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Dear Ash, I have gone and cum black

with great frequency and no regrets -- my first wife, may she rest in peace, was of a black mother and an Indian father. She was magnificent! I was raised by a black women whom I Ioved more than my real mother. Here in America we have the good fortune to have many wonderful, beautiful and educated black women.Nuff said!

greatest poem

I have ever read ---NOT!

Very lovely

I love this poem, so beautiful 💕

Have you ever considered

picking up trash rather than adding to it?

yes we love the black girls --5

and you make me smile dear Ash -- how could anyone speak poorly of them, they are so beautiful and magnificent physically, both the men and women, and superior in this area to most others. When we are all the same color, some long distant day in the future perhaps there will be peace, at least for a moment...

far from perfect

with it's moments, but a nice effort
a few typos but who cares

Felt real

So, a win win?

Dear Anonymous,
you want the 'fall' without the 'love'?
It's not as hard this way, I doubt it would make its way to become a poem!

The Anon. is a lady ,.....

'rectus ?? Take care , I 5-ed .

4/5 satire; 0/5 otherwise

I actually thought this was satire because of how disgustingly chauvinistic it is. It perfectly addresses everything that is wrong with a lot of porn and the way some men are capable of treating women like they are less than human.
After reading comments I see this is not the case. Disgusting.

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