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Manna for a

Bottom lover , Caveman ! 5-ed .

what a great talent you have!

That is a great Limerick poem there, I have enough trouble just adding a sentence to a limerick and you have composed a whole story line with limericks I think you are now my personal hero....for the next ten minutes that is!

... i love how the reader "feels" the passion you put into the words ... Wow ...

Love this!

You have great talent. Keep writing and thank you for sharing


That is truly a beautiful BDSM poem. Thank you for sharing

Searingly hot

Well constructed. Passionate. Everyone should have a lover who burns with this kind of intensity.

beautiful. just beautiful. is complicated to enjoy another language, and even more in a poem, but I really like it.
I just finished reading I know what I'm doing, and I was so happy about to share the seasons (you know, that thing of snow in christmas doesn't work in this part of the planet, here we eat watermellon and go to the beach instead). that was a very good story, so tender, and the plot was interesting, all I wanted to know was More, more, more. Love the weird pair of Js that speak in half sentences that the other finishes!!!
congratulations, your work is very good. keep writting, please.

greetings from Chile.


What does 'boobs and one half butt' mean?


receives total reciprocity. TK U MLJ LV NV


Boobs and One Half Butt. TK U MLJ LV NV

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