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All say that.

I only commented twice on all the stories I've read. This is the second time (obviously)
It's beautifull how you deals with the subject of self-centredness.You do it a nice way with eye for a man and a woman. Quit at even. Thank you.

So True!

It's odd how the naming of parts can be such a crucial affair. I think you captured the moment perfectly. Except I would have decked the guy for not playing fair. You know... tit-for-tat? Nicely done.

This is wonderful. And that's coming from a creative writing prof, if that means anything. :)

Intense with a nice shape

Federico Garcia Lorca's granddaughter

There is something so primeval about your writing. Here lies "the dark root of the scream." This feels like it could have been a part of Garcia Lorca's Romancero Gitano, I love this poem so much! Bravo!

Fierce Desire

I love the wanton and unbridled lust in this poem. Makes me want to be a Babylonian soldier. Gave it a '5.'

Very Nice

Very sensuous rhythm

Evocative -

Nice to read this kind of eroticism - for once not laid on with a trowel! Excellent


I love the last three lines. Perfection ;)


Touching and beautiful...


Deep, passionate and beautiful...


A cute poem! it was sweet...


An adorable poem! Thank you for sharing :-)

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