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the exquisite taste of bared body. TK U MLJ LV NV

I love it.

The title is in one of my favorite songs, Angel of the Morning, by Merilee Rush and the Turnabouts. And the content, beautiful.


Trite? Yes well that was intentional. As for your comment (speaking to the anon) bitch please, You obviously feel a bit threatened, poor thing. Here's a tip; try licking the alphabet. Then when you've positively bored her to tears, you can give her the hell give her two.

Sweet Torment, indeed!

Very expressive, love the build up, the anticipation. Nicely done!


by beloved peace.

Bring it on babe

one night after another! Nice poem!

re anonymous

If you could read poetry then you would see this is an anti S&M poetry about boredom and indifference at the usual drift of D/s;and you'd have the courage of your convictions to comment without the pathetic cloak of anonymity - but as you can't, you might as well enjoy the fish hook and have a nice little s&m time all of your little own - have fun.

Smiles sweetly.


I am so tired of S&M poetry

I could put a fish hook in my vag and catch me a master

Sorry. I used google translate.

Charmscale :

It ain't trash , it's a famous Hindi/Urdu Ghazal from tye superhit Dushman sung by Kishore Kumar and picturized on Rajesh


Being a songwriter and librettist,
I'm impressed that your effort exceeds this context! :+))

I forgive you for the imperfect rhymes!! :+))))


You invited her over, and I'm there
Watching you lick where there is no hair!
Enjoying the whole lesbian tryst!
Definitely something not to be missed!

Being there, I'm nude too,
Wishing for a chance to screw!
My cock is up - so very hard!
But might as well be in the yard.

I'm not happy the plan today
Doesn't give me a chance to play!
I wish it did, but it does not.
So I need to change the plot!

Teasing myself, hand on my cock,
Stroking away to beat the clock!
Feeling the urge, getting the hum,
I stand alone and shoot my cum!

Not the best! That's for sure!
Have to wait 'til you need more!
I'll be there biding my time
'Til we can join in sex sublime!

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