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Please give a rating and share your views, even if you didn’t particularly like it. Even just a couple of words. I’d truly appreciate it. Because a lot of emotion and hours go into its inception, as well as the constant editing and redrafting.Thank you.

That's a lovely poem.

It's descriptive and flows well.

Love the taste and smell

Reminds me of an adventure long ago.

You have a great way with words and poetry

I could read and reread your poems all day long - very inspirational. Please keep writing.
- Sman4444

Thanks for explaining the woman's point of view.

I've always wondered the woman's feelings and point of view when they have asked for me to cum inside them, and you've finally explained it to me very eloquently with your poem - thank you!
From a man's point of view or mine anyway, it's to give the woman the gift of what she's helped inspire it him, the gift she's helped to create with their mutual desire for each other and he gives the gift by what is for him a heavenly explosion inside her, thus delivering his special gift along with his feelings of love and thankfulness for her.
- Sman4444

Great poem!

Describes the way all men want their woman to feel - or at least I do!
And the feelings are mutual!

Lovely Poem

It's so nice to know the feeling of men and woman can be and hopefully are mutual!


Beatiful sentiments and extremely well written - a pleasure to read - keep writing!!

5-Stars All The Way! _ Very Erotic,,, Yes!

Hallo Fraulein PoeticallyPersonified!

I guess erotic poetry is just a matter of personal preference, because I have
read a few of your other poems,,, but keep coming back to this poem, "The War Within Me".... There is a linen in the poem, ((There is so much behind these brown eyes you haven't seen.)),,, everytime I read it, I can see my wifes brown eyes, looking straight through me..

I don't know if I'm qualified to comment on erotic poetry? .... Now you give me an really hot lesbian love stories, with lots of kinky sex,,, that is where I can really comment,,, yes!

(Danke von einem fiesen Deichfreund) _ Thank-you from a kinky dyke friend, :-)

Gay Kat.

Waiting for the future to once again begin...

Rhyming can fall apart and feel forced as a poem progresses. You, however, saved the best for last. Your last four lines are a knockout-punch. Bravo.


Reads just like concept of an infinite number of monkeys typing for an infinite time would produce all of Shakespear's plays. This "poetry"(sic) reads line one the the monkeys' failures--just words stick together at random making no fucking sense whatsoever!

Thank You!

YOU definitely understood what I wrote. (I liked the way you formed your comment!)

One of your best

I read it as the character symbolizing porn and what a selfish, almost pitiful process masturbation to porn can be.

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