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 — Sees old friend and gets to enjoy his sub girlfriend. by call_me_dana02/19/094.47

Camilla Ch. 018

 — Ms. Callahan and Mr. Leroy do Camilla. by MawrGorshin09/14/114.33

Camilla Ch. 033

 — Camilla indulges Leroy's bizarre fetish, then they fuck. by MawrGorshin11/10/113.86

Camilla Ch. 057

 — Camilla, the sexy secretary, turns her boss on some more. by MawrGorshin02/05/124.57HOT

Camilla Ch. 075

 — Camilla lap-dances and receives anal from another prof. by MawrGorshin04/09/124.58HOT

Camilla Ch. 094

 — She remembers slowly seducing an 18-year-old virgin. by MawrGorshin07/01/124.50


 — After art class, a hairy lesbian model drives our hero wild. by hotwriter109/20/084.12

Camping - A Magic Waterfall

 — 3-legged couple at a remote waterfall for fun and fantasy. by rrspence200207/12/094.50HOT

Camping - The Shower

 — Devilish fun at an empty campground. by rrspence200207/23/093.93

Camping Memory

 — A cuckold tale from my younger days. by Anal_Ally05/27/143.00

Can I Have Your Autograph

 — Bookstore Manager attempts to seduce Romance Writer. by Barnaby08/18/024.19

Can I See It

 — Femmes get hooked on creampies. by rick_oh05/06/154.42

Can You Feel That?

 — Couple enjoys rough sex & spanking. by Mmmmmmine07/22/024.25

Can't Wait Just Watching

 — He watches his Mistress tidying up. by sub2silk08/27/013.63

Can't You Read My Mind?

 — Fantasizing about what I want: you. by AnotherNight509/24/074.50HOT

Cancelled Flight

 — Sharing a hotel room with a stranger leads to lots of sex. by Carolb12702/11/114.35

Candid Fetish Interview

 — Corset wearer discusses her pleasures. by Learningfast04/13/174.00

Cannonball Belly Fever

 — A pregnant Mexican mother gets the attention she needs. by Subtext07/07/163.23

Cannonball Belly Fever Pt. 02

 — A pregnant Mexican mother gives a man a ride home. by Subtext07/28/164.39

Cap Visits a Pro Domme

 — Man enjoys some pretty kinky exploits. by TheDarkCloud08/29/054.14


 — Hubby is finally put in permanent chastity by Boomerang704/07/143.89

Captured by A Cum Addict

 — Tiffany fills her belly. by licketysplit72504/27/063.77

Captured by The Corporation Ch. 01

 — A young man shows off his bare feet to the wrong person. by SoftSoledBoy02/14/143.20

Captured by The Corporation Ch. 02

 — Our subject finds out exactly what he's in for. by SoftSoledBoy03/26/144.00

Captured Lust

 — Michelle is kidnapped & forced to obey. by redtalon1110/14/044.54HOT

Car Accident Ch. 01

 — He gets in serious trouble after a minor accident. by pedic771705/04/084.22

Car Accident Ch. 02

 — The story goes on with him getting what he deserves. by pedic771705/11/084.00

Car Accident Ch. 03

 — The story goes on ... by pedic771705/12/084.27

Car Accident Ch. 04

 — Even a dog can be artistic sometimes ... by pedic771705/13/084.07

Car Accident Ch. 05

 — Outside Duties. by pedic771705/14/084.45

Car Accident Ch. 06

 — The Game begins ... by pedic771705/15/084.33

Car Accident Ch. 07

 — MS Office Training. by pedic771705/16/084.00

Car Accident Ch. 08

 — Bewildered in Confusion. by pedic771705/17/084.00

Car Accident Ch. 09

 — Heavy Duties. by pedic771705/18/084.29

Car Accident Ch. 10

 — Proper training by pedic771705/19/084.23

Car Accident Ch. 11

 — Naked truth. by pedic771705/20/083.67

Car Breakdown Encounter

 — A girdle wearing air hostess is dominated. by ashley2610/20/094.02


 — An Indian woman meets her caramel mud goddess. by sakura_inverse06/06/164.17

Career Day Ch. 01

 — Schoolgirls get a taste of their future. by Sharina_Stone06/08/084.22

Careful What You Ask For

 — They live their deepest fantasy & find true love. by 13026011/12/06


 — She finds her sensual voice as a dominatrix. by legsnfeet02/15/094.16

Carl the Plumber

 — Wife gets her pipes cleaned while hubby's away. by ryder7705/10/094.16


 — She discovers panty fetish. by Lucien_Al03/21/024.61HOT


 — A new life. by drinac08/29/143.50

Carla The Masseuse

 — Mike wants extras at massage parlour. by livvy_uk10/10/094.10

Carley's Breasts

 — Introverted Carley finds a strange diary. by Atgod10/02/134.16

Carmen the Stockings Princess

 — Carmen uses Jarod's stockings attraction for pleasure. by totally_blunt05/27/054.49

