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Stop throwing shade on my writing

This is not a post about whether I think your poetry is worth a bean. You enjoy writing it and you are brave enough to put it out there for comment, great. Fine. Write as much as you can if it makes you happy.

But quit being such a douchebag as to post a flame on my page, on my latest work.

I write because I enjoy writing. Who are you to sit back and throw shade at me? If you don't like my writing, just move along.



no matter who lives in it. TK U MLJ LV NV


You captured the longing perfectly


This splendid work describes exactly how I feel when not in Sir's embrace. Thank you for sharing

Sweet surrender

is what keeps the planet over populated. Keep at it but pull it together.

Well done Coreden!

But don't you know wives always go bareback with strangers. Maybe they fear rejection if they insist on a condom or maybe they just love that raw naked cock pumping inside what should be their husband's quim. In reality their wide open offering is just an affront to hubby. You might insist she limit herself to anal as a birth control method, but they never do. Enjoy the babies but don't expect child support from the interlopers.

There is a degree of art to receiving anal.

Of course a woman needs proper foreplay to get in the groove. Too much lube is not the answer. Talk to a gay friend or ask for lessons. When you get the knack it is heaven sent. It's smoother than pussy for the guy but it is a ceiling breaker when you get it right with a medium sized cock up your kazoo. Don't give up on anal, its a whole new sensation and the sexiest woman takes it first in the pussy and the rolls over and takes it up the ass. No man can resist the combination. Maybe you've got the wrong man?

Thank you!

Many thanks, Jibey, and StockhomeBone!

Beautiful work! This was hot!


Ooh, I know the feeling

Melania should be introduced to Obama!!!

Once U go Barack----
U never go back !!!

Repeated pleasures

The repetition of the first line of each verse does a lot to increase the impact of the writing. The exploration in words of all aspects of the delight experienced by the poet takes us through a delightful erotic journey.

Have I told you lately how much you turn me on? Lovely!

Wet and wonderful

A glorious fantasy of oral delight... Pleasantly arousing.

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