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caresses each inch

of my ecstatic bare back .......
killer lines , Fiona : 5-ed !


excites the ID. TK U MLJ LV NV

here goes

she is dominant is she not? the mentor I mean. grrrr... intriguing

Very erotic and lovely, Mer. It sounds stereotypical, I know, but in general I think gals write erotic poems better than guys do, yours truly included. At least that's been my experience on Literotica.

What it is for sure?

The quickening - that special moment of rapture build up between two souls before release.... hmmm sweetness...

Beautifully touching.

How does this man yet unmet evoke such an intense response from within?

To a Sick Man

I was editing a comment I made after reading your horrific " poem." But it jumped away when I was editing it. I had also read one of your stories and viewing the picture you posted. I am convinced you are seriously ill and should just leave quietly and commit yourself to some friendly place for the profoundly disturbed.

Admired this on the boards...

...and still admiring it here
high fived


While reading this poem, I was taken away by the fanciful arrangement of words that describe her level of devotion and affection. An instant classic.


This poem had a hypnotic trance effect. The cascade of words resonate and encompass the harmony of their relationship.


This poem could easily be put to music and become an award-winning song! The content is both pleasing and sensuous, which says a lot about the author.


revisited sans the round table squires. TK U MLJ LV NV


on how they are kind to one another. TK U MLJ LV NV

Controlled Release

A fantastic compilation of words that capture the true essence of both Dominant and Submissive roles, particularly the part highlighting the controlled orgasm. Well done!

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