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Thanks for the feedback!

It can be a challenge to avoid cliché without falling into obtuse language, I'll keep your comments in mind.

lots of guys love trannies

why do you need a master? or are you just so kinky you need to be controlled or punished for being yourself?


ta boot--What is a cub of tea?

yuck, Master

that is master beta...

The question one should never ask

gets answered.

Some bad lines " opulence of her end" and some good ones,
"She slid through the blankets
Pale and dangerous as a snake."
Don't know what it means but sounds good.


of patience and hope. TK U MLJ LV NV

brief is good

breath "shortening" is bad. it's almost as bad as dick shortening!

Fine as is

Thanks, but a poem never needs work from the writer's eye. I wrote it as it happened and wouldn't change a thing. Appreciate the comment though.

Very funny daughter and dad reunion

Good rhyme, fast moving, keep them cumming

Embroidery Digitizing

Your article cover all the aspects of the topic. Simply amazing. EmbroideryDigitizing

Not uncommon, keep exploring this topic.

The character in the poem still admires the sex he/she wants to become. Some transsexuals become female because they want men, others because they love women. While the pot is boiling don't hesitate, meld! In many ways the trans becomes the best of both worlds, ideal for a threesome with a man and a woman at either end.
Poetically avoid trite phrases (Nirvana) and personal asides (my specialty) and weird inventions (pussy pool). Likewise final three lines could use more description of what went wrong and why with resolution. Don't leave the reader dangling like a strand of cum from a leaky penis.

needs some more work

but fine just the same

Fiction makes for friction.

Fun story, are you implying that she sends these boxes to everyone in the neighborhood? I haven't received mine and I want it so bad.

Thanks for thinking of me

Yes, your ass against the wall was fun
but I liked when you turned around and
gave me your ass, that was real fun!

an abused cunt

is so amusing--way ta go Carlos, shove your 8 Ball up there to--but nice job on table and on screen

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