Carmen's Panties

 — Wife tells her sister about husband's fetish. by RubiksRevenge11/17/074.49

Carmen's Slut Story Ch. 02

 — Carmen and Rene make new friends. by sutter home cab06/01/044.39

Carny Ch. 01

 — Steven meets, Lacey, the Legless Lady. by velvetpie05/02/054.13

Carny Ch. 02

 — Steven visits Lacey backstage. by velvetpie05/06/054.51HOT

Carny Ch. 03

 — Steven and Lance take Lacey to dinner. by velvetpie05/09/054.52HOT

Carny Ch. 04

 — Steven takes Lacey to his home. by velvetpie05/10/054.43

Carny Ch. 05

 — His fetish fantasy cums true. by velvetpie05/12/054.42

Carny Ch. 06

 — Steven makes love to Lacey. by velvetpie05/14/054.50HOT

Carny Ch. 10

 — Steven gives Lacey a performance to remember. by velvetpie05/20/054.70HOT

Carol & Jen Treat Mr. W. Again

 — Two young vixens work on Mr. W's cock. by Kessler02/12/014.21

Carol & Jen Visit

 — The girls use their feet and legs to apply pleasure & pain. by Kessler11/09/014.02

Carol & Jen's Goodbye

 — Carol & Jen take matters into their own hands. by Kessler11/21/014.23

Carol Finds The Club

 — She's forced into submission & body changes. by mlyn08/03/044.08

Carol's Armpits

 — How I first satisfied my "fetish" back in the 60s. by Madabouthair12/22/094.68HOT

Carol's Kid Sister

 — Becky Sue was no kid, and all woman in the right places by Madabouthair01/01/104.36

Carol's Lactating Breasts

 — Sis-in-law helps relieve pregnant Carol. by Kip Carson06/22/004.09

Carol's Mom

 — Kinky sex led to blackmail. by shoeslayer07/05/164.08

Carol's Mom Ch. 02

 — Janice learns the whole thing was staged. by shoeslayer07/12/164.05

Carol's Panties

 — Jim finds Carol's dirty panties and can't help himself. by Midnight_Man01/15/104.19

Carolina's Sundae

 — Alexandra is chosen for a sexual encounter. (vore/expansion). by eroticeats11/08/143.86

Caroline and Ivy

 — A continuation of the "Caroline and Mary" story. by GooDoughnut08/18/164.86

Caroline and Ivy Ch. 02

 — Things get weird. by GooDoughnut10/10/163.25

Caroline and Mary

 — This is a story I wrote a while back, still a WIP. by GooDoughnut07/01/153.56

Caroline Control

 — Girlfriend discovers secret about feet. by thako07/23/124.66HOT

Caroline Reveals her Dirty Secrets

 — An unclean fat lady is forced to humiliate herself. by hairysurfer06/21/104.20

Caroline's Lamia

 — She has made an inflatable, animated Lamia. A snake woman. by oggbashan01/01/134.22

Caroline's Spider-Woman

 — She designed a Spider-Woman to capture men. by oggbashan01/10/134.48

Caroline's Total

 — Omnibus edition of Caroline's Inflatable Creations. by oggbashan09/28/154.67HOT

Carpenter & the Gloria Hole

 — Rich bitch slut of a wife unleashed. by jusduit07/27/044.55HOT

Carrie and Max: Pretty Kitty

 — A husband turns his wife into a tiger woman. by batchman02/24/033.74

Carrie Awakens

 — Carrie learns about a fetish and begins to accept. by HerLittlePiggy01/08/174.32

Carrie's Pussy

 — Single man cares for neighbor's cat in an emergency. by 0ra11yfix8ed03/05/153.86

Carrie's Pussy Ch. 02

 — More exploring Carrie's apartment. by 0ra11yfix8ed03/06/154.29

Carrie's Pussy Ch. 03

 — The girls confront Louis. by 0ra11yfix8ed03/07/154.40

Carrigan's Kinks

 — Daughter's friend turns wife's life upside down. by Scotsdude10/13/084.22

Cars, Haircare, and Kink

 — A car salesman and a hair care professional get kinky. by anonymous302/06/143.00

Carsick Christie

 — Porn starlet pukes too early, ruins an amateur vomit flick by CJPorter01/09/14

Carson's Kinky Side

 — Teen is drawn to an androgynous middle aged co-worker. by Madabouthair01/04/174.33

Carving Her Initials Ch. 01

 — Wife carves her initials - in her hubby. by Abdulbenthere01/27/083.90

Carving Her Initials Ch. 02

 — Wife shows off her work. by Abdulbenthere01/28/084.14

Casanova Online

 — His time online is special. by Merlinslair11/21/094.50

Casanova Redux Ch. 02

 — Mother's milk seals the deal. by velvetpie02/12/054.40

Casanova Redux Ch. 06

 — Cassia learns of her father's fetish. by velvetpie02/16/054.49

Case of the Perilous Panty Pit

 — Noel Files02 - A P.I. gets more than he bargained for. by SeedeeBeetoo08/18/104.48

