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Oh my God

I came twice before I finished reading

A perfect tease

of a poem. The pace and the unfolding of the model's teases and the artist's torment are delicious. Well done, which ain't no surprise to me. xo

Well done

While I agree that this is not what I would normally think of as erotic, I think it has it's place among the collected chotskies of erotica,

I find it heartbreaking and heartwarming as well, providing a glimpse of the pain but also the pleasure before the loss. I find myself refusing to believe after what precedes it that 'love no longer bursts' but perhaps that is the great catharsis of packing away such things. You have a wonderful way with words.

Elegant and evocative of time and place.

Been There

As lovers who give our all, we have all been there so many fucking times.


Keep writing those wonderful poems. You have been blessed with heartfelt ability to put your feelings into poetic words.

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Nice, perhaps you should consider remodeling to a 6 by 8 or larger shower and join in the fun.


Lovely, sexy, erotic. Tricky, too - the near-rhymes subtly, sweetly play with your ear.

Ahhhh yesss

So good it makes my nipples tingle. Sexy as ssssin.
And it gets even better with each new reading. Glad gm pointed it out in PF&D.

good to

get what you want

Thank you

I'm sure a lot of people will have to translate it but it sounds a lot more...exotic than the translation.

I was thinking about how someone made me feel when we were together and how everything else lost its luster when we were apart. About how those moments before we parted were tragic and saddening and how I knew I'd be consumed by the time we'd spent together before.

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