good I spectrally like the length of it, it is what I like to call in the Goldilocks Zone well done you should keep it up.

Of course you write poetry too. I love it. Sexual but with a rhyme. And very exciting. Definitely makes one think over all the depressing poetry I wrote, and wish to be better.

Slightly Amusing, a bit not really my taste.

But I'm sure some one else would like it.


Beautifully written, Tio :)

Speaking Of Shit....

Speaking Of Shit, This 'Poem' Is One......

I wouldn't even call this a 'Poem' I would call it appropriately SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SPEAKING OF BELONG IN THE TOILIT, THIS ALSO BELONGS THERE AND NOT ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Done....

For some reason I think this Poem would be more suited in the 'Non-Erotic' section, don't get me wrong that's not a bad thing, I prefer to read 'non-Erotic' Poems, I just Clicked on this section out of curiosity to see what kinds of perverted "'Poems' would be Uploaded on hare. It is good length too, not too short and not too long either, right in there in the Goldilocks Zone.

The only Complaint I have about your poem was your last two or three words, they don't fit any where in your poem. Had you have taken it out it would have made not only a much better poem but also it would have been simply a poem about not wanting to raise a child in a bad situation ie giving that child the best chance that he has at life, and NOT about giving a child their best chance at life AND fucking some one. A female.

But all and all keep going. You are doing a good job. But I think you could do better.

DUMB 'POEM'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 'Poem' was more than dumb it was more than idiotic, what the fuck was that???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get the message but the way you but it is realllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy...................... There is simply no words to but it that's how fucking idiotic it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sorry all I see are just random words string together in attempt to make a 'Poem'


Naughty naughty little boy going this website while he's supposed to be doing is class work. tisk tisk tisk I think the teacher is coming your way little boy so I'd press that Little X if I where you before you get into trouble,

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