Casey at the Bat Ch. 04

 — More humiliation at school. by jerratica09/11/054.19

CashPoint Meet for Dinner

 — A horny cash slave gets used, used and used... by MsMorrigan11/15/153.45

Cassandra's Cum Party

 — This birthday is a real blast. by geronimo_appleby11/02/054.41

Cassandra's Power

 — Magical Latex catsuit gives him godlike powers. by RubberDexter08/25/014.70HOT

Cassie the Forgetful Slut

 — Cassie turns up pregnant and now can't remember who the father could be. by Subtext03/05/174.17

Casting Call

 — All she wanted was a simple screen test. by budnging200005/17/024.17

Casual Encounters Ch. 01

 — Online personals lead to a surprising love mess. by lilactwist12/10/074.37

Casual Encounters Ch. 02

 — Online personals lead to a surprising love mess. by lilactwist12/11/074.64HOT

Cat Scratch Fever Ch. 01

 — Natalie is infected with a strange illness. by bigdaddyfive03/31/134.23

Cat Scratching Royalty

 — High society gals go wild. by footshrimper06/21/024.17

Cat vs. Bats

 — Fantasy plays out in reality. by maxdname08/17/074.60HOT

Cat's Dream Cum True

 — Cat's naughtiest fantasies unexpectedly become reality. by Shadoleopard11/03/144.30

Catfight Invitational

 — Hilary and Frances fight in a casino. by MaxMarkov02/02/104.06

Catgirls Do It Better

 — A girl finds her mans secret fetish. by Sean Renaud01/09/104.54HOT

Catholic College Girl Vixens

 — Scheming girls, creampies, and a minute man. by rick_oh10/07/144.27

Catholic Schoolgirl

 — Former schoolgirl's ass is the perfect place for his cock. by Boxlicker10107/29/114.17

Cathy Ann

 — Meeting a hairy girl at a New York disco. by hotwriter109/15/084.24

Cathy Gets Offered

 — His natural wife with another woman. by furryfan01/10/074.50HOT

Cathy's Hamper

 — He loses himself in a friend's hamper. by conquen04/05/044.26

Cathy's Hamper Ch. 02

 — A return trip to Cathy's leads to more fun. by conquen04/19/044.70HOT

Cathy's Hamper Ch. 03

 — The saga continues. by conquen11/19/044.40

Cathy's Sick Desire

 — Shy woman finds her kinky niche. by almostdead06/08/114.45

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 02

 — She services two of Harry's friends in a restaurant. by almostdead06/18/114.56HOT

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 03

 — She reaches a new low and loves it. by almostdead06/28/114.50HOT

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 04

 — She wants more and takes another perverted twist. by almostdead10/18/114.34

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 05

 — More dirty sex and a solution for her sick needs. by almostdead02/05/124.65HOT


 — Ivy's plans end up as a...well...catastrophe... by Namazuros05/08/114.27


 — Master catches Nathan leaving without permission. by Misty Angel 7707/30/004.32


 — Trapped, a young trespasser is forced to make a deal... by spike6008/08/013.93


 — Man is caught wearing sis-in-law's panties. by sub-alan03/12/024.09


 — Nurse wife is late coming home - or is she? by Spiraltib03/18/064.00


 — My wife catches me in her panties. by hardnose07/16/094.59HOT


 — Getting caught can be better than cheating. by juderboy02/02/112.55


 — 19-year-old guy walks in on a Burglary & ends up bound. by spandexman01/05/123.45

Caught and Put in Lingerie!

 — Naked in the hotel hallway, I was introduced to lingerie. by Everyday206/27/114.59HOT

Caught at a Peep Show Ch. 01

 — Wife wants slave hubby to suck cock. by Anal Slave03/04/054.50HOT

Caught at a Peep Show Ch. 03

 — Wife turns into a real whore. by Anal Slave03/10/054.43

Caught By My Mother-In-law

 — Caught sniffing my mother in law's dirty panties. by mingeeter02/11/153.74

Caught by Wife

 — Wife catches man trying anal. by Up4itinFL03/17/164.27

Caught Cross-Dressed & Dominated

 — James is caught dressing in bondage by sexy neighbor. by bondage_philosopher07/24/024.55HOT

Caught Cumming

 — Wife dominates his ass for jacking off. by Anal Slave08/29/054.19

Caught in Panties

 — Man is caught in girlfriend's panties - by his girlfriend. by ksu32801/18/02

Caught in Panties Ch. 01

 — Wife catches hubby in panties. by pantyperv08/05/034.12

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