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gals with guns, just like chicks with dicks

are so sexy as they walk by
who can keep from giving them the eye?
obviously their armaments are penises on the sly

Ashesh is better than the TV news at focus and reportage and he just loves those asses

Did you mean "wrench" or "drench"

Great words, you can feel the love and the pain. I think perhaps spell check was not your friend on the word wrench in line 2 of verse 7.

Good haiku. Sensuous imagery.

Don't know about this -

Rather fearsome of anyone with a gun :P

Meg loves it

mmm yeh bb please fuk me


Really wonderful.

What a shockin' revelation to a tender mind :

Big Guy in a subservient role sucking his Dom's cock !?! 5-ed .

To celebrate inter-racial sex

is to open the door to harmony on earth. On the other hand, the master/slave theme of sexual dominance does not add anything and the poem would be stronger if it were deleted.

you don't know how long I've been waiting for this poem

"With the death of religion
And the birth of Nietzsche"

this is brilliance, bravo!

"I wish, I could slain this one hand distance"

5- do you mean "slay"?

"one hand distance" is nice image
passionate erotic beginning but might be stronger and more meaningful if some more detail or clarity

a lovely

way to go


Thank you so much for your return visit and your lengthy erection...comments ;-)

You make some very good points, I do like wordplay but realise that once they have been read, then the punchline, does not have the same impact if read again
I am still very much at the beginning of learning this craft of word weaving and I welcome any advice :-)


but right on point!

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