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I've spoken elsewhere about how hard it was to choose, and why I ultimately voted for your Exhibition instead. But there are parts of this one that I simply love: the second stanza and the following two lines are superb. The last five lines are as erotic as any poem I've ever read. "trampstamp" didn't do it for me, a minor quibble that dates me more than anything else, probably.

And I wonder, did you intend the washout/wash out pun?

At any rate, why quibble? It's superb I wish I'd written something even close it.

Thank you :-)


Dirty girl, I love it!


Why is it always "blonde beach babes?" Brunet's are just as awesome, if not more awesome!!

This got my vote in the "Anything But Spring" Challenge on PF&D. At first I thought "I have chopped desire on the ax of reason" was a fly in the ointment. Axes chop; they're not chopped on, but by the conclusion of the poem, I thought the convolution was ingenious.

Enjoyed this

The theme was fun, and the rhythm was easy for me to find even on the first read through. Nicely done. :-)

Interesting. I would have ended it after "You shed the skin I tame" because that's the best line I've read today, made even better following on the heels of "You smile with all my joy."

I don't think "You...Are...Me." was necessary since it was implied by the title of the poem, and it felt a bit anti-climactic after the dramatic affect of that killer line "You shed the skin I tame."

Enjoyable read, Darksymmetry. Thanks for posting it.

Glorious :-)

My corpulent ass thinks this reeks of awesome, and I am greatly enamored of it.

this gets 5 for the BDSM ......

even if the aesthetics is quite pedestrian ........


By the way you don't use "big or ostentatious words", actually I think you always chose the perfect words!

That was really nice.

And very poignant. Most excellent.

An evocative, emotionally vivid poem.

Thank you all

To erects

Something about this piece was bugging me for a while and I couldn't nail it down, I think you may have found it, thank you for the input!!


Delicious., I do have a slight quibble with the use of

"My pet"
Laws of unintended consequences at work.

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